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Florida State ousts Gators from College World Series

GAINESVILLE -- An incredible season for the Florida Gators baseball team came to end on Monday with an 8-5 loss to Florida State in an elimination game at the College World Series in Omaha, Neb.

Florida finished the season 47-17. The Gators' top accomplishments this season included winning the Southeastern Conference regular-season title and sweeping rival Miami in the Gainesville Super Regional.

The University of Florida was the only school this year to play in a BCS bowl game, compete in the NCAA Tournament and play in the College World Series.



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Or FSU has a chance to end UF's season...all I know is that it's really an up hill climb to win the CWS from the losers bracket. I guess a "magical" year might be knocking out your rival for some schools, for other's it's actually winning the CWS which UF has never done. Miami may be home, but there are 4 trophies sitting on display at Arod Park. Meanwhile, the JV is still waiting for number one. Good luck with that!

As usual, Miami fan talking about the past.....

Who swept Miami this year in the regional? That's what I thought!

Agree with the FSU could end UFs season too. UF is 1-3 this year against them so we'll see tomorrow.

Good luck to the Gators !!! UM sucks....

We want the CANES on the football field !!!


gators suck

Gator baseball is just like Gator Football. It's kicking the crap out of has been UM in recruiting.

That s right gaytors, you caused the hurricane katrina now it's pay back time. Urban had the UF meteorogical plane seed the clouds of hurricane katrina to destroy LA so LSU's recruiting class would be weakend. WE SEE YOUR TRICKS URBAN AND YOUR BUSTED! THE NCAA AND NOAA ARE ON YOU, ALONG WITH THE FBI, CIA, NCIS, BBD and the east coast family.

GO NOLES, so that GAYtor fan will STF up. The most hated fans besides New York fan. WHY IS THAT??
Thay both just yap, yap, yap like a little poodle. The GAYtor fan for the most part are just grown-ups still acting like teenagers. When confronted with a debate they retreat to a u suck, u suck, u suck rant like spoiled little punks (real intelligent)..
You dont see NOLE fan beatin on the CANES and you dont see CANE fan beatin on the NOLES. (its called respect)

You dont see NOLE fan beatin on the CANES and you dont see CANE fan beatin on the NOLES. (its called respect)

Posted by: Frank Rizzo | June 21, 2010 at 05:02 AM

No, it's called second tier, sittiing in coach, low on the Totem pole, bottom of the college athletic program food chain ACC also rans .

Respect? Wrong again. It's called looking into the mirror and seeing mutual mediocrity face to face.

18 hits?

Why you hiding sukkkkkkks. The gators still have a chance albeit from the LOSERS bracket. The Canes GIVE you a shot at a baseball championship and you crap the bed. Suck it up turds and tryyyy to win your first. I have a sinking feeling FSU sends you home today because they know how to win a baseball championship. The gators, not so much.

Thats funny cause the Noles are gonna spank the has been gaytors this year in FB.
Oh Brantley this and that, you guys couldnt keep the hits off Timmy when he could run, just wait till the wardens son is sittin in the pocket. Jesus Christ i cant wait.
And the U woulda too if gaytors didnt get the game bumped from 2010 to 2013

Posted by: Not a turd in sight | June 21, 2010 at 10:18 AM

Read more: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/gator_clause/2010/06/gators-have-chance-to-end-florida-states-season.html#ixzz0rV9N4GIl

Love the fact 2 canes on the list but even as a Cane gotta say Ponder should be way higher on the list

I will try for the 4th time now.
Huntley Johnson sit at home BB games with Gainesville state attorney Bill Cervone

So keep commiting crimes gaytor thugs the fix is still in

The most hated fans besides New York fan. WHY IS THAT??
Thay both just yap, yap, yap like a little poodle. The GAYtor fan for the most part are just grown-ups still acting like teenagers.
In regards to the above dope who posted this nonsense. First of all, if we are so hated like you claim, then why is everyone not screaming for us to end our program like they did for your crap program in the 90’s? Second point, all cane fans do is yap all over our boards about “how much we this”…”how much we that”…. Sounds like jealously and envy to me. If we suck so bad, then why do you care so much? Third point, “GAYtor fans…are just grown-ups still acting like teenagers”. Calling someone GAY is not juvenile? Wow, the last time I heard anyone call another person that was in fifth grade or coming from a cane fan. But then again, a fifth grade mentality is what you dopes posses.

