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On Southeastern Conference expansion: Add Texas, Texas A&M, Miami and Florida State

GAINESVILLE -- You know that far off, foggy "paradigm shift" of college football Southeastern Conference commissioner Mike Slive so judiciously spoke of last week? It just registered a 9.5 on the Richter Scale.

Seek shelter, college football fans. The sport as we know it is about to explode. On Wednesday, Nebraska and Colorado decided to part ways with the Big 12. According to reports, Nebraska is headed to the Big Ten and Colorado is moving to the Pac-10. The Big 12? Kablooie!

I'll cut to the chase here a little bit, and will not bore you with what you already know or think you know. The Pac-10 is trying to gobble up Texas and its friends. So, what's the SEC's play? That's the big question. What is the most powerful conference in college football going to do to stay on top? Invite Texas and Texas A&M to join the league, of course.

Leaders at Texas and Texas A&M are scheduled to meet on Thursday to decide the future of their athletic programs. They have two options: Join the Pac-10 or join the SEC. Put that way, it's really no choice at all. If you're Texas and Texas A&M and your conference is about to go under and you have a choice to join the SEC, then that's what you do. End of discussion. And if Mike Slive and his SEC constituents miss the boat on this one they'll have a lot of explaining to do.

So, Texas and Texas A&M brings the SEC to 14 teams. I'm going to go ahead and write that one down because any other home for Texas and Texas A&M would be idiotic. But is that enough, or should the league expand further? Should the SEC move to 16 and remain the undisputed king of college football, or should the SEC pass the torch of college-football innovation off to Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott and the Stanfords of the world?

Put a different way, what would Roy Kramer do? You know Roy, right? He's the man who made the SEC what it is today. He expanded the league to 12 teams in 1992, created Division I-A's first conference championship game and then masterminded the Bowl Championship Series. I hope Mike Slive is paying attention. The SEC isn't in the business of reacting to "paradigm shifts." No, the SEC is in the business of creating college football earthquakes. Reacting to paradigm shifts is for leagues like the Big 12, which will be history in 2012.

So, the SEC adds Texas and Texas A&M from the west and then adds Miami and Florida State from the east. It's that simple. And if ESPN is smart, which it is, they'll demand this, broker this and help get it done. In adding all of the football powers from Texas and Florida to your league, you lock down the country's two most influential football states and then let the rest of the college football fight for the scraps.

And I don't want to hear anything about Georgia Tech, Clemson, Virginia Tech or anyone else. The SEC should add Texas, Texas A&M, Miami and Florida State and rule college football forever. And guess what, Canes fans, if the 'U' is lucky enough to join the SEC -- And, believe me, UF athletic director Jeremy Foley and coach Urban Meyer will put up a fight on this one -- it will change the culture of Miami football for the better, and by better we mean more money, more fans in the stands, more respect, more everything.

A bit of a rant, that was. Now back to the point. If the Big 12 is completely dissolved, then the new home for Texas and Texas A&M should be the SEC. If Miami doesn't bring enough to the table to warrant a spot in the SEC, then add Virginia Tech instead.

Parting thought: Would Miami finally win an ACC title if Florida State and Virginia Tech were no longer in the league? In all seriousness, a watered down ACC might better suit the Canes.



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& why is it that jeremy 'WE'LL ONLY PLAY U IN THE SWAMPHOLE' fooley & urbin 'PROZAC' myers, & bernie 'HIT & RUN' machine r gonna put up a fight over this.
They like playin vanderbilts, kentuckys, s carolinas, s miss, auburns & the likes every year & then have only 1 hard game in the championship game.

The GAYtors shy from competition, the CANES thrive on it..

I can't believe that apologist Gator sportswriters like JG are as obnoxious as other Gator fans.

Texas, Texas A&M, FSU and Georgia Tech. That's the best four teams to bring into the SEC.

I can't believe that apologist Gator sportswriters like JG are as obnoxious as other Gator fans.

Posted by: The Coach | June 10, 2010 at 07:33 AM

Gator apologist? Hardly, Coach. The SEC is the most powerful conference in college football. UF is only a small fraction of that equation. Miami will remain strong if it doesn't join the SEC, but it will make more money if it does.


I listened to Joe Rose's show on my a.m. drive. 90% of da u fan callers don't want to join the SEC. If you can't make it the conference championship game in the ACC, how are U going to fare in the SEC?

The question for Miami is whether it can field enough sports to participate in the SEC, which is composed mainly of public, land grant universities. Would Miami become the next Vanderbilt, the exception to the rule? Vandy is always at a disadvantage. Miami doesn't have Vandy's facilities either. Could the U host a full-blown gymnastics event, for example? (I really have no idea.)

