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Grading the Gators after UF 34, Miami (Ohio) 12

GAINESVILLE -- Before we hand out grades from Florida 34, Miami (Ohio) 12, here's a link to my game story in Sunday's paper LINK! and here's a link to my story in Monday's paper. LINK! My post-game video report is attached to the first link, so watch that and leave a comment here on the blog if you want to give me some pointers or advice for the camera. I'll be doing post-game video reports after every game this season, so give me some feedback and maybe we'll change up the format next week.

OK, onto the grades ...

Florida's offense was painful to watch at times on Saturday and the offensive line played a big role in the misery. Starting left guard Carl Johnson was suspended for disciplinary reasons. James Wilson was moved from right guard to left guard but he went down with a knee injury. Center Mike Pouncey had trouble snapping the ball. Maurice Hurt looked shaky at right tackle at times. A bright spot, sophomore Jon Halapio made his first start at right guard and opened a huge hole for running back Jeff Demps on his touchdown run. It's worth noting that Pouncey showed great maturity after the game in answering questions from reporters about his mistakes. It was a pro move from a future pro.

-Upon further review (I taped the game and went through it on Sunday), I counted 14 shotgun snaps from Pouncey that were off target. For all you ledge jumpers out there who think UF should fire Steve Addazio or whatever (I've gotten at least a dozen emails), consider how difficult it must have been for John Brantley to focus on the offense when he had to direct his attention to something so trivial as a snap from his center. Florida's offensive line was supposed to be its strength this year and it still might be, but in the season opener a poor offensive line limited the offense.

-I, for one, don't believe all the nonsense being made about how UF coach Urban Meyer knew his offense was going to struggle in the season opener. I realize Meyer said this on Saturday, but again I don't believe it. If you're Meyer, you don't think your offense is going to struggle against a Miami of Ohio team that won only one game in 2009. Meyer said repeatedly over the offseason that it was his opinion that several great recruiting classes would allow UF to transition smoothly into life without Tim Tebow. Meyer specifically said that UF's 2010 team would be better than UF's 2007 team. In 2007, Florida won its season opener 49-3 and had 510 yards of total offense. Tebow threw for 300 yards and three touchdowns.

-If Meyer knew his center was going to ruin the offense with bad snaps for most of the game, then Meyer would not have allowed that player to play the position. Remember, Meyer said last week that he nixed the idea of Pouncey moving to right tackle (and Sam Robey playing center) because he didn't want the offense to resemble the Bad News Bears. 

-Meyer said on Saturday that he expected Xavier Nixon to return to action this week but the timetable for Nixon's return for a game might be longer, based on the average time players need to heal following arthroscopic knee surgeries (about three weeks). Nixon might not be available until the Gators' trip to Tennessee. If I had to speculate on a Sunday night, I'd say this is going to be the Gators' starting offensive line against South Florida: left tackle Marcus Gilbert, left guard Carl Johnson, center Mike Pouncey, right guard Jon Halapio, right tackle Maurice Hurt.

-If I had to wager a guess, I'm betting this will be the starting offensive line against Tennessee: left tackle Xavier Nixon, left guard Carl Johnson, center Mike Pouncey, right guard Maurice Hurt, right tackle Marcus Gilbert.

-James Wilson might not be available against South Florida. Wilson injured his knee during the fourth quarter against Miami (Ohio).

Less than a week after it was announced that Earl Okine would be moving back to defensive line and no longer contributing at tight end, Okine was back at tight end during the Gators' season opener. Why? Meyer said it was for the Gators' goal-line offense but Okine was in the game when the Gators weren't on the goal line. That means either one of two things: 1. Okine had to play tight end because UF doesn't trust its hybrid players to block effectively; 2. UF was playing its goal-line offense (John Brantley under center) during the second half because center Mike Pouncey was having trouble executing his shotgun snaps.

It's my opinion that tight end is currently the biggest problem for UF's offense. On Saturday, UF used several players at tight end, H-back or fullback, including Okine, Trey Burton, Omarius Hines and T.J. Pridemore. What does that mean? It means UF's offense can do a lot things, but, for now, UF's offense can't do a lot of things well.

"You saw what I did," Meyer replied to me when I asked him about the importance of the tight-end position.

