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Miami swagger alive and well in Florida Gators' first football scrimmage

GAINESVILLE -- Florida scrimmaged on Saturday. Here is my knowledge ...

1. Quinton Dunbar likes to run his mouth. Didn't learn this today. I knew this already.

2. On Saturday, I learned he could back it up. Dunbar of Miami Booker T. Washington made an athletic touchdown reception that had everyone talking after UF's first scrimmage of fall camp. When the cornerbacks concede that you're doing pretty good in fall camp -- as Janoris Jenkins did of Dunbar on Saturday -- you're probably doing pretty good.

3. Janoris Jenkins of Dunbar: "Lil' Quin from Booker T. a nice good receiver."

4. Jenkins' reference of Dunbar's roots didn't go unnoticed by this guy. It seems Miami swagger is alive and well in Gainesville. Now we'll just have to wait and see if all this early positive attention fills up Dunbar's head and he loses his edge or he ignores the meaningless hype and continues to work hard.

5. John Brantley was rocking a FILTHY 1970s mustache today.

6. Brantley said he was thinking about keeping it just because everyone said he wouldn't.

7. One reporter -- that would be me -- told Brantley his mustache was "pretty dirty."

8. "Thanks," Brantley said. "That's the look I'm going for."

9. So, Brantley got a little cooler in my book on Saturday.

10. Brantley indicated that Deonte Thompson and Carl Moore are currently his go-to receivers.

11. Of course, Brantley doesn't want to rock the boat too much during fall camp. So he followed up that admission with this: "All the other receivers are awesome and they're all go-to players."

12. Rainey (irregular heart beat) is expected to return to full contact next week. He has been limited to only participating in pre-practice drills for about a week now.

13. The extra reps have helped redshirt freshman Andre Debose, who receivers coach Zach Azzanni called "young" and "green" and said "has a lot to learn."

14. The good news -- really the only news that matters -- is that Debose's hamstring is holding up. I think everything else will take care of itself. Azzanni was gushing about Debose during UF's Media Day.

15. Azzanni said freshman Chris Dunkley is struggling with bumps and bruises and didn't do much during the scrimmage.

16. Something tells me Azzanni has studied at the Urban Meyer School of Coaching Psychology in the past couple of days.

17. Carl Moore and Frankie Hammond Jr. caught touchdowns from Brantley on Saturday during the scrimmage.

18. Brantley on Hammond Jr.: "His approach has been the same as always -- just go out there everyday and get better and fight for a position. He put everything in the past and he forgot about [his arrest] and he's trying to just move forward."

19. Azzanni on Hammond Jr.: "He's doing great. He's such a utility player for us. He'll go out there and play every position and play as hard as he can. If there's a receiver not in there for any reason he jumps in there. He's a great kid. He's having a heck of a camp, I can tell you that."

20. According to Deonte Thompson, Stephen Alli "is a freak!"

21. Alli met with reporters on Saturday. You pronounce his name like the side street, not the famous boxer. As in, Stephen Alli ran down the alley.

22. Interesting story on Alli. He's from Canada and played his first season of football during his final year of high school.

24. After three years of Canadian high school, Alli attended a boarding school in the New England to play basketball. Just for fun, he went out for the football team.

25. A UF assistant saw some film on him and invited him to UF's summer camp.

26. Alli, who says he's either 6-5 or 6-6, ran a 4.3 in the 40-yard dash at that camp.

27. Urban Meyer offered him on the spot. Alli accepted.

28. Deonte Thompson on Alli: "He's athletic. He's just so athletic. He's making strides. He's going to be a great player here in the near future. He's getting his game down. Coach [Azzanni] is one of the best things that could have happened to him. [Azzanni] going to get him back to fundamentals and learning the game because he came from Canada and, you know, football is not big up there like that. So, he's going to teach him the game and he's going to get good."

29. Deonte Thompson wore a black T-shirt on Saturday that read in big, silver cursive letters: "I got 99 problems but my kicks ain't one."

30. So, my wife would like Deonte. The Organist loves shoes, too.

31. Offensive tackle Xavier Nixon is hurt, according to fellow tackle Marcus Gilbert. He wouldn't name the injury but indicated it was minor.

32. Gilbert played left tackle on Saturday and Kyle Koehne played right tackle.

33. You pronounce Koehne this way: "I went to Sonic, drank a cherry-limeade and ate a chili-cheese Koehne."

34. I found this slightly interesting on Saturday. Janoris Jenkins said Will Hill apparently didn't try his hardest last year but he's a leader this year.

35. Hill had a lot on his mind last season. He became a father and that's always stressful.

36. From a cornerback's perspective, what makes John Brantley a tough quarterback to play against? "He can read the field," said Janoris Jenkins.

37. Jenkins said Brantley is also difficult to defend against because he can look off cornerbacks and then go back to that area.

38. Of course, here's the money quote from Jenkins in describing what John Brantley does best. Jenkins didn't say Brantley throws a nice ball or is accurate. No, Jenkins said Brantley "throws the ball into the hands of the receivers."

39. Hard to defend against that.

40. Brandon Hicks (dehydration) didn't scrimmage on Saturday, according to defensive coordinator Teryl Austin.

41. When pressed, Austin said to "ask Coach Meyer" when Hicks will be back in action.

42. But Meyer doesn't talk to reporters much anymore. So ...

43. ... it's good to be the king.

