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Is Florida Gators center Mike Pouncey going to sit out this season for being Maurkice Pouncey's twin brother?

GAINESVILLE -- Let's cut through the fat on this Maurkice Pouncey story. What's the worst thing that could happen to UF if the allegation that Pouncey accepted money from the representative of a sports agent while still an amateur is proven to be true?

First, here's a link to what the Herald learned on Monday. LINK!

So, what's the potential end game here? Well, Maurkice Pouncey is expected to turn over information today in an attempt to prove he took nothing. Why would he do this? It seems foolish to me. If I'm Pouncey, I just ignore it and move on. That's what Reggie Bush did and it worked out for him. But it's not that simple in this case. See, Maurkice has a twin brother, Mike, who is still a Gator. Mike Pouncey, an incredible player just like his brother, is expected to start at center this season for the Gators. For UF, proving that Maurkice Pouncey took nothing is basically proving that Mike Pouncey also took nothing.

Former players do not have to cooperate with NCAA and UF investigations but current players certainly do. This is a unique circumstance and it will be interesting to see how UF handles it. Being twin star football players, both Maurkice and Mike Pouncey are linked to this story. There's no way around that logic. They have always made choices together and based on each other. Heck, Maurkice Pouncey only agreed to sign with UF until after UF offered his twin brother a scholarship.

This is the reason behind Maurkice Pouncey and UF trying to prove Maurkice Pouncey's innocence so quickly. If Maurkice is cleared, then Mike is cleared then UF is cleared. If Maurkice is guilty, then Mike is guilty, then UF is guilty then UF will have to vacate its Sugar Bowl win against Cincinnati, then UF will likely have to hold Mike Pouncey out of games this season.

Is it a coincidence that all this news is breaking right before SEC Media Days? Not a chance. Someone is intent on either hurting the Gators, hurting the Pouncey family or both.



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Is it a coincidence that all this news is breaking right before SEC Media Days? Not a chance. Someone is intent on either hurting the Gators, hurting the Pouncey family or both.

The gators do a good enough job of this themselves. Tons of players getting arrested, coaching staff covering up drug tests, secondary recruiting violations. Where theres smoke theres fire and the turds are going to burn!

Your first sec championship vacated and now a sugar bowl victory? This Pouncey thing is the tip of the iceburg. The NCAA snooping around gainesville is not good no matter how you look at it. Whats the over/under on urban having an esophagel spasm flare up before the season ends?

...and it's also no secret that Foley is behind crop circles and global warming. I also have a source that's told me that the coordinates of the bermuda triangle shifted to the canes (borrowed) stadium on game -- explains all the missing people.

We will play the pittsburgh steeler because we aren't scurred.

From a guy that claims not to be a homer this fabricated vendetta against UF and the Pouncey family seems to sound like a comment that would come from a homer. Have you ever heard of accountability. Using your logic the Gainesville PD must have a serious vendetta against UF and the Gator Nation be it that they constantly charge and arrest your football players. C'mon son! If you run a program as loose as Urban does these things are bound to happen. If I'm not mistaken this allegation was self-reported by UF to the NCAA and the NCAA thought it was serious enough for further investigation. Please save your I'm not a homer rhetoric for people who might believe you. We know your a homer Jo and you give yourself away with every post. Can we get some objectivity around here please?

You all sold ur soul 4 a 2-3 year run & its pay back time.
You all took any miscreant (drunks, potheads, eye gougers, players with machine guns, players usin dead peoples credit cards, players with restrainin orders against them, players beatin up women, players gettin tased.
The GAYtor credo 'is we dont care about ur rap sheet as long as u can ball u can play 4 us'.
30 arrested under Urbin myers tenure so far.

The canes will have the last laugh. We will win out December bowl game!

..promises, promises...

Breaking News!

Alachua Detention Center Gators still recruiting actively, main target, the Florida Gators roster.

Headlines in Gainesville...

Alachua County Detention Center Head Football Recruiter says, "local talent easy to come by"

he further states," that recruiting is going well and expects to land the upper 1% of the top 1% of local gator criminals by years end."

He expects all positions (jail cells) to be filled shortly.



"That's what Reggie Bush did and it worked out for him."


Seriously? You think everything worked out fine for Reggie Bush? You call that cluster-you-know-what at USC "working out"?


