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Team Tebow marketing arm, XV Enterprises, a long time in the making

GAINESVILLE -- You might have heard that Team Tebow launched XV Enterprises today. It's a marketing firm run by Tim Tebow's older brother, Robby, and a family friend, Angel Gonzalez. I love the home-school mentality of these up-start entrepreneurs.

Here's a recent quote from Robby Tebow explaining the inspiration for XV Enterprises...

"We interviewed the top 15 marketing agencies in the world and went through their dog and pony show," Robby Tebow said. "They were big and smooth and wore three-piece suits and some of them are very good at what they do. But one thing we realized is that they were talking about the things for Timmy that we were already thinking about. And when it came to negotiating we could do the job as good as they could and we weren't necessarily worrying about that 20 percent cut."

Not so fast, Robby Tebow, and your homespun, blue-collar marketing ploy. Something tells me you're not being entirely truthful ...

XV_enterprises_logo_200 Here's a link to XV Enterprises' website. LINK! XV Enterprises' slick corporate logo might seem familiar to a few Gators' fans. Remember Tebow's teary-eyed outburst after UF's loss to Ole Miss in 2008? Well, check out the logo on the shirt Tebow was wearing. Look familiar? Watch the video on www.timtebow.com and you'll see Robby Tebow and several other people wearing shirts with the same logo.

A few years ago, I asked Tebow during a press conference where he got his "XV" shirts. Tebow told me that a friend made them for him. The company that made those shirts is based in Jacksonville.

I don't find it interesting that Team Tebow was thinking about corporate branding while Tebow was in college. I do, however, find it interesting that Team Tebow didn't demand a 20 percent cut from UF.


PHOTO: Tim Tebow delivers his "promise speech" with future corporate logo of XV Enterprises on his chest. Very slick, Team Tebow. Well played. 



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Top 100 players in the NFL accordin 2 Sportin News. 7 CANES listed b4 u find the 1 & only GAtor at 93.
WHAT HAPPENS 2 GAtors after they leave school besides; sell bibles, sell underwear, do the bachelor show, go 2 throwin school, become a stat. at the Alachua county jail.

Hey, let's talk football.


LOL! The Gators, afraid to play UGA on the other side of the Georgia-Florida border, now are being questioned about being afraid of the mighty South Florida Bulls?

"Sure, a win is a win, but unlike last season, the Gators will be staring down a much tougher test in Week Two, when the South Florida Bulls come to town. Something tells me they will give the Gators a little bit more trouble than Troy did last season."

If USF wins, you KNOW they will get dropped for a more "national" schedule like when the Gators ran away from the Canes.

Gatards: a state emarassment.

Go burn you Korans.


The kid would have NEVER hit that HR in the Super if he wasn't a drug user. What a low life CHEATER. It's all UM knows. Bad sportsmanship, disrespect, DRUGS.
a big ole stash of performance enhancing drugs. typical scum THUG. Who else did he sell it to?
Canes baseball players have DRUG ISSUES
sounds very familiar

Scum Thug? Since when did Janoris Jenkins and Trey Burton enter the conversation?

White trash Gatards. You can't win.

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Ahh, and we see that the racist sicko with mother issues (mommy, why are you fatter than me?) has become such a coward that he posts his attacks in the Gator blogs.

Cmon, Curse Piggy, post that on the Herald or Sentinel or Post blogs.

What? You can't because you LOST those battles? How sad.

I hope that with the spare time I earned you by blocking your rants on two sites that you finally get a job and some exercise.

Hey, Fox Mulder, you still having trouble spotting the racist sicko troll? You must be blind....

As much work as Randy Shannon has done to turn this program around, this still isn't The U it used to be. It's not even close. Do you think opponents fear coming to Sun Life Stadium the way they used to when they went to the Orange Bowl? Do you think the Buckeyes are nervous the Canes (who haven't beaten at Top 10 on the road since 2006) are coming to town?
-Manny "the strap" Navarro

Tomorrow will be no different. the canes will get hammered

Jamar Hornsby, rifling through a dying girl's purse.

