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Picture of Gators' new alternate uniform; Looks a lot like Boise State

GAINESVILLE -- Here's a picture of the Gators' latest alternate uniform. It should never be worn, just my opinion. I think Adidas designed it. Or maybe Under Armour.




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Gatards are so stupid. Check your laundry. Trail is a gangsta and he isn't the only one.

Will Urban and Captain Interorally ruin him?

man what a loser this cane dolt is. does he understand that um is about one set of downs away from being under .500? Shannon is a joke. comes here crying some stupid crap about retaliation. get a jobloser. I don't think this guy can understand what crap um is. go look in the mirror idiot. u get poiunded by crappy teams every year. who this year? tOSU is gonna whip that ass hell fsu is probably going to beat you. they had your ass last year in the worst display of defense ever by both sides. instant classic my ass. instant slopfest. fsu had 108th defense. u suk man

Posted by: Pounding? | September 01, 2010 at 05:30 PM

rut roe, cane tard is on another "break" i bet you can get three posts in this time loser. are you a pro retaliator or a pro time stealer? either way your really bad at it. nobody believes you hve a job loser. and you never went to um

Arkansas beat Gatard ass up and down the field.

I like it !

I'm a very big Cane's fan and I love'em, but damn we're gonna suck this year. We are way over hiped and we will probably only gonna win 7 games this year. Don't wanna say dat and upset everybody, but it's the truth.

What a coincidence. I am a huge Gatard fan (though I wouldn't live in that trash heap called Gainesvillenfor all the trailers in Live Oak) and I think the Gatards suck and will lose 6 games this year. Totally over-hyped, afraid of the Canes, and coached by a nutjob.

This team really sucks interocullary.

Really, the best thing about this whole thing is ragging on Randy Shannon because Canes fans have nothing to say or respond with, even if they are delusional supporters. He is a joke. A complete joke! His record, his demeanor, his time management, his development of players, it is really everything. He is in sooooooooo over his head, it isn't even funny. He shouldnt be a head coach. He is a coordinator only! His record is terrible, his conference record is worse, and the way his teams fold at the end of the year is laughable. Well, not laughable, it is actually quite embarrassing. He cant develop talent, he is useless. These "diehard" canes fans, of which only one remains, Sarasota Cane, are not only delusional but definitely have multiple DSM IV diagnoses.

The reason why the Gators have been dominant and the Canes have been a joke, all comes down to one thing and one thing only: COACHING. Until that changes, expect more of the same.

That has to be the dumbest post of all the dumb Atatd posts. Dominant when? Last 5 years of your sorry 100 year history? 5%. That's it. 5%.

Gatarss are jealous and insecure when it comes to THE MIGHTY MIAMI HURRICANES.

GATARDS: 100 years of cowardice and failure b

Hail Flutie!

well said, in the end the canes have a terrible coach and we have one of the best.

The Nation wants to see THE MIGHTY MIAMI HURRICANES. Nationally televised games against tOSU and ND, games at Yankee stadium, etc.

Interest in UFelony? Not so much. Once you leave the vicinity of trailer parks, interest plummets.

You are cowards, Gatards. Insecure, jealous cowards.

Why is buck-toothed varmint Foley trying to cancel in 2013?

Posted by: Pounding?

Have you checked the revenue rankings for NCAA merchandise? Gators are #3, Canes #16...so you were saying?

Remember when the Maryland Terrapins came back from a 31 point deficit to beat the Canes in 84!? Final score was 42 to 40! LOL! :) That was the biggest football comeback in NCAA history! :)

Ah, good times man, good times.

Gator fans rejoice.

We are the 3rd rated program in Florida.

We have a top 3 coach, although insane.

We have the best barn facilities and a septic tank for a stadium.

We are loaded with talent, just look at our 34 arrest!

We play in the premier football conference.

Our program gets recognition everywhere. The Miami Herald gives us our own section in their paper. Now thats respect.

The Gator Nation is as strong as ever.

Merchandise revenue rankings? Thatbis what you point to?

Let's see, Gatard dope, 50K undergrads spending Daddy's money vs. 10K for Miami. Yeah, I would hope you win the t shirt race.

Unbelievable how stupid you Gatards are. It is great comedy. I think in this case, we can truly say, you 'billies did just fall off the turnip truck.

The Canes don't have their own section in the Gainesville Sun for 2 reasons:

no one from Miami is stupid enough to live in that dump; and
no one in Trailerville can read anyway.

Emmitt took a giant steamer right on you Gatards. It is the embarassment of the decade.

If I wanted to find 800 churches in 6 square miles, Pre-season All American list is out and, not surprisingly, not one Gatard on the list. So much for all the talk about top recruiting classes.

Why dis this happen? How can it be?

Living in the cesspool trailerpark saps your will to live to be sure. Just ask Haden and Coxson.

