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Is Steve Newlin from 'True Blood' a clone of Tennessee Vols coach Derek Dooley?

GAINESVILLE -- Really, do I even need to ask? Wow, what a pair of Deep South heartthrobs.

Is Steve Newlin from True Blood a clone of Tennessee coach Derek Dooley? Just look at the pictures! You guys think I'm making a joke? OK, I am making a joke, but consider this before you totally laugh off this blog post. True Blood is a popular HBO series set in Louisiana. When the character of Steve Newlin was conceived for the show, Derek Dooley was still a coach at Louisiana Tech. Blam!


PICTURED: Steve Newlin, Southern Baptist preacher and vampire killer. 

DerekDooleycropped PICTURED: Not Lane Kiffin.



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Posted by: Fake Donna Shalala, the obsessed homophobe with mother issues.

So let me get this straight - You're the President of the University of Miami and the first place you try to talk trash (with your typepad account) is the Miami Herald ona GATOR site talking hatred about the school you work for. ooookkkkkaaayyy you got me fooled

I never said I lived in Knoxville. What I did say is that I was tired of you morons coming over to our VOLS site and acting like little children and trying to run your game. Even over there some of you UF fans had to mention Miami, why is that? Yes I will be at the game as I do every year the Vols play UF. Figure out your excuses now because Saturday is almost here

Just to show that us VOL fans can be nice.
Let us know where you will be before the game or where you will be watching the game on Saturday and we will send you a couple of cases of Fix-A-Flat to help out with moving around your trailor houses

I will be in section 69.

Go Vols!

Will the Pig be in General Meyland Stadium? Does the Pig go to any games? Does he have any money for tickets?

No on all counts.


Joe, I think the ghost of Norman Bates has found your blog.

It would be funny if I knew it was theater....however, with the last few posts, I'm not so sure.

RockyTop can we borrow some of yoir excuses youve been using for the last 5 yrs??

Although I havent used any excuses for the last 5 years feel free to find someone who has. Your(or should I spell that "yoir" so you can understand it) craphole fanbase is going to need them. Bring the smack talk strong or dont bother trimble

alright, way to bust on my misspelled "your". If you weren't so fickle you'd know the i on a an iphone keyboard is next to the u. But i cant remember where the keys are located on a Tandy 1000. As for not making excuse for the last half of decade...... way to take it in stride!!

a post like this one lets u know how far the uf and ut rivalry has fallen

Mel Kiper has Allen Bailey as the Number 11 overall prospect for the 2011 NFL Draft.

Yet some anonymous obsessed racist Gator Troll claims he is a bust.

Mel Kiper knows FAR MORE about football than Curse Piggy.

It's True.

Curse Piggy knows about pedophilia and obesity.

That's it.

Was that slander, you dumb racist Pig?

By Pat Dooley

Published: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 at 6:01 a.m.
Last Modified: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 11:54 p.m.
( page of 3 )

You’ll have to pardon your neighbor, the one with the Gator flag flying year-round, if he lets the newspapers gather in his driveway for a few days. Or if he doesn’t answer your e-mail.

Because Gator Joe is afraid to open his paper or log on to his computer.

His fear?

Another Florida football player might be arrested.

The number is 30 for Urban Meyer and that doesn’t count suspended players who were not arrested. Who knows how many of them broke the law to get into trouble?

I get the sense from the Gator Nation that they have grown weary of it.

As an alumnus of the university and a citizen of Gainesville, I know I’m tired of it.

No more excuses.

No more, “It happens everywhere.”

No more, “He’s really a great kid.”

Let’s solve the problem.

I don’t think the answer is to recruit less talented players with better character. Mediocre football players get in trouble, too. And mediocre teams get coaches fired.

In fact, I don’t think the onus is only on the coaches, whether it be Florida or Georgia, which has had plenty of trouble of its own. Someone else has to be involved. Coaches have a major conflict of interest.

Which is why players have little accountability.

Coaches want their best players to play and cringe at the idea of sitting them.

But imagine if you are a football player and you saw what Carlos Dunlap did last year. He put lives in danger. He received a one-game suspension.

A.J. Green got four for selling his jersey. Dez Bryant lost a season for telling a lie, he failed to fully disclose his interaction with former NFL player Deion Sanders to the NCAA last year.

