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Florida State ousts Gators from College World Series

GAINESVILLE -- An incredible season for the Florida Gators baseball team came to end on Monday with an 8-5 loss to Florida State in an elimination game at the College World Series in Omaha, Neb.

Florida finished the season 47-17. The Gators' top accomplishments this season included winning the Southeastern Conference regular-season title and sweeping rival Miami in the Gainesville Super Regional.

The University of Florida was the only school this year to play in a BCS bowl game, compete in the NCAA Tournament and play in the College World Series.



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Our whole team had the Flu

7-5 turds

What will be duh u's excuse this year?

Only the lord knows what their excuse will be. But we do know for certain that it will be forthcoming.

4-Star Ja’Juan Story WR 6′3″ 190 Nature Coast Technical (FL) WR #4 rated 81 Verbal Florida

Joe, hello, wake up,.........new thread please! Lets talk about the recruiting tear Urban and the boys are on please!

nothing to see here . standard recruiting Operations

I see the secsleazy won another NC. Proabbly cheated.

that dammm premium conference winning yet another national championship. CHEATS !

That must of really hurt Canesfool... But then again Ur probably getting quite used to it by now time after time after time.

SEC dominates another sport yaaaaawwwwwnnnn!

911: It's not us crying after football games...balling on national television...it's the GayTurds and their sorry-as*ed fans, including you...I'm sure you shed a few tears, too.

So, who's football really KILLING, fat boy? YOU, not me.

I don't cry when my team loses...it was SOOOOOOO funny seeing the Choir Boy balling and the GayTurd fans in such despair after 'Bama gave you a whipping....so, before you talk about MY WORLD, and what you DON'T KNOW ABOUT IT, you should FIRST LOOK AT THE FACTS, and not spew garbage: It's the GayTurd Nation who takes a stinkin' football game so seriously that they CRY like BABIES on NATIONAL TELEVISION, not MIAMI.

Know your FACTS before you SPEW your hillbilly garbage, loser! You'll end up dead before me...I'm sure someone will end up killing you/kicking your sorry a*s, given you arrogance and cockiness!!

Guck the Fators!
And, their silly, hillbilly fans!! LOSERS!

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ...

Check that blood pressure UMike. u know anger isn't good for you. Remember, u collapsed on a stadium sidewalk. Did daddy think u were dead? u got much bigger issues than crying u walking death time bomb. now go get on duhh treadmill fat boy. tell duhh truth uMike, u didn't lose a single pound did you?

LMFAO @ gaytor fan propping up south cackalacka because they crashed and burned in Omaha. USC dose not need kudos from turd nation. They unlike floriduh got it done and won their first ship in baseball. South Carolina has done what the mighty turds have never been able to accomplish. BAWHAHAHA

UM is so used to losing, it's no biggie when they do. No tears or jeers, just the hollow sound of a pin dropping in their empty stadium.

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