UF should get Jordan Reed (bruised knee) back this week to play tight end, but Reed is a redshirt freshman and former high school quarterback. He might take some time to get used to the position. Burton is a true freshman who is splitting time as the Gators' Wildcat quarterback. Hines is a converted receiver. Pridemore might turn into an important player if UF begins putting John Brantley under center more often.

The position grades out a C+ because there were some positives on Saturday. Hines had a touchdown reception and Burton rushed for a score as the Wildcat quarterback.

UF's receivers looked a little nervous on Saturday. Chris Rainey fumbled in the first quarter, Deonte Thompson missed an opportunity for a touchdown reception and Carl Moore dropped a pass. I'm not labeling Thompson's pass a drop because it appeared to be good coverage on the play. Most people are calling the play a drop but the camera angle on the replay makes it appear like the defensive back might have held Thompson's arm. Either way, you'd think a receiver from UF could get a little separation on a Miami (Ohio) cornerback.

Rainey, the converted running back, led UF's receivers with six receptions. Demps, a running back, had four receptions. Hines had three receptions, Thompson had three and Burton had one. So, if you're counting, only one traditional receiver caught a pass on Saturday for UF. Not good.

-Expect Frankie Hammond Jr. to see the field against South Florida.

-Andre Debose didn't play on Saturday. Meyer said Debose wasn't suspended; rather, Meyer said Debose was too young and not ready to play. Here's what I think, if Debose wasn't suspended then he was on DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION. Expect Debose to be involved against South Florida.

-Quinton Dunbar might be an option against South Florida with a good week of practice.

Two big plays provided most of UF's rushing yards. Jeff Demps led UF with 98 yards rushing but most of that came on his 72-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter. Mike Gillislee had six carries for 55 yards but most his production came in the fourth quarter on a 41-yard run. Emmanuel Moody had five carries for five yards.

The position grade takes a big hit because of all the fumbles. Who didn't fumble? Interested to hear what new running backs coach Stan Drayton has to say about this.

-UF's running game must improve. There is no other option. Tim Tebow is gone and Trey Burton can't run the ball 15 times a game out of the single wing. John Brantley has the ability to run the ball but that would be a bad idea. What if he got hurt? Could you image UF's offense right now without Brantley?

John Brantley completed 17 of 25 passes for 113 yards and two touchdowns in his 2010 debut. Those are pretty good numbers but I've got to imagine Brantley isn't happy with them. His longest completion was for 25 yards. Only 25 yards? Against Miami (Ohio)? It was frustrating to watch for me and I'm an objective observer. I can't imagine what it was like for fans. Watching Brantley complete those little dump passes to Rainey, Demps and Burton was like watching a professional pianist bang out "Chopsticks" during a concert.

Brantley explained after the game that UF's offense was attempting to get the ball into the hands of its speedy playmakers. Last time I checked, thrown footballs travel faster than any player. If Florida doesn't trust its receivers enough to stretch the field vertically, then this offense is going to become predictable very quickly.

Brantley had a 10-yard touchdown pass to Omarius Hines in second quarter. His 25-yard touchdown pass to Rainey was a desperation throw on a four-and-21 scramble near the end of the game. Brantley just threw it up for grabs and Rainey got lucky and caught the ball off a deflection.

Brantley said last week that he was going to be nervous for the season opener. It probably didn't help his nerves that his center couldn't get him ball. He had a few bad passes but, to his credit, didn't throw any interceptions.

As you would expect, the Gators' defensive line dominated Miami (Ohio). The Redhawks had four yards rushing. Defensive tackle Jaye Howard was impressive. He had two sacks for minus-12 yards and five tackles. Defensive tackles Omar Hunter and Sharrif Floyd also stood out. Defensive end Justin Trattou was his usual steady self. He had three tackles. Linemen Ronald Powell, Duke Lemmens, Dominique Easley, Earl Okine, Lawrence Marsh and Brandon Antwine each had one tackle.