So if you are a player, you have a mental checklist.

Let’s see, lying to NCAA — terrible thing to do.

You know what is a terrible thing to do? Jumping off the bandwagon of the canes and jumping on the bandwagon of anyone who plays the gators. Have some pride dude.

Go Vols!

I didnt know you morons in UFville still called people dude. Way to keep up with the times. Maybe you can blame that on the iphone as well. Ignore the truth all you you want. Your craphole team leaves Neyland 2-1

Posted by: Rocky Top2-1

canes leave Pitt 1-2 and nevin shapiro looms, homie.

Go Vols!

Why is the Miami vs Pitt. game being brought up on a UF blog? What is it with you morons over here. Can you not go 1 post without mentioning them? Your punkazz team has a game to play tommorrow. Face it, youre going to lose the game so start building your excuses now Gator skanks

Here are the excuses:

1. we are young
2. the ball was wet
3. it was cold
4. it was hot
5. coach can't call timeouts
6. whip is really calling the shots
7. we got no depths

oh wait wrong team

Funny the Rocky Top 2-1 is on the gator blog suspiciously all the time like cane guy...hmmm

Do you do anything else with your life except worry about Miami? Wasnt it your fat QB that said it was to hot so thats why UF couldnt hold on to the ball. They had young WRs so they had to break them into game situations before they would show how good they really are. Well Oscar was away from the team so thats why UF wasnt as sharp as usual. Your OL is having problems because they are adjusting to a new QB. I just love those excuses UF has been using. Are those the ones UF fans will go with after you leave 2-1 Saturday?

It UT UF week you moron. Your a-hole fanbase thought it would be funny to come over to our blog and start posting stupid little child like comments that led right back to this site. So why not come over here and talk crap. We are going to beat UF 2-1

And the Oscar goes to...............

Rocky Top 2-1.

U finally won something!

Your swagga is back

Oscars 1>0

RockyTop, I'll tell you why. Insecurity. Gatards know they will soon return to their mediocre mean. They are terribly insecure.

I understand talking Cane smack on a Cane board but on a Gatard board? When they don't even play for this year? During Tennessee week?

Shows what ingnorance mixed with insecurity will get you. Mix in the racist rants of a stupid blog Pig and you get the low-grade dog food that this blog has become.

Go Vols. Pound that Gatard azzzz back to Trailerville.


So, Chris Rainey used his phone to threaten to kill his girlfriend just because she turned down his demand for sex?

I don't see a problem with that. In fact, I have done it myself many times...



LOL! The biggest news in Gator Nation this week, and nobody noticed the police report?

Post Miranda, he ADMITTED to threatening her life.

Oh, and they forgot to black out his SSNO on page two. He better call lifelock, all his info is on there.

Of course, Curse Piggy continues to defend the dangerous and violent guy because he wears blue and orange.

Rocky Top, that might be our fault. You see, the obsessed disgusting Gator Troll with mother issues USED TO do that to the Canes blogs, but we destroyed him, making him seek out a new target in the Volunteers.

Just ban him like we did on some of our blogs, and he will disappear.

The ban against him was taken care of already at the VOL site as of last night. Trash talk between UF and UT is expected during the week but what isnt excepted is when he goes on a site and starts in with making it a black/white thing or posts under the name Chris Rainey making threats. Maybe talking football is just something he isnt able to do. He just cant come to terms with the fact that UF is looking at a 3 or 4 loss season.

RockyTop, I'll tell you why. Insecurity. Gatards know they will soon return to their mediocre mean. They are terribly insecure.

It's a fascinating conversation u are having with yourself canesrule. it is, however, somewhat sad that you will pose as fans of teams in the conference that you despise. Smarter men than u call that not having any dignity but you are very familiar with that.

Given that your puke conference is 2-10 in BCS bowl games it's really not surprising that you will don an orange dress all week and prop up TN.

Canesrule, u spent several years calling Tim Tebow fat and now suddenly "Rocky top is calling very lean John Brantley "fat." It's pretty sad the way you always try to throw in some confusing little kicker. It doesn't work tool. Great job trying to deflect your sad little excursion into the world of Greg Evans.

