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Florida Gators' five-linemen defense could be the trick to beating Alabama Crimson Tide

GAINESVILLE -- Florida plays Alabama in 12 days. The final countdown begins right now.

I realize that the Gators play Kentucky on Saturday. I'm going to ignore that game for the most part this week and focus on what really matters for the Gators. And what really matters for the Gators hasn't really changed since Dec. 5, 2009. That's when running backs Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson took control of the Southeastern Conference and thumped Florida 32-13 in the SEC championship game. Like I was saying, Florida plays Alabama in 12 days.

I realize it's the players' jobs to play "one game at a time." I asked UF running back Jeff Demps on Saturday after Florida 31, Tennessee 17 if the Gators could defeat Alabama right now. "No comment," he said. Well, I'm not a player, so I don't really care about nonsense like that. All bets are off when the opponent between now and Alabama is Kentucky. Florida is 23-0 against Kentucky since 1986!

Did anyone notice a change in the Gators' defense last Saturday? UF used a five-linemen formation on defense throughout the game. The new look stuffed Tennessee's talented running backs. That same formation likely will be used in attempt to contain Kentucky running back Derrick Locke on Saturday. Or, put another way, Saturday's game against Kentucky will be the new formation's second dress rehearsal before No.9 Florida plays No.1 Alabama at 8 p.m. on Oct.2

Featured in the new defensive package on Saturday were defensive ends Duke Lemmens and Justin Trattou and defensive tackles Jaye Howard, Terron Sanders and Omar Hunter. The five-man front plays to UF's defensive strength, which is depth at defensive tackle. Obviously, that's where Alabama will be running the ball.

Check tomorrow's paper for a more in-depth story on this subject with stats and perspectives from UF coaches and players. In the meantime, talk amongst yourselves: Can UF's new defensive line contain Alabama's backfield combination of Mark Ingram and Trent Richardson?



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Nevin will tell us what really is going on. We will be a better school because of it not like you gators. Go ahead and play in the best conference that wins all the NCs. Our conference may be the laughing stock but we put playas in the NFL!

Also, since I am a crusader for justice, I am trying to set up a Beer Summit with Douglas Diaz and Jacory Harris. I will have complete blog coverage as soon as it happens.(No twitta coverage)

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Wow, stealing an ID, the usual Gator Troll method of reacting when they are LOSING the argument badly.

It's all yours. Anytime you want to use it, since it speaks the truth, go ahead. I have a spare that ALSO speaks the truth. Approved by Ashley Slonina.

"Look moron those players were going to be in the NFL regardless of where they went to college."

Huh? First you trolls claim we can't get any good talent, and now you claim that we get NFL quality talent. Make up your minds and get back to us when you have your story straight.

"Isn't funny how those former UM players underachieved at UM? What does that mean???"
Underachieved? They OVERACHIEVED, being two star players that signed with a team coming off probation, got into BCS title games, which got them drafted in the first round. Yeah, they underachieved.

"Your coaching and program couldn't win with superior talent. Um didn't do anything for these players as far as the NFL is concerned."
Yeah, Ed Reed, 2 star player from Louisiana, wasn't helped by joining a championship team and running back that TD against Boston College.

Yeah, Jimmy Graham, an undrafted basketball player, wasn't helped by joining a rebuilding team and becoming a higher draft pick that your Aaron Hernandez. Do you even KNOW the Canes players that you are constantly insulting with your racial hatred? Probably know them as well as the UM President that you obsessively attack with your homophobic comments.

"Don't worry Nevin Shapiro will let everyone know what UM did to attract these players."
Pinning your hopes on a convict. Figures a Gator Troll would do that, when that is what your team is made up of. LMAO!

"Its sad when all you have to boast about is how good your ex players are playing."
It's sad when you boasted about one of yours, but when someone responds showing how empty that boast is, you claim that is all we have to boast about. Fewer arrests, better graduation rate, more titles, better head to head record, more conference titles, better pipeline to the NFL, better current national reputation, more diverse coaching staff, and fewer trolls. We got ALOT to boast about besides how our players are dominating the NFL.