If the SEC expands, they want to expand their markets. Texas and Texas A & M would be their top targets fo sure. It's not about tradition or bragging rights...it's $$$$.

Inviting Miami would be a horrible idea. They just don't fit. Miami fans can say UF and their fans are scared or whatever they want (what would they have to be scared of?). There is no benefit in playing them and the fans are the absolute worst. Just ask FSU fans.

Cane fans are scarred of joining the SEC. They would have to play the big boys every year and thats going to make alot harder to win championships and go undefeated. VT NC or FSU wont be their hardest conference game anymore. Come play the big boys every year cane clowns and see what happens. We play anyone anytime anywhere as long as the majority of our games are in a basketball conference.

Would Miami finally win an ACC title if Florida State and Virginia Tech were no longer in the league? In all seriousness, a watered down ACC might better suit the Canes.


10,000 attendance at home games mostly made up of Northwestern fans. -A borrowed stadium 45 minutes from campus after their famous stadium gets turn down. Thats what you call respect. -A coach who has been a lifelong assistant and has never won anything as a head coach. -0 ACC titles in 6 years. -no BCS bowl appearance in 6 years. -a University President who doesn't care about football and thinks Miami is the next Harvard. -small alumni base. -mediocre facilities. Does this sound like a premier program. We all know the answer to that. Hey but you clowns do have that video and Jacory sure is handy with the hair clippers. That dude's hair is a work of art.


Foley took scum off the schedule in a calculated move to effectively strangle them. It has worked as planned. Why give those pansy conference hopping chumps any exposure on our coat tails. Their OOC games they play nationally have done zippo for their recruiting. Or can somebody tell me where they have actually excelled nationally. In state, we're killing them. Foley has a stranglehold on UM. They will fight tooth and nail to keep scum out of the conference that we have paid our dues in and are now reaping the rewards in. You aint just strolling in to the premier conference cane losers. Aint happenin.

hypothetically speaking, can't you just see the cane dolts doing a complete about face and suddenly talking up the SEC if the gained inclusion? Those idiots could go join the WAC and suddenly it would be the greatest conference since cooked meat. The merry go round UM athletics department is getting rightfully screwed at every turn.


The SEC is fine like it is. Texas won't join the SEC because it can't call the shots on how to split the TV money or dominate on the field. When the SEC added South Carolina and Arkansas it did nothing for the league but dilute the TV money. The SEC learned from that and 12 is a good number of teams.

Going to 16 teams is a bad idea because they will either split into four divisions with four teams each or have two 8 team divisions. You could have a team with a loosing record win a four team division which would be really bad. Two eight team divisions is better, but that would require teams to drop traditional rivalties in the other divisions (e.g. Florida/LSU).

Miami and FSU bring nothing to the league and won't be invited. Besides both are better off in a weak ACC where they are big fish in a small pond.

"Sorry CORZ…I tried…truly did."

true enough. so did i. you gained a fan. oh well, game on, i guess. trolling bores me though, so have fun. before i go, gotta say your herald gator guy is better than the sentinel canes guy in terms of really caring about the sport overall. this post and his actually reading and replying to messages proves it.

truce officially over?

RIP truce
born 6-4-10
died 6-10-10
we hardly knew ya....

If the Pac10, Big10 and SEC expand to 16 teams...and it's looking very likely this will happen...UM better hope and pray it gets invited to the SEC's party.

Joe, I don't understand why you'd want to add UM to the SEC. The SEC doesn't gain much by adding UM - except for the Miami metro television market - and will definitely end up providing more revenue to UM than it receives. And UF will the "we play in the SEC" edge it currently has over UM in recruiting. I wouldn't want to add UM b/c it doesn't benefit UF or the SEC.

If UM is left behind in a deserted ACC - that's all wrote for UM football. Playing in the remnants of the ACC (which would probably consolidate with whatever is left of the Big East after the Big 10 has raided that conference) would be a joke. UM would struggle to keep pace with the powerhouses of the new superconferences lol.

Naw CORZ... Flaming Trolls will be Trolls. Just a few bumps in the road . Simply Ignore the Ignorant and move on and ahead...

This Uf-vs-UM weekend will severely test it, but if we can get past that, it should be a nice Summer ...

Personally, I'm going to let the most deserving Team's 18-22 yr. olds do ALL the talking with their, bats, gloves and arms During the Super and support either Team in Omaha to bring it back to the Sunshine State PERIOD...