It is impressive that you will spend your entire day here...Not some of your day..YOUR ENTIRE DAY spewing your hate towards the Gators. I guess when you cheer for a team that flat sucks there isn't much else to do

Wow, Randy is yelling at his team now. That'll rally those boys. Don't try teaching them their routes or how to tackle or leadership. Rest in the knowledge that INT17 is shaving art in his head and wearing fresh jumpsuits.

He may have been just upset that Ohio State was about to run up the score but they felt pity on the Canes and took a knee inside their 20. That to me, is more humiliating then scoring.

Ohio State was saying, we feel bad for you poor Canes, we are going to stop playing with time on the clock. We will not step on your throat and embarrass you.

Posted by: Fake Donna Shalala, the homophobic troll with mother issues | September 17, 2010 at 08:58 AM

Figures an obsessed Gator Troll like Fake Donna would consider SPORTSMANSHIP to be humiliating. After all, he cheers for a team that has scored two late unneeded TDs versus their two paid-for cupcakes to run up the score in an attempt to trick the pollsters.

The first one on a tipped long pass after the other team had given up got their QB over 100 yards passing in the last two minutes and kept Urban from the worst offensive performance of his UF career.

The second one, with under 5 minutes left and with a 17 point lead, was with TWO timeouts called on the drive, and 16 yards of passing to pad Brantley's stats to a whopping 172 yards passing.

That's right, two of Brantley's passing TDs were versus teams playing the run and in both cases doing 4th down conversions on the drive against a demoralized team to get the cheap TD.

Real Rocky Top, (not the sicko that steal IDs for a living), be ready for that if the Gators have a lead, since sportsmanship is not in their vocabulary, even though interorally apparently is in their vocabulary.

BTW, since you are so good at stealing IDs, Chris Rainey's info was published by the cops. Go ahead, since ID theft is your specialty and you see no problem with a guy stealing credit cards from innocent dead girls and letting her family pay for his shopping sprees.

Shannon HAS to start getting fired up DURING gametime.

Fear=Focus. We all know what that means.


Do u have ANY clue what an idiot that makes u look like? ANY? The foundation for success, or LACK OF IT, was laid a long time ago for this team. it was formed during the summer camp. Off season workouts, dedication to the play book during personal time. Running around and screaming isn't going to rescue this raging dumpster fire of a coaching staff. Seriously dude, u sound desperate.

Posted by: Mel Gibson

Mel,calm down. INT12 has thrown any pics today and Nevin's book doesn't come out until December. Relax, re-fill the fire extinguisher, and practice throwin' up duh u's in the mirror. Is Jacory going to put on a Wannstache before the game Thursday?

Go Bulls, I mean Vols, er I meant Wildcats, you know I meant Roll Tide!!

Come out like the canes of old. Hit them hard, maybe a tad late, dont purposely hurt anyone, but you all know what I mean. That will begin instilling the fear that they once created.

Its time to say eff it

Posted by: The U is back like it or not. | September 17, 2010 at 06:50 AM

I agree Uisback. Tacking on a 15 yard personal foul is always beneficial to a struggling team that is searching for leadership and execution. Very swaggery idea u have.

(skipped riiiiiiiight over Mel Gibson's excuse this excuse that manifesto)

Mel,calm down. INT12 has thrown any pics today and Nevin's book doesn't come out until December. Relax, re-fill the fire extinguisher, and practice throwin' up duh u's in the mirror. Is Jacory going to put on a Wannstache before the game Thursday?

Go Bulls, I mean Vols, er I meant Wildcats, you know I meant Roll Tide!!

Posted by: They have wireless at the tire shop? | September 17, 2010 at 11:38 AM

COMEDY GOLD. The UM dink just doesn't get that he is a punching bag here. But I must point out that he works at a RIM shop, not a tire shop, which is a few notches up. He got a discount on his spinners and everything.

Once again UF idiots youre bringing up a QB that isnt with your dumbazz program anymore. Lets get with the current week losers. When your QB says he is only 6`1 and weighed in at 255, you might not consider that fat in jolly ole Gville but the rest of the nation says thats a fat QB. Bottom line is that twinkie fingers and UF leave 2-1


Asked what Rainey has to do to get back on the squad, Meyer responded: "I don't know.''