“GAYtors, GAYnesville, etc” Really? Are you serious? I guess I should be offended but then again my daddy can beat up your daddy.

Posted by: Hope the NCAA has some ethics cause nobody in UF AD has or the courts

Here we go again... the cane fans have teamed up with Fox Mulder to solve the conspiracy of UF and the NCAA. Please keep posting updates from your credible sources, Detective McDouche.

Breaking News..... Alachua County Detention Center to break ground on new Gator Pavilion, adding dozens of new beds for what is expected to be an increase in need by the Gator Athletic Department.

The wealthiest man in Gainesville..... Huntley Johnson... never without a client it seems.

Gator fans dumping on Miami Baseball team defense or lack thereof played keystone cops baseball on Saturday. what goes round....

Posted by: Incarceration News Outlet

When your done with your UF/NCAA case, please find out why there are so many missing fans at the UM games - has to be a conspiracy there too!

& then figure out why the GAYtor fan is hated like New York fan??

Posted by: Frank Rizzo

Probably because they win??

Next case!

Football team got crushed by BAMA, basketball team lasted 1 game, & baseball team is losing today.
Everything else is ancient history..

Posted by: Frank Rizzo

"Everything else is ancient history" like your 5 NCs?

Boo-yaa.....I will be here all week - TRY THE MEATLOAF!

ur baseball team just got crushed so STF up.
ur measly 3 NC's is ancient history & we'll always have more doucher..

& u can tell agent scully hangs out in a cafeteria, 'cuse no restaurants i go 2 have meatloaf on the menu.
TYPICAL gayTOR hanging out at the local waffle house or the cracker barrel (fine dining 4 a GAYtor)...

how bout them gatooooorrrrrrssssssss
still behind in the state all those millions dollars
gators spend on coachs still can't buy it.

Football team got crushed by BAMA, basketball team lasted 1 game, & baseball team is losing today.
Everything else is ancient history..

Posted by: Frank Rizzo | June 21, 2010 at 05:08 PM

Plus 3, plus 3, plus 1 ='s ?

Ur still behind by an Urban, City or Country kilometre ... U know, like Normande'

3-adays be when ?

thats why GAYtor fan is so hated, even after gettin drilled by thier main rival and they're still boastin. STF up..
We have more NC's then u 5>3..
We have more world series titles than u 4>0.
U'all measure success against us, we measure success in titles..

Later Gaytors!

Laz in Cutler Ridge

2 and BBQ!!!!!

Posted by: Frank Rizzo | June 21, 2010 at 08:13 PM

Yes, I can tell by your posts you are an educated man bus-boying at only the finer establishments.

"We have more NC's then u 5>3." - it's ancient history my man, now clean off the table and bring me some new silverware.

Scully.. What would it matter if i gave my Source on Cervone and Johnson sittin in a tree. Cause first of all its 100% true and if you where a gator booster or Ulum or memeber of anything gator you would know this.
And even if ESPN told you so you wouldnt care, cause just like those two sumbag lawyers that whent to UF that have no ethics like your coach,players,95%of fans

Posted by: Ask Joe Goody bet he knows

So you have a "source" although you are not a reporter or an investigator for the NCAA? Who are you Magnum, P.I? Did you report this to Higgins?

Being that I am an alumni, I have a source too and he told me behind closed doors while he was disguised and under oath that you are jackass. My source also told me that if Randy doesn't win the ACC that Frank Haith will take over coaching duties in the first dual coaching role to save UM some money.

My source also told me the reason they choose Haith to replace Randy and not Jim Morris is because Haith knows how to call timeouts. If you were a UM Alumni or Booster you would know this.

