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Miami swagger alive and well in Florida Gators' first football scrimmage

GAINESVILLE -- Florida scrimmaged on Saturday. Here is my knowledge ...

1. Quinton Dunbar likes to run his mouth. Didn't learn this today. I knew this already.

2. On Saturday, I learned he could back it up. Dunbar of Miami Booker T. Washington made an athletic touchdown reception that had everyone talking after UF's first scrimmage of fall camp. When the cornerbacks concede that you're doing pretty good in fall camp -- as Janoris Jenkins did of Dunbar on Saturday -- you're probably doing pretty good.

3. Janoris Jenkins of Dunbar: "Lil' Quin from Booker T. a nice good receiver."

4. Jenkins' reference of Dunbar's roots didn't go unnoticed by this guy. It seems Miami swagger is alive and well in Gainesville. Now we'll just have to wait and see if all this early positive attention fills up Dunbar's head and he loses his edge or he ignores the meaningless hype and continues to work hard.

5. John Brantley was rocking a FILTHY 1970s mustache today.

6. Brantley said he was thinking about keeping it just because everyone said he wouldn't.

7. One reporter -- that would be me -- told Brantley his mustache was "pretty dirty."

8. "Thanks," Brantley said. "That's the look I'm going for."

9. So, Brantley got a little cooler in my book on Saturday.

10. Brantley indicated that Deonte Thompson and Carl Moore are currently his go-to receivers.

11. Of course, Brantley doesn't want to rock the boat too much during fall camp. So he followed up that admission with this: "All the other receivers are awesome and they're all go-to players."

12. Rainey (irregular heart beat) is expected to return to full contact next week. He has been limited to only participating in pre-practice drills for about a week now.

13. The extra reps have helped redshirt freshman Andre Debose, who receivers coach Zach Azzanni called "young" and "green" and said "has a lot to learn."

14. The good news -- really the only news that matters -- is that Debose's hamstring is holding up. I think everything else will take care of itself. Azzanni was gushing about Debose during UF's Media Day.

15. Azzanni said freshman Chris Dunkley is struggling with bumps and bruises and didn't do much during the scrimmage.

16. Something tells me Azzanni has studied at the Urban Meyer School of Coaching Psychology in the past couple of days.

17. Carl Moore and Frankie Hammond Jr. caught touchdowns from Brantley on Saturday during the scrimmage.

18. Brantley on Hammond Jr.: "His approach has been the same as always -- just go out there everyday and get better and fight for a position. He put everything in the past and he forgot about [his arrest] and he's trying to just move forward."

19. Azzanni on Hammond Jr.: "He's doing great. He's such a utility player for us. He'll go out there and play every position and play as hard as he can. If there's a receiver not in there for any reason he jumps in there. He's a great kid. He's having a heck of a camp, I can tell you that."

20. According to Deonte Thompson, Stephen Alli "is a freak!"

21. Alli met with reporters on Saturday. You pronounce his name like the side street, not the famous boxer. As in, Stephen Alli ran down the alley.

22. Interesting story on Alli. He's from Canada and played his first season of football during his final year of high school.

24. After three years of Canadian high school, Alli attended a boarding school in the New England to play basketball. Just for fun, he went out for the football team.

25. A UF assistant saw some film on him and invited him to UF's summer camp.

26. Alli, who says he's either 6-5 or 6-6, ran a 4.3 in the 40-yard dash at that camp.

27. Urban Meyer offered him on the spot. Alli accepted.

28. Deonte Thompson on Alli: "He's athletic. He's just so athletic. He's making strides. He's going to be a great player here in the near future. He's getting his game down. Coach [Azzanni] is one of the best things that could have happened to him. [Azzanni] going to get him back to fundamentals and learning the game because he came from Canada and, you know, football is not big up there like that. So, he's going to teach him the game and he's going to get good."

29. Deonte Thompson wore a black T-shirt on Saturday that read in big, silver cursive letters: "I got 99 problems but my kicks ain't one."

30. So, my wife would like Deonte. The Organist loves shoes, too.

31. Offensive tackle Xavier Nixon is hurt, according to fellow tackle Marcus Gilbert. He wouldn't name the injury but indicated it was minor.

32. Gilbert played left tackle on Saturday and Kyle Koehne played right tackle.

33. You pronounce Koehne this way: "I went to Sonic, drank a cherry-limeade and ate a chili-cheese Koehne."

34. I found this slightly interesting on Saturday. Janoris Jenkins said Will Hill apparently didn't try his hardest last year but he's a leader this year.

35. Hill had a lot on his mind last season. He became a father and that's always stressful.

36. From a cornerback's perspective, what makes John Brantley a tough quarterback to play against? "He can read the field," said Janoris Jenkins.

37. Jenkins said Brantley is also difficult to defend against because he can look off cornerbacks and then go back to that area.

38. Of course, here's the money quote from Jenkins in describing what John Brantley does best. Jenkins didn't say Brantley throws a nice ball or is accurate. No, Jenkins said Brantley "throws the ball into the hands of the receivers."

39. Hard to defend against that.

40. Brandon Hicks (dehydration) didn't scrimmage on Saturday, according to defensive coordinator Teryl Austin.

41. When pressed, Austin said to "ask Coach Meyer" when Hicks will be back in action.

42. But Meyer doesn't talk to reporters much anymore. So ...

43. ... it's good to be the king.

44.  Teryl Austin said Moses Jenkins had a great scrimmage on Saturday.

45. Everyone, prepare for the MOSES JENKINS ERA to begin!



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