Jon Bostic played well in the middle in his debut. He looked excellent at times, including when he deflected a pass for an interception. Congratulations goes out to senior Lorenzo Edwards, who had four tackles on Saturday. It took four years for Edwards to earn playing time but he did well when finally given a chance. Jelani Jenkins had three tackles and started at weak-side linebacker. Brandon Hicks (limited with a hand injury) had one tackle. Strong-side linebacker A.J. Jones had three tackles, including a tackle for a loss of six yards.

Janoris Jenkins had a 67-yard interception return for a touchdown. He also had five tackles and three pass break-ups. Playing on a sprained ankle, Jeremy Brown had an interception in the second half. Brown entered the game when Moses Jenkins went down with an arm injury. True freshman Matt Elam had four tackles, including a tackle for a loss, as the Gators' nickel back. Elam showed plenty of promise.

Ahmad Black led the Gators with 12 tackles. He also had 1.5 tackles for loss for minus-4 yards. His interception and 40-yard return in the second quarter led to an easy touchdown for the Gators' offense. Redshirt freshman Josh Evans played tentatively at free safety in his debut. Evans received the start due to Will Hill's suspension. Evans had two tackles and watched Black make most of the plays.

Usually a strength for Gators, special teams was simply average on Saturday. Gillislee had the day's highlight with a 65-yard kickoff return. Demps totaled 56 yards on two kickoff returns. Rainey returned a punt for 15 yards. Kicker Caleb Sturgis missed a 44-yard field goal attempt in the third quarter. He later failed on a point-after attempt. UF punter Chas Henry had one punt for 27 yards, but he was kicking from the back of his own end zone. No blocks for the Gators' punt team. I expected at least one against Miami (Ohio).

The defense saved Florida on Saturday but you have to consider the opponent when making the grades. Miami (Ohio) is not Miami (Coral Gables). For three quarters on Saturday, it appeared the offense for the Gainesville High School football team was playing inside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. That's harsh criticism but how else to describe less than 30 yards of total offense through three quarters.



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Why do GAtors regress under urbie instead of progressin.
& why 51 ex-CANES in the NFL, GAtors have only 39 & FSU has 32..
u have an all-american in pouncey who cant snap the ball, thompson cant catch a cold & has alliGAtor arms, debose is a bust, moody's a bust, teabag had 2 go 2 throwin school after 4 years with urbie, hernandez has 2 go 2 blockin school after 4 years with urbie.
Alabama's playin Penn St., LSU played No. Carolina, FSU's playin Oklahoma, Miami's playin Ohio St.
GAtors play miami of ohio, appalachen st, charleston southern, ETC..

Let's head up to Gainesville to attend the church (one of the thousands that dot every corner of that craphole) for the Koran burning. Sounds like an intelligent way to spend an afternoon.

Wow. Talk about a hillbilly backwater just flush that whole trailerpark down the toilet.

Maybe they will try to burn textbooks next but we all know because of budget cuts, there are no textbooks. What a dump.

While Mike Pouncey's repeated wild pitches against Miami of Ohio were most emblematic of Florida's offensive "incompetence," as Urban Meyer put it, the stench went far deeper than that.

Stench? Yep. EXPOSED? Yep.

Jump pass Jesus is gone and so are you chances of winning more than 6 games, Gatards.

Oh well. More time to study for your STARCRAFTER final.

Great job on the video Jo. If I may sir, allow me to offer up a few pointers.

-Tighten up your tie knot. Sure you're a rough and tumble football beat guy. But when the light comes on you have to shine baby. I was certain that you were wearing one of those one piece Naked Gun suits that Frank Drebin shed with one hand.

-Modulate your voice. You're coming across a little bit flat. Actually, a lot flat. Use some volume and tone up and down with your voice and you will sound much more enthusiastic.

-Nice job on the "hand work." Either you have it or you don't. The Brian Williams-esque pen in your hand was pure magic man. Even though we know that moments earlier you were sitting around mowing down Krispy Kremes, the pen suggests that you have been furiously working.
Nice touch.

Overall: Spring is done. Time to bring the goods. Lose that Mike Pouncey tie knot and you could make some serious noise.
Grade- C+

Urbie meltdown right around the corner hope I get gator games in my area see it.

As far as linebackers go, Bostic looked pretty good but what impressed me was Jelani Jenkins putting his head down and sticking some people. That was good to see. Neiron Ball showed some potential, too.

