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Gator Clause takes a break to cover effects of oil spill

NEW ORLEANS -- Surely you've wondered where Goody has been hiding. Well, I've been busy. Gator Clause is taking a break until next week and will return next Tuesday with coverage from the Southeastern Conference spring meetings in Destin.

The editorial board has been all over the last three weeks: Panama City; Odessa, Texas; and now southern Louisiana. We're covering the affects of the oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico. Here are some links of our efforts, stories and videos. We'll be in Louisiana through the weekend.










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UF Wins SEC All-Sports Title ... AGAIN

Florida left little doubt which school had the best athletic program for the 2009-10 school year.

StatisticsTeam Total pts.. Sports Avg.
1. Florida 163 16 10.19
2. Georgia 133 16 8.31
3. Tennessee 115.5 15 7.70
4. LSU 120.5 16 7.53
5. Auburn 111.5 16 6.97
6. Ole Miss 86.5 13 6.65
7. Arkansas 96 15 6.40
8. Alabama 101.5 16 6.34
9. Kentucky 94.5 16 5.91
10. Vanderbilt 68.5 12 5.71
11.South Carolina 82.5 15 5.50
12. Miss. State 44 13 3.38

1 Florida 75.5 7 10.79
2. Ole Miss 47.5 6 7.92
3. Auburn 51.5 7 7.36

1. Florida 87.5 9 9.72
2. Georgia 83 9 9.22
3. LSU 78.5 9 8.72

The Gators blew away the field thanks to seven SEC titles and a strong performance by its men's programs to win the SEC All-Sports trophy for the 20th time. The award is sponsored by the New York Times Regional Media Group, which includes 14 newspapers throughout the Southeastern United States including The Gainesville Sun. NYTRMG awards trophies to the league school which captures each of those three all-sports titles. A first-place SEC finish is worth 12 points, second is given 11 points, and so on.

The sports of cross country, indoor and outdoor track & field are combined. A program's outdoor track finish makes up half, while the remaining two quarters are based on the cross country and indoor finishes. A school's point total is divided by the number of sports it fields to arrive at the average.

NYTRMG took over coordination of the SEC All-Sports rankings in 1994-95. Prior to that, the league tabulated the SEC All-Sports totals.

Florida's average for its 16 sports (nine women, seven men) was 10.19 to easily outdistance second-place Georgia (8.31). Tennessee was third followed by LSU, Auburn and Ole Miss. Mississippi State finished the year with the lowest showing among SEC schools.

Florida's men finished their year with an average of 10.79 to second-place Mississippi's 7.92 average. UF's women had a tougher battle edging out Georgia 9.72 to 9.22.

It was the 10th sweep for the Gator athletics program. UF is the only school to collect all three titles in a single season.

For the women it was their 17th title and for the men their 14th.

Florida's SEC titles came in baseball, women's cross country, gymnastics, soccer, women's tennis, women's indoor track & field and men's outdoor track & field. This is the third

time UF has collected seven SEC titles in a single season (1996-97 and 1997-98). UF's highest total is eight (1991-92) and Georgia equaled the SEC record with eight titles in 2005-06.

Florida has won 20 of the last 23 All-Sports awards.

For the women it was their 17th title and for the men their 14th.

Florida's SEC titles came in baseball, women's cross country, gymnastics, soccer, women's tennis, women's indoor track & field and men's outdoor track & field. This is the third

time UF has collected seven SEC titles in a single season (1996-97 and 1997-98). UF's highest total is eight (1991-92) and Georgia equaled the SEC record with eight titles in 2005-06.

Florida has won 20 of the last 23 SEC All-Sports awards.


OK Cane Tards ... Time to Spew Ur Pollution.

Congrats on the NCAA tennis title turd tards. Oh wait, whats that, you lost to Stanford. Just like the football team, so close yet so far away.

Having jo cover the oil spill in the gulf is a perfect match. After all he reports on one disaster after another while covering the gators.

OK Cane Tards ... Time to Spew Ur Pollution.

Posted by: Proverbial ACC Cellar Dwellers ...U STILL SUCK ... | May 26, 2010 at 06:30 AM

right on cue......


annnnnd []__[] still sukkkkkkkkkkk


Good luck with report - the Gulf Coast needs all the help we can get. Also, do you think the 'canes will use the oil spill as an excuse as they have youth, cold weather, and injuries in the past when they start off 1-3?

