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GAME DAY: Gators offense the story after first game. And it's not a good story.

GAINESVILLE -- Thoughts on the game, anyone?

Wow, the Gators offense took the better part of four quarters to get going on Saturday in its 34-12 victory against Miami of Ohio. Even that assessment might be too kind. UF had 212 yards of total offense, the second lowest total since Urban Meyer became coach in 2005. Fumbles and poor snaps were partly to blame, but even when UF wasn't dropping the ball on the ground the offense didn't look very exciting.

John Brantley passed for 113 yards and two touchdowns in his debut. Jeff Demps led UF with 98 rushing and a touchdown.

What can we expect from this team the rest of the season? You're guesses are as good as mine. Can this team win in the SEC without former quarterback Tim Tebow's leadership? Does UF need to move Mike Pouncey back to guard and give Sam Robey a shot at center? Does Brantley need to throw it deep more often and stretch the field? I have no answers at this point; only questions.

Florida's offense is still struggling mightily in its 2010 debut.

The Gators turned it over on downs to begin the second half then had two back-to-back poor snaps for fumbles that put UF on its own 1 on its second possession. At the beginning of the fourth quarter, Florida is being out-gained offensively 165 yards to 25 by Miami of Ohio.

Let it be remembered that the first quarter of Florida football in the post-Tim Tebow Era began this way: Three offensive possessions and three offensive turnovers.

UF's offense played badly to begin the 2010, fumbling the ball away on its first two series then turning it over on downs on the third series. UF finally took the lead with 13:14 left in the first half when UF cornerback Janoris Jenkins returned an interception for a touchdown.

Gators starting free safety Will Hill will sit out today's season opener for the University of Florida football team, according to a university spokesman. Sophomore safety Josh Evans of Irvington, N.J., will likely make the first start of his career against the Miami of Ohio Redhawks at noon.

Gators linebacker Dee Finley (hamstring) will also be unavailable for the season opener, according to UF.

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Practice All-American Brantley? EXPOSED

One man team for the last 4 years? EXPOSED

Elam cluless? EXPOSED

Still no running backs? EXPOSED

Horrible O-Line beginning with Pouncey 'Tard? EXPOSED


#1 Recruiting classes? EXPOSED



Speaking of fastest... This will be the fastest drop of a top 5 team in the polls after a win............

Gatard fans show their true inbred colors and boo their team.

Such class in a trailer park. Who woulda thunk it?

Hey, Fat Pig Racist, I thought Brantley was a stud?

Guess not.

By the way, this is great comedy.

In case you're wondering, the Gators' lowest offensive total in Urban Meyer Era was 206 yards against LSU in 2005. Florida currently has 157 total offensive yards against Miami of Ohio with less than four minutes left in the game.


Wow guys. Just wow.

On when Urban Liar quits?

I say early October.

On whether Pouncey is bagging groceries this time next year.

I say 80% that he is.

DeBose was better than Harvin? Didn't some white trash Gatard fan say so?

Guess not.

How many rushing yards did John Brantly have in the game?

You think Pouncey could take Center Snapping Lessons with the Agent money him and his brother took?
This team does not deserve to be in the top 15 only widening the score based on Miami of Ohio handing you points throughout the game. UFelony is a joke of at academics and football
The NCAA Sanctions are coming!!! BAWAHHHHH


YOUR DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello, fake heart attack?

This is Mr. 5 loss season. Please see Urban Liar in early October.

Thank you.

Pouncy should use some of the agents money his brother took before the bowl game last year and get some snapping lessons.
What a joke of an offense, the Gaytors should not even be ranked in the top 20 after this performance.
The NCAA Sanctions are coming!!!!

200 yards of offense against a team that won 1 game last year. Your team is a JOKE. Pouncy sucks, your team sucks, the downword spiral has begun..........

What a joke of a team, you must be so proud.


you are welcome to come on the cane blogs all you want. what a joke. #4 you say? Whatever, the gators suuuuuuuck........

