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Breaking down the players who will make the Florida Gators spread-option offense unique

GAINESVILLE -- The point of Urban Meyer's spread-option offense is to create mismatches on the field. Meyer said last week that his offense is going to be more traditional this year. That's an over simplification, of course. That only means quarterback John Brantley won't double as the Gators' fullback. The spread-option offense isn't going anywhere at Florida, even if Brantley lines up under center in the red zone on Saturday. Just to help with any confusion, here are all the Gators' SLASH players who will create mismatches and make the spread-option work this season ...

HINES 1. OMARIUS HINES, 6-0, 219 pounds (Nice earring! Is that a Christmas ornament or a seashell?)

Listed position: tight end

Possible positions: tight end, slot receiver, wideout, H-back

Function in the spread offense: Hines is listed as a tight end but he's actually an oversized slot receiver. He will do a lot of the same things that UF tight end Aaron Hernandez did in 2009, but don't think of him as a carbon copy of Hernandez. Hines is much faster than Hernandez and will require defensive backs to cover him. This could help create mismatches in UF passing game and running game. Oh, and remember that shovel pass Hernandez would always catch from Tebow last season? Hines says that play is in the playbook for him this season.

Rainey 2. CHRIS RAINEY, 5-9, 176 pounds

Listed position: slot receiver

Possible positions: slot receiver, running back

Function in the spread offense: Rainey is in the Percy Position. UF is hoping it will get more production out of the spot this year than in 2009. (No offense, Brandon James.) Rainey will run plenty of short patterns and motion inside as a running back. This is what I like to call the flag-football position of the Florida Gators' offense.

Debose 3. ANDRE DEBOSE, 5-11, 176 pounds

Listed position: wideout

Possible positions: wideout, slot receiver, running back

Function in the spread offense: Debose is Deonte Thompson's back-up on the outside, but Debose isn't exactly the same type of player as Thompson. From the outside, Debose can do a lot of things for the Gators, including run reverses.

Reed 4. JORDAN REED, 6-3, 240 pounds

Listed position: tight end

Possible positions: tight end, H-back, quarterback

Function in the spread offense: Reed is out of action for the first game with a bruised knee. When he returns, he will do a lot of things at tight end. UF coach Urban Meyer called Reed the Gators' "ace in the hole" at the QB position.


Burton 5. TREY BURTON, 6-2, 219 pounds

Listed position: quarterback

Possible positions: tight end, H-back, fullback, quarterback

Function in the spread offense: So, here's your Tebow clone, at least in the running game. Coaches love Burton and he'll likely line up in the backfield along with quarterback John Brantley. Two quarterbacks in the backfield, you say? Yes, think of the possibilities!

Clark 6. ROBERT CLARK, 5-8, 172 pounds

Listed position: slot receiver

Possible positions: slot receiver

Function in spread offense: Clark, a true freshman from West Palm Beach Dwyer, is one of the big surprises of the Gators' 2010 recruiting class. He is currently to the back-up to Rainey at the Percy position. Clark is small but apparently plays with a mean streak and doesn't shy away from contact. If Rainey separates his shoulder at some point this season, then Clark could play a big role for the Gators this season.

Christian 7. GERALD CHRISTIAN, 6-2, 240 pounds

Listed position: fullback

Possible functions: fullback, tight end, H-back

Function in the spread offense: Christian is currently the back-up at fullback behind T.J. Pridemore. That's more out of necessity than anything. Christian's future is at tight end at UF and that future could come sooner rather than later if Christian develops rapidly in practice this season.



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Can't wait!

Those look like some serious players!!!

Wish dah U had them.

Great recruiting class!

Oh well, I can dream.





Wow, that Trey Burton sure is trying to look "ghetto" That wouldn't be some "thug" sign he is flashing, is it?

You are trash, Gatards. You point fingers but the trash is in your own backyard.




Trey Burton listens to thug hip-hop.

That's egg in yo face, 'necks. Don't point fingers when your laundry is ugly and dirty, probably because it is hanging in a trailerpark.

STARCRAFT. Wow, maybe Stanford has a class on Starcraft as well. You know, NASA and engineering firms are just dying for students with life skills based on STARCRAFT.