Do you wear panties under that orange dress canesrule? Do you even have an apple bag? Your "Rocky Top" persona, in case you haven't noticed, is getting you hammered. Go back to Ashley Slonina.

It is impressive that you will spend your entire day here...Not some of your day..YOUR ENTIRE DAY spewing your hate towards the Gators. I guess when you cheer for a team that flat sucks there isn't much else to do

Posted by: Gigi's cleft palate | September 17, 2010 at 11:24 AM

Poor Joe, the guy does the best he can to get the UT vs UF week going and yet all these Gator idiots want to do is post on and on and on about a team that isnt even on their schedule. Just plain pathetic. Well at least the UF fans over at our VOL site are now talking football. Amazing how that happened once 1 person was banned from there. What a sad Gator fanbase over here. Find the excuses morons after you leave 2-1


The sicko racist said that Sam Shields was a bust, yet here he is in the NFL, STARTING for the Green Bay Packers against the Philadelphia Eagles, and already has had more playing time than "The Savior" Tim Tebow.

I beleive that NFL coaches are better judges of talent than some coward anonymous racist troll with mother issues.

It's True.


By: Mike Bianchi

With sincerest apologies to Joe DiMaggio and Simon and Garfunkel …

“Where have you gone, Timmy Tebow, Gator Nation turns its felonious eyes to you (Woo woo woo).”

Nobody quite knows just how much Urban Meyer’s Gators will miss Tim Tebow’s leadership on the field and in the locker room this season, but what we do know is this: Florida’s arrest-ridden program now yearns for Tebow’s grace and goodness in the arena of public relations.

As Meyer’s program reached a nefarious milestone this week with its 30th arrest since the coach took over five-plus seasons ago, UF found itself without Tebow there to deodorize the stench of wide receiver Chris Rainey’s infamous “Time to Die” death threat against his girlfriend.

In the past, it didn’t really matter much if Meyer’s players ran afoul of the law because the coach could always roll out Timmy Terrific and his magic eraser to make the stain miraculously disappear.

Whenever one of Urban’s outlaws would get arrested for running up charges on a dead woman’s credit card, the Gators could always point in the other direction and say to the media, “Hey, guys, look at Timmy preaching to inmates at that prison over there!”

Whenever one of Urban’s outlaws would get shot with a Taser while trying to elude police, the Gators could always point to Tebow bringing a smile to a dying kid’s face at the cancer ward of a local hospital.

Whenever one of Urban’s outlaws would steal a $1,500 laptop computer and then throw it out the window when police arrived, the Gators could always point to Tebow helping provide food and medical supplies to orphan children in the Philippines.

Whenever one of Urban’s outlaws would open up the trunk of his car, pull out an AK-47 and begin firing it into the air, the Gators could always point to Tebow wearing Biblical eye-black and quoting Ephesians 4:32 — “Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you.”

The Gators will no doubt miss Tebow on Saturday afternoons when it is third-and-1, but they will miss him more on Sunday night when the next UF football player pulls up to a red-light and drunkenly falls asleep at the wheel of his car.

For the last four years, while UF players were getting arrested at such an alarming rate, the media was too fascinated with Tebow’s righteousness and virtue to even notice. All of the negative attention from yet another player getting arrested would quickly dissipate with Tebow’s next act of kindness.

Only those media members who covered Meyer’s program on a daily basis chronicled all of the arrests. The national media chronicled Tebow’s virginal purity.

Who will ever forget the national championship game against Oklahoma in 2009 when Fox commentator Thom Brennaman cooed, “If you’re fortunate enough to spend five minutes around Tim Tebow, your life is better for it.”

Tebow was not only a great Gator; he was the greatest fumi-Gator. He could decontaminate and disinfect even the most rancid wrongdoing. He was like a human bottle of Purell. Just a squirt on the Gators’ grubby little hands and 99 percent of the germs were killed on contact.

But those days are gone. The bottle’s empty. Without Tebow there to attract all of the attention and adoration, Meyer’s program is being seen for the first time without Timmy’s beautifying filter. The Rainey arrest, for example, has become huge national news with blaring headlines and indignant rhetoric:

-”Urban Meyer: 59 wins, two national titles — and 30 players arrested”

-”Rainey makes a Dirty Thirty in Gainesville”

-” NCAA might need to step in to solve arrest issue”

-”The Florida Gators/Criminals”

-”UF (University of Felons)”

If Thom Brennaman were covering a UF game this weekend, he would probably say, “If you’re unfortunate enough to spend five minutes around the Tim Tebow-less Gators, make sure to check your pockets on the way out the door.”