Maurkice has allegedly broken some rules. Since Mike is his twin brother it automatically means that if Maurkice is guilty of infractions then Mike is too.

Not that that's a stretch or anything Jo.

The story seems believable because the Gators actually have players worth an upfront $100,000 given their pro potential. I hear that runners for third-tier agents scamper around UM's campus inticing players with Starbucks gift cards and 50% off Chicken Kitchen coupons. Luther Campbell should consider again offering players $100 bills as it would be a substantial upgrade from a free Soy Latte....

Half of UF's team could get thrown off and they'd still be favored by 3 touchdowns over UM even if the game is played in Little Havana...

So Cal gator,
hate to burst your bubble, but morons need help. If the sorry Turds played in Miami this year, Miami is favored. With or without
Teary Timmy.

Quit talkin about the past. gators aint won sheeeet!

Has there been one positive story come out of Gainesville this summer? I dont know about the rest of Gator Nation but this stuff is really starting to worry me.

Miami is favored? Huh? In Gainesville or Sun Life it would be like a home game.


Is it a coincidence that the alleged allegations took place at the exact time that Myer abruptly resigned. Not a chance. Someone was intent on covering it up.

Posted by: Cryer

When you are done with this, please find out what killed the dinosaurs.


While you're at it, I'm missing the remote and the second of many pairs of socks. Put those in the queue also Sherlock.

Miami is favored? Huh? In Gainesville or Sun Life it would be like a home game.

Posted by: Anthony Montana | July 21, 2010 at 09:25 AM

lmao...the Gators DO OWN the attendance record there.

When the Gators play UM in Sun Life, it will be a home game for the gators... WE RUN MIAMI!!! UM fans live & breath Gator football! That's why you're reading this right now!

Posted by: Rico Nice | July 21, 2010 at 12:48 PM

Actually the gators are like that bad car wreck that you dont want to look at but cant help yourself. It's pure comedy to come on here and see what kind of trouble the turds have gotten into. Has there been ANYTHING positive to come out of gainseville this summer?

Posted by: 4 car pileup in turdville | July 21, 2010 at 01:05 PM

Since when have u been relevant in ANYTHING cane tard? U missed the ACC title game, U got bytchslapped by Wisconsin, and then u got hammered by SI's Coach of the Decade in recruiting. Go look in the mirror u delusional clown. U did steal Kelvin Cain from Nevada State so u got that goin' for you...which is nice.

Posted by: Carl Spackler | July 21, 2010 at 01:13 PM

Keep flappin your gums (teeth are in short supply in gainesville) turd tard. Congrats on the 2nd place finish last year by the way even though it cost tebow his balls and urbie his mind. I would say congrats on the sugar bowl win but like your first sec title that will be soon wiped off the books also. So how many games will it take for urbans esophagel spasms to flare up this year? With the news thats been coming out of gainseville this summer we might not even have to wait for the season to begin before foley has to put a dart in his ass to sedate him.

ND just had a bunch of players arrested...go bother them Cane Lady.

Wild Kingdom -- maybe use the dart technique on S. Fla fans. You can sedate them and drag them into your (I use that term loosely) stadium on game day.

See, we're all about solutions on this blog!

Posted by: paul | July 21, 2010 at 01:58 PM

Under age drinking is not as interesting as stealing dead girls credit cards, firing AK-47s in public, or passing out at a stop light while the car is still running.

Posted by: Marlin Perkins | July 21, 2010 at 02:13 PM

Good advice for dem Cane fans bubba. The free natty light and copenhagen promos did us wonders fer fillin up the swamp.

Cleets my friend I wish that were true, especially back in the day when you could drink in the stadium or at least leave at HT for $1 kamikaze's at the Porpoise and be back in your seat in time for kickoff.

Finally some good news out of gainesville. The school announced Wednesday the gators have a new fight song. Enjoy!


Posted by: Jim Fowler | July 21, 2010 at 02:41 PM

What part of my friends call me cooter did you not git jimbo?

When the Gators play UM in Sun Life, it will be a home game for the gators... WE RUN MIAMI!!! UM fans live & breath Gator football! That's why you're reading this right now!

Posted by: Rico Nice | July 21, 2010 at 12:48 PM

So, by that logic, the racist that is spamming the Canes sites lives and breates Canes football? Thanks for proving me right, my work here is done. Now get your sick demented freak of a troll off our sites like he promised.

hey ass clown. your boy canesrule has been spamming us daily for years. Just returning the favor assmunch. He never honored truce for one single day, and you're an idiot for following a hasbeen team that you think is on the cusp.