But the bigger reason is the career killing skill of Urban. Just ask Emmanuel Moody. Urban took the Pac 10 Freshman of the Year and made him disappear.

You are a joke of a craphole, UFelony. trap

Why is buck-toothed varmint Foley trying to cancel in 2013?

Posted by: Pounding? | September 01, 2010 at 08:42 PM

'cause you'll take the money.

HA! We have 3 Heisman Trophy winners, you all have 2! LOL!
For the Canes fans that have trouble adding, which is about 90% of you all, 3 is more than 2!

Just another example of Nike getting their designs into everything. They did it with the Denver Broncos.

It's nice to see Jimmy Johnson in those ExtenZe commercials every day! LOL! Dude must have a bit of a problem! LOL! That or he's strapped for cash!
Either way, it's pretty pathetic!


Ok turds, get over the gang signs we throw up, how is that different from burning crosses? Jus play footbal and stop trying to buy us out from playing in South florida in a couple of years... mighty SEC buying a game out...COWARDS..playball and stop whinning...ggeezz

Cowards? Our SOS over the last 10 years is ranked higher year in and year out!? Buy out the game? Other than the cane clowns on this blog -- who said the game is getting bought out?? Play ball? Didn't we win every game last year with the only loss coming to the NC?

Your coach quit on you. He hates that trailerpark.

OkinE goes from Defensive end to TE then fullback then DE again. The comedy that is the musical chairs in Trailerville continues.

So much for depth. So much for recruiting classes. It is the career killing ability of UFelony that counts.

The collapse will be spectacular.

Let's see...

COLLEGE FOOTBALL KICKS OFF TONIGHT , what network are the canes on
Southern Miss v USC.. ESPN tonight
Marshall v tOSU? yuck...where's the canes?
Minn v MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE??? Surely this isn't trumping the canes?
OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD...Northern Illinois v Iowa fricken STATE? This CANNOT be in front of my beloved canes.
OKAY...this is getting insulting now...WEST ALABAMA v ARKANSAS-MONTICELLO?

Let me get this straight..I can see ARKANSAS-MONTICELLO on the tube tonight but not AMERICA'S TEAM?????

Perhaps Coldcut has gone to the well one too many times with his desperate Thursday night schedulling move?

I don't think I've ever felt as insulted as this. I can tune into the Fighting Boll Weevils tonight but not my canes? ( not making this up)

Cane idiot made up this entire nonsense about UF trying to cancel UM series. I was at a booster meeting this summer and that topic came up. Steve Addazio was very direct. He said UF is very much looking forward to that game so that they can further entrench themselves in Dade county. He actually laughed at the NW class. Said that winning the National Championship down there made a huge impact and that the staff is working behind the scenes in very effective ways.

UF pretty much owns the state of Florida recruiting grounds anyway. Addazio said that UF is more concerned with the guys that are considering FSU. They aren't really too concerned with what UM does. OUCH !

Steve Addazio? THE Steve Addazio? The wordsmith? Creator of the word "interocullary?". Well, if he says something it must be true.

News Flash Gatards: Addazio is a puppet. A buffoon. He has no say in anything other than what crayons his players use to color with.

Buck toothed varmint Foley has been trying to cancel the game for 9 months.

BTW, the Canes will be on the same channel the cowardly Gatards will appear on for their games against FIU and Appy State.

Stay times. The collapse will be spectacular.

UF- national audience on ESPN

UM.....still buffering.

nice try assclown

'The collapse will be spectacular." Hey clownsrule..why don't you just cut and paste my entire comments and put your name on them. U continue to steal my hooks at an alarming rate. It's because your brain swirls in a small circle of delusion and gay jokes. Sad..very sad.

MINNEAPOLIS -- Danny Valencia is a rookie who doesn't lack confidence. Consider the T-shirt the proud University of Miami product was wearing after the game, blaring "The 'U' invented swagger" on the front.

Jo - this is what I'm talking about. The damn U is representing in all major pro sports while our poster boy is selling underwear. Doesn't seem quite fair. Why do all our athletes peak in college or High School while the U's seem to become all pros?

5 breaks at work already? It's gonna be a record day cane loser.

As you get abused all day long just remember that your entire season will be clouded by impending doom . Shap just gutted your program. The announcement is even worse that actually bringing forth the information because now you have to worry and stew for FOUR MONTHS..enjoy


Your coach quit on you. Your coach will quit again.

The collapse will be spectacular.

Minnesota's up-and-coming third baseman couldn't have expected to do this well, though.

Valencia's one-out single in the 10th inning drove in Michael Cuddyer from second base and gave the Twins a 2-1 victory over the Detroit Tigers on Wednesday night.

Valencia is batting .332 with 16 doubles, two homers and 24 RBIs in 208 at-bats, one of a handful of first-year players thrust into action this season.

"I knew I'd be able to play up here obviously, but to do this well it's pretty surreal," Valencia said. "I'm just happy the way it's going right now."


