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Florida Gators ranked No.4 nationally in composite preseason magazine top 25

HOOVER, Ala. -- Florida is ranked No. 4 nationally in a composite preseason Top 25 poll of six preseason college football magazines. The poll includes these publications: Sporting News, Lindy's, Athlon, Yahoo Kickoff, Steele's and Blue Ribbon.

1. Alabama (1.43)
2. Ohio State (2)
3. Boise State (4.43)
4. Florida (5.29
5. Oklahoma (6.86)
6. Texas (7.43)
7. Texas Christian (8.43)
8. Southern Cal (9.86)
9. Virginia Tech (10.14)
10. Iowa (11.14)
11. Oregon (12)
12. Nebraska (12.57)
13. Wisconsin (13.43)
14. Miami (14.43)
15. Pittsburgh (17.43)
16. North Carolina (17.71)
17. Florida State (18.43)
18. Arkansas (19)
19. Georgia Tech (19.57)
20. LSU (20)
21. Auburn (21)
T22. Georgia (21.14)
T22. Penn State (21.14)
24. West Virginia (22.71)
25. Oregon State (23.43)



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When we pay your players shouldn't we be ranked higher than 4th? Geez what do have to do now bomb a school or two or three?

#4??!! We better commit more felonies & hire more agents

nice knowin ya SCum !

Maybe u can buy your nutz back from Butch with the OSU gate receipt portion. Doubtful.

the canes SOS is awesome, should help us getting into the Champs Bowl with 5 losses

Its good 2 c URBIE's out of the straight jacket & that his therapy & medication is workin & he's able 2 go out in public again.

wowzers. A joke about urban being a psycho. Now THAT is original.

(makes u wonder about the intellect of the guy that posts the same shyt 100 times a week, not a lot going on in this guys world)

Hey fellas, Urban is crazy...OMG that was funny

After OSU and Pitt beatdowns, say Adios to the Top-25 Cane Fans .

which game will beanpole get snapped in half in?

Can you punks please play someone other than Charleston Southern, Troy, FIU and Western Kentucky? Where's your heart GAY-TORS?

At least the "U" has the heart to play some legit competition.

Rich just getting richer … U . Cha ClUnk


Florida is hosting its primary football camp “Friday Night Lights” and picked up two commitments before the event even started.

Dover (Del.) offensive lineman Trip Thurman and Pensacola Pine Forest cornerback Louchiez Purifoy both pledged their services to the Gators.

The 6-foot-6, 302-pound Thurman is a four-star recruit and the nation’s 225th overall prospect according to Rivals.com. He chose UF over Boston College and South Carolina.

Purifoy (6-0, 170) has been one of the fastest rising recruits in the nation this summer and is expected to be highly ranked heading into the season. He chose the Gators over Alabama and Auburn

it's good

Can you punks please play someone other than Charleston Southern, Troy, FIU and Western Kentucky? Where's your heart GAY-TORS?

Posted by: PUNA | July 23, 2010 at 06:37 PM

Tried to book FAMU for the opener but that spot was taken.

the investigation is heatin up GAYtor fan, 2 include the whole lakeland gang of the pouncey twins, rainey (remember GAYtor fan he was takin gifts in high school), demps, etc.

Florida on probation -- another cane wet dream.

Sorry "Geronimo", the NCAA posse is NOT in town. The ridiculous shyt u clowns come up with. Hate on hater. Ur coach still scums and.....

Canes will end up in the top 5 at years end...Turds will end at 12. You heard it here first.

We will be there week 2 after we beatdown OSU. will have to be ranked top 5.
This Bailey guy is gonna break T.P.

But what will suck about this,after UF loses to Bama again early in the year, you will here pins drop in this blog and wont have any fun trading barbs

I don't think so, either way you clowns will be here vomiting on this blog, in local bars and restaurants, at the car wash, construction sites and local labor pools.

Might be true, gator fans can be losing a game bad and still do the cerebal paulsy clap.

Love the way the politics alway pick FSU up close if not #1
no matter how bad they suck the year before. Since they couldnt beat USF shouldnt USF be favored to win the Big East??
Politics, politics. Us Canes know who the best team in Florida will be this year

Posted by: Its our turn again

Politics? Don't you mean "the media" you dumb cane f*ck?

Miami plays a weaker schedule than Florida, and the numbers prove it (Sagarin Computer Rankings):

gators average sos: 7.5
canes average sos: 35.5

gators average sos: 19.5
canes average sos: 32

Who came up with the Sagarin Computer Ratings - the politics?

