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Introducing the 2010 senior captains of the University of Florida football team

GAINESVILLE -- Players voted for senior captains after Saturday's underclassmen scrimmage. Here they are ...

Position: Strong Safety
Ht: 5-9
Wt: 189 pounds
Career starts: 26
Appearances: 35
Tackles: 136
Interceptions: 8
Did you know? Ahmad Black has made two defensive plays at Sun Life Stadium in Miami Gardens to save national championships. The first came in high school when he stuffed a Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas running back at the goal line in double overtime of the 2006 Class 5A state championship. The win earned Black and his Lakeland Dreadnaughts the 2006 mythical high school national championship from USA Today. The second play came in the 2008 BCS national championship game against Oklahoma. Black intercepted Sooners quarterback Sam Bradford late in the fourth quarter to lead UF to its third BCS national championship.

ArnoldA.J. JONES
Position: Strong-side Linebacker
Ht: 6-1
Wt: 226 pounds
Career starts: 30
Appearances: 36
Tackles: 108
Tackles for loss: 9.5
Sacks: 4
Did you know? In an era many consider the greatest in the history of Florida football, A.J. Jones is going to finish his career as a four-year starter. What an amazing honor. Jones started nine games as a freshman, nine games as a sophomore and 11 games as a junior. Jones' career-defining game came last season when he intercepted Georgia quarterback Joe Cox twice in UF's 41-17 win. The clear leader of the linebacker corps this season, Jones leaned on the advice of former UF linebacker Ryan Stamper during fall camp. He's expected to begin the season at strong-side linebacker but Jones could switch to middle linebacker in a pinch.

Position: Defensive End
Ht: 6-3
Wt: 253 pounds
Career starts: 1
Appearances: 32
Tackles: 23
Tackles for loss: 3
Sacks: 2
Did you know? Duke Lemmens is one of the most popular Gators among his teammates. He works hard, he's a selfless teammate and his personality is rich with charisma and honesty. This combination makes him a perfect team leader. Just this week, Florida coach Urban Meyer said that Lemmens is one of players he most respects on the team. Lemmens is best friends with fellow starting defensive end and captain Justin Trattou. Over the summer, Lemmens invited Trattou to his home in southern California and, according to Lemmens, the two buddies checked out "all the freaks on Venice Beach." A former high school teammate of Carolina Panthers quarterback Jimmy Clausen, Lemmens has waited three long seasons to crack the starting line-up.

James michael MIKE POUNCEY
Position: Center
Ht: 6-4
Wt: 310
Career starts: 32
Appearances: 39
Honors: 2009 AP second-team All-American; AP first-team all-SEC
Did you know? The Gators are 30-2 over the last three years when Mike Pouncey starts. His career winning percentage for games in which he started is unprecedented, considering Pouncey never lost a game while playing in high school for the Lakeland Dreadnaughts. This season will be an emotional one for Mike. Not only is it his final season at UF but it's his first season to play football without his twin brother, Maurkice Pouncey. Mike is a candidate for the Rimington Trophy, an award given annually to the nation's best center. Considering he has never even started at the position in his college career, he must be pretty good.

Position: Defensive End
Ht: 6-3
Wt: 252 pounds
Career starts: 18
Appearances: 39
Career tackles: 64, including 40 solo tackles
Tackles for loss: 15
Sacks: 7
Did you know? Justin Trattou is one of the most respected members of the Gators' football team. He leads by example and is best known for his interception in the fourth quarter against South Carolina in 2009. Trattou is a proud native of northeast New Jersey and his blue-collar approach to football will be a character trait of the Gators' defensive line this season. Trattou played several games last season with a ruptured tendon in his arm. His doctors told him that if he could stand the pain, then he could play. He played.



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A good looking bunch...hope they can play.

Jo - any of these guys have a rap sheet?

Jo - any of these guys have a rap sheet?

Posted by: Give credit where it's due...to the U | August 28, 2010 at 11:21 PM

Yeah, two National Championships and a couple of SEC Championships.

GAtors off-season so far;
>urbin doin the flip-flop (& weve seen how that has worked out 4 biily d.), goin on vacation/rehab?, goin berserk on some reporter just doin his job (& way 2 support him gojo) & goin berserk on some nerd (just 2 show his superiority).
>3 defensive coordinators since last season, 4 new coaches & with billy gonzales takin the SAME job at LSU.
>5 arrested so far, 2 have transferred so far & 1 kicked off so far. & u have a freshmen class in revolt.
>along with ur school president doin the demolition derby on campus, Emmitt Smith not mentionin his alma mater in his 24 minute HOF speech (btw what school he did go 2??), ur head cheerleader/journalist givin his beat team a 'C+'.