Posted by: Pounding?

If the canes are america's team than why doesn't america buy cane merchandise?


So, there’s a class, at the University of Florida, that’s called “21st Century Skills in Starcraft”. How the hell do they justify that? Well…

With society becoming increasingly technology-based and fast-paced, it is important for professionals to be highly proficient in skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, resource management, and adaptive decision making. These skills are fundamental in Starcraft and therefore make the game a highly effective environment for students to analyze and take action in complex situations. Computer and video games of all types have become a major part of today’s entertainment and technology worlds.

I hate this Jo. All our stuff is being sold at Walmart and Cracker Barrel. We need an AllGators store.

Business is booming at the allCanes shop in Coral Gables. Recession? What recession? University of Miami football fans have not slashed their loyalty budget. They will cut out the luxuries, but not the necessities, which include orange-and-green paraphernalia.

Orange-and-green earrings, soap dispensers, barbecue aprons, key chains, umbrellas, pillows, bumper stickers, pet toys, helmets that convert to snack bowls. Need an orange-and-green tricycle? They have it at the allCanes shop.

And T-shirts, of course. The one imprinted with ``The U Invented Swagger'' is a big seller, as is the one with 305 on it. There's a baby onesie that says, ``First Round Draft Pick.'' Shoppers like the shirt that proclaims ``Ohio Stole the Crown in 2002; Miami Stole the King in 2010,'' which, if you don't get it, refers to the controversial Ohio State victory over UM in the 2003 Fiesta Bowl and the Heat signing of Akron's LeBron James this summer.

dUUUUUUUHHH. Go Gaytars. Hey, Steve, let's play Starcraft INTIERORALLY.





So, there’s a class, at the University of Florida, that’s called “21st Century Skills in Starcraft”. How the hell do they justify that? Well…

With society becoming increasingly technology-based and fast-paced, it is important for professionals to be highly proficient in skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, resource management, and adaptive decision making. These skills are fundamental in Starcraft and therefore make the game a highly effective environment for students to analyze and take action in complex situations. Computer and video games of all types have become a major part of today’s entertainment and technology worlds.

Hey, racist Pig, now I know why you are a pseudo-intellectual slob. I know where you get your "stupid" from.


Posted by: Duuuuuuuuh. I's be educated

The gaming industry is a billion dollar one. EA(Madden football?) Programming Division is Orlando as are some of the military/NASA simulators development divisions. A college grad with gaming experience can work there and enjoy what they do while you are still living prehistorically in DOS.

13 work breaks by 10:00

Just remember while you're spending your entire day on a Gator blog, the NCAA will come down on u like a load of bricks and you're wobbly remodeled program will collapse back to where it came from. The BOTTOM.

Look off into the December sunrise, you can almost see it...it's the BOTTOM.

Nice spin, you low-grade Gatard. Way to spin it.

Hello, Daddy. Yea, please make the check payable to UFelony. I enrolled in the Starcraft class.

Yikes. That kind of equivalency is why this country is going in the tank.

Hey, everyone is a winner. Everything has intrinsic value. Blah, blah, blah.

Schools like UFelony, and not surprisingly, most of the schools in the SEC, are pumping out idiots who think a class on Starcraft is worthwhile.

INTERIORALLY, a new word soon to be added (I'm sure) to Webster's College Dictionary, courtesy of STEVE ADDAZIO.

Can UFelony get out of the way of the stupid train, or does it just roll through that crap campus nonstop?

Does each rider on the Stupid Express get a GameBoy in order to play Starcraft to boost their GAP and earn some life skills?


THE new uniform fits just right.

Clown outfit for the clown school. What a nice fit.

Can I wear the new Gatard uni while I am playing Starcraft? What about after I graduate? Will I be able to play Starcraft while I am at work?

Well, son, since being a UFelony graduate you are only qualified to work at a carwash, the answer is yes.


16 breaks before 10:30

you can reach 75 today....

I'll be watching the Arkansas-Monticello Boll Weevills on CSS tonight. Where are the canes on?

stilllllll buffering..................


Maybe lil Kirby Cuckold should contact the Boll Weevil AD. Dude is in PRIME TIME

U? ..... still buffering

THE new uniform fits just right.

Clown outfit...

U look like an orange creamsicle left out in the sun too long in those hideous orange Uni's. But the palm fronds are very intimidating.

duh u is back baby. we expect a BLOW OUT vs FAMU tonight! Get your modems warmed up, it's must see PC tonight! Get your popcorn ready. One time canes, one time. Play with in ourselves, execute the game plan, play as a team, play four quarters. I hope it doesnt rain, get breezy, cold or too hot.

Go 'canes!





Nice try "D" bag

We all know that there is a 30% chance of showers tonight. Combine that with the stiff coastal breeze and it could be downright chilly tonight. Randy has the sideline heaters all fueled up. This will be a blowout.

Go 'Canes !

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