GAYtor fan, name a tough non-conference game uve played in the 2Ks thats not mandated by the state legislature (Florida St.)..
We're playin Ohio State, Pittsburgh & South Florida, this year. Played Oklahoma last year, Texas A&M, Penn State, recently, have signed 2 play Notre Dame in the future.

& i know all the excuses. Its OLD GAYtor fan, grow a pair..

& 1 u were favored by 60+.

irrelevant hollering cane fan....


It's time for a cold one...night night.


The "U" just announced a home and away scheduling of Toledo in 2015-16. How is that tough competition?

Hey Jacory, Nicole Richie called, she wants her calves back....


Blah, blah, blah. Is this what it has come to? Livin' and dyin' to play the Gators? What next? A weepy-eyed Michal Irvin making a Jimmy Swaggert-esque appeal on T.V. to play the Gators? Say it isn't so!

Posted by: we dont do excuses, we play any1, anywhere. | July 27, 2010 at 05:26 AM

And Toledo is besides themselves with excitement I might add.

We are top tier and do not schedule home and homes with doormats like Toledo.... Chumps like Toledo get one way tickets and come in to warm up our boys and leave with a significant payday. U couldn't even get the first date against TOLEDO???? On the bright side, u get Notre Lame at Scum Life EIGHT SEASONS from now. Very swaggery.

We don't choose to schedule ACC doormats that will hurt our SOS. Sorry cane clucks, u are irrelevant. Remember, Manny "chin strap" Navarro stated publicly that the goal of the ewe this year is to become relevant...Your uber homer called u chumps irrelevant. Because u are.

I implore u...I beg u...do NOT check the link.

UM vs ND --- that will be the pillow fight of the decade. LOL!

We will play anyone anytime for the right price...Toledo must have some cash

gators suck

Posted by: 7-4 this year girls

Will have a better record then the Canes.

waaaaaaaahhhh! Somebody good play with us! waaaaaaaaaahhhh!

Posted by: DUUUUUUUUHHHH U | July 27, 2010 at 11:32 AM

Don't you mean will have a better record "than" the Canes. Dumba$$.....

Posted by: DUUUUUUH

Camping out at the Gator Blog again?


You need to camp out in English class turd tard.




Posted by: Learn the difference | July 27, 2010 at 01:02 PM

Did the link help dumba$$.

Butch Davis keeps your nutz in a pickle jar on his desk losers. Shamwow has NEVER beaten him.

Physical teams push you around like the little weaklings u are

Posted by: The []__[] SUKKKKKKKKKKKKs | July 27, 2010 at 01:08 PM

Are all turd tard hillbillys as dumb as you?

Posted by: The []__[] SUKKKKKKKKKKKKs | July 27, 2010 at 01:11 PM

And urban pisses his pants at the sight of Nick Saban. Your point being.

Posted by: The []__[] SUKKKKKKKKKKKKs | July 27, 2010 at 01:11 PM

Get to the shallow end son.

Posted by: Ur in over your head

I am bewildered why fans of a second rate ACC coastal team that hasn't done anything in years comes on the Gator Blog. There is nothing to see here as in your home games.

Posted by: Ur in over your head

Tebow the first rounder has now signed with Nike, EA Sports, and Jockey.

Gator Nation...whhhhhaaaaattt!!!

Go 'canes!

@ urine -- the bad news: the food isn't safe where you play your home games (notice I didn't say "your" stadium) the good news: FAU will have a new, state of the art on-campus stadium soon - I'm sure they'd let you guys play there. Howard has to have a soft spot in his heart for the bedouin canes.

Posted by: DUUUUHHHH U | July 27, 2010 at 01:31 PM


I am bewildered why you would link your name to a jockey UNDERWEAR ad featuring tim shebow? For the love of god could you not find a picture of a female (He's close but not quite). It's time to take down his poster from above your bed. He is now third string for the broncos and no longer in the shotgun for the turds.

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | July 27, 2010 at 01:41 PM

Makes it even sweeter when he face plants in the NFL.

Biggest NFL busts:

1. Ryan Leaf

2. Jamarcus Russell

3. Tim Shebow

Posted by: They dont call them gaytors for nothing

Ha ha you looked!

Posted by: The pick that sealed Josh Daniels fate

So far you cane fans have been right on..."Tebow won't get drafted in the first or second round" and now he is a bust.

