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Tebow endures more hazing; Head tonsured like Franciscan


Ouch! No amount of hair gel will fix that, Tebow!


In a bit of irony, this haircut -- known as a "first tonsure" -- is still a form of hazing for some Franciscan monks of the Roman Catholic Church. 



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maybe he'll throw the ball better.....what a fraud
28 arrests and thriving to be the best..UFelons, a new institution.

So we can't haze our pledges, yet high-profile hazing can go on for all to see...in fact be celebrated by the media?

Dean Wormer, this is further evidence of a conspiracy against the Delta house!

Posted by: Otter | August 08, 2010 at 12:00 AM

I thought you were pre-med?


I have been thinking about it and I think we need to try to make the crimes of the various schools equivalent so we can compare the schools better.

I would propose that 1 murder (Ray Lewis) = 50 arrests

By that math, we have around 22 more arrests to get to equal your hardened criminal of the 90's.

There should be a 'ban' button for people like DrtyCane...comes onto a UF forum talking the same garbage. Go lose to Wisconin, try making it to your championship game and actually have a quarterback who does his Heisman talking with statistics and not fruity haircuts (and neither with his NCAA leading 17 interceptions.) This is getting old. Let me know what the excuse is come October when you are middle=packing, better yet, bottom=dwelling in the ACC.

ahahahahaha.....look at that head !!!!! hahahahahaha

I think the new cut suits him, and is very appropriate in that all he needs to accompany his monk persona and Phillipino sandals is a burlap sack and rope belt. And don't forget your bible Timmy...that will definitely complete the ensemble!

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