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Saw my first Tebow Broncos jersey today

PANAMA CITY BEACH -- So, I'm in Panama City Beach helping with the Herald's coverage of the Gulf oil-spill disaster. Unsettling stuff. No oil in P.C., I'm happy to report. Saturday was a long day of work and I decided to eat at a local landmark, Capt. Anderson's.

Great fish at Capt. Anderson's. I recommend the stuffed flounder. Get it while you can, I was thinking. ANYWAY, so there I am eating my flounder and its stuffing when I glance up and notice something interesting. That's right! My first sighting of a Tim Tebow Denver Broncos jersey in Florida. Naturally, I interrupted the nice people to take a picture for the blog.

Pictured are Tommy Sims and Ruby Bentley of Panama City. Thanks, guys.

Tebowjersey -jo- 


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SWEET...haters gonna hate but Tebow will be alright!

How did you feel when you saw what humanity has done to mother nature? It makes me feel sad and that we are undeserving of earth

Grow up dude.
& why havent u amended your article on who's New England Patriots farm team??
With 4 ex-CANES on thier roster & 2 of them all-pros.
2 3 drafted GAYtors who havent even made the team yet..
Stop bein like fox(fake) news, by givin your flock of dittoheads false & misleadin information...

I guess we'll now have to say "The Bronco nation is everywhere".

U goofballs have a short memory. Your apathetic fan base was blasting the program after Clemson, after Butch , after Wake, after Beamer(the ball was wet though), after that thorough Whiskey pummeling.

The majority of cane tards called for wholesale changes. Of course there are a few delusional clowns with their head in the sand.

Ur still way short on depth. Ur still light in the pants. U still have an unsigned lame duck coach who can't recruit at all. Ur still years away from being on the top tier.

2010 (Randy's year... Laughable) will be more of the same Underachieving crap from UM football.

Jo - Am I mistaken or has Tebow moved on from UF? Yet all your articles, and apparent personal fascination, continue to be about this kid. I also note that other team blogs on the Herald talk about the sport IN SEASON, for example baseball. Do you not cover that, or might you if Tebow played baseball too? Funny how they asked you to cover an oil spill yet, here again, is more Tebow. What next, a picture of his face superimposed over a cleanup worker?

Posted by: could you be any more baltant?

Hey jerkoff...why not stay off the blog? Go read manny\or shandel about your canes. We are building depths and keep an eye on my 30/30 DA U sequel, l\"Less Than Zero, DA U's ACC Championships" comes out this summer.

sounds like a man crush 2 me.. dude he's gone & its back 2 mediorce city 4 GAYniesville..

How many ACC Championships do U have again?

Posted by: Miami Hurricanes THE real farm team 4 New England. 4 ex-CANES. | May 02, 2010 at 01:48 PM

yes that is correct. U WERE in that position. Heavy emphasis on "were", as in the PAST dumb cane honk. NOW U sukkk and don't produce SQUAT any longer. NO top 94 draft picks. #95 is a power forward U dumazzz. Personally I can't believe that New England passed on Sam Shields. Raw-vera assures us that Shields will make a great pro.

Urban brushed your 2nd tier program aside. FACT! Don't hate jealous has-been

If u don't love Tebow... Stay off our blog, and stop wasting our time.... Tebow Tebow Tebow, even though he's a pro... We still want our Tebow knowledge.... Just make an official Tebow app...

Tim Tebow for president!.....after he wins the superbowl.....and returns to Gainsville to coach UF to 5 national championships!....let's say sometime around 2030....he will run for the GOP of course, but will get the conservative and middle vote, as well as the blue dog dems....America and the world will really be in a whole lot of sh%# by then and will be ready for real character and integrity.....


Hey Jo, kindly delete the gay bashing troll. His comments serve no purpose other than to flame.

I say let them post. Their words expose their current desperate circumstance and Gator envy.

Caught that 30for 30 atrocity this weekend. What a slap in the face. The underlying message is that its all over. Or did the show finishing with nothing but images of the OB being torn down send a message of vitality? Yeah right. That "journalistic" effort was nothing short of an embarrassment coming from a U grad. Lamar "it's on" Thomas apparently learned nothing from getting fired from his TV gig as he is still angry. What a tool. The show should have finished with Donna's iron fist and the futility of thinking that the little cheating school that could will ever be a playa again.


no offense, Giuseppe, but you have had the wool pulled over your eyes.

That old man with the Tebow Broncos jersey, this alleged "Tommy Sims," is obviously Burl Ives.

Way to blow that one.

What ever happened to civility and reasoned discourse? Some of you really do need to grow up.

You'll get very little reasoned discourse, let alone civility, on Gator Clause. The Cane fans are a perpetual,rambling unintelligible nuisance.

Supply meets demand. Of course Jo is going to keep covering Tebow every now and again. Have you watched espn lately? Do they cover him? Of course, because supply meets demand. So why would Jo, who knows the kid better than anyone else, stop covering him? That’s what good journalists do. And besides, other writers for the Herald keep commenting on him as well. Do they have “man crushes”, too? Some of you guys just like to take shots at people. Journalists will always have critics. I say, the more critics you have, the more evidence that you’re doing something right.

Hey Einstein, let me assure you, supply is greatly exceeding demand. If wee Timmy's coverage by your homer Jo was measured in your "economic terms", we have a severe case of deflation. Since we're on Economics 101, that's where you overproduce your product and jam things down people's throats that don't want it...which is exactly what we have here.

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