Sadly, this outlaw reputation is now the national image of the Florida Gators.

Tim Tebow is no longer around to clean up the mess.

But here’s a novel thought:

Maybe Urban Meyer, the actual coach of the team, should consider doing it himself.


Asked what Rainey has to do to get back on the squad, Meyer responded: "I don't know, I figure a couple of laps should do the trick."


The Rainey arrest, for example, has become huge national news with blaring headlines and indignant rhetoric:

-”Urban Meyer: 59 wins, two national titles — and 30 players arrested”

-”Rainey makes a Dirty Thirty in Gainesville”

-” NCAA might need to step in to solve arrest issue”

-”The Florida Gators/Criminals”

-”UF (University of Felons)”


Posted by: Mel Gibson

He is "starting" because the rest of their CBs are hurt.

I can confirm that Survivor is pre-recorded and Jimmy Johnson did puke after he watched the OSU game.

After reading posts on this blog, I now know where "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader," gets contestants for their show.

Adjectives and phrases used to describe Gatards:

deodorize the stench
decontaminate and disinfect

Anyone who has played the Gatards has used these phrases for years. Maybe that is why Gatard trash is scared to travel to play OOC opponents. Fear the rest of the country would find out

Well, too late Gatard trash. If you think the stench is bad now, wait till the Vols and Bama put a pounding on you.

You won't know which corner of the trailerpark to hide in.

I can confirm that urban has upped his meds after dropping 6 spots in the polls and securing his 30th arrest.

The gators don't play OOC opponets on the road because half the team would violate their parole.

Posted by: To Pig

Titles awarded to the Miami Hurricanes since joining the ACC


No Twitta fools, Iz izzzz pissed off.

At what point to you cane clucks understand that college football is a business. The only reason you play those OOC games is because you need the money. You live in the past but at least you play in the powerful ACC.

Not only will we hand them a loss on Saturday but Alabama,LSU,GA.,S.C. and FSU will all put an L on UF. Dont wait much longer on your excuses Gators

Posted by: Rocky Top2-1

Noted. Remind me next week when your a Kentucky fan.

The gators don't play OOC opponets on the road because half the team would violate their parole.

Posted by: VOP = NO OOC | September 17, 2010 at 12:48 PM


He is "starting" because the rest of their CBs are hurt.

Posted by: They have wireless at the tire shop? | September 17, 2010 at 12:14 PM

That's all you have in response to being proven wrong, yet again, Curse Piggy?

He is starting in the NFL. Lou Gehrig got his start when the guy in front of him got injured, but that doesn't make his starts invalid.

Tim Tebow won't be starting even IF his QB gets injured.

30 for 30?

I guess they like 30 for 59 instead.

Coward Curse Piggy, you still haven't explained your obsession with the Canes, or your hatred for blacks. Did you lose your job to a black man? That would be good news, because then it means you at least HAD a job once in your life.

Noted. Remind me next week when your a Kentucky fan.

Posted by: It ain't halloween yet | September 17, 2010 at 01:04 PM

Didnt you get tired of posting that dumbazz response already? Do you UF morons ever say anything original on here?

"We REALLY need the money so we play OOC games."


Ohio State

And the list goes on and on. Conspicuous by their absence from this list? Why, it's our favorite Coward, the Florida Gatards.

Cowards till the end.

Don't let the facts get in the way of your Pig lies, you dumb racist Pig.

You have been gutted for all to see, Pig. How do you tell an idiot that he is an idiot? I've been trying to do that to the Pig all year.

Racist Pig. Dismissed.

Posted by: Mel Gibson

Tebow won't start, huh? That's like saying jacory won't throw another pic. You know it's coming and you just have to prepare for it.

"Titles awarded to the Miami Hurricanes since joining the ACC"

Funny that you change the rules like that.

5 > 3 no matter WHAT conference we are in.
9 > 8 no matter WHAT conference we are in.
28 > 26 no matter WHAT conference we are in.