UF has salvaged some dignity with a couple of late fourth-quarter touchdowns. UF leading

No dignity in that. We have huge problems.

Is Zooker available?

Gatard history, at least all they want to talk about, ends after a 4 year run.

You are Pathetic UFelony.

Thugs you say? See Janoris Jenkins and Trey Burton. About as thug dirt as you can get.


u cheat: What are you, a grammar school child? Sounds like things aren't so hot up in KKK Country...the GayTurds had to struggle to beat Miami of Ohio...well, keep scheduling the cupcakes, just like last year...LOL...!
As for your silly posts, talking about how u hate UM, hate the OB, hate our fans...like I said, what are you, a child? Or, are you retarted?
Bad day in GaysVille, huh?
Well, good news: Tonight's KKK meeting is still on, so all you green-toothed rednecks can take out all of your frustration by whompins some black folks and lighting up some crosses...!!

Guck the Fators....and their HILLBILLY FANS!

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa, sniffle, sniffle....waaaaaa!!

OK, now go post, in capital letters, all your hatred toward "THE ONLY "U" IN FLORIDA - THE "U" of MIAMI!!
Scr*w you, GayTurd Skank!!


Take it 2 the bank GAtor fan always take the points against the GAtor & u'll make a killin just like last year... $$$$ in the bank...
-39 points what a joke....

Great game UF. The new era begins. Get used to games like these losers.

Can you red alert red alert we are in serious trouble.

That was a helluva an offense. I'm sure DC's all over the SleazEC are nervous.


What will drop faster? Gayards trash football or academic ranking?

Where is the Pig coward that posts here about Pata and Marlin Barnes. What a man you are.

Coward. Die a painful death tonight, dirt Pig.


The collapse IS spectacular.

John Shanks says:
September 4, 2010 at 3:33 pm

It’s over, hopefully Wilson’s alright. Who knows where we’d be if we could snap the ball effectively. Lets put on the rose colored glasses just this week and hope for the best.

It's BEEN ova John! The SEC ref's and UF's pathetic conference schedule are the only reason it wasn't "over" last season!

Hey Gator John, you still "Lovin' it!"??

Go 'canes!

Hey Alan!

You pathetic "D" Bag!

"We should pay Meyer $10,000,000.00 a year!"

Go 'canes!

You are an over-rated bloated team coached by a nut job running a gimmick offense which will not win and produces 0 NFL talent.

The rats will start abandoning ship.

Get your excuses ready, Gatard trash.

Trey Burton is a straight white trash thug.

Your team is full of thugs.....who can't play.

The collapse HAS commenced.

USF looms. Maybe Brantley needs to talk more Jesus.



This may be a bad time to rehash an old, oozing wound, but do you all realize that UF lost to Ole Miss. at home in 2008, preventing the Gator's from attaining their FIRST EVER undefeated season??

But look at the bright side "D" Bags, you did get "The Speech" affixed to the side of that shyt dump facility you fools call the Swamp!


Hey Alan!

Go 'canes!

We're there "90 large" present today Gator John? I sure hope not!

You still "Lovin' it!"

Hey Alan!

Go 'canes!

It's bad Floriduuuuuhhhhh, really BAD!

Go 'canes!

YOU STRUGGLED against Miami OHIO ARE YOU SERIOUS? I'm sorry but that's just embarrassing.

Saw a lot of empty seats. Must have been "bring your own roaches" at the all you can eat barbeque.

Those orange n' blue "naggers" have a lot of work to do.

Nah-nananananah.........GO GATORS!!!!!!!


U haven't seen the bottom yet..........


I blame all this on that flakey AD Jeremy Foley. What's he thinking scheduling a MAC powerhouse out of the slot anyway? We should have had FIU or FAU or somebody crappy so we could work out the kinks and get our confidence up. This was just poor planning because all these teams from Miami...FL or OH...can play ball. Geez, I'm embarrassed to take the trash out now.

