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Is Steve Newlin from 'True Blood' a clone of Tennessee Vols coach Derek Dooley?

GAINESVILLE -- Really, do I even need to ask? Wow, what a pair of Deep South heartthrobs.

Is Steve Newlin from True Blood a clone of Tennessee coach Derek Dooley? Just look at the pictures! You guys think I'm making a joke? OK, I am making a joke, but consider this before you totally laugh off this blog post. True Blood is a popular HBO series set in Louisiana. When the character of Steve Newlin was conceived for the show, Derek Dooley was still a coach at Louisiana Tech. Blam!


PICTURED: Steve Newlin, Southern Baptist preacher and vampire killer. 

DerekDooleycropped PICTURED: Not Lane Kiffin.



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Racist sicko Pig tries to hide his stupidity behind posts of Pata or Shapiro.

"You are a loser, Pig."


The World

Sorry, the link was broken. Try this one.

Hey everyone! Check this out!


Gator fans enjoy. :)

Hey Everyone???????? Come on WickyWicky dont walk into a site with that kind of blast. Are you really that weak and pathetic? Bring some kind of UT UF trash to the site. Stop with the same crap you have been posting. Have you even seen a football game?

Posted by: Mel Gibson

says the guy with the racist blog ID

Nevin looms

Dummy, the Mel Gibson ID is in honor of your own Chris Rainey.

You know, the guy you keep defending for being one cop away from attempted murder.

Thats what im talking about. Trash the damn Gators. Nothing but a bunch of limp wristed punkazz cowards anyway. 24 hours from your beatdown morons 2-1

"Well, his wrist was limp."

Pig has killed this Gator blog. Good job, Pig. You are a real hero.

Please tell me exactly why Texas plays OOC games?

Like Nelly, "must be the money."

and the stupid Pig is gutted again.

Sorry but Shannon is no HC material. He is a great DC. He's is the problem not the players. Out coached most of the time and his teams are unprepared most of the time.
He suck's as HC and we will not even win the ACCless title...

Posted by: miami305 | September 17, 2010 at 03:19 PM


December is coming

the grandest collapse of all UM thuggery

What is the point of posting about a team that isnt on your schedule? You UF fans are just flat out stupid, there is no other way to put it

Talking about a book that hasn't come out yet, by a convicted felon, which purportedly implies wrongdoing by past members of the Hurricanes, all the while doing so on a Gator blog under varying aliases?

Yep, I'd say the guy known as "Pig" is a full-blown loser.

You lose again, Pigman.

Ibapologize. I admit I am a friend-less loser. I have tried to make friends and not be a racist but I find both things very difficult. Cam someone help me?

This is a call out for help.

Help me, somebody. I hate myself. Who could love such a grotesque barely-human being?

This is a call for help.

Ahmad Back is now sending twitter messages out to everyone that says: Dear Knoxville, Here comes the gators...take ALL safety precautions. Oh crap dont tell me we need to warn the cops that our woman are "about to die" by other UF team members. Or do we need to clear the streets for Hammond and Elam to get the DUI on? Maybe someone from Miami can tell me what that idiot from the Gators meant by that tweet...2-1

I am going to see chuck d and public enemy tonight at revolution...will get me in the mood to watch the gators crush the vols tomorrow. see all you cane clucks on the board next week. gators 3-0

"INT12 is a joke"

And how many people are going to trust WuckyWicky and click on something that he posted on here? Not me. Its scary thinking what could be behind those links

Jo -

Steve Babik given 12-plus year sentenceEmail Print Comments24 Associated Press

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- Former University of Florida broadcaster Steve Babik has been sentenced to more than 12 years in prison for child pornography.

A federal judge in Gainesville sentenced Babik on Friday to 151 months in prison followed by a lifetime of supervised release. He pleaded guilty in April to one count of receipt and distribution of child pornography.

Prosecutors say that between June 2008 and November 2009, the 50-year-old Babik offered known child pornography files for distribution 326 times on his home computer. Babik's computer revealed a significant volume of children engaging in sexual acts with other children and with adults.

Babik, a longtime sideline reporter for football games, was fired in November. He had worked at the school since 1987.

Jacory Harris just threw another interception......

Our thugs are better than yoUr thugs!

Brantley just fumbled another snap.

Gatard player just committed another felony.

Lovin' the wheels off the wagon train disaster that is Gatard football.



sh'up cane tard

Jacory gets injured
The losses pile up
the players don't develop
the coach gets fired

and through it all.....DECEMBER looms

I cant twitta no more but I can throws me some INTS.

It all about duh U

CAN 1 of you methHEADs tell me why RANDU SHANNIGANS post gAMe tirade he didn't mention ANY of JAPICKY's INTS? anyone for the love of god

fang bangers rock - go vampires

More Cane talk by the blog Pig on a Gatard board.

Classic buffoonery, dimwit.

Tell us again about the reasons for playing OOC games.

buffoonery is the cane fan on the gator clause on a beautiful saturday. complete idiot.

nevin rules!

Buffoonery is the Pig, banned from all other sites, doesn't even discuss Gatard football. It talks Canes after putting the lotion in the basket.

You are a dope, Pig.
Can you define slander and use examples. Have you learned anything from the beatings I administer?

The Pig has done more to kill this Gatard blog than any Cane, Vol or Nole ever could. That is true buffoonery.

beatings? no one said anything about marlon barnes.

there are no vols on this blog just fake cane losers.

Go Gators!

I need help. I am obsessed with the Canes, Nevin Shapiro and the rankings of high school age boys.

I am a loser. Is there a "Losers Anonymous?".

Sign me up.

Funny you quoted buffalo bill being the silence of the canes happened last week.

Hannibal Lecter: And what did you see, Randy? What did you see?
Randy: Canes. The canes were screaming.
Hannibal Lecter: They were slaughtering the miami hurricanes?
randy: And they were screaming.
Hannibal Lecter: And you ran away?
randy: no i yelled at them after

You are a little puppet, Pig. You follow my lead everyone.

Like a 2 year old. Ok, I'm tired of movie lines. I will think of what I want you to talk about next.

Now, don't post anything unless and until I say, ok fatboy?


Your belt buckle this afternoon: KABOOOOOOM!!!!

this blog because of you: KABOOOOOOOM!


Your belt buckle this afternoon: KABOOOOOOM!!!!

this blog because of you: KABOOOOOOOM!


Posted by: The Pig




Rocky Top1-2 (formerly known as Rocky Top2-1), where are you now? Good game, huh?

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