BTW... pretty fair assessment Jo (not to be confused with JOANNE).

C- Jo? And you consider yourself an "objective observer"? Coming from the biggest homer ever with orange & blue glasses that's beyond laughable. Anyone with a brain watching that game thought it was a rerun of the keystone cops. That offense would have made the Top 10 of Laurel & Hardy pal. And Miami OH handed the game to FU with multiple turnovers and stupid coaching decisions (fake punt from your own 20 yd line?). The real true grade for any football "expert" understanding the entirety of the circumstances (#4 team at HOME against an 1-11 team that's a cellar dwellar in a weak conference, favored by 40+) would clearly give this team a D- or F rating. FU couldn't have beaten Duke with that crappy product they tried to pass off as a football team.

Looks like we have an "expert" in our midst.

Thank you.
BTW, someone stole more than Jo's bike after this failed report. You know what the NAACP always says...

For those that might have missed it, my last post contained just a wee bit of sarcasm.

Where is the racist cowardly Pig?

May Pouncy can take some of his brothers agent money received before the bowl game last year and get snapping lessons.
What a joke, Ufelony should be out of the top 20 after that showing. FAMU would have beat the turds by 20.
The NCAA Sanctions are coming!!! BAWAAHHHH

Gator Clause, that defense played one of the worst offenses in College football not to mention some of the worst play calling. The fact that they scored on you should be rated a D-.
It is like old times now with UF back to being irrelevent.

i dug the fat tie knot...good work, Jo

I think you are slightly too harsh on the offense (especially WR and RB) and slightly too kind to the defense. They played Miami(OH) its one game and never in the history of my nearly 40 years of watching college football have I seen a center snap as poorly as that.

For Florida the most disturbing things were: the offensive play calling that continued to be offensive. Brantley can throw better than Tebow take the gloves off. Can't throw 4 screen passes in a row followed by a shuffle pass without going downfield more. WRs didn't play that bad. Thompson was pushed before his drop. Really questioned an offense that seem to feature Trey Burton. Where the heck is all the playmakers. Agree w/you on debose...whoa he didn't play stick didn't add up.

It is amazing with all the snap judgements that are being made with games against Miami(OH), FAMU, and good gosh Samford?? You'll see more about where all 3 of these teams stand this week...especially Miami and FSU. If you think Florida won't correct the snapping problem by all means you should move them down in the polls, otherwise...

And for the Cane fans that ruin this UF football board. GO HOME. Focus on Ohio St. Don't worry your sweet little heads with UF. Its bad for you.

Wheres the reportin on this game & the GAtors;
why was will hill held out,
why was carl johnson held out,
why was debose not playin,
why was pouncey still playin center after 12 bad snaps,
why so many fumbles,
why so many drops,
why were u playin such a competitive team in ur 1st game,
why did urbin look medicated on the sideline,
why is addazzio ur offensive coordinator besides bein urbies friend..

Jo and Gatorade, you guys sound like you're giving DT a pass on that endzone drop. I watched that play in super slow several times. the DB pawed at him a little bit but WASN'T touching him at the moment the ball hit his hands. The DB definitely didn't rough him up. Even if he did get physical with him, it's STILL Thompson's job to CATCH THE DAMN BALL! It was an oh s#&t moment for me. No way he deserves a pass on that play under the "good d" category. Uhh uhh. More like he deserves an ass chewing under the "soft WR" category. And his hands were still relatively low. Inexcusable.

Moody? I have supported you for years. Now have a seat young man.

You nailed it on the need for more downfield passing Jo. Spread the field laterally AND vertically. I'm starting to have doubts about the play calling. You telling me we can't sling it around against Miami? Ditch the option NOW!

Difficult to grade any of the offense actually. You can't botch the start of 14 plays and expect anything from the offense. Still in wait and see mode on the offense. Saturday was no indicator.


This blog looks mighty SPEECHLESS

the team looked downright pitiful. that goes without saying. It seems like there were alot of guys that didnt see playing time, wether due to injury or suspension. I dont think Pouncey will have another game like that. theres no way he could have looked that bad in spring and still have the job. patchan, Nixon, and Johnson will all be back next week or by Tennessee. that will add better continuity on offense. as will debose and hammond jr. The defense looked stout. will hill's return can only make tht unit better.

im sure the playbook was watered down due to the opponent however, Addazio still seems to have no desire to throw the ball downfield. that guys horrible!! Next week will tell the truth about the Gators.

