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Masterful recruiting by Billy Donovan leaves Gators set for SEC, NCAA run

GAINESVILLE -- Billy Donovan is back on top of the recruiting game. Florida's coach is close to finalizing a six-player recruiting haul this offseason, which positions UF a favorite to win the Southeastern Conference next season and beyond and potentially make a substantial run in the NCAA Tournament this winter.

The final piece of Donovan's recruiting class slid into place last week when 11th-grader Scottie Wilbekin of The Rock School in Gainesville announced he would graduate high school a year earlier to enroll at UF this summer. A point guard, Wilbekin adds depth to the Gators' backcourt, which returns starters Kenny Boynton Jr. and Erving Walker but little else.

The addition of Wilbekin and the return of Alex Tyus currently leaves Donovan two scholarships over the NCAA's maximum of 13 for next season, but it is believed that freshman Nimrod Tishman of Israel will not return to UF after this summer and forward Adam Allen will be granted a medical hardship, freeing up another scholarship.

Donovan now enters the 2010-2011 season with five returning starters and plenty of talent coming off the bench, including a McDonald's All-American (Patric Young) and a 6-11 veteran center (Kenny Kadji). Donovan will have multiple line-up options with which to tinker this preseason. Two to consider...

PG Erving Walker; SG Kenny Boynton Jr.; PF Alex Tyus; SF Chandler Parsons; C Vernon Macklin

PG Kenny Boynton Jr.; SG Chandler Parsons; PF Patric Young; SF Alex Tyus; C Vernon Macklin



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If thats owning our ass please don't look up the box score from the uf - Alabama game. Your Baconator clogged heart would not be able to take it. On second thought, have a look!


5 > 3


DO open this link

5 > 3


DO open this link


here is a VERY PAINFUL link that is right smack in the middle of NOW.

lmao. Ur athletics are a cruel JOKE.

The Garg is soooooo hot in her leather dominatrix suit huh Shamwow?

The gators owe the city of Atlanta major dollars for the flood damage caused by timmy during the sec title game. That and the ambulance transport cost to get urban to a padded room before he became a danger to himself.

Meanwhile, another Gaturd dies under mysterious circumstances. I hope it was Ecstasy.

canesrule 21 ’ships Says:
May 24th, 2010 at 10:07 am

I meant I hope it wasn’t ecstasy, that was a typo. I hope it was just natural causes or a heat stroke or something like that. The drug and alcohol problem in Gainesville is clearly out of control.

Well, well … Leave it to Canes Stool to bring up a tragedy of a fomer Gator Football player suddenly passing away after helping troubled kids during a roadside cleanup effort and using a term like Gaturd to describe this fine 22 year old 4.0 gpa Finance Major from Ely H.S. in Sunrise Fla.

Get Ur facts straight (not that they ever matter to U), then get a life…


***Lamar Abel, the former University of Florida walk-on football player who died suddenly over the weekend, was unconscious when authorities arrived at his off-campus apartment late Saturday and possibly suffered a seizure, Gainesville police said.

Police officers discovered a friend of Abel, 21, performing chest compressions on the Blanche Ely graduate when they responded to an emergency call at Campus Lodge Apartments in Gainesville about 11:15 p.m. Saturday.

“There’s no indication to us right now that it was a suspicious death or the result of foul play,” said Corporal Tscharna Senn, a Gainesville police spokeswoman.

Abel, a 2007 graduate of Blanche Ely High School, was a Miami Herald Scholar-Athlete nominee his senior year. He walked onto the UF football team that fall and dressed for five games in both 2007 and 2008, winning a national championship with the Gators.

However, the third-year finance major did not try out for the team last fall, wanting instead to focus on his studies, according to an athletic department spokesman.

Abel had been participating in a roadside cleanup project with Omega Psi Phi Fraternity for much of Saturday when he began to feel ill, the university said. ****

Isn’t it about time for U to reach down in Ur old bag of poor taste and recount the Former Gator that used the credit card of another dead Gator’s dead girlfriend ?

Come on U low life … Amaze Us yet again.

