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Gators advance to regional championship game

GAINESVILLE -- A win tonight puts the University of Florida baseball team one series away from a trip to Omaha. Standing in the way could be Miami.

The Gators (44-15) play either Oregon State or Florida Atlantica at 7 p.m. on Sunday in the championship game of the NCAA baseball tournament's Gainesville regional. UF defeated Oregon State 10-2 on Saturday night, receiving a strong pitching performance from lefty Alex Panteliodis (10-2), who had eight strikeouts over five innings. At the plate, seven of UF's 14 hits went for extra bases, including three homers and two triples.

"Once again, we had an awesome start on the mound for us," said UF coach Kevin O'Sullivan. "[Panteliodis] was solid and the offense did a heck of a job in the third inning with seven two-out runs. Our pitching was good and we only walked two batters tonight. I'm awfully proud of our guys."

A win on Sunday by the Gators coupled with a victory by the University of Miami in the Miami regional would set up a classic super regional: Gators vs. Canes in Gainesville.



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Teddy Bridgewater drops 250 yds, 3 TD, 0 INT'S on Gaytors in 2013 at our house.

Good win Gators. Hate that there's a Hurricane brewing that will hit us next week. I can stomach losing to anyone but the Canes. History shows us they'll take us down...again.

In the words of randy savage 'OH YEAH'.
But at least ur baseball team isnt figurin out a way NOT 2 play us like ur cream puff schedulin football team. (unless they tank it, which is entirely possible knowin they have 2 play the CANES next)
The thing I dont understand about the GAYtor football sissies dodgin the CANES, is that if we're so bad why wouldnt u want the easy victory and shut our mouths.
4 the record> CANES 3-1 verses the GAYtors in the 2000's.

Hey UM fan above, thanks for the hearfelt comments. We'll take them under advisement as we move ahead.

To all UM fans, thanks for agreeing to the much more civil truce. Please strongly encourage your fans not to post flaming comments like the ones above I have been encouraging ALL Gator fans to cease flaming you guys and there has been a very positive response. I think you guys have already seen a dramatic dropoff in incendiary comments in your house. Beat us to a pulp over at your place and that is fine. Not I, or anybody should attempt to influence what you say on your electronic turf. Just don't do what the guy above is doing and we'll do the same. Keep in mind though, you trash us in YOUR HOUSE and we trash you in OUR HOUSE. That's fair and is the ONLY realistic and sustainable agreement. Both sides HAVE TO IGNORE DRIVE BYs.

Please do not respond to the above flames Gator fans. Thanks.

Curse of Ron Zook? Your boy hasn't taken his foot off the gas one bit. Surely CORZ you have seen a marked improvement. I'm guessing that you would prefer this as you have been supportive since this started Friday morning.

You KNOW the wheels will come off unless you reel in your #1troublemaker. He went on a tear this morning as I expected he would. Just as I have effectively encouraged ALL gator fans to cease, it is up to you and other measured cane fans to lean on "YOU KNOW WHO."

I do find it amusing/sad/unbelievable that "YKW" is utterly convinced that all Gator flaming is the work of a singke diabolical hater. But it's not worth responding to othervthan moting that it's befuddling.

Anyway, if this is to work, YOU have to do YOUR part in getting him to keep the anti UF diatribes on UM sites. If it continues here were all pissing in the wind.

8-9th. inning R-L Punch

how many Miamian's does it take to build a bonfire ?

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