Tebow meets Steelers tonite this is gonna be sweet. He'll probably be left on sidelines because of sore ribs so he can avoid his beat down when he does his tuck & run thing. Hope he does see the field to see if he can actually throw down field & not just drop ball of to a back.

I'm sure you know all about the Salty Dog and the Monkey, you know, since you've actually been there.

Posted by: Haters keep dreaming your wet dreams | August 28, 2010 at 04:10 PM

LOL - Dude, is the Salty Dog Saloon still open? I remember (well not really) staggering out of there more than a few times on game day. The Copper Monkey too. We used to leave at half time for $1 Kamikazes at the Porpoise and head to Copper Monkey and Salty Dog Saloon after the game.


Good job Jo

Fine looking bunch of young men, I'm sure they were selected team captains by Urbie the clown because of their fine criminal record.

Can someone let us know WHAT IT IS ?

Fine looking bunch of young men, I'm sure they were selected team captains by Urbie the clown because of their fine criminal record.

Can someone let us know WHAT IT IS ?

Posted by: FZB | August 29, 2010 at 10:51 AM

No, a majority of them were selected because they've won multiple SEC and National Championships. What does the U's senior class have on the trophy shelf? A Meinke Auto Parts Bowl game victory? An ACC Championship? Opps, we know that they haven't made it to one of those, yet...has the U ever been in a conference where they have to play a Championship game?

Was that your best shot FZB? That was pretty weak buddy.

Can U Say DEATH Penalty ...

Posted by: It Is Ur Destiny


At FU's arrest rate, you'll beat us there.

...rut roh...

Guys who cares, Canes football is back on ESPN 12!!!!!

WAIT!! It isnt even on TV anymore???

It can only be seen on the internet!!!!


How the mighty have fallen!!!!

Plus, the Canes cant even sell out their home opener!!! Just terrible fans....You wanna see how many people show up to the Heat opener though???? Can anyone say Bandwagon????

Let the excUses BEGIN!!!! It's football time!!!

Canes hype is over, excUses start!!!!

Love this time of year....As the season progresses and the Canes lose and Gators win, expect more and more of them over here on this board...

That's all you got...that same rechurned BS? Get some new schtick Turd or move along...that shyt ain't close to funny.

Funny to see Hurricane fans post. Not relevant for years. We'll get to read how "young" the team is again after they come up short this year. What a joke.

Posted by: Give credit where it's due...to the U | August 29, 2010 at 06:46 PM

Just like Angry? Like that guy had an original thought in his head.

What is even sadder, is there is a book coming documenting all the rampant cheating going on at dah U.

How could you cheat and be as bad as Randy Shannon?????

That's the funniest thing I have ever seen.

Randy Shannon cheating and still is 2nd to last in the ACC.

Big game this year for dah U. They play Duke on the road for sole possession of last place. Should be an exciting year. You can catch that game on the internet only, like most of dah U's games this year.

Probation Anytime, Sanctions anywhere

It's a U thang

Cane tards have kinda shut down the laughable Pouncey attacks.

Karma just drilled them right in their already bleeding cornhole.



Who has the longest home win streak in all of college football? 58 games consecutive baby ......DA "U"

spend your entire day here loser. It's whut u doo foooo

Kak in your mouf loser

Have a great day chump

spend your entire day here loser. It's whut u doo foooo

Kak in your mouf loser

Have a great day chump

Posted by: U got owned over there chump | August 30, 2010 at 09:08 AM

Wow, you guys whine that you want to clean up this blog, but you guys still tolerate this guys racist and homophobic comments just because he SAYS he cheers for the Gators.

Between his theft of IDs like Manny Navarro, his use of typing n_ggers and getting away with it by using an underscore, threatening to lynch our coach and QB, and his suggestions about all Canes fans and the schools president, you guys have NO ROOM to complain if a Canes fan finally does a little retaliation on here for what he has done 365/24/7 for the past three years.

So, like the Taliban you continue to support the blog terrorist, but expect nobody to react to your support of an obsessed racist sicko.

How sad if someone finally starts giving you hypocrites a little of your own attacks back on your blogs.

Helllooooo, Pig. You know who this is, don't you? I have come to torture you and pollute this blog much like you have done to us Cane fans (albeit without the stench you bring).

Suck it, Pig. Gatards suuuuuuuuuck. The musical chairs, position changes, QB's playing TE; DB's playing WR. It doesn't end at UFelony.

Dont'a Hightower has something for Brantely. It will make that trailer-trash 'stache fly off his grim, pointy in-bred face.

BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, doo doo reference, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, homophobic reference, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH trailer reference....

"Hello, yes, MasterCard, this is Jamar Hornsby. I would like to apply for credit."

"Getting even" consumes your life. You boast that you are keeping records of everything. Provide ONE SINGLE EXAMPLE of anybody suggesting lynching your weak arm Qwattah-bak or your overmatched head coach.

U can't because like with everything, u live in a world of delusion.

Did i mention that u b gots not Line-BAKKUHs?

Probations sucks

Hey FACT a-hole,

One more stat to put on your post:

1>0 Death Penalties

Maybe U guys can call up SMU and start up a flag football league?

Posted by: The Truth | August 30, 2010 at 10:15 AM

Want read some truth from someone who actually does this for a living?


So, let's just be clear on this:

One gator kills a girl, another steals her credit cards, and you folks think that is okay.

But some felon with an axe to grind claims he might write a book if he can find a publisher, and you call for the death penalty.

You hypocrites. No wonder you support a klansman like Curse in his constant attacks on the Canes blogs.


Hey Cane clowns looks like one of your own has turned on you.

Little Luke will let everyone know what really goes on at the Who.

Everyone knows Miami has always been dirty. Now a former booster will prove it in his book.

Can it get any worse Cane Clowns?

No stadium
No coach
No conference

And now

No loyalty

You were asked to leave the Canes blogs alone, and chose not to. Instead, you started throwing racial insults at the people seeking diplomacy. Don't suddenly act all innocent once the payback starts coming your way.

Don't get me wrong, we don't want the phEw to go anywhere. Without phEw around, tOSU and Pitt will have to look for other cream puffs to fill up there schedule...

Randy Shannon is a garbage coach and I am so glad he is single handidly destorying that program.

The only bigger idiot than Shannon is the Miami AD who is so out of his mind, he hired him to an extension, albeit a facade for recruiting purposes only, but still a complete joke. If Shannon is hired to an extension, Larry Coker should go down in the UM Hall of Fame. Compare their records.

SEC is a 1 team conference. Bama owns you, lil' Gatards. When you have 4 losses, you will hide behind "SEC is best conference." Unfortunately, everyone in the SEC looks down on the trash from 'ol Floriduuuuuuuuuuh.

Dumb 'necks can't spell, can write. You celebrate the banal speech of an Jesus QB and memorialize it as if it was a Churchill monologue.

No wonder this state is next to last in education. Yikes, Gatards. The value of your diploma goes down every year.

The U owns you, Gatards.

Most underachieving program in college football history. Gatards SUUUUUUUCCKKKKKK.

Hey Cane moron you show how stupid you are with every single post.
The SEC is recognized by anyone that knows football as being the top conference hands down.

"SEC is a 1 team conference" this shows you don't know anything about football. You are just a moron.

Talk all you want about your 5 DIRTY titles, today you suck. And once that book hits its going to be the final nail in the coffin.

OHH MY GOSH...this retribution cane guy is simply RUINING MY DAY....


The looming NCAA beatdown kind takes the lustre off of your paybacks huh cane clown?

Where have I been all day?

No looming NCAA beatdown exists except in your racist obsessed delusional sicko brain.

However, the NCAA IS investigating the Gators.


First Charley Pell cheated his way out of a job, then Galen Hall followed in his footsteps, now Urban Meyer is letting convicts off the hoot with Huntley's help, over, and over, and over yet again.

So, when you start whining about three strikes, you better look in the mirror rather than pointing at a non-existent book and a non-existent investigation.

Sod to see you don't care about the offered truce, and actually WANT more Canes fans coming on here. You are as bad as the leaders in Japan that kept telling the Emperor that the war was going well. More justified retaliation will come, and you have the ability to stop it. When it gets as disgusting here as you made it in the Canes blogs, you will only have yourself to blame, Curse piggy.

"After Justin Trattou, minimal experience at defensive end"

"Gators redshirt senior offensive lineman Maurice Hurt to make first career start at tackle in season opener"

"Florida is preparing for it’s opener against Miami (Ohio) this week with a reconstructed offensive line and a lot of players who are getting their first chance to be full-time starters."

"Two of the following three players will take the middle and weak-side spots: Jon Bostic, Brandon Hicks, Jelani Jenkins. The other two starters will be determined by who has the best week in practice."

"Trattou has 18 career starts and seven sacks. The other seven players have a combined two starts and three sacks."

Yet you constantly attack Canes blogs with the non-existent quote "we's got depths". You say you store every post, show where a real Canes fan ever typed that, sicko.

We won't wait, because we know it doesn't exist, except from those IDs that you stole.