And yes Ur right, Jo absolutely is totally invested in his duties for the Herald covering the Gator beat and it shows ... I have no doubt that he and his family, living on 5 acres out in the country up here helps give him peace of mind to do so ... Never underestimate the power of getting on Ur riding mower or tractor for 3 hours, then stopping with a beer in hand at sundown with nothing but the sound of birds and then smelling that distinct smell of fresh cut grass ... It Smells like .... Well ... That Smell Right before sun-up as Ur stretching for 2-adays ...

Or if U were Ricky, minus the bong and bic lighter of course...

btw Jo ... what kind of mower do you have ? 48 inch deck Craftsman here .

UM and A&M would be like adding another Kentucky and Vandy...another pseudo "off" week. Texas and FSU would be decent additions

Lawn mower chat? My walk behind Honda has dual blades for effortless laser cuts and variable propulsion speed. At full speed I'm practically jogging behind that bad bear. Starts on first pull every time. I eliminated all of my two stroke yard equipment piece by piece. No more mixing gas/oil for this kid. Life is good.

Goodman does an excellent job. Gotta feel for a guy that used to get beat up by Volin for his donuts. I think He could take Leiser though.

If the FAU game was any indication, the Gators are peeking in a very timely fashion. Maybe that was just weak pitching by the MIGHTY Owls (hard to say that with conviction...it's like Terps) Anyway, let's kick the stuffing out of the school from down south and keep this thing rolling. Kevin O'Sullivan appears to be the real deal. It must be a very comforting feeling to have Jeremy Foley as your boss.

Miami is still the biggest draw on tv...check the highest rated games in espn history. Having Miami and Fsu and Texas and A&M would be huge for the Sec but wont happen imo. Gaytor fans wouldnt it be great to play Fsu and Miami year in and year out?

What does history have to do with the now? Florida is the dominant team in the state and is leaving FSU and UM in their dust. SEC is the best conference in the country: Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, LSU, etc., are all historic programs that consistently churn out championships.

The ACC is weak & UM would benefit from playing a real conference after 2 patsies in the Big LEast & ACC. I would love to see all 3 teams play each other every year.

Just admit it, you do not want to play Miami!

Since 1986 (24 Years!) Miami is 6-1 against Florida, Miami has 5 rings to Floridas 3. Miami has went undefeated while Florida can't (Their best shot was last year). Miami is a program on the rise while Florida is waiting USC's fait. Miami is the highest rated TV watch in CFB who also had the highest rated ESPN tv program called The U. And actually, since part 1 did so well on ESPN The U part 2 will now be coming out soon to a TV near U! Make sure U watch!

But the SEC doesn't need Miami? The SEC wants Miami but Urban Liar/Crier doesn't! Could you imagine having to play Miami every year?

You kid's are probably to young to remember the last two bowl games played between the two schools. 2001 Sugar Bowl and the 2004 Peach Bowl, both Miami wins.

And remember this! Miami, with the toughest rated scedule in CFB will go undefeated, win the ACC and the BCS this year!

I forgot, Miami had one arrest in like the last 10 years while Florida has 28 in the last 3 years.

Thug it up Urban!


If Miami is so tough WHY DO THEY PLAY IN A BASKETBALL CONFERENCE? Come on cane CLOWNS answer that for everyone.

Do you think Miami would have beaten Florida the past 5 to 6 years if they played every year? Stop being morons. Florida would have a 5 to 6 game winning streak on Miami right now like they do on FSU. If they played in the 90's during Miami's probation what do you think would have happened? Spurrier would have hung 60 on them.

Wow Miami has to play Ohio State this year? Big whoop the most over rated team in the history of college football Who else? Pitt? Wow major power.Who else? FSU? They don't lose 6 games a year. Wake Forest? Duke? NC? Maryland? Sounds like basketball to me. Stop talking nonsense about strength of schedule. You have historically played in a basketball conference.

Come play the big boys in the SEC.