Ur Really Are Just Plain Sad Stool...

May 24th, 2010 at 3:38 pm

Replying to vkong85 (05/24/2010 07:52:22 AM):

“RIP. Shame he went so early. Thoughts go out to his family.

on a side note: I’m glad the cane fans at least let this post go. It’d be a shame to find ignorant notes on a news article about his passing.”:

Yes I agree. I know most cane fans have class.
A 21 YO kid died, and its a shame. GB


And then there is Canesrule …

Talking crap when ANYBODY dies or is KILLED is just plain wrong. Too bad there’s so many tasteless moles in the Gayturd camp that haven’t learned that simple life rule of civility. Scum suckers have continually dragged the names of Barnes and Pata out of their graves. The Big Man will settle the score on you low lifes…promise.


here is a VER PAINFUL link that will, again, smack the Turds right upside the head with a 2x4.

Turd athletics are corrupt and full of convicts. Even so, their cheating can't erase the etched in stone fact that 5 > 3.

Urbie and Timmy are soooo messed up it's frightening, huh?

When u compare THIS:


to THIS:


u quickly see that THERE IS NO COMPARISON.

let’s see u spin this one cane stool.

We have the premier athletic department in the NATION. U are ACC also rans.

Ready… Set… SPIN!

5 > 3

No spin required, just the facts maam...

Turd Nation -

I learned this very painful lesson about global warming....ONE YEAR does not a measurement make. The same holds true for sports...understand?

Posted by: We rule, u drool | May 24, 2010 at 09:11 PM

Not only does this classless punk make light of the death of former Canes Pata, Taylor, and Barnes but he poses as a can fan to make light of a gator players death. Did I also mention that he is racist. You are a first class SCUMBAG!

Poses as a Cane fan....

fake canesrule 21 ’ships (with more posts that the real canesrule under that ID, talk about obsession) Says:
May 24th, 2010 at 11:32 pm
“Finally after riding the pine for weeks we get a new post!!!”
An expert on riding the pine, I see.

“It goes without saying that without Erickson, the Hurricanes have lost some ammunition in their run at a College World Series berth…..
First you laugh about murder, then about the death of a player on your own team, and now about an injury? You really are a sick troll.

“Trust me pal, it goes with saying that we didn’t have a chance even if Ricky Martin was pitchin for the City Beautiful.”
You have NO pals, other than your other IDs on here, and you are an obvious expert on Ricky Martin.

“Not that I’m keeping track here but can anybody name one sport besides woman’s beisketball that we have been relevent in this year? Go Lady Canes!!!”

And in what sport were the Gators relevant? You see, it goes both ways. You claim relevance is #1, then national titles are all that matter, troll.

How about apologizing for your sick comments, troll?

Nah, you LIKE being a sick disgusting hatefilled sack of loser troll.

One of your own fans making light of a young mans death that played for a team he roots for. Even cane fans are calling him out on other blogs. gator nation must be very proud.

So where did you go Mr fake canesrule, fire randyshannon, We rule, you drool? Would you like to explain why you pose as a cane fan and make light of a gator player dying well before his time? What, it was not enough to make light of former Canes players that died that you try to make it look like UM fans would stoop to your level. You need help!

oh look, canesrule blew a gasket....lmao

you're a wretch.

Posted by: sweep his execution under the rug ShayShay | May 25, 2010

I dont play fakey dooshbag and I certanly dont make light of young men losing their life. You are mentally disturbed. You are a pathetic excuse of a person.

canesrules mind is owned by GATOR FOOTBALL BLOGS

sad...very sad


Posted by: you can't make this shyt up...it's priceless | May 25, 2010 at

I thought urbie was the only member of gator nation that was mentally unstable but this guy takes the cake.

Posted by: you can't make this shyt up...it's priceless | May 25, 2010

Please keep posting your deranged comments. You amuse me.


You mean like the University of Alabama football team MURDERED the florida gators?

Every thing u say on this topic is an insult to the memory of Pata | May 25, 2010 at 12:41 PM

And you are an insult to gator fans every where.

