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Tebow video highlights from first NFL preseason game

Because you knew we would, here's a video of Tebow's highlights from his first preseason game. (Complete with a trippy, Space Odyssey soundtrack.) Make sure you watch until the end. That's when Tebow jacks up Bengals safety Kyries Hebert on the last play of the game. Hebert lost his mouthpiece during the goal-line collision and was slow to get up.

Thoughts from Tebow's first start ...

1. Everyone cares about Tebow. They might love him. They might hate him. But everyone cares. If you followed the real-time comments on Twitter about Tebow during the game, then you know this as a fact. I mean, Tebow played one quarter ... as a third-string quarterback ... in a meaningless preseason game ... and became a top-five "trending topic." Good grief.

2. Tebow looked pretty fast on that touchdown scramble.

3. Love how the Cincinnati fans booed Tebow when he took the field. Tebow owns Ohio from his college days.

4. Tebow turned a sack into a five-yard gain. Classic Tebow.

5. Bengals defender Frostee Rucker blindsided Tebow but he bounced right back up.



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