"You know clearly that today in college football UM is a mediocre team in a crappy conference. Its slowly starting to settle in with Miami fans. The past is gone. Today Miami sucks."

Ranked 19th and below is mediocre? I guess that means USC, Michigan, and Penn State are mediocre or worse. I guess that means half the teams in the SEC are mediocre or worse. I guess the Gators have been mediocre or WORSE for most of their 100 years. I guess that shows the Gators are afraid to even SCHEDULE a mediocre team out of conference and out of state, since NONE of the teams they have scheduled since 1991 were out of conference, ranked above 19th, and were out of state games. And I guess that shows the Gators are afraid to even play a mediocre team, since NONE of the teams they have played are even mediocre.

Posted by: Donna Shalala | September 22, 2010 at 10:15 AM

Herbstreit can blow sunshine up your ass all he wants but Miami can't win big games.

The Who scored 10 offensive points against OSU. They needed to special teams scores to be in the game. And you talk about the Gator offensive struggles. U suck clowns.

Hey but you have all those NFL players.... which means absolutely nothing. Run along loser.

Posted by: Donna Shalala | September 22, 2010 at 10:19 AM

Florida scored 13 offensive points against Alabama WITH Tim Tebow the last time they played a top team. What's your point, that teams score less against good defenses? Wow, glad you FINALLY figured that out, moron.

As for running along, try and make me leave, moron. You guys demand free speech when it suits you, but as soon as someone proves you wrong, you demand that they leave. Too bad, it's too late, retaliation will continue as long as you and your racist buddy attack Canes blogs.

“A lot of people are probably going to be mad at me, but at the end of the day I only know one thing and that’s loyalty,” Haslem said Tuesday on the Dan LeBatard Show on 790 The Ticket in South Florida. “In my house growing up, you were a Hurricane or you were homeless. I went to the University of Florida, which was a business decision. You have business decisions in life. And I love the Gators, I love coach [Billy] Donovan, I love the opportunity that they gave me. But I’m always going to be a Hurricane in my heart and I’m always going to root for the Canes.”

It's great...to be...a Miami Hurricane!!!!




Where is your golden boy Ken Dorsey? He isn't even good enough to sit on the bench.
Where is Kyle Wright, Brock Berlin, Kirby Freeman?
I thought Miami was quarterback U???What happened???
Who is the next allstar qb at the Who?
Another Northwestern clown isn't it? Yeah you guys are elite.

Posted by: Donna Shalala | September 22, 2010 at 10:39 AM

Wow, we have a top RB, WR, TE, OL, DL, LB, DB, and so you try to claim we are weak because our top QBs have retired?

Hmm, compared to Leak, Grossman, Bell, Tebow, and the rest of your QBs, you have no room to talk.
Kelly > Spurrier. It's True.

Kelly > Spurrier. It's True.

Posted by: Bloody Credit Cards | September 22, 2010 at 12:36 PM


(Bernie and Vinnie too!)

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Great the other assclown is here too. Keep up the pig comments - they are great!

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Posted by: SS Trailertrash

No work today at the site I see. How are your canes going to fair tomorrow night?

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living on the past canes - check
excuses for INT12's picks - check

seems to be all set!

Just exactly what language does Michael Irving speak ?

Posted by: Nevin Shapiro | September 22, 2010 at 02:26 PM

Is that your response to the Quarterback U question?? Ha Ha Ha Ha, you kill me dude! As soon as you're backed into a corner on a given topic, you change the subject!

P.S. Doesn't Meyer look "masterful" with his timeouts this season? BUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! The dude is clueless without Mullen and Tebow.

(Credit where due, UF's defense looks stellar against unranked patsies, you better hope that holds up against 'bama.)

Again Jo, thanks for keeping this mess with the source!

I think it was a little more than Alabama's running backs that gave Florida their 2009 SEC Championship loss. While they were a huge contributor, did you miss the defense and the rest of the offense?

Florida has gotten incredibly lucky so far.

I guess we'll just see how things turn out though.

BAMA made tebow cry like a baby and put myers in the hospital. ROLL TIDE

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