Not only was it bad to watch ‘Bama completely slaughter UFluke in the SEC Champ game 32-13. It was also bad to watch poor ole Timmy completely lose it on the sidelines. It was the worst experience as an UFluke alum, student, and fan since the slaughtering Nebraska took to them on the national stage scoring 60+. They still hear the chant “Run, Tommie, run!” to this day, and cannot get this image out of their heads: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/football/college/1998/bowls/fiesta/news/1999/01/04/second_notes/t1_frazier_all_01.jpg.

This time is definitely worse. UFluke had to watch Timmy cry his eyes out like a little girl while Pouncey comforted him on his shoulder. Those tears washed away just like their dreams for an undefeated season. The disappointment is simply immeasurable because they still are not even mentioned in the discussion of best team ever especially when mentioning the early 2000’s Miami Hurricanes.

UFluke cream puffed their schedule (not the first time and definitely not the last) with teams like Charleston Southern, Troy, and FIU. Before playing ‘Bama and a coach less Cincinnati team, their opponents records were barely over .500 at 78-73 which is obviously why they were undefeated at this point. We must all realize the barely .500 record includes 8 SEC teams. So much for the mighty SEC, huh? UFluke wants to claim their bowl game a success, but how can you compare your team’s success to playing a team that did not have a coach? Brian Kelly was already at the end of the rainbow.

UFluke never finds itself in the mix when THE U is at the top. This is why their fans continue to bash THE U. They pray and hope during those sleepless nights. They are even known to sacrifice animals for the mighty football gods. Too bad the football gods aren’t paying attention.

Where were they in the 80’s? Where were they in the early 90’s? They actually put together a nice little run in ‘95 and ‘96. To their surprise, they realized they could not have done it without the help from THE U. THE U was on probation with the loss of scholarships, which obviously helped their program tremendously. THE U dropped off in the mid-’90’s just to resurface in 1999 when the program was at full strength again.

So where was UFluke in the early 2000’s? They found themselves actually ranked #6 in 2002 with Miami coming to the Swamp. Could this be the year UFluke actually takes the top spot in the state from Miami? No one can win in the Swamp, right? WRONG! THE U completely destroyed the mighty Florida Gators, and even drained their “swamp” on the way out. The score was 41-16 and reminded us all, “The top-ranked Hurricanes left The Swamp on Saturday the same way they came in — best in the state, best in the country”. This is why we all have come to know the location of UFluke as Canesville. UFluke simply leases it from THE U.

2005 is the year all of this shifted yet again. This was the start of Miami’s fall, and the beginning of UFluke’s rise. Surprisingly they both had the same record that year at 9-3. Miami fell to 7-6 in 2006 while UFluke rose as a “bias-vote” BCS Champ with a 13-1 record. Boise State was the only undefeated team that year, and 3 other teams had one loss. How can you truly pick a “National Champ” from teams with the same record? Well, you can’t, and this is why it is no longer called National Championship.

It happened again in 2008. UFluke rose as the “bias-vote” BCS Champ even though Utah was undefeated, and even beat down the SEC’s runner-up. Three other teams also had one loss yet again. How can you honestly pick a real national champion out of all of that? Well, you can’t.

Nobody’s questioning ‘Bama’s BCS Title this year are they? That’s because they went UNDEFEATED! UFluke just doesn’t know what they means…

UFluke has already begun their fall while Miami is in the talks for their 6th ring. This is the reason they are jealous of THE U’s program, and simply cannot stay away from everything U. They are only good when Miami is bad. It’s a shame, but somebody has to be the loser in this state. Looks like it’s going to be UFluke as history states.


didn't even read your garbage dissertation loser. Keep living in the past. The DISTANT past. Go check your CURRENT conference standings and u will see that ScUM is


Man what a waste of time. Good thing your unemployed...I hope that passion for your canes carries over into the season and into the stands once you start off 1-2. FAMU may be your only sell out well non tarp covered game.

yes, the cane blog sucks ... need to fire the herald blogger now !

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