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Chris Rainey is right, of course; UF's prima donnas and selfish cats and rock stars were a problem

GAINESVILLE -- First things first, Chris Rainey is a redshirt junior. I wrote that Rainey was a senior in today's Herald. For that, I apologize. Been getting plenty of nasty emails. "Hey, idiot, don't you know anything!?! Chris Rainey is a junior!!!" ... So chemically balanced, some people.

OK, so Rainey -- redshirt junior -- is glad all the prima donnas, selfish cats and rock stars are gone. A lot of people were shocked by these words. Well, guess what? He was right. It's true. Congrats to Rainey for speaking exactly what was on his mind. There were some inflated egos on last year's team and, in the end, they weren't as hungry as Alabama and it cost UF the Southeastern Conference championship game.

Just my opinion, but Rainey's words were a direct reflection of the Gators' coaching staff. Rainey just didn't get the memo that the prima-donna language was for in-house ears only. Who was Rainey talking about? No one and everyone. The team grew complacent last December, fat and happy, stale, predictable.

Alabama 32, Florida 13 is why the team's offseason theme was "finish the mission" and the team's preseason theme is "accountability and development." Preach on, Chris Rainey.



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