One of the many preseason polls:

1. Alabama
2. Ohio State
3. Boise State
4. Oregon
5. Texas
6. Florida
7. TCU
8. Iowa
9. Nebraska
10. Wisconsin
11. Georgia Tech
12. Southern California
13. Penn State
14. Virginia Tech
15. Miami FL
16. Oklahoma
17. Oregon State
18. Cincinnati
19. North Carolina
20. Arkansas
21. Louisiana State
22. Utah
23. Florida State
24. West Virginia
25. Georgia

Acc: 5 ranked teams

SEC: 5 ranked teams

Final poll 2009:

Rank Team (first-place votes) Record Points Final regular season rank
1. Alabama (58) 14-0 1,450 1
2. Texas 13-1 1,360 2
3. Florida 13-1 1,323 5
4. Boise State 14-0 1,312 6
5. Ohio State 11-2 1,190 8
6. TCU 12-1 1,104 3
7. Iowa 11-2 1,087 11
8. Penn State 11-2 1,071 9
9. Cincinnati 12-1 943 4
10. Virginia Tech 10-3 940 12
11. Oregon 10-3 846 7
12. Brigham Young 11-2 814 14
13. Georgia Tech 11-3 741 10
14. Nebraska 10-4 671 19
15. Pittsburgh 10-3 667 16
16. Wisconsin 10-3 587 22
17. LSU 9-4 530 13
18. Utah 10-3 466 24
19. Miami (Fla.) 9-4 336 15
20. Southern California 9-4 217 NR
21. Mississippi 9-4 192 NR
22. West Virginia 9-4 159 17
23. Texas Tech 9-4 152 NR
24. Central Michigan 12-2 123 NR
25. Oklahoma State 9-4 92 18

SEC: 4 ranked teams.

ACC: 3 ranked teams

Posted by: Closer than you think

You forgot the Mountain West Conference which had 3 in the final poll and 3 in the preseason, does that mean they are closer too? Buffon!

Whats a Buffon?????

who cares, line them up and play!!!! lets see who leaves with all there pearly whites!!! if you had them to start with : )

you spent the ENTIRE season dismissing polls last year UM guy. Now it matters? You play the results like no other. Try winning that pansy conference just once then run the smack.

We will do everything in our power to STOP the Miami Hurricanes from joining the SEC. Just like we did in 1990. We are scared to play you outside the Mosquitto Swamp and because of thatwe had to drop playing the Hurricanes every year and pick up Montana State.

Please SEC teams vote with US GAYTURDS an keep playing nonranked non conference games the remainder of the time we have on top.

Oh my bad our ERA ended last year when Tebow was crying on the sideline cause he got beat...


from WQAM.com, Joe Rose interview with Urban Meyer today:

Florida Head Coach Urban Meyer (@coachurbanmeyer) also joined the show nice and early from the Gator weight room. Joe first asked about his family and his health, Urban said both are good and he is ready to go. That’s for sure; he is in the weight room with his players during the interview. Urban also talked about the fact that college football is BIG BUSINESS, he referenced right after the title game here in Miami that his kids were missing class and he was a week behind the recruiting trail. Unreal. Joe also asked him about all the conference re-alignment around the country and the chance of FSU and Miami joining the SEC; he said it was a good fit for them. Now that would be a great chance for FSU and Miami to get back to the National Spotlight.

Doesn't seem that Urban is scared.

You know Jo, I actually was thinking you wrote a fairly intelligible article until I got down to the last couple of sentences. Then the obligatory homer pot shots about UM, which make anything remotely rational you stated earlier moot. I did read through the remainder of the blog thread, painful as it is, trying to comprehend what all these unemployed fast food workers are trying to say. It's beyond laughable that these Sante Fe CC dropouts have concluded that "Miami doesn't add anything" when in fact the U is the most recognizable marketing component in college football. And BTW, let's not forget that little sidebar they have with 5 NATIONAL championships, records galore, a vitual pipeline to the pros, and a metropolitan TV market likely larger in scale than all these podunk Jackson's, Starkville's, Gainesville's and the lot COMBINED. Their pathetically constructed arguments are code red for WE DON'T WANY TO PLAY THESE GUYS EVERY YEAR. And I guess not! Why would you when you're comfy with your blankey beating the mighty Ms. St.'s, Ole Miss's, Arkansas' and Vandy's of the world? Fact of the matter is it would be an OUTSTANDING BUSINESS decision to invite Miami to join the SEC, because for football and baseball reasons alone they elevate the conference in ANY measurable fashion.

See if you and your cheese grit frying followers can try and transend your petty jealousies and recognize opportunity for what it is. Hopefully the folks running the SEC don't have their judgement as clouded as the majority of these Waffle House and Bojangles eating fools do.

Posted by: Stop running and start recognizing the opportunity

Then please explain all the offers da U has had from other conferences to join. If you go on SI, ESPN, and CBSSportsline - read the articles and comments from other people across the country. You are irrelevant...if anything Miami should be begging the SEC to join because YOU need the money. It's a business and the SEC will look to extend it's market. No one cares about your NCs or NFL pipeline when the schools stand to make 17 million a year plus for the next 15 years because of the television deals.

