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Gators linebacker Gideon Ajagbe sidelined 6-10 weeks with shoulder surgery

GAINESVILLE -- Florida freshman linebacker Gideon Ajagbe of Miami underwent surgery on Sunday to repair a partially torn rotator cuff, according to Mosi Blake, the strength and conditioning coach at Miami Ransom Everglades High.

"He's feeling fine now that he's out of the hospital and back with his friends in the dorms," Blake said.

Ajagbe, a graduate of Miami Ransom Everglades, will require a six- to 10-week recovery period and will likely redshirt his freshman season at UF, according to Blake. Blake suspects that Ajagbe injured his shoulder working out over the summer and then aggravated it during fall camp.



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Here's something 4 u all 2 ponder. Ur most famous ex-GAYtor 4gets 2 mention his alma mater in his 24 minute HOF speech & ur most famous (besides baby jesus) GAYtor in the NFL gets hauled away in an ambulance after collapsin at practice & the GAYtors know nothing.
These r thier excuses 4 not knowin; 2 busy, no time 2 turn on the TV or computer or phones, 2 tired, etc, etc, etc. (dont they have friends or family that would let them??).
& these r Emmitt's excuses 4 not mentionin his alma mater; if i had 25 minutes i wouldve mention my college, they were in my long version but edited out, still mad at spurrier & foooley

Hope to get as many Broncos game this year so I can whatch Baby Jesus get slammed by def backs & linebackers. When all you can do in the pros is try to run over NFL linebackers & def backs in your hospitol stays are guaranteed.

can someone tell me how many sec(SLEAZY AND EAZY) are in the ap top 25? Is it more than the ACC(always complainin' cowards)? CAN SOME1?

another meth head from trailerville..
Sleazy & easy have '3' ranked in the AP top 20;
Alabama #1, GAYtors #4, Arkansas #17.
The ACC has '5' ranked in the top 20;
VT #8, GT #11, MIAMI #13, NC #18, FSU #20.
& who cares if ur not in the top 20...

gaytors lose 3-4 games this year....
Teddy Bridgewater drops 300 passing yds on the depleted turd defense in 2013...vault that.

keep up the good work..."GAYtors do excuses, CANES play any1, anywhere.."


urbie leyer and AD foleyfraud sends more players to jail than the nfl...UFelons Reunite!!

Now i know why the GAYtors players didnt know mercy harvin collapsed at practice, they live in hicksville 4 godsakes & they still get thier news via the telegraph..

There is work at the Post Office cane loser

wow this is crazy u guys must b up all nite waitin for Joe to post blogs so u guys can jus post hatin comments that have nothin to do with the blog...u clown fans r hilarious its obvious urban meyer must b doin a great job since the gators stay on the minds of clown fans everywhere

Canes eat boogers

& GAYtors dont remember where they went 2 school....

SEC has 2 in the top 5. ACC = 0.
SEC has 6 in the top 25, ACC = 5.

ACC loses again!

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