Congrats Gator fans for that embarrassing performance today,

May I remind you that Miami (OH) won 1 game last year.

At least you grew the balls to play a team with Miami in their name, but we all know that never works out well.

I don't want to hear one more word about Brantley. Even I can throw 10 yard strikes to the flats, not to mention SNAPPING THE DAMN BALL.

You have been EXPOSED!

And taking cracks and dead people is just CLASSLESS.

Oh, and that I-FORM was a JOKE....

That just shows the state of mind your coached are in....

Recruit for the SPREAD and try to play PRO-STYLE. It's not that simple....

Thanks for the laughs, Moody.


Congratulations are in order to the LIZARD nation on that fine offensive performance against the FAKE MIAMI team.....Bradley sure looked like a heisman candidate out there.

good luck against mighty UFC next week.

oops , almost forgot, your center sure looks like a stud.



Orange and Blue
you can go screw
you had your chance
but Urban sh&t his pants
Pouncey's a 'tard
your coach is a QUITTER
flush that whole crap school
right down the sh$tter

Jo -

Not only does our team suck, but now the entire SEC is the laughing stock of the country. Jax St beat the highly ranked (or so say our fans) Ole Miss Rebs, 49-48. We have to be the 4th or 5th best conference in the country now right? Right?

What's all that chirping sound in the back ground Jo?

I guess Miami of Ohio had lots of 5 stars too.

After Emmitt's dump huge dump and today's vomit, there's a lot to clean up at the old Trailer park.

Get to work, Trailer trash Gatards.


Practice All-American Brantley? EXPOSED

One man team for the last 4 years? EXPOSED

Elam cluless? EXPOSED

Still no running backs? EXPOSED

Horrible O-Line beginning with Pouncey 'Tard? EXPOSED


#1 Recruiting classes? EXPOSED



Does the SEC have a monopoly on buffoon coaches?

Urban? Check
Les Miles? Check
Houston Nutt? Check.

Don't worry Gatard trash, Timmy will be back on your sideline soon enough. Only he will be holding hands with Danny Weurffel.

Bryan Pata is still dead and no doubt due to the coke he sold. (Ask Tito)

But........the gators are still better then the canes..say all you want(we were young)but no one nationally thinks the canes are better then the canes. Let me here the '01 canes argue. STAY RELEVANT....oh and NEVIN SHAPIRO scares you. Ask your little lesbo president who broadcast it at Rosey's in Wilton Manors last weekend...not sure ask Robin Roberts?!

If Miami is so good(which Sobe is) why are you ass clowns on the Gator Clause all day on the canes day off? Get some stank finger once in awhile....

If B Pata was alive he would be doing lines off sckrippers at gold rush(open 24/7)

Ahhh, Pig. You have been drinking Windex because you are dirt poor trailer trash. Not even going to attempt to interpret you idiot speak.

Canes > Gatards.




Was Jeremy Foley at Club RamRod last night.

You know Pig, those boys love the buck-toothed varmint look.




Hey Gayturd fans......welcome to espn3.com next weekend, bwahahahahahahaha
And BEHIND the Canes no doubt. I see UFelony stunk the place up and can't be trusted on national tv. Urban Crier/Liar is loooking for a new excuse "we haves no depths".

Who is Brantley's back-up? A linebacker?

No depth on that crap team.

Buck Tooth is thankful he is still paying the refs off so FU doesnt have to worry about things. Now he can get back to making sure that o.o.c. schedule will never have any team with the name Miami appears on it
9 penalties on Miami only 6 on FU. Nothing ever changes with those SEC refs and FU

How many catches for DeBose?

Andre, it's not too late to transfer to a real team whobwont crush your career. Come down and join your Sandord Seminole teammates.

You can admit you made a mistake going to Gainesville U.

Is Marlin Barnes in ghostbuster 3 with me too>? Whos eon the gator blog on a saturday night?





lsu is crushing unc.... butch got schooled...doesn't he own U?