See you later Gator!! 0-2 for the third seed. You guys looked like crap the last two games. Talk about Miami's collapse, yours was enjoyable to see for such an arrogant school, detainees (I mean student athletes)and fans. Your posts show how uneducated you are.

I have to admit one thing, your center fielder made the best play in the outfield I have ever seen. Even better than the Willie Mays catch many years ago.

Hopefully he can stay out of jail and have a great career.

Posted by: Gator Thorn/Go Noles

Uneducated? Listen your fellow canefane who claims he lives in Gainesville and has a source that the Gators are breaking the NCAA rules. If he has such proof, go ahead and turn them in. Write the NCAA, send a letter with source's insider info to a reputable columnist, or make it public somehow. Bring down the arrogant school! Nope, he anonymously posts on the Miami Herald blog of his insider info...What a joke!

Places to send your insider info:

the big lead

They will investigate it for you Magnum and bring down UF once and for all!!

PS Nice compliment about the CF.

Scully.. man do you read before you post. these scumbag lawyers have no immediate ties to UF they are just doing the dirty work.
And my "source" is actually a client and UF grad attorney. And I wouldnt want to hurt his firm or him by giving his name.
What these two are doing wont hurt UF in anything but the media. Because im sure knowledge by the AD would be hard or impossible to prove. BUT it is true

Oh and 2254 nw 29th ave 32605. Thats right i posted it. come on by sonny

Posted by: Ask Joe Goody bet he knows

So your a file clerk then? Make some copies of your "explosive" report and fax them. Otherwise, shut it, you have nothing.

Oh and look Randy Shannon is hiding an illegitimate child from a cheerleader but the attorney who is friend of mine knows. I can't say anything because I don't want to hurt my friends firm.

The only articles Im reading lately are about gaytor scumbags, so go defend your second tier about to be ranked in the teens scumbag program on every blog on the internet.

Just like Urban wont MTFU, u wont either. Gave you the address punk, so why dont U and your boyfriend come over here and see if daddy's credit card can buy your sorry frat boy butt outta of woodshed beating like Bama gonna do to ya

Come on Joe you know these two sit together and its all a cover up. You scared of a pill addicted coach gonna call you a bad guy, like the last reporter that reported the truth.

Goodman, the GayTurd "fan" who keeps deleting my posts CAN DELETE THEM ALL YOU WANT:

Guck the Fators!!

And, this newspaper, which is the worst newspaper in the USA...no wonder I subscribe to the Sentinel and just READ this garbage online...(when YOU get the spelling right, the headlines correct, etc..etc..) - this newspaper is the Banana Republic News, LOL....I'm surprised they allow you to write for this newspaper, actually.
Guck the Fators!

Nuck the Foles!!

Go on GOODMAN, you big BABY, delete what I posted....

How's Timmy Boy doing these days? Last time I saw him, he was balling on national television.....whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, sniffle sniffle.....whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!
"But Coach Meyer, I CAME BACK to win a national title, HOW COULD GOD LET THIS HAPPEN TO US? Whhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, sniffle sniffle!!
Goodman: You're nothing but a stinkin' GayTurd yourself!! (emphasis on the first part, of course)!!


UM will win our 5th College World Series National Championship BEFORE either Free Shoes University of the GayTurds win their FIRST.

Face it...Miami put COLLEGE FOOTBALL and COLLEGE BASEBALL ON THE MAP IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA, not those big "high schools" on Southern Georgia!
That's right...this TINY, PRIVATE UNIVERSITY with an enrollment of 15K students, with no state funding, etc...etc....IMAGINE THAT!
And watch out...has anyone seen the early committments for football..?

Bridgewater (who both UF and FSU WANTED) - to UM
His favorite receiver - (who UF and FSU wanted - to UM)

Today: St. Thomas Aquinas receiver, TO UM....that's just the beginning!!!

Posted by: You aint got the eggs!!

Well only a file clerk coudl afford that 3/2 mansion....

Posted by: UMike

I believe the last time you saw Tim, he was getting drafted in the 1st round.

The beginning of what? Mediocrity, 3rd place ACC Coastal finishes and empty stadiums? That has been going on for awhile!