Canes are 8.5 underdogs and that is mostly because Randy Shannon is head coach. You deducted 6 points for that.

All those supposed #1 classes and.....and....?

Either the coaching is terrible and masked by the play of 1 player over the past 3 years; OR

those players were rated high because UF was recruiting them (this used to be known as Notre Dame Syndrome and look what happened).

Either way, Gatards were EXPOSED and the mythical Gatard Nation (did it even exist during the Zooker years?) is in a panic.

IT'S OVA. NOW, get back to your roach and yardbird barbeque at the trailerpark community center.

Was FinCane in the video, trying to fit in, or just trying to learn how to write?


It is OK if you have a disability, but preface your entries that way FinCane.

That is all Gatard trash has? A video of a fight in the stands?

Have you ever seen the trailertrash Labor Day picnic? Those trailerpark 'necks fight over every last roach-ka-bob.

All it took was one week to make you irrelevant Gatard Trash.


"no one is talking" arent you just the hater. you must be a fan of a team that Florida's been kicking tje s#*t out of for the last few years. If your a noles fan you have every right to be pissed. 6times in a row and 2 national titles while teams like Wake Forest have been owning Fsu, id be pissed too. if your a Hurricanes fan.....well considering they havent even sniffed the ACC title game in a conference thats been bottom feeding, you can hate too!



when are you going to realize adazzio is predictable, un-imaginative and simply not what the Gator faithful would expect in an offensive coord after having the likes of Mullen on our sideline. Mullen basically carved out the sculpture that is the flrida offense

Like I said all along, Tebow made the difference. Now the whole world can see it for themselves!!


when are you going to realize adazzio is predictable, un-imaginative and simply not what the Gator faithful would expect in an offensive coord after having the likes of Mullen on our sideline. Mullen basically carved out the sculpture that is the flrida offense

Posted by: j0ec00l | September 06, 2010 at 06:23 PM

It's a little premature to start criticizing Addazio's play calling, in my opinion. That said, criticize him all you want for Pouncey. Seriously, does it really matter what plays you call if you have 14 bad snaps in a game and eight fumbles? No, it does not.


if you rad my earlier comments i totally agree about Adazzio being no good. but to say Florida irrelevant is a tad bit premature

Jo, excellent job, as always! Love reading your articles and your blog. Keep up the great work!

Yes, our offense looked like crap on Saturday, but mostly because of poor snaps and poor blocking. No doubt they will look far better against USF.

Canes live and die Gator football. You can't read a Gator article / blog on the Herald without a million Canes posting. What a sad bunch of nobodies, who never even attended "the U". Instead of posting here, go to the games, so Jacory and his buds don't have to play in front of a half empty stadium, you cheap losers!


Saw plenty of empty seats at the septic tank.

Will the Gatards ever go to the Horseshoe?

Answer: not unless they are playing Akron. More cowardice from the biggest garbage program in the country.

EXPOSED. Fire coach nutjob before it is too late.

Now, get back to your rat-k-bobs, Gatard trash.

Hahahahaha...the quarterbacks got a b- lmao....where waas Brantleys supposed strong arm at JO? I watched this game in its rotten entirety and all I saw was Brantley throwin the ball up for whoever wanted it. Alabama is gonna crush the turds, probably even twice.

"limp wrist and soft wet hands.".

Yep, Urban that about explains Pouncey.

Don't hear too much garbage fro Gatard fans about how good their Oline is. Hmmmm, what changed in only 2 weeks? Or maybe it was never true.

Now go meet Terry Jones at Dove Church and burn some Koran's you ignorant 'necks.

weeklong beatdown



How disgusting that the same racist trailer trash that attacks Canes blogs 24-7 and hates America's freedoms will endanger American Troops against the advice of a true American Hero in General Petraeus.

Meanwhile, he is on Canes blogs joking about the difference between "creme" (spelled wrong, what an idiot), and mocha, in a weak attempt at continuing his racist garbage while trying to make sure Gator Steve doesn't finally ban him.