BWWWAAAHAHHA. You stupid 'billies get worse everyday.

The comedy is banal but the collapse will be SPECTACULAR.

You dumb cane cluck,

Stanford does offer courses in gaming too. Check the Autumn Quarter class link. They are a jacory flutter throw from sillicone valley


Dude, attach a google map showing him where Stanford is. He's never left Miami-Dade.

He has never left the campus of Miami Dade Community College. Get him out of the South Florida ghetto first.

Had to use that pic of Burton because his official pic was not on the online roster.


Nice Dig Dug reference, by the way. Omarius Hines is from Cosicana, Texas, home of the arcade classic Double Dragon.


Sure Standford does. What game? Please log onto their Autumn Quarter class listing and paste it, you lying sack of Santa Fe Graduate school douche.



TREY BURTON and his Thug wanna-be gear.


Jo i just hope by the time Trail enters a game next year they will have a photo and not use his facebook pic holding guns and cash.
No wait!! that was Dunbar, Trail had the bandana covering his face like

Hes gots warrants.

Ahhh, yes, the old dig as if every Canes fan is someone who has not left Miami-Dade.

As if going to Santa Fe Graduate school makes you well-travelled or a citizen of the world.

You are a product of four years in Alachua County. Get that trash out of your system.

Trey Burton is a polite respectful young man. He is miles ahead of that NW Bull degenerate who speaks like he's straight out of Overtown.

Burton is a class act. You'll never see him mentioning pink pimp suits or shaving stupid sh*t in the side of his head like that Harris clown.

Yes Harris did have ice in his veins when he was throwing completions to FOUR North Carolina DB's.

Nice try "D" bag

We all know that there is a 30% chance of showers tonight. Combine that with the stiff coastal breeze and it could be downright chilly tonight. Randy has the sideline heaters all fueled up. This will be a blowout.

Go 'Canes !

Oh, Burton is respectful except when he gets around his "homies" then he starts throwing-up the gangsta signs and wearing his hat sideways like the real thugs do, right?

And Jacory isn't polite and respectful? You base that on how he speaks?

A little contradictory and hypocritical, don't you think Gatard trash?

But I wouldn't expect anything more from a product of the Department of STARCRAFT at U OF INTIORALLY.


Can we get some intelligent (in relative terms) Gatard fans on here who can argue somewhat intelligently.

I am tired of pounding these Santa Fe Graduate school fans.

Anyone? Buehler? Buehler?


Funny I thought LeBron was all about duh u. Look what he just tweeted:

@KingJames I thinking bout going down to the Horseshoe next Sat for that (Miami) battle. O-State will prevail for sure.Will be exciting!

King LeBron can summon and entire kingdom...doesn't matter. tOSU is going to pound that sorry cane ass.

Prospective students interested in game design and development careers now have far greater options than their predecessors. During the 2008-09 academic year 220 schools offered such programs and more than 250 programs were available during 2009-10. This year’s record-setting list includes new programs such as the Game Design and Digital Studies Program at Dartmouth College, Gaming Certificate Program at Arizona State University’s Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering, and Digital Animation and Interactive Media at Ohio State University’s Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design.

Schools offering game design and development programs can be found in 42 states and the District of Columbia. California remains at the forefront of this educational field, home to 50 institutions of higher learning that offer game-related degrees, followed by New York (26), Texas (21), Illinois (17), Florida (15), Massachusetts (13), Pennsylvania (12), Michigan (10), Washington (10) and Georgia (9).

The continued growth of video game programs coincides with the overall growth of the entertainment software industry. According to the ESA’s 2010 Essential Facts about Computer and Video Games report, 67 percent of American households now play computer and video games.

Wow, that's real deep. LeBron roots for a school he grew up rooting for. Real interesting.

Now, would he ever root for Trailertrash? Has any non-grad or attendee of UFelony ever rooted for them?

LeBron will be on the Canes sidelines when they play FSU. Other than Danny Weurffel holding a stack of bibles, will anyone be on your sideline?

Didn't think so.

Hey, here's a shout-out to my Thug-for-life homeboy, Trey Burton. Keep in ghetto, dawwwwwwwwwwwwg.

2006: FIU Brawl

On October 14, 2006, in the first meeting of cross-town programs, Miami and the Florida International Golden Panthers brawled after a PAT.