Posted by: DUUUUUUUUHHHHHH U | July 27, 2010 at 01:53 PM

Ha ha you looked!

Playtimes over junior, it's time for your nap.

Posted by: Are U Nostradamus? | July 27, 2010 at 01:55 PM

I predicted you were a dumbass.

Posted by: Computers in preschool. I'm impressed!

No more childish then your biggest bust comments...

Posted by: You need a job | July 27, 2010 at 02:08 PM

No more childish then your biggest bust comments...

Ok junior, for the last time it's no more childish "than" your biggest bust comments.....

Less computer time and more English lessons would do wonders for you.

Posted by: You need a job | July 27, 2010 at 02:08 PM

Are you a red headed step child by chance?

Posted by: Ur getting beat like one

I don't know what you mean other then your an idiot.

The big boys will all commit to florida.

duhhh U gets the scraps. these are the facts chumps

If you call Nevada State recruits scraps then we gots the scraps.



The "politics" disagree with you.

7-4 is attainable by this years team with the soft schedule the GAYtors have. They only play cream puffs in the swamp hole.
& if u notice not 1 intelligent response 2 ur LAME non-conference schedule (U suck, U suck, is about the best they can do)..
Just goes 2 show the type of education u get in GAYniesville..

wow, this blog is a mess. fake canes posts followed by gator retorts. nothing to see here but pitiable whines from has beens and never weres.

Posted by: we dont do excuses, we play any1, anywhere

"if u notice not 1 intelligent response"

Funniest post of the day.

Oh Yeah? Well my Dad can beat YOUR Dad up! Oh that's right, you're canes -- you don't know who your Daddy is.

Leepin Lizards jethro those Bama boys are big!!
Our QB runs up the middle every play.
Maybe one day he will realize he's gay.
After he realizes he cant play on sunday
then he will sponsor Florida Credit union funday

Jesus Art, just wait til mid-September ...

I didn't see a lot of counter arguing by the clucks when Soldinger blistered that cane ass with the UM QB roundup. Is there a larger group of hypocrites anywhere?

Oh no u dih-ent

I love reading the insults about UF from a bunch of Losers who root for UM and most likely never even went to college.

Nice try "d" bag!

Everyone in South Florida graduated from UM. duh U is what brought Lebron to town. duh u invented swagga, south beach, and vuvuzelas.

Go 'canes!

The typical cane fan works in a rim shop drives a Ford Expedition (the privileged few have the Eddie Bauer), never sniffed a day of higher education, and carried one of those little leather man purses to the OB in the 80's

But u got style Gonzalvo.

Second Chance U ClUcks ...


All Still Coker's Fault Right ? says:
July 23, 2010 at 6:41 pm

Will get u ready for the next level says:
July 23, 2010 at 1:44 pm
Come play for us, son.

Look at our recent track record in getting QBs to the next level

Rex Grossman – laughingstock of the NFL
Chris Leak – CFL punching bag
Tim Tebow – Broncos 4th string QB/TE & clipboard holder
Danny Wuerful – uh, well you get the picture

Just sign with us anyway, take my word for it, what could go wrong?


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm …. Now the Facts

Grossman – SEC Champions, Heisman Runner-up
Leak ….- SEC Champions, National Champions
Tebow …- SEC Champions, Heisman Winner, 2 National Champions
Wuerffel – SEC Champions, Heisman Winner, National Champions

Plus K. Bell- S. Matthews- D. Johnson- Jesse Palmer- R. Grossman- Ingle Martin- D. Wuerffel- T. Tebow, and all have 5 + year NFL Pensions.



NOW U From 1990- Present

Frank Costa- ANYTHING TO SEE HERE ??????
Derrick Crudup-
Marc Guillon-
Ryan Collins- ANYTHING TO SEE HERE ??????
RYAN Clement-
Kenny Kelly-
Kirby Freeman- ANYTHING TO SEE HERE ??????
Kyle Wright-
Robert Marve- NOT A THING TO SEE ...

***Just sign with us anyway, take my word for it, what could go wrong?***


Other than Doofuss Dorsey (Costa could have Q.B’ed that team), THAT’s 40 YEARS OF ELIGIBILITY AND … NOTHING, NADA, ZIP, ZERO Production over a 20 year span !!!