If UM was so "marketable" then why don't they have their own TV deal a la Notre Dame, get real dude - you're being the homer and live in the past.

"OUTSTANDING BUSINESS decision to invite Miami to join the SEC"

Says the UM fan that carried 30K+ at home games.

"the most recognizable marketing component in college football"

By "most" do you mean #28 behind #27 University of Minnesota and #22 University of South Carolina?


"Then the obligatory homer pot shots about UM,"

It wasn't a pot shot homer...it was THE TRUTH you tool

Yes, it's a BUSINESS you tool...EXACTLY why they should invite UM IF they decide to expand. If the spots were wide open and the circumstances different, you're arguing that the SEC would rush to invite Ms St? Ole Miss? Arkansas? Vandy?...didn't think so. There's 4 teams in the league that have anything resembling a football legacy (Bama, TN, LSU & FU)...the rest are table scraps for those 4 to munch on (and don't bring that Dawg crap into the mix...you were in diapers when Herschel Walker played). Do some more research on the U my leathery friend...it's a brand known wide & far...and I'm not talking about selling flair or tee-shirts like you are.

Yes, our attendance has been less than stellar for the weaker opponents, but when FU or FSU show up, it's STO chief. Ditto when a TN or LSU and the Hat show. You see, when you've been spoiled by seeing the BEST, Miami has too many other options for folks time & money than watching also rans. Fact is that trend would likely continue for the Triple A teams in your league mentioned above, so that is likely a deterrent. But answer this Crow, if you had the choice of watching Turd football or eating at Waffle House or smoking Alachua Co, ganja at the double wide, surely you'd choose the first. Ditto for those wastelands like Knoxville, Starkville, Jackson, Fayettville, Tuscaloosa (you getting my drift Turd?). So send all the cut & paste links you want, but to me you're as dumb and ignorant as your cousin Bobby Bouchee'.

Neither UF or UM fans should want UM to join the SEC. Let's be realistic. If we have a super division with FSU, UM , Texas, Alabama, UF, LSU, etc. - can 1 team really be expected to come out of that conference with no losses? Without a playoff in the BCS, teams in the Mountain West, ACC and Big East will have a much better shot at going to the NC game each year. Yeah, I know that strength of schedule will be ridiculous, but the computers penalize a team much greater for having a loss than they do for a weak schedule.

Its only a matter of time before UM starts winning the ACC, which gives them a more realistic shot at the NC game more often. Being in a "super" SEC conference would make it very difficult. For UF fans, we don't need a harder schedule - playing Alabama, FSU, Georgia, LSU, Tennessee is enough of a decent schedule that we should be allowed to play a few warm up games at the beginning of the season or at Homecoming. But adding Texas, Texas A&M, and UM instead of Akron and Citadel would be brutal for anyone. Plus, UF sells recruits on the SEC, which gives them an advantage over FSU and Miami in the ACC, so selfishly, I would like to maintain that advantage.

The same goes for a super Pac 10. Teams will beat each other up, so by the end of the season, we'll end up with Rutgers vs Boise St in the NC game.....

we already in the premier conference tool. don't worry, the powers that be have already strangled u into oblivion. u see, Foley is smarter, more powerful, and has boatloads of money to affect his plans. U got LUfor. We don't need you and don't want u. ur a hasbeen. spare us the ESPN movie that was chock full of embarrassment for u. we paid our dues and now reap the dividends. u took the easy way out and dee took the money and ran. ur screwed.

we don't need u. u draw flies and chicos.
we draw 5-stars and cash.

u need us. tooo bad ACC pansies...u LOSE

So Cal Gator - I'll respond to you instead of your illerate byproduct Lufor....

The fly in your ointment is that post these conference realignments the BCS as we know it today will be TOAST. Just as the conferences are being shuffled, get ready for the transition into PLAYOFF football. There the SOS will be recognized and the top 12-20 schools will get a chance to advance ON THE FIELD, and not via some geeks computer model. If FSU, UM, TX and the like end up in the SEC, all the trimmings will be there for $$, recruiting, etc. May be that a different power emerges from the new PAC or Big 16 conferences to challenge the SEC survivor. In the end, isn't that how it SHOULD be?

Posted by: Stop running and start recognizing the opportunity

"But answer this Crow, if you had the choice of watching Turd football or eating at Waffle House or smoking Alachua Co, ganja at the double wide, surely you'd choose the first"

You sound really intelligent - I am not even sure what that statement means.

