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Meyer takes apparent shot at Canes fans' apathy and keeps UF students laughing at event

GAINESVILLE -- Thanks to our fearless student correspondent (the event was closed to media), here are some of the highlights of Urban Meyer's town-hall-style meeting with 500 UF students on Wednesday night inside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium's Touchdown Terrace. (Bull Gator hangout.)

So, first things first. Meyer seems to have taken a shot at the 'Canes when he said this: "We want this to be one place that everybody wants to be. We don't want to be like some of the schools in the state where half the stadium is empty..."

Oh, snap!

The best part of the town-hall meeting was when Meyer explained the spread offense to the students (and clowned one hapless student in the process!)

MEYER: "There are some misunderstandings about the spread. The spread offense is a run-first, pound-you offense. Our spread. And what we try to do is take advantage of mismatches. You think of some of the great players we've had here over the past four or five years and I can name Percy Harvin and Aaron Hernandez are probably the perfect spread-offense players. That's because they're match-up nightmares for the defense.

Does that make sense to you. This is real football stuff, now. This isn't what you see on TV. [LAUGHS]

So, take a guy like Aaron Hernandez who very fast, a great receiver but is also big and can block. You're a defensive coach, who do you put on him?


Yeah, you, answer. Go! Yeah! [LAUGHS FROM STUDENTS]

Yeah, you in glasses. The confused guy right here. Go. [LAUGHS ALL AROUND]


Who do you put on him? He's big, he's 250 pounds and he runs a 4.5. Go!


MEYER: Your middle linebacker. That's when we flex [Hernandez] out and throw him the ball. Does that make sense to you? If you put a corner on him, a small guy, you put a back on him. It's the same thing. We had Percy Harvin. We have Omarius Hines now. We have Chris Rainey. We have Jeff Demps. When you flex him out, who do you put on him?

"That's what Coach Addazio, the offensive staff and the guy upstairs are saving. Where are our match-up issues at? If the match-up is not good, take the match-up that's good. That's why we spread the field. Does that make sense to everybody?

"There are so many misunderstanding about the spread offense. Here's a little secret for you. What's the difference between the spread offense that we run and the New England Patriots and about a dozen teams in the NFL as far as throw game? Nothing. It's the same exact passing game that NFL teams use.

"You here that nonsense about, 'Are the spread receivers ready to go?' [Louis] Murphy, Percy Harvin, Riley Cooper, Cornelius Ingram, Aaron Hernandez, Bubba Caldwell, so the answer is very simple. Are they ready? Sure they're ready. Because the Florida haters like to say we don't have the best receivers in the country, but we do.

So, once again, the spread offense is a pound-you-first offense. When they bring an extra guy in the box to try and stop the run game, what do we do? Confused guy again, what do we do? Don't duck down! [LAUGHS]

CONFUSED GUY: Throw the ball.

MEYER: Throw the ball! Right! To who?


MEYER: The best match-up! Does that make sense. Should we go over that again. Do you play that video game? I bet you get your ass kicked in that video game. [HOWLING LAUGHTER]



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