NEWS FLASH CANE TARDS !!! U Haven’t Put A Starting Q.B. Into The League Since Gary Stevens Was Ur O.C. With VINNY Greenballs WAY BACK IN 1987 ! Kosar and Kelly before that, and THAT’S IT !



now U can get back to Ur regularly scheduled upcoming 9-4 2010 season Ranked 20th. with perhaps a Chalupa Bowl victory and start Ur spewing in 2011 that once again Captain Clueless has, although the same mediocre record as in 2009, IMPROVED yet another year again capturing that all elusive DECEMBER BOWL WIN !!!! Yeah !



FAST FOWARD to 2011 … 9-4 with no ACC ‘Ship appearance BUT a Jan. 1, 11am kickoff Outback Behind Somewhere Bowl Game LOSS ? More Improvement !!! Yeah !!! Then it will be Teddy’s Ship To Run aground in 2012, but oh no … those 2009, 2010 and 2011 Average 3 Star Recruiting Classes will loom sorrowful … U’ll see. 6th. Verse, Same As The First.

But look on the bright side Tire Cane Clucks … that 3 yr. extension will be Up...(and no, it's not a 4 year extension u ClUcks, when Duh U have the right to buy out the last year of the contract with one of everything on the Popeye's Menu)

This blog sucks. I dont know whats worse the cane trolls attacking the gators or the gator fans attacking the canes. Even when the trolls are not on here the only posts we get are about miami.

I'm suprised most of the Miami thugs(fans) even know how to spell the word Hurricane. Living in South Beach and all.

Miamia or Meeiami fans ?

I was born in SoFla work in Miami and love it. I'm a UF grad and loyal to my Gators....it's the Miami fans that I hate, throwing up a u every time they valet park my car.

Damn you gator fans spend alot of time worrying about miami. I thought you guys took them off your schedule? You need to worry about a team you actually play because you will get drilled again next year.

Posted by: Rooooooll Tide....

You went to Alabama...riiiigghhhht.

Maybe you should worry about VaTech.

We already took care of VaTech, you know, before we ripped you apart on national TV and took the SEC and BCS.

Funy seeing that no SEC fans come on here. They know you are done.

The Elephant never forgets and stomps on Crocs.

Hey "tide", butch still keeps your nutz in a pickle jar on his desk.

Urban and Nick are 1-1 u dumb cane f@%k

go play with your J17 cardboard cutout u tool


p.s. U have ZERO legitimate CONFERENCE TITLES

I hear ya 'Bama..liek we took the canes to the woodshed.

Posted by: Kyle Parker | July 29, 2010 at 11:10 AM

You know how i know this is a turd tard and not Kyle Parker?

He also knows the difference between then and than.

p.s. U have ZERO legitimate CONFERENCE TITLES

Posted by: spiller | July 29, 2010 at 11:09 AM

The gaytors have ZERO legitimate National Championships. Try going undefeated for once in your crappy history you turd tards. Miami did it 3 times and Alabama did it last year.

Posted by: After they DRILLED you

Does the split NC with Washington count as legitimate?


Posted by: Steve Entman | July 29, 2010 at 12:24 PM

Your stupidity never ceases to amaze me. His name was Steve Emtman not Entman and yes it does count. Check the record books. It, unlike your first sec championship, is there for all the world to see.


Posted by: Liek Really?

So if I check the record books and it says that your split title is legitimate then by your argument, UF's NC are legit too.

Thanks for playing, Gonzalvo. Get back to the shop before immigratcion' gets you.

still laughing my white ass of at canesrule's "cinder block wall unit."


Posted by: 2 legit to quit | July 29, 2010 at 12:43 PM

Sure their in the record books like our conference titles that you said were not legit are there. The problem with the turds is they have never done it by going undefeated. The gaytors have been playing football for over a hundred years and they did not win their conference much less a championship untill the 90s.

Posted by: El Dorado has free financing | July 29, 2010 at 01:13 PM

still laughing my white ass of at canesrule's "cinder block wall unit

Are you laughing because of your ass or laughing your ass off? The preview button is a wonderful thing.

Posted by: Much less gone undefeat

I will take 5 more 1 loss NCs then 3 more undefeated NCs. You?

Are you tito that calls into all the AM stations?

Posted by: Menudo | July 29, 2010 at 01:23 PM

I will take 5 more 1 loss NCs then 3 more undefeated NCs. You?

It's funny you use the # 5, 3, and 1.

5. The # of titles the Canes have.

3. The # of titles the gaytors have.

1. The # of times your coach has had a nervous breakdown on the field.

nice job can you figure out what this means:

0 - ACC

1 2 »

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