Go Tigers!

Jo - any chance some of these misguided hacks that call themselves Turd fans can be utilized for something remotely resembling productive...like wearing orange & blue striped jump suits and shoveling oil slicks into garbage bags? At least they'd feel like their scumbag ballers, who already sport their real uni's while picking trash & butts from the highways.

Jo -

Do you think Urbie will play the "oil slick" card when the Hatter crushes the Turds this year? Personally, I expect the excuses to flow early and often as they return to where they're most comfortable...the middle of the pack.

Geaux Tigers!!


Is there any chance the government will move the displaced fisherman from the gulf to seats in Sun Life for Cane games? This would enable BP to utilize the enormous tarps covering the seats to protect the seashore all the while giving the fisherman a comedic reprieve from the disaster when the watch Randy call time-outs. Scientist should also be in attendance as they can study the aerodynamics of Jacory's ducks and measure against oil soaked birds.

Posted by: Bobby Jindal | May 26, 2010 at 09:16 AM

So let me get this straight turd tard. Yesterday you were posing as a cane fan making light of a gator players death and today you are posing as the mayor. I know you have lead a tragic life and desperatly wish you were someone else but your setting the bar a little to high. Try starting out as someone more on your level. That way your not setting yourself up for failure. I have a suggestion.....


He often plays the sidekick to the rest of the Looney Tunes.

No idea what your talking about from yesterday. Bobby Jindal is actually the governor of Louisiana. Maybe you have another mayor on your mind, tubby.


Governor, mayor, you get the point. A fat ass loser like yourself pretending to be something you will never attain is plain sad. I know your mom did not pay you any attention as she was always working the "late" shift but there has to be another way. Did you ever get your toaster out of pawn so you dont have to eat your pop tarts cold?

No idea what your talking about from yesterday.

Sure you dont " Governor "

"A fat ass loser like yourself pretending to be something you will never attain is plain sad"

Interesting. USE YOUR REAL NAME THEN and stop hiding behind your cute little jabs that are really not funny. We will all google/facebook/LinkedIn it and see how much of a douche you really are. I dare you coward. No UM Grad spends this much time on a blog all day everyday. You are the one living the sad life. Now scurry back behind your grandmother's skirt and hide.

It's really easy to hide behind the keyboard. Go ahead and use your real name junior. Tell us about your great life.

I could truly care less about all the personal attacks and cowardice.

In the end, UM has a seriously bad athletics program. They are strangled with debt. They don't win any longer. College athletics has passed them by.

Posted by: Erik Rullman | May 26, 2010 at 10:50 AM

Looks like someone has their panties in a wad. You better simmer down before you stroke out porky. So you go from mayor to governor to rullman? No I dont post my name on here, who does? But I definatly dont pretend to be someone who I am not!

Posted by: It's Porky Rullman then?

Just what I thought. You really have a sad and pathetic life.

Larry, couldn't agree more.

Don't listen to larry eric. Everyone knows that 5 > 3 and one win against the mighty Canes in 24 years is nothing to puff your chest out about.

Wait, silly me. I get it now. larry and eric are one in the same. There could'ent be more than one delusional turd tard out there. Our could there?

Posted by: He is who i thought he was, or are they

Gawd - you're life is worthless! Yes, it's a conspiracy Mulder. Everyone on here is one person against you, the almighty jobless basement dweller cane protector.

And you thinking only one Cane fan posts on this blog shows how delusional you are cracker jack. I live in South Florida by the way. They dont put basements in houses in South Florida just like they dont put basements in trailers in gainesville.

Oh where Oh where will the turds be, after we whip the Buckeyes and take over the state again with the highest ranking.

From Cane in Gainesville, you turds couldnt fight your way out of a wet paper bag. Big boys behind keyboards though.

All of you would wet your pants on 62nd street and I95 after dark, stay in gainesville wusses

Sorry loser, I am not "Erik." Nice try dooooooosh bag. I AM LARRY.

Who cares, in the end the most PATHETIC name ever used is when u posted as UMASSCANEFAN in a sad attempt to prop up Whipple. You are pathetic canesrule.

How's the job search going? You'll never find work when you spend your entire day obsessing about the Gators.

