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Breaking down the Gators' two-deep depth chart before pads

GAINESVILLE -- OK, here's the depth chart as I see it heading into the nasty part of fall camp. The boys strap on the pads come Wednesday. They will not have fun. Just remember, guys: "Accountability and development." A few quick notes before breaking down the roster...

1. WR T.J. Lawrence is gone. He's transferring. Was never going to play.

2. WR Frankie Hammond Jr. is practicing but not on schollie.

3. Freshman tight end Desmond Parks is rehabilitating a hand injury. He's out indefinitely.

4. Tim Tebow wears briefs.

5. UF associate athletic director Greg McGarity has applied for the AD job at Georgia.

6. Mike Pouncey and Justin Trattou have been named team captains. Two more captains could be named later.

7. DT Terron Sanders is practicing again seven months after tearing his anterior-cruciate ligament.

8. Deonte Thompson claims he ran a 4.22 in the 40-yard dash this summer.

9. Tebow was baptized during Broncos training camp on Thursday. LINK!

10. The ghost of Lane Kiffin is still haunting Tennessee. LINK!

Xavier Nixon - Consistency needs to improve during fall camp.
Matt Patchan - Back from injury and pushing Nixon.

Carl Johnson - A beastly man of men.
David Young - Could use a big spring with so many talented players behind him.

Mike Pouncey - One of nation's best, according to assistant Steve Addazio
Sam Robey - A capable back up.

Maurice Hurt - Time to shine for redshirt senior
James Wilson - Time to get mean for redshirt junior.

Marcus Gilbert - Stud.
Up for grabs - Ian Silberman, Chaz Green and Kyle Koehne.

Jordan Reed - Needs work.
Gerald Christian - Needs work.

Steven Wilks - Solid.
T.J. Pridemore - Unstable.

Jeff Demps - How much of the load can he actually carry?
Emmanuel Moody - Wants to be a 1,000-yard rusher.

Deonte Thompson - Something to prove.
Omarius Hines - Gators' strongest receiver.

Carl Moore - Finally healthy.
Stephen Alli - Tall and fast.

Chris Rainey - Will his shoulders hold up?
Andre Dubose - Will his hamstring hold up?

Justin Trattou - Enforcer.
Lerentee McCray - Small stature. Big motor.


Jaye Howard - Ready to dominate.
Terron Sanders - Back from ACL surgery.
Sharrif Floyd - Will contribute early.

Omar Hunter - Looking great.
Lawrence Marsh - Hungry.
Brandon Antwine - Champion of men.

Duke Lemmens - California kid ready to shine.
William Green - Ready to make an impact.

A.J. Jones - Senior leader.
Lorenzo Edwards - Capable back up.

Jon Bostic - Strong and smart.
Jelani Jenkins - Fast and smart.

Brandon Hicks - Speedy veteran.
Dee Finley - Speedy sophomore.

Ahmad Black - Three-year starter.
Matt Elam - Talented youngster.

Will Hill - Ready to be a star.
Jonathan Dowling - Learning quickly.

Janoris Jenkins - Solid veteran.
Josh Shaw - Blue-chip recruit.

Moses Jenkins - The pride of Boyd Anderson!
Jeremy Brown - Will be a factor if he can stay healthy.

Matt Elam - Learning on the job.
Jeremy Brown - Urban loves him!

Chris Rainey - Taking a guess, here.
Robert Clark - More guessing.

Mike Gillislee - Still guessing.
Mack Brown - Because anyone named Mack should return kickoffs.

Chas Henry - Thunder foot.
David Lerner - Luckiest man alive.

Caleb Sturgis - Clear No.1
John Crofoot - Great last name for a kicker.



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You forgot Quarterback: John Brantley


John Brantley
Trey Burton.


I see what you did there. You went three deep on a two-deep depth chart. Very shifty of you. Lay off the Bavarian Cremes Goodman. Yer outta control.

Florida isn't using a Qb this year?

Sore subject- Did you ever did recover your mountain bike did Jo?

No, never captured the bike thief. Damn you, bike thief! I put three-deep at defensive tackle because those guys rotate so much. Grueling positions, those.



Just tuning in with the opening of camp. Great rough-up on the (pre-injury) roster!

I'm jazzed about kickoff just around the corner! Been up in Canada of late watching CFL...making me jones for Gator football all the more.

By the way, what's with all the vitriol on your blog so early? Things must be real slow in South Florida.

No Powell in your 2 deep??

hey guys im a 245 pound fullback drafted by the denver broncos....how do u like my thongs??? hahahaha

Gator boy is back with his who cares article's.

What's up with Mike Gillislee? He's not getting any reps with the offense this seaon?

Hoping to see him on the field, he is such a tough runner. We need that this season.


Mike G. is running 3rd team RB...he is good to go.

Welcome back to the blog Gator Dude...

Keep in mind, guys, that this is the two-deep depth chart heading INTO fall camp. Things will change. They always do...

Just finished shooting a video piece for MiamiHerald.com and Gator Clause inside The Swamp. So hot in Hogtown today! Excited about the video, although I'll probably look pretty amateurish until I get the hang of being on camera. We'll be producing a video for Gator Clause after every game this season.