FIU cornerback Chris Smith wrestled Miami holder Matt Perelli to the ground after the kick and appeared to punch him in the chin. Another FIU cornerback, Marshall McDuffie, Jr., kicked Perelli in the head.[126] Miami's Anthony Reddick swung his helmet at FIU players and Miami's Brandon Meriweather kicked an FIU player. FIU's A'Mod Ned, who was injured, came onto the field and swung at Miami players with his crutches. The fight lasted just over one minute before the coaches of both teams were able to separate the players. The Miami-Dade County police arrived on the field shortly afterward and remained a visual presence on the field and in the stands to prevent further fighting. The game was delayed approximately 15 to 20 minutes as the officials attempted to sort out which players were ejected and what, if any, penalty yards needed to be enforced.

The next day, 31 players from both schools were punished — 18 from FIU, 13 from Miami — The Miami players were handed one-game suspensions, while the FIU players were suspended for the remainder of the season.[127] Three Miami players were suspended indefinitely and the rest were also assigned community service work.

Miami = Pathetic Thugs

Still havent got an answer 2 my question of WHERE did Emmitt Smith go 2 college b/c he DIDNT mention it in his 24 minute HOF speech.
Figured a GAtor blog would b the best place 2 find out...

Miami, FL (AHN) - Former University of Miami Hurricanes spokesman Rick Korch was sentenced to three years in prison.

Korch, 54, pleaded guilty to one charge of possessing child pornography. After finishing his sentence he will be placed under house arrest for 2 ½ years and on probation for life.

According to the arrest warrant, investigators began researching Korch in February 2008 after a computer technician found an explicit video that featured what seemed to be an underage girl, most likely not in her teens, while reformatting the hard drive on Korch's office computer.

The specialist found more images of scantily clad girls who looked no older than 15.

Let’s see…

COLLEGE FOOTBALL KICKS OFF TONIGHT , what network are the canes on
Southern Miss v USC.. ESPN tonight
Marshall v tOSU? yuck…where’s the canes?
Minn v MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE??? Surely this isn’t trumping the canes?
OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD…Northern Illinois v Iowa fricken STATE? This CANNOT be in front of my beloved canes.
OKAY…this is getting insulting now…WEST ALABAMA v ARKANSAS-MONTICELLO?

Let me get this straight..I can see ARKANSAS-MONTICELLO on the tube tonight but not AMERICA’S TEAM?????

Perhaps Coldcut has gone to the well one too many times with his desperate Thursday night schedulling move?

I don’t think I’ve ever felt as insulted as this. I can tune into the Fighting Boll Weevils tonight but not my canes? ( not making this up)

Study: Florida's illegal immigrants have fled state

The population of immigrants living illegally in Florida dropped by an estimated 375,000 as the economic downturn worsened from 2007 to 2009, the study said.

Coincidentally, canes attendance dropped?

Canes get crushed anywhere, cheat anytime

Boll Weevils are America's Team

Gonzalvo loves him some foooosball

1980s: Luther Campbell's "pay for play"

2 Live Crew member Luther Campbell was alleged to have been behind what was referred to as a "pay-for-play" system, which involved cash rewards for acts such as scoring touchdowns and big hits, though Campbell has never actually donated to the University of Miami or its athletics department.

Thugs, Punks, and Gangbangers!
They all play for Miami!




Maybe you can wave your diploma in the "ayah like ya jus' don' cayah" like Trey Burton.

1980s: Luther Campbell's "pay for play"

2 Live Crew member Luther Campbell was alleged to have been behind what was referred to as a "pay-for-play" system, which involved cash rewards for acts such as scoring touchdowns and big hits, though Campbell has never actually donated to the University of Miami or its athletics department.

Thugs, Punks, and Gangbangers!
They all play for Miami!

Posted by: MonsterMuckyWuck! | September 02, 2010 at 01:13 PM

1980's: Rex Grossman was born, has since graduated from FU (after losing twice to UM).

Since you Gatards want to talk ancient history, let's do so.

Back in the Luke days, we were pounding sorry Gatard tail. Your program struggled to get above .500. You were an athletic wasteland. A national joke...well, some things don't change.

