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Chris Rainey is right, of course; UF's prima donnas and selfish cats and rock stars were a problem

GAINESVILLE -- First things first, Chris Rainey is a redshirt junior. I wrote that Rainey was a senior in today's Herald. For that, I apologize. Been getting plenty of nasty emails. "Hey, idiot, don't you know anything!?! Chris Rainey is a junior!!!" ... So chemically balanced, some people.

OK, so Rainey -- redshirt junior -- is glad all the prima donnas, selfish cats and rock stars are gone. A lot of people were shocked by these words. Well, guess what? He was right. It's true. Congrats to Rainey for speaking exactly what was on his mind. There were some inflated egos on last year's team and, in the end, they weren't as hungry as Alabama and it cost UF the Southeastern Conference championship game.

Just my opinion, but Rainey's words were a direct reflection of the Gators' coaching staff. Rainey just didn't get the memo that the prima-donna language was for in-house ears only. Who was Rainey talking about? No one and everyone. The team grew complacent last December, fat and happy, stale, predictable.

Alabama 32, Florida 13 is why the team's offseason theme was "finish the mission" and the team's preseason theme is "accountability and development." Preach on, Chris Rainey.



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Urban should at least be happy that Rainey is not talking about Santa Claus.

Joseph Goodman >>>> Shandel Richardson.

where was teabag in all of this, thought he was the messiah & leadin his flock 2 the promised land.
where was urbin in all this, thought he was the greatest coach college football has ever seen (oh yeah thats right, he was 2 stressed out from all the winning). Maybe if he showed some leadership and discipline, some of those 4-5 star egos wouldnt have gotten so fat & lazy (spikes had 2 suspend himself b/c urbie wouldnt)..

AS THE GAYTOR TURNS.. this is better then any soap opera, just watchin the GAYtors implode this off-season.
>current players calling out last years team as fat & lazy (a team that went 12-1).
>an NCAA investigation in2 agents payin players.
>head coach goes AWOL.
>3rd defensive coordinator in a months period.
>head coach goin ballistic on a reporter who was just doin his job.
>4 arrested so far with 2 kicked off the team.
>a president doing the demolition derby on campus.
Kids u cant make this stuff up, it writes itself...


Rainey was taking money from boosters before he ever stepped on campus ("Gobs of it!"). Funny how he now wants to call others selfish.

And did I read today that he moved to WR?? Huh?? That's not an upgrade, that's a hole. UF is hands down (again) the most overrated team in the country.

Go 'canes!

Sarasota, not sure what you did to torment the piggy, but even though you only post about once a week or so, he see you around every corner.

Did you hide his rope and cross-burning kit or something? He does seem to be buying up more kerosene... Piggy is obsessed with you and with Canesrule.

Hard to believe that you comenting about Rainey is enough for him to turn the KKK jets on full blast. It must be that he is an obsessed sick piggy that should leave the Canes sites alone.

Hey guys I'm Timmy Tebow and I'm modeling my tighty whitey thongs just for the blog

Got to say, your site is consistently clogged by the most pathetic refuse, these Gator-obsessed Canes-fans who apparently spend their lives alone in dark rooms in front of their screens, drooling over take-out in their soiled skivvies while alternately trying to beat us on NCAA 2011 and firing off these fetid emails to sites such as yours. Pity them, yes--but they really do stink up the electronic "room".
As for Rainey's comments, I guess we ALL started to get the picture with some of the late-year antics certain players pulled, culminating the week before the 'Bama game, not to mention the game itself. The whole "not-so-much-fun" season seemed to come into clearer focus that week. No use dwelling on it now, but no argument either.

Canes fans are so cute.

I realize you guys are made ur still ranked 13 with all the hype you've been feeding us from Coral Gables.

Here's a tip, sell out at least one game this season. Maybe people will take you more seriously.

Good thing is, the noise will cease come September 12. Then we'll get to start hearing the excuses all over again.


Here's a better tip...win at least 4 NC's and the college football world may start to show you some respect. Your Turd Nation talks more shyt about a team that took 59 tries to win an SEC 'ship, and then has consistently underachieved with loads of Brinks trucks full of taxpayers money to try and buy NC's...pretty damn pathetic for you to be giving advice or criticism to anyone, don't you think?

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