BTW the gators are 1-0...what will duh u be on 9/12????//

Debose wouldnt even make Miamis team. Ray Ray and Dyron wouldnt even waste their time answering the cell if he called

How about the powerhouse Jacksonville State going to Ole Miss and punking them in their own house 49-48. Ole Miss was the team that was over a 20 point underdog to FU then kicked them to the curb. You had better take a few minutes and send an email to Buck Tooth and make sure he doesnt put them on that powerful o.o.c. schedule of FUs

funny how sooo many canes fans are interested in a gator blog. worry about yer own team... yes the gators weaknesses are exposed - off coord and def coord suck compared to mullen and strong.

florida will finnish 8-5 with a bowl
game against a west coast opponent. welcome to mediocrisy gators fans.




Was this Pouncey 'tard #1's first day as a center?

Practice All-American Brantley: EXPOSED.

Defensive Coordinators in SEC dying of laughter.

Urban will quit on you Gatards......again.

Great win today gator boys. Fastest team in the country. This campaign will be ultra successfully. USF is toast. Brantley threw some beauties. SEC CHAMPIONSHIP here we come

keep drinking that Kool Aid gaytor Jim

Jimmy boy....


UF fans are a bunch of delusional NERDS

Jo, this porta-potty is FULL! How's about a new blog so the Gator faithful don't have to wade through all this shyt in order to step in my shyt!

Hey Alan!

You still "Lovin' it" Gator John in Pinecrest?? Time for a new "fake" name I suppose!

Go 'canes!

Do the Gatards have a varsity team?

The Canes fans on here are ridiculous. I read the article and then scrolled down hoping none of us had posted derogatory comments. Then we complain when Gator fans post on our blog.

Yeah, but no Canes fans post about dead or murdered Gatard players.

Gatard trash does. That is one of the many the difference that makes Gatards the trash of the NCAA.

Gatards, you are in denial. The nation laughs at you.

Brantley an All-American? Rejected.

Pouncey will be drafted, though, in the Raiford Prison Rec league.


The Canes fans on here are ridiculous. I read the article and then scrolled down hoping none of us had posted derogatory comments. Then we complain when Gator fans post on our blog.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | September 05, 2010 at 07:35 AM

It's called retaliation. They did it to our blogs for three years straight before we FINALLY returned the favor.

They were given MULTIPLE opportunities to prevent this, but Curse of Byran Pata (Curse Piggy, the blog terrorist with mother issues) chose even with this embarrassment to make false claims about Bryan Pata, so don't feel any pity for Curse piggy, he is getting everything and his taliban supporters on here deserve.

They don't like it, they should have thought about their own actions and the consequences of those actions. I am happy to see that the troll that threatened to lynch one black head coach just watched his team get humiliated by another black head coach.

If not for a bogus call that removed Miami's starting RB, this game might have been a COMPLETE loss for the gators.

Crosses will be burning in Gainesville tonight.....

Sarasota is spending his entire weekend here. Glad you enjoy the Gators. Love em or hate em, they consume you. What do you think about our Quarterback? Are we good?


I don't hat the Gatards. How cam you hate a joke? You just look, shake your head and laugh.

Gatards suck. It's simple. Hatred isn't involved.

No, go choke on your puke, Pig.

USF will torch the Gatards.

Pouncey, it wasn't the humidity, it was the bacon grease on your hands. 4 linemen playing out of position? What happenend to the depth?

I know..........you gots none.

LSU will paste 50 on you gatards and give up one late TD by Trey " I wanna be a gangsta" Burton.

The players will mutiny. Brantley hates Urban. Urban will quit.

Coach Steve "INTERIORALLY" Addazio will drive the garbage program into the crapper where it belongs n

Tebow was the Gators' sole reliable power runner in years past, and they have no obvious replacement. Tailbacks Jeff Demps and Emmanuel Moody and motion receiver Chris Rainey combined for a paltry 33 yards on 13 attempts before Demps finally broke a 72-yard touchdown run early in the fourth quarter. Florida had 28 total yards prior to that play.