So if football legacy is your argument, then why did the Pac-10 just invite Colorado?

You not being sure about anything is more accurately stated. Try and connect the dots Crow...attendance is tied directly to alternatives (see FL Marlins, LA Dodgers), but somehow this escapes you. How's this for a primer...you're in Starkville...the choices are:
1.) drive your truck around in mud flats
2.) eat at Popeye's
3.) watch a MS St. foosball game

See why they have good attendance in Starkville now?

Posted by: Stop running and start recognizing the opportunity

great hypothesis tool. we don't need u and your broke program. you're hypothesizing about a playoff when there is none in the works. We'll do fine when and if a playoff does come. thats a big if. Keep validating why we need your hasbeen program with that krap

you dog the SEC at every chance, now your going on and on about how we need to include you. Do you realize what a krap conference your in finally? Does the prospect of you actually joining the SEc cause you to abandon years of dismissing the SEC? Do you have a nutsak?

You not being sure about anything is more accurately stated. Try and connect the dots Crow...attendance is tied directly to alternatives (see FL Marlins, LA Dodgers), but somehow this escapes you. How's this for a primer...you're in Starkville...the choices are:

Hey dumbwad. There is farrrr more to do in LA than there is to do in shyt hole miami. That's a fact. so you're additional idiocy just shows what an assclown u are. The dodgers pack the house and you have no clue what you're speaking of. I sat at Dodger stadium last summer and was the only friggin Marlin fan in the entire place. Manny sucked but they beat us anyway. Meanwhile there are countless entertainment options in LA. But the place is packed.

Posted by: Stop running and start recognizing the opportunity

With the, "there is more to do in Miramar excuse"(that's were the stadium actually is) you forgot to add, we are young, it's cold, and the ref cheated us. You figgin moron.

But the light at the end of the tunnel is that when eveyone else are in better conferences that have Conference Championships that actually sell out and the ACC adds Rutgers, UConn, & WVU - it will feel like your back in the 'old Big East and maybe you can finally win something.

Erik Rullman...my man...how've you been...Go Cavaliers!


And Go Gators!

Posted by: Lufor has a throne | June 10, 2010 at 05:30 PM


I think a more pertinent question is 'do you have a brain'? Certainly doesn't appear so, so there's no point in trying to get you to understand any logic.

PS - 15 minutes a night browsing Webster's would do wonders for you perception

LA Dodgers packed, huh? After arriving in the bottom of the 3rd and leaving in the top of the 7th. Talk about shytholes...I can think of 2 that stand out:
1.) LA
2.) that 6 inches between your ears

You really are a classic marblemouf, now aren't you?

Just a rumor.

The SEC is going after FL ST. and Miami but Florida is the one veto vote. Florida under Urban Liars direction is calling for Akron and Palm City High School.

sun's just coming up ....

U ready ?

keep the relic canes where they belong in the all cupcake conference. Foley's stranglehold on them worked. run along

4-3 in ACC, lost to Wisconsin 20-14 in Champs Sports Bowl

u get blasted when you play "ranked" teams.

The collapse will be oh so special in this year of enormously over inflated expectations.

0-58 in attempts to win SEC, got gutted by Bama in SEC championship game

U get gutted when you play "real" teams

The collapse will oh so early and titilating in this year of enormously over inflated expectations

Posted by: 5 > 3

I guess better then gutted by Butch Davis every year.

Not really...the annual gutting by Nikki is in front of a national audience for all to revel in

and the meltdown by Urbie and crying on the sidelines by you little boyz is simply the cherry on the sundae!

Posted by: 5 > 3

Yeah your right. Making it to a conference championship sucks. Better to play in the Champs Bowl in December and lose. At least when FSU, Gtech, Clemson, and possibly Vatech leave the ACC - da U has a clear shot to the ACC championship game.

Da U got some national press today however. ESPN compared USC sanctions to UMs so you have that along with the 30 on 30.

and 5 GOLDen rings Arian nation...so go on & on about your runnerup finishes in conference or bowl games, but when you and your other lightweight Turds figure out it's all about NC's....THEN come back to me.

Un til then...keep your flyhole shut

Do you think Miami would have beaten Florida the past 5 to 6 years if they played every year? Stop being morons. Florida would have a 5 to 6 game winning streak on Miami right now like they do on FSU. If they played in the 90's during Miami's probation what do you think would have happened? Spurrier would have hung 60 on them.

Come play the big boys in the SEC.