34-4 pounding. Back in the Luke days, Canes had won 4 titles before UFelony even won 1 SEC title.

Your program is inferior to the MIGHTY MIAMI HURRICANES.

Jealous and insecure about Alachua County College is no way to go through life.


Punks and gangbangers? Whaaaaa?

Dunbar? Trail? Hornsby?

Wow, it gets tiring taking the (trailer) trash out.








34-4 pounding. Back in the Luke days, Canes had won 4 titles before UFelony even won 1 SEC title.

Since we are talking about old days how about 1983 when Florida blew the doors off your National Championship team 27-3? How can a National Championship team lose a game so badly?

Anybody that knows football knows Miami wasn't the best team that year. Nebraska and Auburn were better.

Shapiro is going to take you guys down for good in December.Don't forget it.

trail and Dumbar probably gots some charges in de off season likes dem other boys. This is so when the charges come out they can suspend (redshirt) them for the year

You can't win a basketball conference.

The Truth

Funny. Comment is too stupid to respond to.

Wallow in your redneck jealousy for awhile. THE MIGHTY MIAMI HURRICANES OWN GATARD NOTION.


Better hope the pimp don't get no limp.

The Lou Saban Era (1977-78)

After a national search, Lou Saban, formerly head coach of the NFL's Buffalo Bills, Denver Broncos, and Boston Patriots, [22] was hired on December 27, 1976, as head coach.

After just two seasons as head coach, Saban resigned in the wake of a controversy concerning football players throwing a Jewish man into Lake Osceola, an on campus lake. He left after the 1978 season to take the head coaching position at Army. Saban's departure, the constant coaching upheaval Miami experienced during the decade, and assorted fiscal problems sparked the university's Board of Trustees to hold a vote on whether to drop the football program down to the Division I-AA level or eliminate it altogether. To bad it didn't happen.

Sad story, just sad.

What kind of cane clown fan hangs around the Gator blog all day on the day of your first game?

You are a loser. You know you are. You are a big fat loser.

Posted by: Donna Shalala

I am keeping my modem warmed up for the game.

Candy Cane Fans need to get in their last "shot" before the season starts, because once it does, they'll realize their team stinks compared to UF; their conference stinks compared to the SEC, their campus stinks, their stadium is half empty and the only job prospects still for UM graduates (although most Cane fans on here went to Miami Dade) are at the Coffee Beanery at Dadeland Mall. With that in mind, please make sure Jacory's arm isn't hurt this year. Making cafe lattes is much easier using two arms.....

In 1994, Tony Russell, a former UM academic advisor, pleaded guilty to helping more than 80 student athletes, 57 of whom were football players, falsify Pell Grant applications in exchange for kickbacks from the players themselves. The scandal dated all the way back to 1989 and secured more than $220,000 in federal grant money. Federal officials later said that Russell had engineered "perhaps the largest centralized fraud ... ever committed" in the history of the Pell Grant program.


1994, right about the time the Gatards won anything. Canes had 4 national titles by then and had clearly established its superiority to the Gatards , a position it has never relinquished.

Keep living in the past, Gatards. Your sorry history is there for all to see.

Charley Pell: Dirtbag exraordinaire; put you on probation.

Galen Hall: couldn't coach air out of a paper bag.

Please keep bringing up the old days, trailer trash, this is fun. You mediocrity, to which you shall surely return, is exposed.

Posted by: Duuuuuuuuh. I's be educated

Keep living in the past, Gatards.

NOW thats is hilarious. Last time you won something, you had your own stadium. Now you have to parade around the country like gypsies playing for what ever money somebody throws at ya.

Will the Toledo home vs home series be on the internet too?

I dunnnnoo, sorry Gatard. Will Appy State? or FIU?

Glass houses, Pig fat. Glass houses.

BREAKIN NEWS; brandon spikes post a x-rated video on chatroulette.
Another 1 of ur 1% of the 1%.

Posted by: GAtors do excuses, CANES play any1, anywhere..

Why you hatin? She looked hot.

Look at that straight pimp, Trey Burton, looking all ghetto. Does he dress like that for his STARCRAFT class?