44.  Teryl Austin said Moses Jenkins had a great scrimmage on Saturday.

45. Everyone, prepare for the MOSES JENKINS ERA to begin!



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Why does everything have to be about race? RS's nickname is marble mouf, because he talks like he has a mouth full of marbles. Has nothing to do with him being black, white or purple.... If my coach talked like that I would expect him to be made fun of as well.

I thought Frankie Hammond, Jr., had been dismissed from the team? Or is it that he just had his scholarship revoked? Is he eligible to play this season?

Urban just took his schollie away for a semester. He's OK to play.


He isn't saying marble mouth, as you already know. He is using the word mouf, which is a ghetto and rap slang word for mouth.


see definitions 1 and 7. The usage is meant to attack his poor and black roots, not his speaking ability. I am sure you already understood that, but I hope that clears it up for other readers.

It's not just the marble mouf comments, but the suggestion that he drinks Purple Drank, that he should be lynched, that he is a lawn jockey, and that black murder victims in Miami must be drug dealers that show a pattern of racism that goes beyond just discussing football.

His actions killed three Canes blogs, because he jumps from IP address to IP adress spouting this garbage.

And Randy Shannon speaks well. This guy just pretends that he cannot understand him. I have yet to see a respecable reporter claim they cannot understand him.

So... the only guy that calls him marble mouf (not mouth, mind you, but a fake ghetto word mouf) just happens to be the same guy that does those other things, and you don't see race at the bottom of his hatred?

Look at it this way, he didn't attack Canes fans when we had a white head coach, but once a black head coach was named, he suddenly attacked, obsessively, frequently, and aggressively. This isn't a Gators versus Canes thing, this is a true bigot in action using the excuse of "parody" to drag down conversation on three differnt sites. Once banned him, one actively protects him, and the other is finally responding in kind to his actions.

If he stops, you won't hear from us again. But if you keep cheering him on with his not-so-subtle racism, don't get upset when someone retaliates.

Over 150 comments ... So, I take it I should write more about commitments.


Posted by: JoeGoodyMiaHrld | August 14, 2010 at 07:44 PM

that and maybe try a smaller knot tie ...

does any1 know what college Emmitt Smith went 2 b/c he DIDNT mention it in his 24 minute HOF speech...

I imagine a world where one day inane standards of fashion can live in harmony.


Jo -
I like your new "numbered" system of reporting. In that vein:

1.) the 305 invented swagger, so no surprise this kid at least learned THAT there.

2.) why are all your pronunciation references about back streets or fast food joints? Oh that's right, you live in Trailorville and that's all they'd understand.

3.) when did you hire a terrorist to coach receivers?

4.) Urbie reinstalls a scholly after one semester for Hammond? He must have only done something "minor" in FU terms...like rob a bank.

5.) is Deonte still wearing that t-shirt that says "my #1 problem is catching the ball"?

6.) is it true the Turds will call Brantley "filthy dirty" when he starts throwing the ball into defenders hands?

See, this is why I did not go back to UM.

See, this is why I never went to FU in the first place.

Teddy Bridgewater drops 300 yds on The Gaytors in 2013.....vault that.

..Back to dirtysanchez's, blumpkins and pink socks and loses for AD Foleyfraud and Urban Leyer.....

The U.

points 5-9 deal with some dudes moustache.
very very odd.

Canes pretty much lose to anyone, anywhere, anytime....


Some QBs cut SpongeBob into their heads. Some QBs grow filthy mustaches. It's all a matter of taste, really.

Follow me on twitter at www.twitter.com/305_Gators.


u coach sucks
u stadium sucks
u depth sucks
u conference sucks
u bank account sucks
u QB sucks


Ur taste not mine...

talking about Teddy Bridgewater already, huh?

Sad state of affairs when a UM 'fan' is talking about a QB who has yet to finish highschool and who has yet to put on pads for a college football team. Shows you the state of the UM program. And this guy comes in here trashing a team that has racked up 57 wins since 2005. LOL

.Gators vs Canes in 2013
.jacory harris in NFL Already racking up more yards than TEbow in 2013
.who do you expect to be in uniform in 2013

Hey Lizards, when is Urbie the clown going to schedule a REAL TEAM on your schedule ?...

AS for the Miami Swagger thing you guys are talking about, those are just the garbage players the U did not want.

u know who has swag. I mean so much swag that he can share with the whole wide world....Soluja boiiiiiiii. i mean ...damn 50+swag points to everyone in the same room with him

Hey FZB -- when our SOS goes down.

I need some swag points. Can I buy these online?


..would we count Udonis Haslem as another Gaytor arrest...I think he was rollin with Percy "I have another headache" Harvin.......
the tradition continues for U$C of The South Go UFelons git up and goooooooooooo

Seriously, that is the best kind of information that could possibly be given!! Outstanding pieces of work. Please, please, please keep this style up!!

I tried to get into UF but couldn't get accepted. Instead I went to U-dub, the same U-dub UM split that tile with.

"jacory harris in NFL"

Jacory Harris has serious durability issues. He will NEVER MAKE AN NFL ROSTER. EVER Besides, dude can't throw an out route. No chance. Can't run. Folds like wet paper in the rain. He would get any NFL GM FIRED.

Keep dreamin cane tard.

University of Miami track signee Latwan Anderson, one of the most coveted college football recruits in the nation, has been cleared by the NCAA and is expected to arrive in Coral Gables this week.

Latwan today....

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