Frank Rizzo...
"The University of Florida was the only school this year to play in a BCS bowl game, compete in the NCAA Tournament and play in the College World Series."
If that does not illustrate that UF is miles ahead of UM and FSU in Athletics, than I do not know what does...
Keep talking about Jacory Harris, oh, no..wait Teddy 2012, right? How about Randy Shannon and his National Championship ambitions? Oh wait, he is 21-17 at the helm...
How about ACC Champs? Oh, forgot...you have yet to win ONE ACC Championship...
What about Nat'l Champs? Oh wait, that streak is on a DECADE and counting...
Before you trash UF, realize that, TODAY, IN THE 21st CENTURY, UM, in particular, their football program is the laughing stock of the ACC. No one is scared of you guys! Randy 'Choker' Shannon blows! And until you rid yourselves of that loser and your loser AD, you guys will be in 2nd place behind the Gators! 2 Nat'l Championships in 4 years? I will take that over 1 National Championship in a Decade..and before you give me that typical, inequality that UM fans like to throw around, that 5>3, realize it only points to the fact that you only graduated elementary school math and that 4 of those National Championships were before your dad was born or before you jumped on the bandwagon. Nuff' said, you, my friend, are a tool.

Nice job Martim!

Scully actually google the address LMAO!!!
You absolute loser, LMAO!!! OMG!!!!
What a loser. hahahaha

Of course I did. I wanted to see what if it was the law firm you make copies for.


Gators were handed the oppotunity to go to the cws. Miami makes 7 errors and still takes the most arrested athletic program in the U.S. 10 innings to win.Watching the vile infested, sick diseased reptile try to play baseball was awful but seeing them get beat was great. Go Noles you just made my day.

LMAO @ FIwho ON the rise....u tried to handle us in 2006 and u got smacked...come on back for more baby!!!!!

U losers measure success against us (as evidenced by this cheerleader columnist sayin 'we beat the canes' so its been a successful season, but got drilled in Omaha BY FSU),
we measure success with titles (as in our '4' world series titles to your '0')..

Hey Umike u almost died on a stadium sidewalk you fat bag of crap. Too bad your obese azs didn't expire you three sandwich eating lard bag. Go to a game with your dad you loser. I've seen catapults that have more balance than u, u walking Philly cheese grinder. Kepp hating. It will add to your considerable hypertension and u will die sooner than later thus helping everyone

Posted by: Frank Rizzo | June 23, 2010 at 05:08 AM

I thought that was ancient history?

Hey Martim, think about this. How about 2 NC's in 3 years 87 and 89. Or better yet, how about 3 NC's in 5 years. 87-89-91. Hell the U has as many NC's in 5 years as the Gaytors have total.
How about 4 NC's in 9 years? 83-87-89-91. From the first gaytor NC to their second NC it was 10 years. Don't start running your mouth until you have done something better than the team that you are running your mouth about.

Hey martim one more thing. Why don't the Gaytors try going undefeated one season and win the NC without having to sneak in the back door to get in the NC game. Get a clue Martim, the Florida GAYTORS will never be on the level of the MIAMI Hurricanes. That is why the SEC stated that they have no intentions to invite the Hurricanes to join the SEC. That can't take the heat of what it would mean for your SEC cupcake schedules.

Ibis, I do not know what you are smoking, but, obviously, it must be that real fire. You guys would get hammered in the SEC since you guys are a middle-to the bottom type of team in the ACC! Try winning your own conference before you dream up hypothetical situations of winning in the country's best conference--
And all this undefeated talk...yawn...the U's only come back nowadays...
Jacory for Heisman this year, right?
National Championship aspirations this year, right?
Oh, no, wait...when you guys lose your first and second games it'll be Teddy 2012, right?
Keep making up excuses, living in the past, talking of undefeated seasons because all of that is a dream and at this point, that is all the U and your worthless athletics have...
Let me know when you wake up, turd!

Last time I checked, Ibis, 5 out of the last 7 BCS National Championships have been won by teams in that 'watered down, cup-cake schedule' conference you were talking about...

ibis1966, you forgot to mention that miami split a national championship something UF hasn't done.

