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Q & A with Gators' cornerback commitment Valdez Showers of Michigan

GAINESVILLE -- Florida picked up its 15th commitment of the 2011 recruiting cycle on Wednesday when cornerback Valdez Showers of Madison Heights, Mich., committed to Gators coach Urban Meyer. Showers plays cornerback and running back for Madison Heights Madison High but plans to play defense for the Gators. He's currently 6-0, 181 pounds, has a 3.3 GPA and scored a 20 on the ACT.

Showers chatted with Gator Clause after Madison's football practice on Wednesday night... 

GC: Tell me about your high school team.

SHOWERS: Last year we went 11-1 and lost in the regionals. This year we're trying to win a state championship and right now we're just trying to get on the same page.

GC: So, what's your best game as a high schooler? What's the one game so far in your career you're always going to remember.

SHOWERS: four touchdowns, 288 yards and three pass break ups against [Madison Heights] Lamphere.

GC: You're play running back and cornerback for Madison. Why are you choosing to play defense in college?

SHOWERS: I've always played defense and offense my whole life but, as it went on, colleges started seeing me as a cornerback. Once I started doing it in camps I got a feel for it.

GC: So, why Florida? I guess that's the biggest question, being a guy from Michigan.

SHOWERS: They've got great academics, great football, great coaching staff, I have a lot of respect for Urban Meyer and I have a chance to compete for a championship every year.

GC: When did Florida pull the trigger, so to speak, and offer you a scholarship?

SHOWERS: I went to a camp down there in June and a couple days later they called and offered me. They were calling me a month or two before just checking in on me and making sure I was coming down there.

GC: I understand you wore some flashy yellow cleats at the camp or something. 

SHOWERS: Yeah, some bright yellow cleats. [LAUGHS] It's kind of like my style. It's what I do.

GC: You're pretty tall for a cornerback. Is that something Florida liked? In addition to your stellar GPA and fashion sense, of course.

SHOWERS: Yeah, they like taller cornerbacks now-a-days. You've just got to have your footwork and everything.

GC: So, what did Urban say when you committed?

SHOWERS: He said, 'Congratulations, man,' and he said the coaches are going to be all fired up and glad to have me and he said to try and get down there as soon as possible.

GC: What makes Urban such a good recruiter?

SHOWERS: He does a really good job. I don't know if it's just the tone of his voice but he gets people motivated and all fired up. Other than that, my feeling with him was like, he's always telling you something that's real. He's a truthful guy. Just really straight forward.

GC: Which assistants recruited you the most?

SHOWERS: Coach [Zach Azzanni] probably the most.

GC: And how did he know about you?

SHOWERS: He already knew my high school coach and he already knew me because he coached my brother (Valtorrey Showers) at Central Michigan.

GC: So, what do you know about Gainesville?

SHOWERS: I've just heard that it's a wild place. That the fans are really into it. Great town. They love football.

GC: And what are your thoughts about playing in the SEC?

SHOWERS: I'm excited because I love competition. It isn't going to do nothing but get me better and show what I can do.

GC: Have you thought about what you want to study at UF?

SHOWERS: I'm looking to go into mechanical engineering.

GC: Why?

SHOWERS: I've always been curious about how things work and I love math and science.

GC: So, you're talking AP Calc this year?


GC: So, why are you trying to go out of state?

SHOWERS: I've just never wanted to stay in Michigan since I was little. I just want to see something new.

GC: You've got a favorite book?

SHOWERS: Letters to a Young Brother by Hill Harper

GC: How come?

SHOWERS: I just read it and it showed a lot of people in situations and kind of showed my situation. So I like the book. It just relates to my life and other people around me.

GC: What's your favorite movie?


GC: Are you taking any other visits or anything like that?

SHOWERS: Not as of right now. Just trying to worry about football right now.

GC: So, what are some of the other teams recruiting you?

SHOWERS: Michigan, Michigan State, Northwestern, Auburn, Wisconsin, Cincinnati, Iowa.

Editor's note: The complete title of Showers' favorite book is Letters to a Young Brother: Manifest your Destiny



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