Damn Gators got Chris Martin? Best class ever!


Posted by: 7-4

That's why I came to duh U. You guys got the funniest, well thought, comebacks.

Is it a coincidence that this is happenin now?
Is that what the cheerleader/journalist just said, implyin that everybodies out 2 get u.
Really meth heads, the dude is crackin like the GAYtors head coach is.
30 arrested, coach in rehab, president doin the demolition derby on campus, 3 D coordinators in a month, nobody did this stuff but u girls..

This is about as sad as it gets. But it’s a typical Canesspace Cane Cluck Thang, no doubt…

This Stunning lack of basic football knowledge could not be made up … It’s ALL Duuuuuuuhhh U !

I need help!!!…I know im going to sound like a dumme-azze, but…with football, when they refer to the “strong side” of the field…which side is that? I know, or think I know, it has to do with the hash marks…my son got his playbook yesterday and im trying to study it with him…thanks for the help.

Posted by: UMike | July 20, 2010 at 11:37 AM

Canez1…his team is running a spread option….on some plays the wr is suppose to be on the strong side, and on on other plays the weak side. What if there isnt a TE in the game? I thought it had something to do with the hash marks. Like if your one the right hash mark, there is less room to the right sideline and that would make that side either week or strong…am I way off with that thinking? lol

Posted by: UMike | July 20, 2010 at 12:00 PM

But i understand that if there is a TE, that’s the strong side because there is more on that side past the center..but on 4 wr sets, i dont think there is a te lol

Posted by: UMike | July 20, 2010 at 12:02 PM


” I need help!!!…I know im going to sound like a dumme-azze ”

Cane Tard, there is no help and U are a dumme-azze. And even less for Ur kid who will no doubt be standing at the Shower exit handing out towels in High School … But, then again, U can always try one of those football seminars where coaches try to teach women about the game of football. U might even get to put on some pads !

Now please continue like Ur fellow Cane Cluck Compadres to lecture us about how the Canes Are Back with Ur empty pit of football expertise UMoronMike and U other Delusional know nothing Tards … psssssssssst … Rawveira, CanesStool that’s Ur Cue .



ps- and try not to trip over the “strongside” hashmark like noodle leg “SubparCoop” U DUmbasse …

Leave a Reply … preferably with some knowledge attached

"I know, or think I know"

The Cane Cluck Quote Of The Year ... So far

U keep'em coming now U Clucks...

Signature Soldy beatdown.

UMike knows rib platters and electrocardiograms.

Football? Swag don't need no stinkin terminology

Sad the truce couldn't continue ...

oh well ... ready set hut

Sad the racist slimeball didn't honor the truce, you mean. The guy was on all the canes boards every day after the "truce", which apparently was supposed to be one way only.

Then in response to getting owned, he starts with the racism and the vulgarity.

Seantrel = #1 overall.
Martin = a possible redshirt that might play next year if the NCAA doesn't bring down the death penalty.

So, if someone asks a question on Canespace, that makes them a Cane Cluck?

Ignorance = inability to learn, inability to ask.
Scholarship = ability to say "I don't know", ability to learn from others.

You prefer to be ignorant, he prefers to be a scholar.

Spin that with your usual racist diatribe, sicko.

"NCAA doesn't bring down the death penalty"


Like Red told Andy, "Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane."

I hope win the ACC for the first time.
I hope Jacory doesn't get hurt.
I hope the stadium is full so we have home field advantage vs FAMU.
I hope we get back at Ohio State.
I hope Christian Ponder doesn't light us up.
I hope Seantreal won't push 400 lbs.
I hope Sean Henderson Sr doesn't have Soldier Boy on the sidelines.
and finally...

I hope the Gators get the death penalty.

Dumb Dumb caneturds.

I guess I've never understood why local cops would want to hurt their local university.
I would think that if you are a cop in G'ville or Miami or Tallahassee or any college town, you would want to help your team win. So, you don't arrest the drunk football player, you drive him home. You don't arrest the guys fighting at a club, you break it up and send them home.

Instead these cops want to make a name for themselves. In doing so, they hurt the school.

Can't say I ever understood this lack of loyalty to the local school.

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