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Gators blank FAU; Await winner of Coral Gables Regional

GAINESVILLE -- The Florida Gators baseball team dominated the NCAA Tournament's Gainesville Regional from beginning to end and now await the winner of Monday's game between Miami and Texas A&M to learn their opponent for next weekend's Gainesville Super Regional.

Florida defeated Florida Atlantic 15-0 on Monday night to sweep the Gainesville Regional. UF defeated Bethune-Cookman, Oregon State and FAU in three days. Sunday's finale was the weekend's highlight. UF (45-15) had 19 hits, including six home runs, a school postseason record. Sophomore Tyler Thompson of Tequesta had three homers and six RBI. Freshman left-hander Brian Johnson (6-4) pitched seven scoreless innings.

"It was a great team effort tonight," UF coach Kevin O'Sullivan said. "We had a chance to get everyone in the ballgame, first and foremost. We swung the bats really well, got off to an early lead and had production all the way down the lineup."

Johnson was named Most Outstanding Player of the Gainesville Regional for his dominance on the mound and at the plate. He allowed six hits in seven innings against FAU (37-24) and batted .625 (5-for-8) over the weekend, including three hits and a home run against FAU.

Miami lost to Texas A&M 11-7 on Sunday afternoon in Coral Gables. The Hurricanes (42-18) and Aggies (43-20-1) play at 7 p.m. on Monday. The NCAA will release schedules for its eight Super Regionals late Monday night. The Gators hosted a Super Regional last season but lost to Southern Miss.



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how many Miamian's does it take to build a bonfire ?

Well we're waiting

scUM will never make it out of coral gay-bels
too bad would love to thrash them yet again

Nice job Gators!

Do I get in trouble for that?

Not going to respond to "Cleveland" over there CRZ, nothing to be accomplished with that route. That dude is ready to head down to the post office. He does a great job of twisting everything to suit his deep seated anger. I don't think that guy has any chance of letting go and moving on. I"m not trying to attack the guy, I"m just saying that he has a special level of anger.

He's certain that my attempts to quell things are nothing more than BS. Nice. Between Cleveland and YKW, I'm beginning to wonder if there is any hope.

Soldy you are a bigger man than I. That kooky Cleveland is crazier than a shyt house rat and angrier than a post office gunman. Yet you invite him to your box? Damn dude. Canesrule and Cleveland have no intention of slowing down or moving forward.

Curse of Ron Zook? You got any input?

Love to join you at the Super Soldy but my clients come first.

Post Staff Says:
June 7th, 2010 at 4:30 pm

We are having problems with our blog software and we are seeing periodic delays, unfortunately. We hope to have the problems solved soon. Thanks for your patience.

That's what I say to myself daily about the present state of the Miami Hurricane Athletic programs as a whole .


Curse of Ron Zook? You got any input?

Love to join you at the Super Soldy but my clients come first.

Posted by: Arty | June 07, 2010 at 04:49 PM
Don't know about him, but I do....


Thanks gators BLOOOOOOOOOWWW. I was wondering if we are any good or not. You cleared it up for me.

Aside from a few remaining drive bys, the flaming has slowed WAYYYY down. Please do your part to help this work.

We do appreciate your opinion but please keep your anti UF remarks confined to UM sites. We are trying to do the same at your sites. Thanks

No can do....

Going to the canes game today. Is there some kind of historical landmark where swagga was invented there? Do they show the 30 on 30 on the jumbotorn before each inning? Please help me out before I go.

Kehoe, This is the first time I have posted on gator clause since the "truce" was called for. I was glad to see it happen as it was long overdue. I admit to "flaming" gator clause on a regular basis after enduring two years of your nonsense on Cane sites. YOU are the reason Mannys site is moderated, you must be very proud. I find it very amusing that you now use Noble as a posting name. The same person that made racist comments about our coach and made light of Cane players deaths. I hope you are serious about a truce and ceasing the derogatory comments on Cane sites. If this is the case I commend you for it.

Posted by: But Nobel you are not.......

boo friggin who.

Was just returning the favor of your boy canesrule. He INVENTED everything you mentioned above but blame me. Even he has agreed to chill. We'll see.

Sorry dude, Manny's site was moderated because of that Hector, or Juan or Chico dude, forgot his name. Wasn't me. I guess you didn't notice the thousands of scathing remarks that cane fans posted on that site. Not anti-UF remarks but PERSONAL ATTACKS. I've always noticed that you abhor negative remarks by UF fans but completely ignore them when lobbed by UM fans. You have posted the 11:18 comments a 1,000 times but have never responded to the same from your homeys. But like I keep saying, it's water under the bridge as far as I'm concerned. I'm moving FORWARD and I hope all will.

I contributed largely to the mess and I own up to it. By the same token I will clarify where I wasn't the instigator.

I"m very serious about ceasing the derogatory stuff on UM blogs. But we're all fair game on our OWN blogs. Arthru Treacher's comments above are completely acceptable. I just hope "Arthur" doesn't post that on a UM site. I discourage that moving forward.

And NO, this isn't a big set-up.

The name was Nobel, not noble. There's a difference.

The name was Nobel, not noble. There's a difference.