Jo is going Hollywood! Better get out and buy some Crest White Strips on the double newbie. The only video I've seen with you in it features the side of your head with Urban in the center giving some other hapless beat writer the evil eye. It's great to be a Florida Gator.

What is the most important aspect of this team in reference to winning or losing this year? I'm thinking in no particular order, John Brantley, Andre Debose, Emmanuel Moody, and Teryl austin. Talent and competition will work out all these position battles, not particularly worried about that. Similar to past Gator teams, there is too much talent at WR for somebody to not emerge. I was hoping to see Moody make a huge impact last year. This year? Do the Gators have a serviceable power back if he doesn't show up? I am wearing my Moody pj's right now but he really doesn't seem to be a durable guy. We'll probably see a more spread heavy offense with Demps, Rainey, and Debose being relied on to spread it out. Mostly I'm looking forward to a more balanced, less Tim reliant offense.

The running backs have been raving about RB coach Stan Drayton. The goal for those guys is to produce a 1,000-yard rusher. Moody will likely get the first shake at being the power back but Mike Gillislee isn't far behind. In fact, some on this blog would probably argue that Gillislee is better. My opinion, they're both good enough to get the job done because UF's offensive line is shaping up to be a powerful force this season. That, more than anything, should help the Gators' offense make a smooth transition from Tim Tebow's Thundercat Offense to the version that will develop around John Brantley. Urban Meyer and Steve Addazio are hoping that the combination of Chris Rainey and Andre Debose at the hybrid H-back position create the kind of offensive mismatches that allowed Aaron Hernandez to have such a big season in 2009. The offense will be adapted around those guys, so (just guessing here) expect to see plenty of speed options and misdirection hitch routes.


I subscribe to the golf approach here -- you're score is only as good as your worst shots. Bad analogy but you get the point -- In our case that has to be the question mark at DC. Teryl Austin will be the make or break guy this season. He's got the guys, but can he scheme like Charlie Strong? I think we have enough offense to score 21/game, but can our defense hold other teams under 3 scores? Special teams should be a constant like last year. I think Marrioti is solid and has the guys in shape hence injuries won't be an issue.

"The offense will be adapted around those guys, so (just guessing here) expect to see plenty of speed options and misdirection hitch routes."

Which like last year, shoves Moody to the back of the bus.

Did you just go "DuBose" on us? I used to watch Jimmy DuBose carry the rock for the gators. Doug Dickey was the coach, The south endzone was aluminum bleachers, and the Gators were an SEC doormat. Great times.

...cup fights in the stands, leaving at halftime for "refills" and coming back for the 2nd half, Halloween Ball, funny Gator Growl skits -- yep those days are long gone!

Moody/Gillislee will still get their carries. Someone has to account for Tebow's rugged production.


Deonte Thompson claims he ran a 4.22 in the 40-yard dash this summer.


That's just great Jo...but he conveniently forgot to tell you that he dropped the stop watch, just like he does the ball. Why don't you just start calling him Forrest Gump?

Did you just go "DuBose" on us? I used to watch Jimmy DuBose carry the rock for the gators. Doug Dickey was the coach, The south endzone was aluminum bleachers, and the Gators were an SEC doormat. Great times.

Posted by: Daniel M.


Hey Daniel....what a scumbag Dickey was, no? Talk about a bum with no character. Getting players to lay down so he could artificially get someone a record...a true class act...NOT! He should have been CEO of Enron, because he could have taught those guys a thing or two in the slimeball side of life.

Posted by: Bama gutted you

Oh hey it's the butch, vatech, wisconsin, and clemson whopping boy. I heard the text violations were because Randy was thought he was "beepin" someone. Go away...has been. I have never seen such stupidity as a #13 team coming on an elite program(Super by CBS Sports)blog trying to "ridicule" the best team in the state(ranked #3 nationwide)

Read CBS, ESPN, and SI blogs. The nation thinks dah U is a has been and a joke. Go back to Canespace and do the cabbage patch to one of uncle lukes songs....(move sumpin works well by the way)

BGY - LOL - the brawl against FIU and the one against Colorado, and of course the ch!mp-out against UT. Scum bags??

Hey guys it's me Little Timmy again...the guys really hazed me hard today check-out my pics on the internet.

So we can't haze our pledges, yet high-profile hazing can go on for all to see...in fact be celebrated by the media?

Dean Wormer, this is further evidence of a conspiracy against the Delta house!

How could any Canes fan even show their face after losing to a middle of the pack, VERY SLOW, VERY MEDIOCRE, big ten school in WISCONSIN.

All of a sudden the Canes are going to win the weak, ACC???????

It's going to be a great year---another typical Canes football year:

3) excUses!!!!!!!!!!!!
4) Typical Canes football closing out the season in embarrassing fashion losing to numerous miserable schools.
5) excUses!!!!!!!!!
5) Repeat the cycle!

CBS College sports showed the massacre again...in all it's glory...last night. How can Turd Nation even dare to post on ANY blog with that complete and utter ass kickin' inflicted by Nicky? Any self respecting fan would still be in hiding.

Jo -

I saw Jacory riding your bike....and he was eating donuts!

Where's RoPo!

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