Hey ASSCLOWN.com, and i'm sure that name fits you well. Even if you take away the split NC in 91, that still leaves THE U with more NC's than the gaytors.

Yes 5 of the last 7 were won by the SEC. However only 3 different teams won them. That is because the other 9 teams in the SEC are the CUPCAKES!!!!! Then everyone knows what kind of non-conference schedule yall play. that's why the Gaytors dont' want to play a home and home series with THE U. then they would have to drop one of their pansy cupcakes. Gaytors Suck.

Ibis1966, please tell me why da U wouldn't want to join the SEC again? Kirby said they were happy in the ACC. They don't want more money or is it that they don't want to fill the seats in that rent a stadium? Did Dan Marion and Don Shula got to the U? I saw their statues out front.

And even if the SEC voted and UF said no, it requires 75% to add. A lot of SEC teams would vote "yes". Who wouldn't want to come to South Florida in the fall? You guys set up visits for a lot of recruits who understand the value of a free trip.

ibis1966, yawn....you must be a machine because you just keep posting the same garbage over and over again..keep twisting the numbers, averaging them, clumping them in different time periods... you keep living in the past and with Randy '2nd Place' Shannon, that's the only place you guys have...the past! because you guys are not going to win squat this year! Teddy, 2012! Get those calenders ready...you might as well start recruiting 8th graders, too, so you can start a new campaign when Teddy fails to meet the U's absurd and unrealistic standards.

And watch out...has anyone seen the early committments for football..?

Bridgewater (who both UF and FSU WANTED) - to UM
His favorite receiver - (who UF and FSU wanted - to UM)

Today: St. Thomas Aquinas receiver, TO UM....that's just the beginning!!!

Posted by: UMike | June 22, 2010 at 01:35 PM

By coming on a Gator blog to rant and rave about recruiting you unequivocally prove what a clueless assclowm u truly are UMike. Didn't the moment when u were lying on a stadium sidewalk, thinking u might die right there, teach u any perspective about anything UMike? u followed your doctors orders for about a week and ur still a ticking health time bomb. Keep coming here and muster up all the hate that u can imagine. Usually u guys are so delusional that it's comedic. But ur just plain sad fat boy.

I choose OHIO STATE!

Hey Martim, how come no chicos play football??
Funny and whats funnier is chicos that never played the game sitting on there couch with about 10 years watching it thinking they are experts. I read a post of yours talking with Laz, saying the U has been in the dumps for the last decade??
last 10 years
UM UF head to head the U 4-1 last 10 years
didnt lose a game for over 2 years demolishing SEC teams UF included on the road in that run.
beat you in 2004 so from 04-08 you had a little 4 year run.
2008 is in the past as gaytors love to say
go watch some World Cup

Posted by: quatro to uno understand?

The past is the past.

Snakes, why did it have to be snakes?

Is Ibis1966 your boyfriend? Or is that just you posting on a new, cute username? You are a lame-o, washed up. What makes you more knowledgable in Football? The fact that your fat ass has been sitting on the couch for longer than me? Speaking of past, keep coming up with these cute records to spew on forum boards to make yourself feel better. Make yourself feel better over the fact that the U is long gone and has been replaced by losers that have alot of traits that are similiar to yours. Let me know when to starting playing the Swan Song when you guys lose your 1st game...I will time it perfectly when those Teddy 2012 chants start coming..By the way, I have lived in this country longer than you have, illegal.

What a joke these Turds are taking up space in both the NCAA basketball and baseball fields that should have been reserved for more deserving teams...pathetic, overrated losers.

Make yourself feel better over the fact that the U is long gone and has been replaced by losers that have alot of traits that are similiar to yours.

Posted by: Martim (I have the nads to post my real name) | June 24, 2010 at 03:51 PM


Huh? Maybe it's time for you to switch back to soccer or catch the next raft back home dude, cuz you flat stupid!

He really is a whacko, isn't he?