I am very well aware of the difference. Noble was a typo. You comparing yourself to Alfred Nobel and The Nobel Peace prize is quite amusing to me. I am also very well aware of the personal attacks by Cane fans and of the racist comments you loved to spew. The truce is a good thing and I will abide by it.

Travon Van released from his LOI and is no longer a Gator Commit. Will join Dock Holliday at Marshall. Academic issues.

So long and good luck son. Look for the coaching staff to try to create more schollies wherever they can for next year.

U girls can dodge us in football but u cant in baseball.
A category 5 HURRICANE is headin 2 GAYtorville this weekend, batten down the trailers (meth heads), tape up ur apartment windows (7 year students), gather up ur MEDS (urbin), stock up on ur scattered & smothered (where UF grads work), get 2 the liquor store (carlos 'frank the tank' dunlap) & kick those goats (GAYtor wags) out...

We're going to open a can of whoopass on that kiddie cane roster


Posted by: 3 yrs is nothing but a blip on history's radar... | June 08, 2010 at 04:12 PM

From one Cane fan to another, Save this stuff for our blogs. Looks like we have a date Friday night gator fans.

U girls can dodge us in football but u cant in baseball.
A category 5 HURRICANE is headin 2 GAYtorville this weekend, batten down the trailers (meth heads), tape up ur apartment windows (7 year students), gather up ur MEDS (urbin), stock up on ur scattered & smothered (where UF grads work), get 2 the liquor store (carlos 'frank the tank' dunlap) & kick those goats (GAYtor wags) out...

Posted by: 3 yrs is nothing but a blip on history's radar... | June 08, 2010 at 04:12 PM

And there U have it .

Ignore what?

Yaaaawwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnn! Wake me when football season starts...

Oh no you diH-DENT just throw up a Steve Stevens on my ass!

Wake up and check the kick off counter on OGGOA STEVE!

I know I'm going to let out one big rebel yell when foosball finally does kick off

The ACC could be in for a long fall, as Phil Steele has five conference schools ranked among his top 25 toughest schedules in the country:

No. 8 Miami

No. 9 Duke

No. 11 Florida State

No. 14 NC State

No. 24 North Carolina

Georgia Tech ranked No. 27, followed by No. 31 Clemson, No. 36 Virginia, No. 47 Virginia Tech, No. 48 Wake Forest, No. 57 Maryland and No. 64 Boston College.

Steele and I agree on the two main rankings -- Miami has the toughest schedule in the ACC and Boston College has the easiest. The fact that 10 of the ACC's school rank among his top 50 reiterates the fact that the conference will have plenty of opportunities to assert itself as one of the better BCS conferences this season.

Shouldn't teams that have never won their conference avoid talking smack about how tough their conference is? I"m just sayin.

I can't fight this feeling anymore. You suck.

At least it wont take us 59 YEARS (& yes i said 59 YEARS) 2 win r conference like it took u meth heads 2 win the sleazy & easy conference.
Where its the worst of all conferences on grad rates & if u aint cheatin u aint tryin...

Before we look at the numbers, here's what they mean:

An APR of 925 currently predicts an approximately 50 percent Graduation Success Rate (GSR) and an APR of 900 currently predicts an approximately 40 percent GSR.

Nationally, football’s average four-year APR is 944, up five points over last year. Florida State, Maryland, NC State and Virginia Tech were all below the national average. All of the ACC schools are safe, though. Teams scoring below 925 out of 1,000 can face penalties, such as scholarship losses and restrictions on practice and competition. Rates are based on the past four years of performance. FSU and Maryland are cutting it close.

Here's how the ACC schools fared in the four-year APR snapshot for football:

Duke 983
Miami 978
Boston College 967
Clemson 967
Georgia Tech 967
Wake Forest 966
North Carolina 957
Virginia 947
Virginia Tech 940
NC State 937
Maryland 929
Florida State 927

Vanderbilt produced the top Academic Progress Rate (APR) score among the 12 SEC schools in the most recent study.

The Commodores had a 975 out of a possible 1,000. Georgia was second in the SEC with a 973.

The NCAA released the latest scores on Wednesday, encompassing the four-year period from the 2005-06 academic year through the 2008-09 academic year. The APR measures the eligibility, retention and graduation of athletes on every Division I team in all sports

Teams that fall below 925 risk the loss of scholarships. Ole Miss was the only SEC school to fall below that barrier. The Rebels had a 921, but weren't penalized.

Last year, they lost three scholarships for the 2010 signing class after falling below 925 and having three players to leave the team that weren't academically eligible.

The national average for football teams was 944. Six SEC teams finished above the national average -- Vanderbilt (975), Georgia (973), Florida (971), LSU (965), Alabama (957) and Kentucky (951).

Here's a look at the numbers:

Vanderbilt: 975

Georgia: 973

Florida: 971

LSU: 965

Alabama: 957

Kentucky: 951

Tennessee: 944

Mississippi State: 939

South Carolina: 938

Auburn: 935

Arkansas: 930

Ole Miss: 921

I never would have guessed this yesterdaay, but if the conferences line up the way many predict, FSU, UM, Clemson and GT could end up in the SEC. Your thoughts...

I think if that happens Miami will have a long run at the top of the SEC.


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