No wonder Canes fans are FINALLY retaliating for his years of unfounded attacks on Canes sites.

In person? He is a fat coward with mother issues in the Norman Bates category. On the web fake tough guy that calims he played for the Gators in football and has a 7% body fat ratio.

He is missing a 0 on that 70% body fat rate, right racist Curse piggy?


Posted by: gatorade | September 06, 2010 at 09:24 PM

Hey hypocrite, your racist Curse posts on Canes blogs under multiple IDs 24/7/365 for the past three years, and you taliban supporters said we had to just get a thicker skin and tolerate his threats of lynching our coach and other hate crimes like breaking Jacory Harris in half.

Now a few Canes fans come on here to question your weak schedule and the weak results of that schedule against a 1-11 team, and you want us to get off this board? Too late, payback is not just happening at the Horseshoe this week, but here on this blog, home of the blog terrorist Curse piggy. Even tying in all caps is not gonna change that.

I tired to use diplomacy, but it was ignored, so now the scorched earth battle begins.

"u completely lacked quality wins. They just weren’t there. And you were chock full o embarrassing wins."

Yeah, beating FSU on the road, trouncing GT, and beating title contender Oklahoma were not quality wins, you obsessed sicko.

How many quality wins did UFelony have last year? Alabama? Nope. Cincinnati after they lost their head coach and gave up on the season? Nope. Three freebies in your house and an FSU team already demoralized and exposed by the Canes? Nope.

You sicko hypocrite, you have NO ROOM to talk about embarrassing wins after YOUR staurday performance.

BTW, you might want to change your "Still Buffering" ID, because you are on ESPN 3 with week. I guess in one week they are now a quality website providing quality sports, right hypocrite sicko?

Also, blaming Canesrule's retaliation for your racist comments is like blaming your mother for your great obesity. YOU were the one that didn't stop at three breakfast pizzas, not her.

Still rilfing through Ashely Slonina's purse sicko? Jamar already got the cards, all that is left are some memories for her family, give them back the purse, sicko.

"Florida's offense was painful to watch at times on Saturday and the offensive line played a big role in the misery."
That's not a Cane saying that, that is your OWN beat reporter.

"Starting left guard Carl Johnson was suspended for disciplinary reasons."
Another suppressed drug test, arrest, or beating?

"James Wilson was moved from right guard to left guard but he went down with a knee injury."
Shuffling players around? I thought you Gators had depth? Shannon moved a guy from offense to defense and he is now in the NFL. Shannon moved a guy from basketball to football and he is now in the NFL. Urban? He is just moving lawn chairs on the Titanic.

"Center Mike Pouncey had trouble snapping the ball."

"Maurice Hurt looked shaky at right tackle at times. A bright spot, sophomore Jon Halapio made his first start at right guard and opened a huge hole for running back Jeff Demps on his touchdown run."
Offensive Holding will do that for a guy when the ref doesn't call it.

"It's worth noting that Pouncey showed great maturity after the game in answering questions from reporters about his mistakes. It was a pro move from a future pro."
100,000 in speech lessons sure did pay off, eh?

"Upon further review (I taped the game and went through it on Sunday), I counted 14 shotgun snaps from Pouncey that were off target."
Holey Moley! Maybe you can get Ronnie Wilson to snap from center, he is good with an AK47, a shotgun should be a piece of cake for him!!!

"For all you ledge jumpers out there who think UF should fire Steve Addazio or whatever (I've gotten at least a dozen emails),"
Wow, the bandwaggon is emptying fast. Addazio goes from "The best HC in the country" during Urban's one-day breakdown, to now not even being a good OC? LOL!

"Florida's offensive line was supposed to be its strength this year and it still might be, but in the season opener a poor offensive line limited the offense."
Their strength? I sure SMELLED strong, it REEKED! USF is no Miami of OHIO, they are gonna make Pouncey and Co suffer for their poor play.

"limp wristed and soft wet hands."

is that Brantley's boyfriend or Pouncey?