You can't possibly think you will beat Ohio State, Pitt, FSU, VaTech, or UNC when you can't even beat Clemson at home in front of 35,000 thousand rabid fans!

Canes roll....Turds fold....count on it

Posted by: money can't buy titles...they have to be EARNED

How ironic is that a cane gets drafted Mr Irrelevant last night!

Whats even more ironic is that not a single gator player was drafted last night!

As the old cane saying goes, "we're young!"

Why do you always have one hand in your pocket gator fans?

Pool anyone?

You outta know.

What does catching a soccer game or catching a raft home have to do with stupidity? Man, its amazing how much the chimpanzee and UM fans have in common...im done talkin' because that's all you guys have. Let's see if you continue 'hablando duro' (since you are so culturally aware) when Miami loses in the HorseShoe or aganist Pitt. Enjoy jacking off to your wall posts, I will get back to making money and laughing at your ridiculous comebacks. By the way, if I do want to go visit my home in Portugal, I do so in 1st class...jokes on you buddy.

duh u is a joke, no argument from me, mang.

Momma Gump always said "stupid is as stupid does" Martim. The correlation to the raft home with stupidity was that the latter prompted the former action...comprendo? I'm sorry you're from one of the PIG countries who are collectively doing their best to bankrupt the EU. Porto is a charming city and Oitavus Dunes is a heckuva course, but alas, we can't orchestrate the misguided thinking of the immigrants that make their way over here. In time, you too will learn the lesson of life from the Yoda, that 5 > 3.

Martim: What would YOU know about COMPETITION? It was the Chicken GayTurds who DROPPED UM FROM OUR ANNUAL GAME FOR "SCHEDULING" REASONS...I guess to schedule the likes of Troy, Charleston Southern, FIU, etc...etc....

Face it, UM put college football on the map...you and Free Shoes University, those two big HIGH SCHOOLS in Southern Georgia, just try to copy what UM has achieved...actually, both of you should be ASHAMED at what this TINY, PRIVATE UNIVERSITY HAS ACCOMPLISHED over the past twenty-five years....neither of you has won a CWS National Championship, let alone FOUR, like UM has....winning FIVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS, REGARDLESS OF WHEN THEY WERE WON, doesn't mean a school is "living in the past" - it means that we have a storied tradition..including a 59 game NCAA RECORD HOME WINNING STREAK...which still stands...

SO, you arrogant HILLBILLIES can talk all the smack you want....yeah, this IS the present...have you taken a look at the early commits for 2011 yet...for football? Also, until you have the GUTS to play UM every year, LIKE FREE SHOES DOES, you need to keep your big mouth shut...if UFturds had not DROPPED UM from our annual game, when MIAMI WAS KICKING YOUR SORRY A*SES EVERY YEAR, then we could settle this on the football field...but, no...the GayTurds had "scheduling issues" - yeah, right...it was called "We don't want this tiny, private university kicking our butts any longer" - AND, after that, when you GayTurds were UNFORTNATE ENOUGH TO GET PICKED TO PLAY UM IN BOWL GAMES, we still KICKED YOUR SORRY A*SES!

So, until you can settle this on the field, you stupid hillbilly, backwoods, Deliverance-type, cousin-impregnating, trailor park trash, green-toothed, Rebel-flag-waving, Southern Georgia yahoo, RedNeck dirtbags need to shut the h*ll up!

Guck the Fators! (and their hillbilly fans)...yahoooo...maw, get out the penny wrappers, we's going to LUUUUUUZIANA to see them GayTurds play!!)
Imagine what it must be like living in GaysVille, where the ONLY THING TO DO IS GO TO GayTurd events....so, big deal, you draw 90,000 hillbillies to every game...you idiot...you're in a COLLEGE ONLY TOWN...you don't have beaches, you don't have four PRO TEAMS to compete with...you have over 40,000 students compared to UM's 15,000 (of course, getting into UF is as EASY as signing your name, compared to getting into a real academic school - SEE UM and their NUMBER ONE RANKING IN ACADEMICS for football and baseball...duh!!).

