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Gators Meyer feeling 'fantastic' after 'bizarre' year

DESTIN -- Greetings from wonderful Destin, where I'm happy to report there is no oil on the beach!

Of course, oil is not the reason I'm in Destin. The Southeastern Conferene's spring meetings are Tuesday through Thursday at the Sandestin Resort and on Tuesday Urban Meyer and Billy Donovan spoke with reporters in back-to-back news conferences.

For the record, Urban Meyer is against conference expansion. Just more tough opponents, presumably, in an already difficult league, says he of two national championships.

The big news out of Tuesday was an announcement of sorts by Meyer is that he is feeling "fantastic" now that he's on the proper medication to control ... esophageal spasms. That's what Meyer said was causing some of his health concerns "for the past three years." I have no idea what esophageal spasms has to do with one's heart, but I'll take Meyer's word for it that he's feeling fine.

According to a definition on the Mayo Clinic's website: "Esophageal spasms are an uncoordinated series of muscle contractions that prevent food from traveling properly from your esophagus to your stomach. These spasms can be very painful. Chest pain is a common symptom of esophageal spasm."

So, Meyer has had trouble swallowing for the past three years, but now he's got it all figured out. Okey-dokey ... Yeah, so I texted UF football PR man Steve McClain just to confirm that esophageal spasms is indeed what Meyer meant to say in the news conference and McClain texted back one word, "Correct."

While esophageal spasms sounds like more damage control by the Gators' PR people, the most important thing to note here is that Meyer is feeling "fantastic" and all signs point to him returning to normal ... because things have been crazy in Gainesville for the past year. I mean, from hourly speculation about Tim Tebow's concussion to early morning trips to the ER for esophageal spasms, it's hard to wrap your head around it all.

"I just think that exercise and -- I don't want to stand up here and sound like a doctor now -- but it's the same issues that everyone deals with -- work," Meyer said. "Just take care of yourself. I didn't do that. It seems the last year and a half -- it was a bizarre deal."



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Is UF going to run 3-5 reciever sets or try more TE and Fb with 2 recievers. What will be there trademark generally was wonderin.
There football talk imagine that.

It's a wildcard as to whay we'll run this year (as opposed to a wildcat!)...time will tell. How about you guys? RB and WR by committee since you're loaded at both and try to give the defense some padding to work with?

More football talk...I like it!


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Again, I AM NOT STEVE! I am the Curse of Art Kehoe. If you want a truce, keep your flaming out of Gator sites and I will encourage Gator fans to not flame UM sites. It's that simple.

Kickoff September A.K. ... ssshhhh

promise , truce til

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