I bet he would if he took the class INTERIORALLY.

you are a joke, UFELONY. THE SEC LAUGHS AT YOU. Bama will pound you while laughing at you.


ONLY in skankville!!!!

Posted by: Uh Oh

Jokes on you. Your on the gator blog instead of tailgating with the other canespacer's. Now there will be only 18k tonight.

I 4got about 'brokeback mountain'. Which is the GAtors all-time favorite movie.
1 is life on campus (men who stare at goats),
1 is life in GAniesville (brokeback mountain).





whazzzzzzzup, Trey?

Hold up that gang sign. Love a cracker from Florida playing thug gangsta in his spare time.

anybody have any other links to watch the game online? Im not sure if im going to be able to get ESPN3.
Posted by: Duce | September 02, 2010 at 02:43 PM

new year...same pathetic bullshlt from hurricane football.

Nobody? Tell that to the people at ESPN and ABC where the Canes were top draw for national television last year.

All the elite teams, Miami, ND, OU, Texas, FSU, Nebraska, Michigan, Ohio State want to play each other.

The crap can play Appy State. Hmmm....who is left off the elite list? I can't seem to remember?



In 1994, Tony Russell, a former UM academic advisor, pleaded guilty to helping more than 80 student athletes, 57 of whom were football players, falsify Pell Grant applications in exchange for kickbacks from the players themselves. The scandal dated all the way back to 1989 and secured more than $220,000 in federal grant money. Federal officials later said that Russell had engineered "perhaps the largest centralized fraud ... ever committed" in the history of the Pell Grant program.


Posted by: MonsterMuckyWuck! | September 02, 2010 at 02:38 PM

How many asterisks should this give them?

Nobody? Tell that to the people at ESPN and ABC where the Canes were top draw for national television last year.

u wish dreamy loser. u were a thursday night feature. Otherwise you were stuck on JustinTV nice try though... And speaking of internet tv, that's where you'll be TONIGHT. But at least while the u is buffering you can catch a respectable team in the Boll Weevils of Arkansas-Monticello. Looks like lil Kirby Paycut played the Thursday night card one too many times.



Asterisk U is on the internet tonight.

One can only guess why this cane troll is so insecure about trying to convince everyone that people care about UM football.

You're broadcast listing for tonight paints quite the accurate picture.

Trey is flashing a V for Venice high school u amazing moron.

You ought know about collapses:

2006 7-6

2007 5-7

2008 7-6

2009 9-4

2010- at least 4 loses again

And all while playing in a basketball conference....

Trailer trash.

Gatard history began in 2005. Before that, nothing. Don't talk about it. Don't even acknowledge it.

Thatbis how small minded ignorance operates

Don't you have a Klan rally to go to? Don't look now, your trailer is on fire. Quick, grab yout STARCRAFTER text book and waive it INTERIORALLY.

It is hard to find any intelligent life in a trailer park, isn't it Gatards?

Trey is flashing a V for Venice high school?

Five guys in their courtroom attire from their latest arrest,

sixth guy with his hat on his pointy head WISHING he could have joined them. Straight out of Compton? Nope, straight outta Venice, LOL!

He is not holding up a V for victory or Venice, he is holding up an L gang sign, because, face facts, he is a LOSER.

LMAO! google pistol gang sign, and the very first one displaying is Leon Orr with his sixteen dollar Cartel funds.

the crips member Treygang Burtoncrip is holding up the gang sign for a pistol, according to the web.

In 1997 Miami posted a 5-6 record, the first losing season since Howard Schnellenberger's first year in 1979. The 1997 season saw the Hurricanes suffer one of the program's most humiliating losses, a 47-0 beating at the hands of in-state rival Florida State.


Just another great history lesson!

Ole Miss Rebs pounded the eventual mythical national chumps.

Mark Ingram just scored again.


Please, what fast food joint is giving away cane tickets for purchasing something for a dollar?

Passed the billboard on I-95 at Hallandale Bch Blvd last weekend. It said "Cane Season Tix $99"

Almost drove off the road convulsing with laughter (a little tinkle came out too).

Santa Fe Finishing School is such a joke. Is Starcraft a graduate level class? Can I auditnit or take it interiorally?

'Necks and ' Billies rejoice. The collapse begins soon. Tell all your inbred neighbors too.