So, shut your hillbilly mouths, stupid GayTurds...hey, how's the CHOIR BOY DOING? Last time I saw him, he was balling on national television: Waaaaaaaaaaaa, sniffle sniffle.....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, sniffle sniffle..."But, Coachy Meyer, I came back so we could win a national championship..maybe if we had played some GOOD TEAMS during the year, we would have known what to do when we DID face a good team (Bama))!!

Take a look at UM's schedule this year: AT OSU, AT PITT, AT CLEMSON, home vs FSU, N. Carolina, AT GA. TECH, home vs V. Tech...and, you think that THE GAYTURDS can even come close to a schedule like that? Too funny....keep playing the cupcakes, it will continue to give you a false sense of security..then, when you happen to run into a good team, you can all CRY ON NATIONAL TELEVISION AGAIN...stupid, silly hillbillies!!
Again, Guck the Fators!!

Umike u almost died on a stadium sidewalk
your post is not readable , gave it literally a five second scan, nothing more.
U seem a liitle wound up fat boy
your anger will increase hypertension and result in u dying.
regardless of your sports programs sucking u are an enormous embarrassment to all cane fans


go stomp on some kittens umike


money can't buy titles, they are EARNED,


From your comment, I can easily assume that you don't know anything about Portuguese Monetary Policy or EU Monetary Policy. You sound like a fat, ignorant, right-wing loser xenophobe who has no concept of identity except with the Big Mac and Large Fries. Insulting a country you know nothing about shows your cultural retardation and need to feel relevant, above all else. Something, that, at this point and time, 'U' will never be!

“When are those guys coming out?” asked Brad Childress, looking over at Easley, Powell and Floyd, all high school seniors.

“Coming out?” said Marotti. “They’re just coming IN!”

911 in your speed dial fat boy?: nice try...too funny...but, I made WAY TOO MUCH SENSE for you to come back with anything else.
That's usually the case with you arrogant hillbilies...and, as far as you calling me "fat boy" - that's even funnier...I could EASILY...let me repeat it because you Southern Georgians with your "drawls" and all, don't understand common English - I COULD EASILY kick your sorry a*s with one hand behind my back, and a drink in the other hand..that's what the martial arts are for, silly hillbilly!

Nice try though..again, you have NO COME BACK because what I say is ROOTED IN TRUTH, what you GayTurds spew is nothing but hillbilly garbage!! IF you had not dropped UM from our annual game, we would be able to settle this on the football field...but, being the Chicken GayTurds that you are, and living in that disgusting, hillbilly town, where they stil hold KKK meetings, and still have sex with their relatives...and, don't get their teeth cleaned, and PEE ON OTHER TEAM'S FANS IN THE BATHROOMS...(yeah, that's right, some jerk peed on my sneakers while I was at the urinal...real class there in GaysVille...of course, the second he peed on me, his FACE was part of the stall DOOR...and, I actuall had GayTurd fans coming up to me and apologizing for what the jerk had done...but, boy, did it feel good to smack his sorry, hillbilly a*s!! Needless to say, he won't be peeing on opposing fans sneakers in the restroom anymore...THAT'S THE KIND OF FANS THEY HAVE IN "HLLBILLY TOWN" - and, YOU SAY THAT FOOTBALL IS KILLING ME?)...silly hillbilly!!

Actually, it's killing all of you up there...after Bama destroyed you, it was so funny to see all the TEARS and CRYING and the DESPAIR...it's ONLY A GAME, you stupid hillbillies!!

Get a life...

But, in the meantime, Guck the Fators!

It's not the teams that are hated so much, but rather the ignorant, arrogant fans of the GayTurds....talk about being an insult to the game of college football....you draw 90,000 people for a game against TROY...In Miami, we have more important things to do....more things to do in general than to LIVE AND DIE for our college...oh, don't get me wrong, we love our Canes, but there's CULTURE in Miami...there's things to do...in GaysVille, everything centers around the GayTurds...how sad...I repeat, how incredibly sad that must be...to have nothing to look forward to but a home game on a Saturday, against Troy or Charl. Southern....or Kentucky....LOL.