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As she is trying to reach for help, he is reaching for a score.

Does Urban stop him? Nah.
Does St. Timmy stop him? Nah.
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Who finally stops him? The cops, after the family complains that they are being charged extra interest on his cash advances. The family is then told to be quiet, they are attacking a fine upstanding top 1% of 1% gator.

Reimbursed by Hornsby? Nah.
Apologized to by Hornsby? Nah.

Yeah, a guy selling weed rates worse than Hornsby's evil shopping spree at the cost of a woman's life.

"Do you think the Buckeyes are nervous the Canes (who haven't beaten at Top 10 on the road since 2006) are coming to town?"

Why should they be? They are at home, a big favorite, and higher ranked.

Of course, I could find quotes from FANS sayig they are nervous, but neither TEAM is nervous going into this game.

Miami of Ohio was not nervous going into Benny Hill stadium, either.

Pig, do you think a stuffed Turkey is nervous when you are around?

Ignorant Pig. Oooops. Was that slander?

Did I offend obese people? Is that equivalent tonthe racism you spew?

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These are always fun! "Art Kehoe" plotting his revenge against UM with "Don Soldinger"! "14and0" and Co. take delusion to a whole new level.

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This weekend will be a ball Soldy.

Vegas has U at 7-1/2 wins. With all your INCREDIBLE DEPTH vegas only has U chumps one win better. I guess they missed that Beanpole doesn't have a shot at 12 starts. Or maybe they are accounting for that and know that Cook will be an upgrade over weakarm Jacory Curl.

Posted by: Boar's Head owes Kehoe some stock options | August 14, 2009 at 01:04 PM

You hypocrite, attacking me for using a battle paradigm to describe your sneak attacks when you were launching "bomber" references over a year ago.

Nice job going delusional there, Curse Piggy.

And your 14-0 prediction was as valid as your 0-4 Canes prediction. LMAO! And the responses to your racist attacks even back then show that it wasn't just me calling you a racist, EVERYONE does it.

Virginia 48, Miami 0

gawd that is shameful

Nebraska 52 - Gatards 17

that is to be expected.





You will kill another blog and terminate your last form of human communication.
Back to the roach cook-out 'necks b

I love how they listened to all the pitches from the marketing companies then turned around and said all their ideas had already been thought of...very smooth indeed.



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(better hide JaBrokey too)

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Damn. Quran burning is canceled. Ignorant 'necks are going to have to find another way to cook their rat burgers.

Maybe the blog Pig can help.


Miami is coming back huh? Supporters say that Shannon's off-season lame duck status was used against him and offer that excuse, in typical UM fashion, as the reason that his class was relatively speaking, a disaster. Keep in mind that Randy coaches in a very winnable conference and is in the heart of the most fertile recruiting grounds in the nation. Yet he was left stealing recruits from Buffalo and Nevada State??? Newsflash O' Kings of Denial, It's not his lame duck status that led to his subpar class. It's a stack of reasons. Starting with his poor winning record. (fire up the Coker talk knowing all the while that Saban and Meyer completely debunk that myth) Randy is known to play favorites. Just ask every QB that has committed then transferred except for the free schollie COACHES SON! Randy alienates everyone from Patrick Nix to Uber coordinator Mark Whipple. ( WHIP reduced sacks by 7000% at D-2 UMASS) U can pump up John Lovett all U like but that guy is getting a free pass that makes Shannon's extended honeymoon pass look like a rip-off. Can Lovett even spell the word adjustment?

Who even bothers to read that garbage, Pig?

You killed this blog. You suck. The Gatards will be beat down by the MIGHTY USF BULLS.


Not one comment on the USF game, except by Canes fans.

Gator fans must be afraid of the result, like Curse is afraid of meeting up with Canesrule in person.

This is weak Jo! Afraid to start a new blog? WEEEEAAAAAKKKKKK!!!!!!

wow all this Gator Hatin' is inspiring... who thinks that the Canes are favorites for the ACC championship, lol lame ducm conference, lame duck coach.

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