That porky pig thing chaffed your ass I see. Dont take it personal. I apologize for all the kids that made you eat boogers in school. That was just plain wrong!

Posted by: Larry | May 26, 2010 at 11:49 AM

You had me fooled you rascal.

Smoke weed boys and you wont play!!
cough cough BS!!!

Posted by: Larry | May 26, 2010 at 11:49 AM

And by the way thanks for proving my point dooshbag. I guess the post at 11:23 was not dripping with enough sarcasm for you. It went over your head like the ball used to in little league. That is when the coach put you in for the 1 inning he was obligated to.

Well at least da Was is back in the national press.....

The MMS is the Federal agency that controls oversight of all U.S. natural resources in the Gulf of Mexico and accounts for $14 billion per year in revenues from Federal offshore mineral leases.

The MMS, which is part of the Department of Interior, was found to have employees “accepting gifts from oil companies” that included private jet travel, hunting and fishing trips, Christmas parties and “even free tickets to see Louisiana State University beat the University of Miami in the 2005 Peach Bowl in Atlanta.”

whipple DID afterall reduce sacks by 70% at D-2 UMASS ...so there.

and then there's this little gem...

"I would not want to jinx it, but my bold prediction is Wall is a Cane.

Small classes, the weather, facilities, everything seems right and coach Haith,” Wall is reported to have told the AP, or was it Reuters.
The City Beautiful rejoices." - canesrule

The facilities??? John Wall gives a shyt about "small classes?" Haith is a joke...LIKE U CLOWNSRULE...now GET BACK TO JOBS.COM u unemployed LOSER.

Maybe U don't have any sense of self worth since your ring of honor is removeable plastic.
Will the sports teams have to buy season passes for the buses this season?
Will Ross chuckle to himself everytime the 25k in attendance shell out 25bucks for a parking spot in an EMPTY lot?
Will Randy continue to embarrass himself and show how completely unqualified he is to be a head coach?
Will 'cane fan think it's cute and creative to say "WHIP IT" after a win?
Will Beanpole make it through the season intact?
Will U have special teams that are laughably bad like every year?
Will your secondary be scared yet again of collisions with large running backs?
When will the SIGNATURE blowout loss come in 2010?
Will we ever hear another peep out of cane fan about basketball? DEAD LAST IN THE ACC
Will Randy have a hissy fit when opponents kick field goals?
Will the oline face murder charge in connection with JaPicky's beheading in 2010?
Will U continue to end comments by saying," Dau U" which sound JUST LIKE " Duh U" ?
Will Donna continue to not care one iota if U EVER win another championship in ANYTHING?
Will Joe Zagaki learn how to not sound like a clod?
Will 'cane fan continue to think that the national media hates them? Laughable.
Will 'cane blogger continue to think that personally attacking anonymous commenters is funny? (canesrule the rotund pillow biter)
Will the perennial underachieving backfield continue to flounder behind that laughable O-line?
Will any cane football player show some sack and actually get stronger or maybe even faster?
Who will carry the torch for Matt "swinging gate" Pipho?

U have a lot of splainin to do bloodied cane fan. In the mean time shut your ignorant pie holes.

Posted by: Marve WILL win the Heisman too | May 26, 2010 at 01:04 PM

LMFAO, Your head is going to explode. I AM NOT CANESRULE! Your on the wrong blog dooshbag. Unlike you I do not pretend to be someone else who responds to his own posts. Sleep with the nite lite on after all you never know when a Cane blooger could be hiding under your bed....


(1:20) says it all...


Posted by: BOO.....

Canserule, sarasota, and all the rest...you still got knocked the f out.

Will uf EVER go undefeated
Will the Georgia dome turf ever dry
Will urban ever get off prozac
Will the pouncy twins continue playing tonsil hockey
Will florida have more than one win against the canes in the next two decades
Will uf keep player arrests under 32 the next 4 years

Posted by: Smokey | May 26, 2010 at 01:20 PM

The only thing you've EVER knocked out is a bucket of KFC. That and a box of cold pop tarts.

Posted by: Will anyone be sad when you have a heart attack

Will you ever get off the Gator Blog and get a job?
Will you ever get a girlfriend?
Will you attend the FSU game when you are 1-3?

Now move along to another blog son before you get your ass kicked any worse.

Posted by: Pawned for a pack of smokes.....