Silly, silly...chicken GayTurds....soon, you'll have to drop Bama from your annual game...if they keep beating you like UM was doing at the time you dropped UM from your schedule...silly, silly hillbillies.

I'll let you go now....afterall, I'm sure you have a cousin who needs IMPREGNATING!!
Head on out to that trailor park on the outskirts of town...and, maybe at nightfall, you can put on your hoods and attend a KKK meeting....LOL...!!

Namugenyi Kiwanuka: AT LEAST WE PLAY THOSE TEAMS...you don't play teams of that caliber in THREE YEARS in the SEC...our non-conference schedule makes yours look silly...of course, that's why Bama beat your sorry a*ses! You played CUPCAKES up to the Bama game, and then you had no answer on how to react to a GOOD TEAM....UM playing AT OSU, AT PITT, AT CLEMSON, and coming home to play Free Shoes University makes your schedule look silly.

But, what more would one expect from a SCHOOL WHO DROPPED AN ANNUAL GAME AGAINST AN IN-STATE RIVAL?? If the GayTurds didn't drop UM from our annual game, maybe you wouldn't have to talk all your smack instead of letting the teams prove it on the football field...but, don't worry....you weren't the only school to drop UM from annual games...Notre Dame did...Penn State did...Oklahoma did....and, funny...it was all during the PERIOD WHEN UM WAS DOMINATING ALL OF YOU...how sad is that?

As for our crowds...again....what more do you have to do in GaysVille..I find it SAD, REALLY, that you draw 70,000 people to your spring game...and, the funny thing is this: It's a BIG DEAL...I mean, that's the mentality UP there in Southern Georgia...you actually have nothing ELSE TO DO BUT TO GO TO GayTurd events...so sad, really.
No culture, no beaches...and girls who look like cows.
"hey Maw...how bout them GayTurds?"..."Maw, but on your new Kamona, we's drivin' to LUUZIANA to see them GayTurds play" - "unwrap the coin wrappers, grad the food stamp card...we's goin on a road trip, Maw" ....LOL...silly, silly hillbillies!!

Hey, congrats on knocking UM out of the Super Regionals...then, getting ousted at the CWS..of course, it was YOUR SIXTH TRIP TO OMAHA...let's see...UM has gone to the NCAA Tournament A RECORD 39 STRAIGHT TIMES....22 TRIPS TO OMAHA WITH FOUR NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS, including beating the GayTurds in one final....and, you have ZERO to show for your six showings at Omaha...? Well, don't feel bad....Free Shoes University, your big Southern Georgia rival, has been there 20 times without a national championship!! You two big high schools deserve each other, really.
You should be ashamed at what this TINY, PRIVATE UNIVESITY had accomplished...no state funding...relying only on alumni donations for $$$, and we make both of you look sick.

FACE THE FACTS: UM put BOTH FOOTBALL AND COLLEGE BASEBALL ON THE MAP IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA...you and Free Shoes University and STILL TRYING TO CATCH UP...good luck...it would take you 30 years to catch up, and by that time, UM will be EVEN FURTHER AHEAD OF BOTH OF YOU SILLY, HILLBILLY SCHOOLS!!

Guck the Fators, and their smelly fans!!

Posted by: UMike | June 27, 2010 at 12:54 PM

God your dumb.

U have entirely way too much time on Ur hands lil Mikey .

Now go and enjoy some of Ur 3rd. World culture. But try not to get run over by a Haitian in a 1972 Datsun, a Cuban on an Ox Cart or a South American on a donkey. And bring me back some bananas.

Que ?

How's the diet working out hypertense UMike?

Dying on a stadium sidewalk is no way to go fat boy.

Hatred + Philly cheese + no exercise

= one dead UMike

wake up lardasss, u live in a sad little world.

Losing to Arkansas late in the 3rd at home in the "feared swamp". they beat you but you had the payola working in the stripes.
that was with the greatest QB to ever wear pads. 5 losses this year turds.
Gotta love Sunshine network for the replays reminding us of the Slide back to mediocrity for the turds

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