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Handing out a game ball for the Florida Gators' TOP NINJA ASSASSIN plus my weekly video

So, we'll be doing this every Sunday during the season ...

GAINESVILLE -- OK, here's a link to my game story of Florida 38, South Florida 14. Here's a link to game notes by Mike-Mike McCall. LINK! Now, time for some game balls ...

-The overall game ball for leadership, accountability and general excellence both on and off the field and on his Twitter account goes UF strong safety AHMAD BLACK. Black led the Gators in tackles (eight) for the second week in a row and had two interceptions in the first half. Black now has three interceptions on the season and 11 interceptions for his career.

-The game ball for cheerleading on the sidelines and looking like he was born to do it goes to UF coach URBAN MEYER, who at one point before a kickoff in the third quarter on Saturday added some life to Ben Hill Griffin Stadium with an uncharacteristic show of emotion. Meyer lifted his arms into the air several times to excite his players and get the crowd going. We like this version of Meyer and think it's a good idea that he sticks around when SEC play begins. Gator Clause also enjoyed a ribbing from Meyer during the post-game news conference when we asked about his new role as sideline cheerleader...

"I just like the crowd into it," Meyer said. "It was hot and everybody was -- I just started getting fired up. Appreciate you watching me, though. That's kind of weird, to be honest with you."

-The game ball for best defensive play goes to defensive end JUSTIN TRATTOU who showed excellent field awareness when he picked off USF quarterback B.J. Daniels and returned the interception 35 for a touchdown. It was Trattou's first touchdown as a Gator. For the record, Trattou is averaging 44 yards on interception returns over the past two seasons. Not bad for a 6-3, 252-pound dude from northeast New Jersey.

-The game ball for best CHRIS RAINEY fill-in goes to UF cornerback JANORIS JENKINS, who took Rainey's place in the second half as UF's punt-return specialist and returned a punt 30 yards to give UF a short field and set up an easy touchdown drive. A close second in this category was freshman slot receiver ROBERT CLARK, who had one reception for 15 yards in the second half after Rainey left the game with what Meyer described as a "ding." I'm assuming that means slight concussion.

-The game ball for best-dressed coach during post-game interview sessions goes to UF defensive coordinator TERYL AUSTIN, who addressed the media in a suit and tie. Austin's defense has had eight interceptions in two games. Not bad.

Ninja-gayden -The game ball for TOP NINJA for his cunning and ruthless approach to defense goes to JANORIS JENKINS, who had an interception and a sack and coined this phrase after the game:

"We just come out to play fast," Jenkins said. "We think every time the ball is in the air, it's ours. We going at it like ninjas. We call ourselves the assassins."

After Saturday's game, defensive coordinator Teryl Austin, who also coaches cornerbacks, said Jenkins might be the best cornerback in the country. That's great, I was thinking, but can he stop this guy? LINK!

-The game ball for best tackle by a freshman goes to cornerback JAYLEN WATKINS, who jarred a ball loose from a USF receiver in the second half.

LASTLY, here's the video version of my weekly post-game report. Thanks to all my well-wishers and critics for advice on how to improve the video last week. I took the suggestions to heart and then ignored them all ...


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can't wait to hear from the cane fans...crickets???

The Cane fans are doing what they do best: Talking about losing to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Brantely needs a ton of work, and hopefully will have time to get much better.

Hmm, it's pretty quite around here. I wonder why that is? LOL!
Guess the Cane fans are still in mourning. LOL!

Get use to it idiot Canes! LOL!

He is working on a truce with OSU

Jo, excellent work as always. Keep it coming! You guys want to laugh: go read the comments on all the Canes articles! It's hilarious watching these guys bicker about what's wrong with their team, whether it's Harris or Shannon or whatever. They're too busy crying over their crappy team to come Gator hate and smack talk about how it's over for us and they're going to be national champs! What a bunch of losers.
As for the GAtors, we looked a lot better this week against a good opponent. Maybe not an elite opponent, but a good opponent nonetheless. Sure, our offensive was lethargic the first half, but we played great in the second half, and this young team should significant improvement. We'll look even better against the Vols and then the Wildcats, and we'll hopefully have enough chemistry to stay in the game against Bama. Don't know if we can beat them, but even if we lose, we can win the east and play them again in the title game, so we'll have two chances to upset the Crimson Tide. I'd rather do it the second time than the first.

If you recall, I had said I expected Miami to lose to OSU. Big difference between asking someone to leave us alone and coming here predicting a National Championship for the Canes.

good work on the wrap. keep it up.

You need to either put a mirror or light in your closet.

You need to either put a mirror or light in your closet.

Posted by: rico | September 13, 2010 at 04:32 PM

Daaaaayng, that's cold! Tight budget, Uncle Rico.


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