Maybe the Canes should stop playing anyone, anytime. You keep LOSING dumbasses!!! Maybe you should try the Boise State route. Go to a bad conference (I know I am implying the ACC is a good conference, but hear me out) and win out against 1-AA teams and then when you have to play someone good, you will lose, but at least you had a season without 6 losses. Just an idea....

Could you imagine if Jo ever stopped doing the Blog? This loser cane fan would probably kill himself...or maybe he'd leave the confines of his mama's house for once. I imagine he sits home all day hitting the refresh button on his browser waiting for a new blog post. South Florida is a great place to live, maybe you should go outside and enjoy it sometime douchebag.

By the way Jo, thanks for the breakdown of the spread playmakers...it seems like this year we might actually have more playmakers on the field than last. Looking forward to a big year from Hines and Rainey.

I remember why the UF Regents met and decided to end the annual game with UM; I'm not going to go over that again here (I've covered it twice--and it's about as useless as trying to reason or discuss ANYTHING with your average FAR BELOW AVERAGE INTELLECTUALLY 'Cane) except to note that to judge by the garbage spewed about by these typically and obsessively hateful morons, so proud of an institution that they either never attended or got NOTHING from if they did, little has changed down there.

Far below average intellectually? Ummmm...... Trailerpark 'neck, Miami is a better academic institution than Gainesville U, is being crushed by budget cuts, and does not have a curriculum which includes playing video games or atrailer Park Management.

Hey, Trey, you wear your hat like a regular thug. Don't tell you racist inbred fans, though. They will turn in you. They are as ignorant as they come


probation sucks

great job beating a band

Sorry Jo, FAU and their Beaks of Death were just too much for your Blazers. Beat those heathens next week.

Almost drove off the road convulsing with laughter (a little tinkle came out too).

Posted by: Don't Cane and Drive | September 02, 2010 at 10:02 PM

Perhaps you should consider wearing depends. I know your momma never taught you manners, but I figured she at LEAST potty trained you. Thanks for clearing that up, sicko racist troll.

BTW, Great to take a day off and see that when I returned, you all were talking to yourselves about ME.

Miami's next game? Against #2 Ohio State.

Florida's next game? Against Miami of Ohio.

The #2 versus #13 game, or the #4 versus a 1-11 patsy, yeah the Chicken Gators are gonna have the bigger audience, only in the fat pigsty that Curse lives in.

But admit it, you WILL be watching the Canes game, while we will be ignoring your two paid-for victories. You know what they call a guy that has to pay for it, right, Curse, you sicko racist delusional Gator troll who still sleeps with your binkie because nothing else will.


how did that 0-4 prediction work out for you, Curse?

Wrong again, you stupid troll.

When the Hurricanes were dominating college football, never did their fans think twice about the Gatards.

Now, when UFelony had its time on top, the 'necks do nothing but harp on the Canes.

Jealousy? Insecurity? Sign of cowardice? Sign of INTERIORALLY? Too much STARCRAFT?


You heard the terrible news about the animal escaping?

It seems that zoo-goers resported an escaped elephant. Trainers shot the behemoth creature in what they thought was the rear end.

Turns out they had shot Curse in the face. That's why he stopped posting in the Canes blogs for three hours.

Once they saw eyes on the rear end, they freaked out and called in their specialist. He said, Nah, that is either Pouncy's Mom or just one of those chickennecks out on parole.

So they used a forklift to toss him out, and told him never to return. banned from the zoo, how sad for curse the racist troll.

So, WHO IS fatter, Curse or pouncey's mom? Let's do a poll:

Curse 55%
Momma Pouncey 45%

(However, the 100K in cash hidden in the folds of her flesh is likely making it even out)

I WOULD have said it's a toss-up, but you can't toss EITHER of them.

(At least not without a forklift, apparently.)

"Why did I come to this craphole."


Frankie Hammond,Jr.

UFelony: Flushing careers down the toilet for 10 years.

You see what I mean. I wake up and big fat loser cane fan is here already. He has been here since early in the morning. What pathetic existence you have.The day after their first game he is here on the Gator blog. You are obssessed loser. Wow i didn't know losers like you existed. How are you not embarrassed with yourself. No kidding around and from the bottom of my heart you are a big fat disturbed loser. You need help.

