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Urban Meyer is "concerned" about #Gators defensive line and you should be, too

GAINESVILLE -- In case you missed it, here's a link to today's story on UF's underrated defensive ends. CLICK ME!

Florida's coach is unsure about the defensive ends. Are you worried about UF's pass rush? You should be. I'm sure no one needs reminding of the SEC championship game and how much UF's D-line (or lack thereof) factored into the outcome. In related news, Alabama running backs Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson both returned this season.

--Moses Jenkins spoke with reporters for the first time on Wednesday. Here's a link to that. CLICK ME! It appears Moses is finally going to get a chance to show off his skills.

--There's an interesting development out west in college football. BYU is leaving the Mountain West Conference to be a football independent, according to the Salt Lake Tribune. CLICK ME! Something tells me Orrin Hatch is involved here.


--Tennessee football is a dumpster fire and things could get worse. CLICK ME!

--The South Florida Bulls have been doing a lot of male bonding, according to the Tampa Tribune. CLICK ME!

--Florida opened as a 35-point favorite against Miami-Ohio and the line is going up.



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clearly you need to differentiate the difference between defensive end and defensive tackle.

The gators return their top 4 DTs, plus the two highest rated freshmen in Floyd and Easley. If Antwine comes back from injury that makes us seven deep and perhaps allowing them to move Howard to DE in certain instances.

While the talk is about the reliable seniors Trattou (who is finally healthy) and Lemmons, keep your eyes on William Green and Ronald Powell, the latter being the nations top recruit.

Jo -

Even though our DE's may be a bit green, shouldn't our productivity there go up as at least they won't be playing inebriated or hun over like some of the guys last year?

One at a time,

A dearth of DTs is not going to make up for a sub-par pass rush. Not to say UF has sub-par DEs. I'd call them above average. Also, freshmen linemen usually don't amount to much in the SEC, so I'm not expecting much from Easley, Trail, Floyd or Powell this year.

Gators R Good,

Drunk up, chump!


Gentlemen, there is something I'd like to say about that.....................................
....oh, never mind.

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