Boy that never gets old. It's May 2010 - try something new.

Posted by: Cane Clause


Boy that never gets old. It's May 2010 - try something new.


You should remember her then. You have her eyes. Has she been detained lately?

Posted by: And her face

Boy, you're on fire today but that still a little retro. Go up the stairs and get some fresh air cause you are getting schooled here.

Posted by: Whose on Oprah today? | May 26, 2010 at 01:47 PM

You are. The title of the show is "Women who walk the streets and the kids they left behind"

I'd say living your life ranks somewhere between "smashing my penis with a hammer" and "moving to North Korea".

This is too easy. You have to be out of school for the summer, right junior?

I'd say living your life ranks somewhere between "smashing my penis with a hammer" and "moving to North Korea".

If only you had a penis. Everyone knoes you have a vage.

but lets be fair and keep in mind that....


blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

UM sukkkks an ass

ACC bottom feeders on every front.

Keep dreaming u clowns


Posted by: And it reeks

Wow, good comeback. You didn't want to use, "I know you are but what am I?" or you saving that for later. Schools out, go play.

Posted by: And it reeks

If the canes start 1-4...we never hear from you again? Deal? If not, stay on for more schooling.

Bucknuts goin scrate up in dat sorry cane azzzzz


The U sucks but:

5 > 3 ships

28 > 26 HTH

3 > 0 undefeated seasons

3 > 1 this decade.

One win in 24 years. Do you see a trend here turd tard. Of course you dont.

Posted by: Professor Griff | May 26, 2010 at 02:21 PM

No deal. You said the Canes would start 0 - 4 last year and you still went on every Cane site you could find to flap your gums.

Posted by: Blind with envy

Ahh his old stand by....when he goes to that he got schoooooooolllleeed.

Nighty nite!

Posted by: U know what im sayin? | May 26, 2010 at 02:23 PM

Is that supposed to be another redneck racist jab because I think it's humerous. We can only hope floridas black players and recruits can see what their fans say.

Posted by: Jethro | May 26, 2010 at 02:28 PM

Faced with the FACTS turd tard does like the team he roots for. Takes his ball and goes home

Posted by: Good thing you dont work in Vegas

Again, you got me confused with someone else. I can't believe you're still on here.

Posted by: Randy Shannigans | May 26, 2010 at 02:37 PM

Sure he does. Just like larry and eric. Your like the mentally challenged kid playing hide and seek. When it's your turn to hide and the other kids are searching you stand up and yell, i'm over here, i'm over here.

cane tards are getting KILLED today. Roll up your loaner tent and just go home u tards. U got nothing.

you're so beat down your resorting to posting photobucket pictures?
thats all u got? photobucket?


Brantley shoulda played lacrosse

Tailgatin with armadillo grits, and copenhagen

Posted by: PIPELINE BABY!!! | May 26, 2010 at 03:12 PM

Jimmy "oreo" Graham aint no pipeline playa..U know whut im sayin?

log off,...there are no jobs on jobs.com today....tomorrow's a new day loser. U, just like Randy's recruiting class, are getting trounced.

Bama rolled you while on probation no less!!

the cane loser is posting from his Blackberry on his dead end local circular advertising route. Tells people he's an "advertising executive."

Too much work to post links from his phone

Posted by: Saban is gonna have Urbie in a padded room

oooh I can do this too:

Wisconis trucked you. Butch owns you. Clemson knocked you out of any contention for the Coastal, and VaTech walloped you.

Come on junior!

Wisconis trucked you. Butch owns you. Clemson knocked you out of any contention for the Coastal, and VaTech walloped you.

LMAO....and ALL of those teams are SOFFFFFFT. UM is soft.

Don't forget getting pushed around for 50 minutes by WAKE F'IN FOREST

U cleaned shyt out of your pants after FSU GIFTED U that game...losers

I guess night school just started.

which is more painful

472 to sorry ass GT or:


U QUIT...no....it's not the LSU BLOWOUT...BWAHAHAHAH

your a jerk face Professor Plum.

You and I both know the ball was wet and Japicky couldn't get any "velocity" on his throws.

I am sure the oil spill will impact JaPicky this year as well.