"The defense saved Florida on Saturday but you have to consider the opponent when making the grades."
A 1-11 team comes in KNOWING they have to purposely lose if they want to be invited to Gainesville again, but even with one INT for a TD, a fake punt from the 20 for another short field and a third INT to the 5, 21-12 going into the fourth is NOT just C-, that is a D-. A gator sneak attacking the Miami Ohio starting RB to knock him out of the game sure helped, too. Might have been the play of the game for the Gators. The Gators were LOSING after one quarter, and the fans were booing. The nation watched Ubran with another late TD to try to beat the spread, but even THAT still left them far behind.

"For three quarters on Saturday, it appeared the offense for the Gainesville High School football team was playing inside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium. That's harsh criticism but how else to describe less than 30 yards of total offense through three quarters."
Gainesville high would have had more than 30 yards versus Miami of Ohio, their center knows how to snap the ball at least. Other than that, this isn't a Cane saying that, this is jo, your OWN beat writer, pointing out the OBVIOUS, that this team is lost without Tebow.

Koran burning.



Is Trailerville the center of the idiot universe.

Now, stupidity and ignorance is joined with trailertrash.


No. 4 Florida opened the post-Tim Tebow era with a resounding thud, maybe the sound of high expectations crashing to the ground. Yes, the Gators got four interceptions, several red-zone stops and two late touchdowns to beat heavy underdog Miami (Ohio) 34-12 Saturday.

"I didn't imagine the offense's incompetence that we experienced today," Meyer said.

Fast Facts

• The Florida offense had 26 total yards entering the final quarter, had three lost fumbles and turned the ball over on downs twice, and got three TDs thanks to an INT return for a TD, another to the 5, and a turnover on downs at the Redhawks 20. 21 of those 34 points were a gift. Another TD gained by a non-called holding penalty, ad the final one on 4th and 21 with 1:21 left, when the other team is not expecting such a classless display and is playing the run.

• The Florida defense held the RedHawks to 212 yards and created four turnovers of their own, including a pick-6 by Janoris Jenkins to give Florida its first TD of the season. The Gators were also held to 212 yards, 186 in the 4th quarter as Urban went into run up the score mode.

• Urban Meyer is 10-0 all-time in season openers, all against freebie patsies at home, paid for so that the victory is guaranteed.


Miami (OH) and UFelony
Miami 16 to 12 in first downs.
Total yards the same, 212 (what a boring game it was, too)
Miami (OH) passed for 208 yards on that defense, almost twice that of Jesus III, 208 to 113, with the biggest 25 coming after the game was decided, in a stats-padding late TD pass. 16 for 24 for an anemic 78 yards in 58 minutes of play.
Miami (OH) got called for three more penalties, in yet another attempt to aid UFelony.
And Miami OWNED the ball for almost 10 minutes more. Three bad passes, one by the punter, and this game is a loss for the Gators.

"I kept telling Pouncey to snap the ball interiorally, but he just wouldn't listen. It was like he doesn't understand trailbonics or something!"

Gators Jeff Demps sprints for a 72-yard touchdown. Always helps to have the fastest man in college on your team on days like this.


Posted by: 305_Gators | September 04, 2010 at 02:48 PM

And it helps that holding calls are not made on the Gators in their home stadium, right? Blatent hold in the replay that gets ignored by a suddenly nervous ref crew.

In case you're wondering, the Gators' lowest offensive total in Urban Meyer Era was 206 yards against LSU in 2005. Florida currently has 157 total offensive yards against Miami of Ohio with less than four minutes left in the game.


Posted by: 305_Gators | September 04, 2010 at 03:10 PM

So, if not for the late running up the score 25 yard TD pass against a team that had already given up, thinking that the Gators would show SOME class and run out the clock rather than get their QB over 100 yards passing, the 212 total yards would have been only 187, a new low under the "healtier" Urban Meyer? LOL!!!!!

This may be a bad time to rehash an old, oozing wound, but do you all realize that UF lost to Ole Miss. at home in 2008, preventing the Gator's from attaining their FIRST EVER undefeated season??

But look at the bright side "D" Bags, you did get "The Speech" affixed to the side of that shyt dump facility you fools call the Swamp!

Posted by: Sarasota 'cane | September 04, 2010 at 04:19 PM

You aren't talking about Curse Piggy's mom's moneymaker when you say "an old, oozing wound", am I right?