Posted by: Donna Shalala | June 10, 2010 at 01:58 PM

Shalala....funny thing you say that because that is exactly what I say to every dope cane fan who keeps bringing up the head to head stat. Not to mention the proud victories they boast about in the bowl games this decade against a gator team with essentially no head coach as Spurrier was all but gone to the 'skins and a gator team with no head coach cause Zook was fired.

So basically, for you punk canes, your wins against us in early 2000 is as meaningless as if we would have played and beaten the tar out of you in your probation years in the 90's. Our ZOOK years = your probation years....nothing to be real proud about!

u get spanked tonite. bookit

cane fans.

we have a truce with the gator faithful here, meaning we don't come here to argue with them, to taunt them, challenge them, etc. we have sites for us on the herald and the sentinel and post where we can predict, jeer, and recall our superiority. please do it there. that way, they don't argue, taunt, challenge, etc. in our blogs. This lasts until the end of august, so the fans can discuss in the offseason without wading through the 5 > 3 and donna shalala comments above. so head over to our boards where we can write this stuff in peace, and leave their boards so they can write this stuff in peace.

please and thank you.

What would Roy Kramer do? He'd pass on inviting in either FSU or Miami, same as he did in 1992.


Texas is the crown jewel in the conference expansion sweepstakes. If the SEC gets Texas and AM, they don't need anybody else -- they simply shuffle two teams from the west to the east. The $$ windfall would be breathtaking for the whole conference. Adding FSU and UM won't bring more money to the "pie" but rather adds more slices - e.g. less money for all.

In the end, however, UT will choose the PAC 10. If for any reason because they optimize their dollars by getting into a BCS game as a conference winner relatively unscathed for the next 10 years. They didn't have it that easy in the Big 12 and there is no way they would have it that easy in the SEC. The "academics" argument is a smoke screen. They will go undefeated in the PAC 10 the next 3 or 4 years with their QB sitting down for the last quarter of at least 9 of their games. If they join the SEC they flirt with 3 to 4 losses and deal with too many "dings" and injuries in the last half of the season.

Not a Miami or FSU fan but I like seeing all Florida schools thrive since I grew up down here. UM and FSU need to make a pre-emptive move when it comes to the ACC. Staying there is not going to help them grow. Those two schools need to be in a situation where the end of year payout is way bigger than they've been getting lately. UM especially. As a private school they need bigger paydays to fund expansion.

Thanks CORZ. The wheels seem to have already fallen off

Big Bad AD Kirby already came out and said Miami has no interest in switching conferences.
Hey Florida is scared to play us but when you have an opportunity to possibly join their conference you back down and say you aren't interested? Wouldn't the SEC bring more money to Miami? Wouldn't an SEC schedule help fill up the stadium?

We are tough guys as long as we play in a basketball conference.

Posted by: Donna Shalala

Ha so true. What an assclown Kirby is!

Ha! What an assclown you 2 doooshes are.

Get a frickin' life, would ya?

Just to clarify for some people: From a romantic sense I think Miami should join the SEC if college football goes the way of the mega-conferences. This likely will not happen for political reasons inside the state of Florida. UF would like to keep its thumb on Miami and, UF thinks, keeping UM out of the SEC will keep UM down.

Similar to Florida football politics, Texas football politics could potentially land both Texas and Texas A&M in either the Pac-10 or SEC. See, Texas believes it currently has its thumb on Texas A&M. That's why Texas wants Texas A&M to join the Pac-10. If Texas A&M branches out on its own and joins the SEC, then Texas A&M has the potential to outgrow Texas. Kids in Texas could have the option of staying in Texas AND playing in the high-profile SEC. If Texas is smart, they'll see this coming and join the SEC as well.


Decent theorem Jo, but how do you reconcile Miami's ability to overcome the lack of money and recruiting benefits that you say go hand-in-hand with the "high profile" SEC? Florida has every competitive advantage, yet UM has outproduced them against all odds. Who's to say that can't continue with or without SEC membership?

"UF would like to keep its thumb on Miami and, UF thinks, keeping UM out of the SEC will keep UM down."

So telling, on so many levels. Florida DOES have it's thumb on Miami and Miami IS down. Regardless of how rah rah UM is, the politics and the finacial landscape dictate that the status quo isn't going to be changing in the foreseeable future. In fact, UF's exposure, financial statements, fan base, recruiting, and stature continue to flourish while UM's are stagnant. UF expands it's stadium and facilities at a frenetic pace while UM decides to send their teams to away games on buses. And that gap is widening. If you think Jacory Harris is the solution to UM's decay, you are sadly mistaken.