The ball was slick...this year could be the oil

What job does the Turd Tard have that they can full time defend the Turds from all those "Bad Guys"
Hey Urbie im talking about your dopeheads

We shut down that GT spread gimmick just like we did you. ACC champ GT last year got greased by Da U

Posted by: quiter plain and simple

We just own you, nephew. It's not a job - it's a hobby.

Posted by: Uf is accepting apps for FB

Huh? WTF is that you say?

wasnt UF tied with Jacksonville St at halftime
and used the rain excuse??
Oh how we forget, and we forget Utah had 16 first place votes and was undefeated and we were not.
Oh but ESPN says we are the best.
Oh we act like that WAS pass interference against Arkansas, We dont want to talk about the refs dont have jobs anymore

Gonna run the I but we dont have a FB.
He plays for the Broncos now.

yer outta gas cane tard.

what the hell was Japicky doing throwing that 3rd pick to that tarheel.
Dude's arm is straight WEAK. Can't use the wet ball excuse in that game either.

STay in STarbuck u Blackberry loser cane tard. Ur not finding work today.

Posted by: dopers!!

Hey Horatio Caine,

That was FSU vs Jacksonville State. You know, FSU who took you to the wire.

Please keep posting though for more schoolin'

Posted by: been a week and no arrest.....gotta be soon

That "fullback" got drafter hire then Jacory would have....

Posted by: been a week and no arrest.....gotta be soon

That "fullback" got drafted higher then Jacory would have....

Hows the job search goin Turd?
Tired of servin chicken finger baskets at one of Gainesvilles 4 star finger food joints.

You got alot of time to defend the Ufelon.
Heard the Swamp needs servers, but frat boys dont tip on Daddy's credit card.
Just look for ballers from the FB team with stolen cards. they spend.

we went 3 years without losing a game, and the QB didnt go in the draft.
Have you guys ever had the first pick in the draft

Posted by: Swamps burgers suck too!!

Do you actually read what you write? I literally have no idea of what to make of your post.

I hope when you address your shareholders you do a better job of communicating.

Its the Gainesville green screwin with my head

when is that big UF money gonna finish stadium club across the street, investors backed out cause the run is over. Nobody gonna pay
$1 million took look at university drive and Ben Hill

Posted by: not!!

"we went 3 years without losing a game" - OK with that track record going through the tough ACC should be a breeze(or hurricane like winds, no?)

We beat UF twice in that run, Sugar bowl and in the Swamp, UT on the road as well. Big bad SEC teams. and we where not in the ACC at the time.
Ya Ya i know 2008 you beat us, so what 7-6 UM
5 others beat a bad team too

Man you cane fans are something. You're on the Gator Blog telling us how good you all used to be and taunting us with your 5 v 3 - good for you! With all that rich history, your coach re-signed, and you recruited what you needed - you should be on all the ACC Blogs scaring them. They're your competition! Here let me help you out:

Clemson - Revenge is a dish best served cold
Boston College - 5 rings, How you like dem apples?
WAKE - You are at our house now. We are so loud you won't be able to audible
Maryland - Turtles suck

You get the drift? Now go get 'em!!

Posted by: Mo Sikes is still runnin with Grossies ball

Attack the ACC teams - they own you!

get grip man its all just fun, if you are not laughing while typing this garbage something aint right!
Da U!! LOL see its easy

Da U!

Lol,... I just sharted

Canes rip Noles 9-3....Tigers gut Turds 10-6

Perfect ending to a perfect day

Posted by: you can't make this shyt up...it's priceless

Long day on the blog, homie. You need to get out and get laid. If you are from UM there are plenty of latina honies in the gables and grove. No need to be on the Gator Blog all day.


A U student

Go Canes!

could truly care less about all the personal attacks and cowardice.

In the end, UM has a seriously bad athletics program. They are strangled with debt. They don't win any longer. College athletics has passed them by.

Posted by: Larry | May 26, 2010 at 11:05 AM

F off Larry...seriously.

BTW..take your left hand off you little friend when you're on here at 3 frickin 30 in the morning....loser.

What, no story about the gutting at the handle of the Bengal Tigers? This blog is about as lame the the FU athletics. You losers deserve each other. I think we'll lower our flag and give you this POS back. F'ing Turds...losers.

Wakey, wakey, hand off snakey turd tards. It's conference tournament time in baseball and the gators are in the LOSERS bracket after one game while the Canes CRUSHED FSU.

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