From stolen credit cards to stolen IDs, it is obvious you were never taught manners by your momma.

I 'sure' nothing will come out from those allegations in the book, nothing at all.

ha ha ha ha ha

Hey homophobic fake Donna Shalala,

28 > 26, we have done better head to head, yet our team "sucks"?

6 > 1 in the past 7 games head to head, yet our team "sucks"?

Your team must really blow then. And we don't have to clean blood off credit cards in the process.

The fact that you falsely accuse people of things you don't know about, yet support a guy that was CONVICTED of an atrocious crime, shows that your priorities are all screwed up, sicko.

How's the blog crusade going capt cane? Why don't you spend more time on why shapiro paid all those cane players? Probably an easier mission.

"No looming NCAA beatdown exists except in your racist obsessed delusional sicko brain.

However, the NCAA IS investigating the Gators."

Hey dumbass, the NCAA is NOT investigating "the gators." That suggests a program wide investigation. All they are looking at is one incident with Pouncey. You're clearly too stoopid to grasp that. It's not the program assclown, it's an incident. Even funnier is that you post a link from BLEACHER REPORT...lmao. Do you grasp that anyone with a shred of dignity instantly disregards Bleacher Report because they know it's just any old hack that registers. It has as much cred as that fake "journalism" that canesrule paints your sorry blog with.

Anyway, you will be SEVERELY SANCTIONED when all is said and done. Even if he's only 10% correct you are STILL screwed. You're getting clobbered over here assclown. Why don't you stick with crying about imaginary racism goblins over at your "pig" sight. Or head on over to Canespace and join in the spirited circle jerk. You know everyone there agrees that UM will win the ship this year.

U R a clown

Are the canes even going to have a program to play in 2013?

Catch-22 cane tards. Shapiro, according to all you "head in the sand" buffoons, is a complete scumbag.

But ALL of his dealings with UM are on the straight and narrow? ? ? Remember cane tards, you revered this guy to the point of putting HIS GOD DAMMM NAME ON YOUR BUILDING. He was VERY CLOSE to the program. But he never did anything shady with regards to UM football?


(ur kinda quiet today cane tards.................WASSSSUUUPPPPP?)

Ain't Christmas in August nice Arty ?

One of your own turned on you clowns.

The wheels are really falling off now.

If you thought the past 8 years were ugly just wait to see what you clowns have in store.

Dead man walking.

Hola Soldy, yeah it's the gift that keeps on giving.

Shapiro had his name on a building. Yet his is a "dirty, lying, cheating, scumbag."

Certainly he had nothing shady up his sleeve in all those years of being right next to the program.

Keep digging that hole now cane tards.

The impending doom is like opening christmas present a day early.

The most painful part of this is that it will drag out for months and months and months. There is no more patient bunch of henchmen than the NCAA. It will drag out for an excruciatingly long time. U will suffer tards.

Hey cane clucks

You're all strangely quiet all duh sudden. what gives homeslice? Could it be that u know you are INFINITELY PHUKKKED?? Perhaps? Si?

Ohhh those grand old days of NO BLOCKY no BLOCKY

I'd like to think that u dumb clowns will slink back into your shells and just go away. Not. Let three days go by and you will fire up the idiocy yet again. Rest easy cane tards, the TORRENT of UM bashing will not subside as it is clear that you are nothing but a bunch of cheating thugs. And to think you made 1,000 posts here about the "UF investigation."

You look like the supreme jakasss that u truly are sarasota.

I'll give a $100 for the first response from:


go 'canes!

You have never HAD 100 dollars in your life.

Plus, any promise from you after the way you ignored the truce this summer is worthless.

You have no honor, no class, no manners, and your mother never taught you anything about basic decency. Of course, tought for her to teach what she never knew to begin with, right Curse piggy?

I got all this ponzi money to give away - ask Devin Hester

Pouncey slobs askin' for a loan for momma to git some ribs...stop askin Devin...he's not a bank Turds

Weird i live in Gainesville and know about 99% of friends are gaytor fans, some Bull gators and some Touchdown club members. But the ranting that goes on here is over the top.
If you are gonna say something you wouldnt say to opposing team fans face dont say it.

I go to sports bars all over gainesville and never wearing my Canes garb had anyone say anything beyond typical bar banter.
For gods sake I am friends with Percy Harvin
and we can have conversations about UM all the time.
So basically dont hide behind keyboards talking about guys like Pata that have passed
Even your players would agree
And FYI i dont condone Bloody credit card guy, jamar horzby ok he is a idiot but reference to the card speak of the passed young woman in a way. may they both RIP

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