Fill in the blank, racist sicko:

"It took the Florida Gators ____ YEARS to win their first SEC football title, while Miami has been in the ACC for ____ years."

You should drop this ACC comment until they fail to get a title after as many years as the Gators took.

PS: Chris Rainey was jealous of Burt Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson, so he wanted to be like a movie star. Who knew he would choose OJ Simpson and Mel Gibson as his role model.

Posted by: Toothless Nex

Ok you got me - where are all the ACC teams on that list.

Everyday, canesrule gets gutted like a tuna and starts rambling. When it's painfully obvious that you are getting dismissed start yelling 5>3. U LOSE

see: above

you're a comedy punching bag...nothing more.

"Tebow won't start, huh?"

I never said that. I said that if Denver's starting QB got injured, Tebow would STILL be holding a clipboard. Shields is starting after ONE excellent performance in the first game of his ROOKIE season. SOMEDAY, Tebow will get a Brady Quinn or Sage Rosenfels type chance at starting, but not this year.

Posted by: You only included colleges that are relevant | September 17, 2010 at 01:17 PM

you just pointed out that Florida is irrelevant. Good job, hypocrite racist troll with mother issues.

YOU had already included Miami in the list by claiming they were the ONLY school to do that, dummy.

Reading comprehension is a problem with you, isn't it? Maybe if you take the sheet off your head, racist, you might be able to see the screen better and follow a conversation.

Gutted, Pig. ACC teams on that list? Did the listed teams have an intra-squad scrimmage you slob?


In fact, every ACC team does. Every SEC team does, Every Big Ten team does. Every Pac-10 team does.

All except..................Cowardly Gatards.

Stop while you are way behind, Pig. Go finish your breakfast ice cream cake.

Being a Pig and Stupid is a horrible combination. I feel sorry for you.

The stupid Pig wants to talk Canes and ACC on a Gator board.

Hellooooo? Stupid? Pig? You are a joke, Pig.

you're a comedy punching bag...nothing more.

Posted by: Pata's stripped lug nutz | September 17, 2010 at 01:19 PM

For a guy that cheers for women beaters like you do, I would expect you to be an expert on people being treated like punching bags. Is THAT the reason you are so mean to your mother and cut off her twinkie allowance at six boxes a day? Gives you a workout treating her like you want to treat a girlfriend, but you can never get one.

The Shapiro time bomb is ticking.

December looms


probably is a liar but even liars can point to records and paper trails and accomplices and other dirt bags and culpable people who understand what perjury means.

U R sooo screwed that u get funnier with every single desperate post u bring here. Seriously, with each post the stress of knowing that Shappy is about to bring down the UM facade haunts your soul. Keep posting.

"Remind me next week when your a Kentucky fan."

At least in Kentucky they know to use "you're".

Are you gonna run up the score on them late? maybe they give Brantley the Tebow-Kentucky special.

You see, Kentucky KNOWS after the past few Urban games that you will be throwing for padded stats and scores late, so they WON'T be putting in their backups against you with five minutes left in the fourth quarter the way Miami of Ohio and USF did.

nobody said Kentucky would win, but they sure will make it cost you.

16.9% of urbans players have been arrested while he has been the coach at florida.......

Changing the subject again, you racist sicko?

You lost the Rainey argument, the Shields argument, the Hankerson argument, the championships and head to head argument, and now want to pin your hopes on some unpublished book by some convicted felon?

How pathetic you are, racist sicko Curse Piggy. Go give your momma box number four.

Maybe they mean the Top 1% of the criminal element.

As Batman says, criminals are a cowardly lot, so since the Gators are cowards against 49 states of OOC opponents, and they have the higest criminal % in the NCAA, that MUST be what Urban meant.

You can tell every time the Pig has been crushed. He goes to the low-hanging fruit of lowly scumbag posts:

1. Shapiro; or
2. Pata.

You are so predictable Pig. I should be an FBI profiler. They would pick up your fat carcass in 10 minutes.

You are the blog clown. Keep it up. I am sure the rest of your Gator colleagues enjoy this. Or maybe, you have run them all off until you are banned like you have been everywhere else.

Sucks to be you, Pig.

