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Gators receiver Frankie Hammond: A good guy who made a poor decision

GAINESVILLE -- Troubling news amid UF's College World Series celebration on Saturday night. UF receiver Frankie Hammond Jr. of Hallandale was arrested early Sunday morning for driving drunk.

Hammond has been suspended from team activities, according to UF. Let's hope UF coach Urban Meyer remains consistent and allows Hammond back on the team. Meyer gives second chances to deserving people and Hammond is certainly deserving of a second chance.

Janoris Jenkins, beast that he is, resisted arrest last year by fighting through a police Taser and received limited punishment from Meyer. Aaron Hernandez played football and smoked marijuana at UF, God bless him. Carlos Dunlap was arrested for driving drunk before the SEC championship game and remained on the team. I could keep going, but you get the point. Meyer is usually a forgiving coach, and it has served him well in the past.

Hammond is a good student and a good person who made a poor decision on Sunday. UF is sometimes tough on students who drive drunk and for good reason, but Hammond deserves a second chance.



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Cane in gainesville to fill you in. they will continue to be thugs and get arrested at UF.
Its so in the open here that its disgusting. Bill Cervone runs a Kangaroo court.
Just to fill you in the dirtbag lawyer Huntley Johnson that the sentinel did a peice on being close to the "team" sits with Bill Cervone the state attorney at gator basketball games.
Scumbags across the board in gainesville as long as they can ball charges will continue to get dropped

love the way it doesnt post when you call out Cervone sitting with the scumbag Huntley Johnson at Bball games. what afraid of a good scoop Joe??

Posted by: maybe the NCAA has ethics, cause the courts in gainesville dont |

Call Ace Ventura, he can help you assclowns with your big conspiracy theories.

Yeah Sarasota...hey man..its not funny. Cane fan is on the case and I hear big things are coming down the pike...like investigations and stuff. So be cool man. We don't want to piss off the NCAA anymore than we already have because we know, since some wingnut canefan said so, that they'll soon be investigating us and penalizing us and death penaltying us and stuff like that.
There was a "magazine article" that said so, so u know it's true and stuff like that.

I blame global warming.....AND George Bush. That leaking oil well and all these arrests HAVE to be related too! Can't you guys see? This is so obvious to me.

NCAA is investigating the gators because of the "offside" call against the USA team(I am a cane fan living in Johannesberg) they are also looking into Urban Meyer supplying the fans with vuvuzelas.

Urbie get out now b4 the ncaa posse get you...

This just in....cane fan living in north korea, the ncaa is looking into the fact that Urban Meyer recruited Kim Jong-il to get nukes.

HEY! this is NOT funny ! A canefan said that we are being investigated so we need to take this stuff very seriously. He's spent HOURS of his life posting about it so it must be significant. He mentioned a magazine article. I'm very worried. Afterall, everybody knows we cheat and stuff like that.

Posted by: Canesrule | June 18, 2010 at 03:01 PM

Extra credi for using "vuvuzela."

it's just fun to say.

Come on

Kelvin Cain

Is This Year Our Next Year?

Last year University of Miami football fans were left uttering the same familiar phrase heard at every other ACC school in 2009 except ACC champion Georgia Tech : "Next year will be our year."

Yes, this year is your next year. Everyone knows how next year has turned out for nearly a decade now.

Good luck in Omaha tonight cane tards

You truely must have your toungue stuck deeply in your cheek when writing this blog. This is the same theory we at Miami used to recite in the 80's and 90's when we had troubled kids and were so good on the football field that UF wouldn't play us any more (and forget the excuse about needing home games). It is amazing that fans of UF can't be emabarassed any more by the Meyer's track record of arrests as long as the team wins. What a great example for our kids and a sad commentary about our values in the USA.

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