Jeremy Foley, widely regarded as the most powerful AD in the nation, made a calculated move when deciding to eliminate UM from the schedule. In doing so he effectively locked UM out of the party. The move continues to indirectly contribute to UM's decay. In short, it worked.

Posted by: 5 > 3 and another asskickin' tonite...book it | June 11, 2010 at 08:32 PM

care to rescind that ignorant opinion cane fan?

"Miami's ability to overcome the lack of money and recruiting benefits that you say go hand-in-hand with the "high profile" SEC? Florida has every competitive advantage, yet UM has outproduced them against all odds"

Nice fantasy cane guy. You have sucked it for the better part of a decade now. What you did in the 80's had no beating on the modern mera of college football. Jimmy Johnson isn't coming back and you are no longer bigger or faster than anyone. You just aren't. But because you were decades ago you think you are still formiddable. You're not. Just ask Butch. Your ability to ignore the realitiy of today's football landscape is legendary. You don't "outproduce" ANYBODYouTou cleaned a giant shyt out of your pants after. Sorry FSU and abysmal WAKE FOREST. Your not fooling anyone but yourself delusional cane fan.

Complete game 12 strike outs.

Alex Panteliodus just OWNED ur azzzz

come back and further embarrass yourself Mr. Outproduce.

Time to watch your 30 fo 30 movie dipshyt

nite nite

Joe the Algebra shows that any school coming into the conference would have to throw off north of $20M AT LEAST to make it worth an invitation. Not many teams are able to do that. With the exception of Texas, I can't think of one, certainly none in the state of Florida.

Jo- can we get an update on the baseball score?

2 outta 3

So I'm not Nostrodamus...get over it. Still fun talking smack to you fools.

Nostradamus? Oh no! More like Mickey Mouse. Great job ignoring the utter smackdown laid on u and your "overproduce" delusion. But yeah, 21-17 is overproducing. Lemme guess, Coker? Downtime? Cyclical? Stick to academics boy scout.

Texas has no interest in joining the SEC. None. Miami doesn't know what to do. First, they will not be invited, but if they were, they would have a hard time a hard time accepting because they know the only success they have had was when they were independent of in the crappy Big East. So either they take the money or stay in a watered down ACC which gives them a chance to win. I think they are stupid enough to turn down the money.


Breaking news, Um beisbol sucks an ass.....AGAIN

texas yes, 'canes no. and don't worry, canes fans', nobody in the sec likes gators.

UF receiver Hammond arrested for DUI
By Robbie Andreu
Staff writer

Florida sophomore wide receiver Frankie Hammond Jr. has been suspended from all team activities following his Sunday DUI arrest on the UF campus.

According to a UPD police report, Hammond was pulled over for driving in excess of 45 miles per hour and swerving on Gale Lemerand Drive at 2:09 a.m. Sunday. According to police, Hammond's speech was slurred and his eyes were bloodshot. Hammond failed two sobriety field tests and registered breath samples of 0.188 and 0.191, both above the legal limit of 0.08.

Police found two open bottles of Crown Royal in Hammond's car, according to the report.

Hammond, who was expected to be a key player in the Gators' receiving corps this season, likely will miss some playing time due to his arrest. Junior defensive end Carlos Dunlap was suspended from last December's SEC Championship Game following his DUI arrest earlier in the week. Dunlap was reinstated for UF's game against Cincinnati in the Sugar Bowl.

Hammond is at least the 28th player arrested in the Urban Meyer era.


What do they pay those dudes up there? The dudes cruising with '2' bottles of crown. They must pay the players pretty good up there..

You know, I love how these SEC people think that they are strongest confence out there. People brain are so stupid they think just cause you have a good five years that mean you are the strongest. Two years ago Roll Tide LOST TO UTAH.

I mean come on people, Every team's has their down years and up year. To claim that one confence is the Best confence show that they are alot of stupid people.

Fsu need to stay in ACC, Our confence is a good one. We are more equal divide now. SEC always has Two good team and everybody else just suck.

How is that a Strong confence? When two teams donmaint everybody else. Fsu and Miami Don't Need the Sec to boast their sales at all. Their Tradtion and record prove that.

Have they been good lately? No, but they are in the up climb. Fsu got the number 6 spot in the nation for best Reruiting. So, for all you Sec people that think Fsu suck, then why do we pull in the Five star so easly with a bad record??

Here are some Good Acc teams,GT,FSU,MIAMI,VT,Tiger that every year these team have a good shot at Good bowl game. I don't care anymore, cause I know that ACC will be fine and will back on top Real Soon.


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