Urban took the 2007 Pac 10 freshman Offensive Player of the Year and has made him disappear. Time to scrap the chickensh&t offense.

No depth; no player development. Just chicken grease fingers snapping to a practice All-American QB.

IT'S OVA Gatards.

9 point lead going into the 4th quarter, against a team that was TRYING to lose so they don't get stiffed on the paycheck coming out.

Another unnecessary late score to try to make it look respectable, but you guys were the talk of ESPN in how INCOMPETENT you looked.

Can't hide 26 yard in 3 quarters, with FOUR gift TDS being the difference in the game.

Pick 6, fake punt giving you the ball at the 20, Pick giving you the ball on the 5, and an uncalled holding penalty releasing a lightweight back for one long run. Good thing you padded the score and the stats in the fourth quarter, right? I bet Urban is wishing his game hadn't been on TV now, eh?

Even Gator fans were deserting that sinking ship, bunch of empty seats, and boos coming out of the seats that WERE filled with jorts and sleeveless shirts.

Watch your votes decline this week, and the Canes' votes increase.

I remember why I can't stand Miami fans! I paid for this app to read about Gator news. Go trash talk on your own app!! Good Grief, Jo is this what I'm paying you for? If so, I won't be back!!!!!!

kharma217 you must be in the rotation for QB at FU. They have a habit of crying too!

Addazio = Zook

Hey, dope, who says everyone here is a Miami fan. I happen to be a Vol. While I am no fan of Miami, I hate the Gators and am thrilled you are getting back what your arrogant sleazy fan base deserves.

We don't have a great team this year, but it looks like we have enough to handle you Gator trash.

Well well well turds, seems like u will be playing on espn3.com AFTER Miami......hahahahahaha I bet the turds LOSE angainst USF.

About you, Gatards. After one week, you are irrlelvant.

"The unexpected always happens. Week 1 just gave us a tasty morsel of the road ahead. Now the stage is set for one of the biggest weekends in college football history.

Get ready for Miami-Ohio State, Penn State-Alabama, Florida State-Oklahoma and Michigan-Notre Dame. Week 2 is nearly here."

the consequences of scheduling like the cowards you are

ESPN3 here they come.

I got my dial up re-installed so there is no way I can watch that train wreck.



Another Fat Whatever, no crying here. Gators have been having a great run. No team stays #1 every year. Miami fans should know that really well, how long has it been since the "u" (lowercase intended!) had a notable season? *Rhetorical, BTW!
I'm just saying, you can talk trash just go do it with your own! Anyway, I will just ignore the chat room. Don't need to waste time on this kind of meaningless conversation any longer, OUT!

Kharma don't worry about the U, especially when urban crier is saying we haves no depths (lower case u in urban intended) I mean really kharma blaming 20 year old boys is an all time low even for a snake like the urban liar.

I'm not worried about the hurricanes, that's why I am on a Gator board. Why do the u-fans feel the desire to come here and pout?
I didn't see any of this BS going on on the Miami or FSU boards. But this board is over run with haters!

In case you didn't know this, Kharma, it is because the Gator trolls did exactly this to the Miami baords for three whole years before we decided to retaliate.

I feel bad for you, I really do, but you are just getting a little taste of what we have had to tolerate, and we are not doing ANYTHING to the level that the Gator trolls have done on our sites.

Don't blame jo, blame the racist troll known as Curse of Art Kehoe. He claims he will lynch our head coach and our QB, he claims that our players are coke dealers (strange when the players getting arrested are Gators, not Canes), and claims that our team was gonna go 0-4.

There is a solution, and the racist was given that solution, but he prefers that his board read like this than that both boards read like football blogs.

Sorry, nothing personal, just the side effects of his scorched earth diplomacy.

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