Posted by: Mel Gibson
Posted by: To Pig
Posted by Rocky Top 2-1

"The stupid Pig wants to talk Canes and ACC on a Gator board"

Yeah - why are you here? That's right - the canes suck. INT12 sucks. You live in the past.

gators better prayyyyyy that patchan is not your LT when you play UT. I would hate to see what happend to shebow happen to brantley.

Legitimate question:

Who will have more INTS at the end of the year?

Gator Defense who has eight interceptions in two games and is twice as many as any other SEC team and two more than next highest in nation.

Ooooooooooh. Noooooooooo. "Canes suck?????"

You went there?????? That really stings. I mean, really. Please don't say that again. My heart can't take it. Really. Pllllleeeease.

I can't believe you said that. It hurts my feelings.

The Pig is gutted. Like a nice filet in public for all to see.


Pig, did James Madison beat the team that crushed the team that defeated the team that trounced the team that foiled the team that topped the team that was victorious over the team that prevailed over the team that the ball was wet?

Just wanted to be clear about what goes on in the recesses of your Pig mind. You know, back behind the dreams of pizza and doughnuts.


"Yeah - why are you here?"

In retaliation for your CONSTANT racist attacks on the Canes blogs. You already knew that though. You chose not to stop, so payback is here, fat boy.

Your sick lies on the Canes blogs deserved a balanced and equal response of truths on the Gator blog.

You don't like it crybaby? Too bad. Your punishment will continue as long as WE decide it needs to, you racist sicko with obvious mother issues.

I notice that he lost the argument again, so he tried to change the subject yet again.

If only he changed his underwear as often as he changed IDs and changed the subject, he MIGHT get a job.

Mel, that is this sick racist Pig's MO.

Hey Pig, tell us again that the only reason teams play OOC games is because they need the money.

I think that the Texas football boosters, you know, the Texas X's, would like you to enlighten them on the subject.

You are a sick stupid buffoon, Pig.

In retaliation for your CONSTANT racist attacks on the Canes blog

No one is on the cane blogs(or vol blogs) talking about depths, bryan pata corpse, marlon barnes going to the club, or Nevin's tell all. You have nothing going on in your life so you have become a bad ass blogger in a fake ass digital war. Isn't D&D made for the P.C now?

Pig is killing the Gator board.

Classic buffoonery by the dumbest slob on the web.

Have you researched the definition of "slander" yet, stupid Pig?

I fogots twitta too.


Yes, Pig. Right on cue. Change the subject. Make a racist remark. Anything to divert attention from your stupidity.

You are a fat bullseye. You are a yellow stain on dark paper. So easy to spot.

We have your pegged, Pig. How is that for alliteration, you slob?

Like I said this morning, you will spend your ENTIRE DAY here spewing hate. you're funny.

A veritable punching bag

December looms much like the futility of having Randy shannon as an HC.

it sux to b u (text speak as defended by clownsrule)

You are a yellow stain on dark paper.

What color is dark? And what kind of paper? And what kind of stain because if it's light black paper with an oil based stain it may just seep in and appear darker so you couldn't really spot me

oh alabama is in the house!!!

any tigers, gamecocks, seminoles, or appalchain staters?

We have your pegged, Pig

I am actually not a pirate

Well, actually Pig, if the spot appears darker, or lighter, you would be spotted. So long as you are not the same color as the background, you are spotted. That is known as "contrast."

Think before you put Pig finger to Pig keyboard.

Again, crushed like a grape. Why do you do this to yourself? You put your stupidity on display for everyone to see. You have killed this blog for the true Gator fans.

You are, and I believe I speak for everyone no matter what team they root for, a loser.

Dems da facts, fatboy.

Wouldn't "light black" be known as "gray?"

Yeah, I would like to buy a "light black" car.

Gimme the "light black" shirt.

The club is a steel "light black" metal.

Wow, you are as dumb as they come, Pig. Did you drop out of elementary school?

Posted by: Pseudo-intellectual
Posted by: To Pig

Light black is a color - Jimmy Graham

"My favorite team wins the NC every year...amazing!"

Curse Piggy's team loses at least one game every year...amazing!

Light black is a color - Jimmy Graham

Posted by: This is too easy | September 17, 2010 at 03:11 PM

Yep, attacking someone of a different race than you is your usual "easy" response to losing an argument.

Your hood is blocking your view of reality, you racist sicko with mother issues.

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