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Sturgis named to Lou Groza watchlist; #Gators ranked in AP poll

GAINESVILLE -- Congratulations to Florida kicker Caleb Sturgis, who was named to the Lou Groza Award watchlist on Saturday. Sturgis, a semifinalist for the award last year, was 22 of 30 on field goals and connected from 56 yards against Georgia. The 56-yard blast was the longest in the SEC in 2009.

In slightly related news, Stugis' older brother, Nathan Sturgis, is now starting for the Seattle Sounders. So, all is well for the Sturgis boys.

-Florida was ranked No.4 in the Associated Press poll on Saturday behind Alabama, Ohio State and Boise State.



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Alright Caleb! Show'em what your made of buddy!

What EXCUSES do the GAYtors use 4 Emmitt Smith not knowin what college he went 2 & what EXCUSES do the GAYtors use 4 not knowin mercy harvin was takin 2 the hospital..

Jo -

Where is Boise Alabama located?

Jo -

On a related note, who or what is the Seattle Sounders, and further, why would anyone give a crap?

If your smack is halfway decent I'll at least read it. This clown is so shallow. It's pathetic. Sometimes canesrule disguises his idiocy for a sentence or two. You can recognize this guy's nonsense without reading a single word. What an assclown

Boise Alabama is a new satellite school. Seattle Sounders is a new band. House music. Really popular in Miami.


Can anyone PLEASE tell me when the phew won a conference game? What, they never had to play one and win 14 games in a season....

Damn, I am pissed, I ordered a breakfast burrito and thought I would get a free UM ticket....

I'll take a Tropi-Chop please!

Boise St plays VTech at #9 and it's next toughest game is the #66th team, then slides down to the 80-113 range for the rest! They play 10 teams that everyone would rag UF for playing as our OOC home game patsies. Yet they feast on them all season long, playing ONE real game and that with an ACC team and they're deemed to be good?!? What gives? Ranked #3 now and all they have to do is play ONE game all season. Well, at least we'll all find out early.......

Canes Eat Boogers

Ex-GAYtors dont remember what college they went 2 & current GAYtors dont remember ex-GAYtors b/c they're 2 busy.

& wheres the GAYtors gonna be ranked after they get whipped by ALABAMA, AGAIN. Out of the top 10 4 sure & probably out of the top 20 (with 2 early losses)..

this GUY is PLAIN ole FUNNY , eye 4 ONE find HIM amusing. NOTT a HOLE lott GOING on in his LYFE.

Excellent points, Wayne S. College football needs a playoff!


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