Just another great history lesson!

Posted by: MonsterMuckyWuck! | September 02, 2010 at 06:25 PM

So, the sicko racist has figured out how to cut and paste from Wikipedia.

Glad to see you guys like history so much.

How's THIS for true history:

Miami versus UFelony

28 > 26 Head to head

5 > 3 National Championships

3 > 0 Undefeated seasons


6 > 1 Head to head record the last 24 years

There ARE two spots where the Gators have a big lead.

0 < 4 Winless Seasons

0 < 21 Rivalry Series Forfeits

I hope you took notes, but if not, we will post it again when needed, Professor CutAndPaste.

Fake Sarasota 'cane, otherwise known as Fake Donna Shalala says:
September 3, 2010 at 8:28 am
canesrule we beat a band last night and we will be exposed next weekend.

Yeah, I know the battle of the bands was close last night, and thatthe Canes won a close one at halftime, but the team on the field was already up 35-0 at that point.


You see, when the Gators have a game against FAMU, they might only have a 7-3 lead early on, but will leave their starters in so that the final score reads 63-3.

Of course, they last played FAMU when they were 1-AA. Now that they are an 8-3 1-A team, they also got replaced by the 1-11 Miami of Ohio.

Truly sad that their fans are getting ripped off paying full price for two preseason games, year after year after year.

I wake up and big fat loser cane fan is here already. blah blah blah.

Posted by: Fake Donna Shalala, the homophobic Gator troll with mother issues | September 03, 2010 at 09:24 AM

My God, you must have spent ALL that first of the month money you got last night. Waking up at 9:24 in the morning? unemployment sucks, but there isn't many openings in Gainesville for a guy that keeps eating the profits at each waffle house he sweeps up.

I made an offer, it got ignored. It won't be made again, so get used to it.

45-0, total efficient domination. And Randy Shannon, unlike Urban Crier, uses his backups rather than running up the score.

I do have good news for you though. ESPN3 comes in real good, so your second game will be watched by lots of folks in trailers next saturday.

9/11, a day to honor and remember America, and Miami will be on national TV representing their country well by showing courage.

The Gators meanwhile will be doing the equivalent of hiding in a cave by having their last view on TV be a wimpy battle against Miami of Ohio.

Fake Donna Shalala, I found someone willing to help you with your problem.

Call 1-888-743-4335.

I am sure you need their help.

Sometime early next year the Gators Buck Toothed AD will announce that FU has backed out of the 2013 game against the U. of Miami in order to add another home game to their schedule. A 5 year contract with Middle Tennesse State and a 3 year contract with The Citadel. When Buck Toothed was asked by the Utah AD to play a home and home series, Beaver turned then down saying they couldnt find room for them on their schedule
Its hard to figure out who is the biggest liar, is it Buck Tooth or Urrrb.

Loser? I believe "fake gangsta" Trey Burton, or "Can't stay sober" Frankie Hammond, or "DUI" Matt Elam fit the description of loser more than I do.

And really, describing a "loser" as "big fat" really hurts. I have never been called a big fat loser by a high school girl before. Hurry, little one, I heard the 3rd period bell ring.

"When Buck Toothed was asked by the Utah AD to play a home and home series, Beaver turned then down saying they couldnt find room for them on their schedule"

The Gators rejected a chance to play an opponent out of state without being forced by the conference?


Although you know after Utah won last night, Foley did a little dance celebrating how he dodged another opponent.

Miami of Ohio was 1-11 last year, and was told that if they won a second game, they would get dropped from the schedule, too.

"Why did I come to this craphole."


Frankie Hammond,Jr.

UFelony: Flushing careers down the toilet for 10 years.

Posted by: Why, why, why? | September 03, 2010 at 09:22 AM

Urban had told him that the underage liquor flowed freely, that drinking and driving was okay in Gainesville, and that if he DID hit someone while driving, he could just go over and take their credit cards. just be sure to wipe the blood off better than Jamar Hornsby.

Now, the real question that cannot be answered is:

"Why did I come to this craphole."


Ashley Slonina. 20 years old, drunk, and on a motorcycle with a Gator player, and now dead and in debt.

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