Ahhh, you mean the same Ole (swing and a) Miss team that lost to Jax ST? Holy cow, the SEC house of cards is starting to cave in. Miami Ohio, Northwestern, and Jax St. are better than the mighty SEC? LMAO!

Bryan Pata is still dead and no doubt due to the coke he sold. (Ask Tito)

But........the gators are still better then the canes..say all you want(we were young)but no one nationally thinks the canes are better then the canes. Let me here the '01 canes argue. STAY RELEVANT....oh and NEVIN SHAPIRO scares you. Ask your little lesbo president who broadcast it at Rosey's in Wilton Manors last weekend...not sure ask Robin Roberts?!

Posted by: Curse of Bryan Pata | September 04, 2010 at 09:34 PM

You want to provide some PROOF of your accusation? Or will you accept that Ashley Slonina was murdered by the Gator football team? Just as plausible, sicko racist. Your mother is calling, or is that just in your head, Norman Bates?

Is Marlin Barnes in ghostbuster 3 with me too>? Whos eon the gator blog on a saturday night?


Posted by: Curse of Bryan Pata | September 04, 2010 at 10:14 PM

Apparently, YOU are, you hypocrite racist with mother issues. Still joking about murder victims, I see. Edward Rollings would be so proud that you hold his memory so dear.

I didn't see any of this BS going on on the Miami or FSU boards. But this board is over run with haters!
Posted by: kharma217 | September 06, 2010 at 06:05 PM

Not sure where you looked, but we have a Gator troll on our boards that threatens to lynch our head coach, calls him a lawn jockey, threatens to break our QB in half, jokes about murder victims like Sean Taylor and Marlin Barnes and Bryan Pata, and shows that his greatest allegiance is not to the Gators but to the KKK. Just look at a dose of his insanity below, on a Saturday night of all things, from a Canes site that used to have decent conversation before he showed up:

"Curse of Bryan Pata says:
September 4, 2010 at 9:44 pm
Just got done doing a bunch of lines of coke in hatitian heaven. dem gators had a close call but SEC is tough and dem Gators are de best. Me and Marlin Barnes, we B clubbin tonight."

So, don't say it doesn't happen on our blogs, it has been happening 24/7/365 thanks to Curse Piggy. Not only with the post above, but with three years of the same garbage. Nothing else has stopped him, so we might as well throw a few retaiatory strikes of our own at him in his pigsty.

Jo, you really need to consider shutting the comments section of this board down. It devalues your good work and is filled with untruths,vulgarities, and non-sensical hate.


Wow, 15 posts since 9 am ... There's no doubt that U finally have some ammo to shove in these ignorant Gators fans faces, but don't U think Ur obsessed rants are just a lil bit unhealthy ?

U might wanna hold off a bit on going totally mental til Duh U actually has a Win in recent years that could be deemed as "quality"...

Collossal Douches U Florida and Miami fans are.

Jesus Jo, reading your blog just to get some simple info is like watching the Ibis and Mr. two-bits play verbl tennis on crystal meth...Badly

Jo, you really need to consider shutting the comments section of this board down. It devalues your good work and is filled with untruths,vulgarities, and non-sensical hate.

Posted by: ko classic | September 07, 2010 at 12:38 PM

Ahh, but enough about Curse Piggy's posts. MY posts were direct quotes from the blog article, used no vulgarities other than quoting Curse Piggy's vulgarities, and I don't have hate for the Gators, or even Grand Dragon Curse Piggy. I just wish he had stopped attacking the Canes blogs when he had the chance.

BTW, interesting news from the Sun Sentinel pages, they will be blocking the racist troll's rants from now on.

It will be interesting to see how long he lasts before getting banned.

AS PART OF THAT, since he will no longer be able to do that, I will back off on this site, declaring victory all the way.

I do hope that it will be a truce that holds, this time.

To all my cane brothers, be nice to the Lizards, you're going to hurt their little feelings... also,

Nice move by those bible hill-billie trailer trash gainsville morons for the burning of the Koran, that act alone is going to put our troops in more danger ..Look, I hate those animals just like everybody else, but THAT was just insane.

nice going.

Excellent work on this article. It make for an interesting and easy read on one of my favorite topics.

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