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Poll: When will Gators receiver Chris Rainey return?

GAINESVILLE -- Mike Pouncey said on Wednesday that his friend Chris Rainey "just can't wait to get back" with the team. Rainey was busted for felony stalking last week.

Pouncey said he doesn't know when Rainey will begin practicing and a spokesman for UF made it clear on Wednesday that Pouncey was not speaking for the university when he said Rainey "will be back. We just didn't know when."

When will Rainey most likely rejoin the team? Maybe sooner than you think. Before you cast your vote in our official poll, don't forget to unlock your brain's vast bank of Gators football history when factoring a decision. Remember, former UF safety Tony Joiner was busted for a felony back in 2007 the week of UF's ultra-important game at Louisiana State. Joiner, a starter, seemingly had his case rushed through the courts and played in the game. Of course, in that case, some could say Joiner was acting chivalrously when he broke his girlfriend's car out of a tow-truck impound in the middle of the night. Tebow was Joiner's roommate that year. I asked Tebow if he knew anything about it when it happened. "No idea," he said. "I was asleep."



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Can you also poll if I live with my mom?

Thanks Jo!

Actually, hadn't seen that one.

I will give credit where due. 1 LOL! 4 U.

Kangaroo court in gainesville, let me explain even if the girl begs to not charge him the State Att. office has the evidence and would pursue charges on any person in Gainesville, except a UF thug.

Scumbag Cervone will eventually be talking to feds cause of this.
Listin to me 100% charges do not get dropped in this town by the State Att office unless you play for UF. In the end it will come out as a black eye for UF and Cervone's kangaroo office

A poll is always fun to see how people react to things
Reality is, there should be no way Rainey sees the field again
I dont care if some fans say it was a text message so it shouldnt be that big of a deal
It was a death threat made against a woman and should be taken very serious
We shall see what a joke of the "enough is enough" speech becomes

FYI, I voted Never/Next year.


he's done til next year and Meyer gives him another shot.

I agree with you 100% on that
It doesnt matter who the player plays for, an act like that shouldnt be tolerated

Typical UFelony football, slap on the wrist and come on back to play. UFelony and Meyer are a complete joke.

You have to remember that before Rainey went on his killing woman text spree he was out with a concussion
As soon as that clears up Urbie will come out and wont mention the concussion but will say the time away he was serving a suspension for his actions
Now that Urbie and Rainey have a very long talk they are letting Rainey return to practice
Just the type of b.s. that comes from Camp Urbie and Mr. 2 Big Teeth all the time

The real question is whether Rainey plUs before the blog Pig loses his virginity.

Cue blog Pig's racist response.

I agree with you 100% on that
It doesnt matter who the player plays for, an act like that shouldnt be tolerated

Posted by: G.O.A.T. | September 22, 2010 at 06:26 PM

Mr. G.O.A.T.,

That was simply my answer the poll prediction/question. It doesn't necessarily mean that's what I believe should happen.


Mr. -jo-,
Are you allowed to say what you believe should happen or is that kind of stepping over the lines of what you do over here?
My opinion for whats its worth is that he never steps on the football field as a Gator again, or the campus
A way to serious of a matter to not be handled in such a manner
I would love to hear your opinion on the Rainey subject but I totally understand if thats something you dont feel would be right because of the situation you are in

I'll give my opinion all day on some things, but other things (like whether or not a player should be kicked off a team) I'll stay away from.


remember that coach did say win at all costs....

Looks like public opinion is favoring an all-or-nothing approach on the Rainey situation.


If any of you actually listened to the 911 call that the sister made...if the girl was in fear why did she go out and look for Rainey? However stupid Rainey actions were, this was blown up way out of proportion. The charges WILL be reduced/dropped Monday because they don't fit any interpretation of law. That said, why is he out at 3 in the morning doing that stuff? He needs to be suspended for stupidity alone NOT the text. I think if you were able to go back in time he most likely was hopped up on something either perscription (due to his injury) or illegal at the time this occured. All things that concern me. This behavior also doesn't fit the pattern for Rainey.

You are right about Gainesville cops being keystone. In Miami they don't instantly send there police out for things like this or if someone throws a sub at Jimmy Johns and arrest.

Hey Cane fans- don't beat me up...see reality. By the way nice win over Pitt, you guys dominated them. I think you win the ACC and go to a BCS bowl with a 10-2 record...looking like the back end of the top 10.

sorry..their police

I gotta say before I heard about Rainey's situation, I had no idea there was even such a thing as "3rd degree felony stalking". Hpoefully Rainey can recover from this lapse in judgment and move on to better things. I'm still amazed how crap like this seems to take on a life of it's own. I agree, he most definitely shouldn't have been out at that time of morning. Team mates need to look out for each other, but these young men have got to be held accountable for their actions. They're in college, time to grow-up.

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