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When will Gators quarterback John Brantley begin completing deep passes?

GAINESVILLE -- There are three potential explanations for UF's ultra-conservative offense through the first three games of the season. Let's examine each one.

1. The Florida Gators' coaching staff doesn't have total confidence in their quarterback.

First-year starter John Brantley has completed 62 percent of his passes this season for an average of 150.7 passing yards per game. Sandwiched between Georgia freshman Aaron Murray and Ole Miss gun-for-hire Jeremiah Masoli, Brantley ranks seventh in passing efficiency among Southeastern Conference quarterbacks with a rating of 131.0.

Brantley hasn't had many opportunities to complete deep passes (passes of 30 or more yards) but he has missed every time (0-4). Here are the four deep throws Brantley has attempted this season:

1. 1-10 against Miami (Ohio) on the first offensive possession of the season. Intended for Deonte Thompson. Dropped by Thompson, the Gators' fastest receiver who as somehow blanketed by a Miami (Ohio) cornerback.

2. 3-18 against Miami (Ohio). Deep pass intended for Carl Moore off the mark.

3. 2-9 against USF. Deep pass incomplete for Andre Debose.

4. 1-10 against USF. Deep pass incomplete for Thompson.

Of note: Brantley did not attempt a pass of 30 or more yards against Tennessee.

Brantley has only completed five legitimate throws of 20 or more yards this season. Personally, I don't think Brantley is the problem. After all, the coaches relied on Brantley's arm five times in third-and-long situations against Tennessee and every time Brantley delivered.

Brantley was hyped as a great thrower for three years and now he's not being asked to throw. Something doesn't add up. If UF isn't going to throw downfield, then maybe freshman quarterback Trey Burton should be given more chances behind center to run UF's old spread-option offense. As a true sophomore, Tim Tebow averaged 278.3 passing yards in his first three games and only threw for less than 200 yards in two games in 2007. Brantley hasn't thrown for more than 172 yards this season.

2. The coaches haven't exactly trusted their receivers.

In years past, the Gators have had deep threats like Bubba Caldwell, Louis Murphy and Riley Cooper. I asked UF cornerback Jeremy Brown this week who UF's best deep threats were and he named Deonte Thompson, Quinton Dunbar and Andre Debose. Dunbar hasn't sniffed the field on offense. Debose has only been used downfield for one play in three games.

Thompson, who Brown calls the fastest player on the team, has been used mainly as a possession receiver so far this season. He only has three receptions of 20 or more yards. Carl Moore appears to have excellent hands but he isn't much of a deep threat. Omarius Hines has one reception for more than 20 yards. Jordan Reed, the redshirt freshman tight end, has one reception for 22 yards.

If I had to guess, I'd say that Frankie Hammond Jr. will get his chance against Kentucky to emerge as the Gators' downfield threat. This brings me to the third potential explanation why UF's passing game is stuck in a low gear.

3. The assistant coaches calling the shots are gun shy/Florida's coaches have failed to establish an offensive identity

In my opinion, this is the reason. New assistant coach Zach Azzanni is the Gators' passing-game coordinator. At the beginning of the season, UF coach Urban Meyer made a comment indicating that Azzanni might be a little nervous in his new position. Meyer and offensive coordinator Steve Addazio are always going to play cautiously, considering UF has a defense that has proven it can keep UF in any game no matter how poorly the offense is playing.

So far, UF hasn't needed a downfield passing game to win. That might change against Kentucky and Alabama. It also might help Brantley if the Gators' focused on a base offense and stuck with it until the offense gains more confidence. Brantley was under center and in the shotgun the same number of times (15) in the first half against Tennessee. With so many different looks for the offense to master, it seems like basic offensive disciplines like snapping the ball and run blocking have suffered.



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"Former #Gators QB Tebow threw for less than 200 yards only twice in sophomore season. Brantley's average: 150.7 ypg." - jo

Careful JoeGoody, Fake Donna Shalala is gonna get upset that you pointed out how poorly Brantley has done this year.

He of course considers any criticism of Brantley to be that act of a moron, so he might be insulting you very soon.

My opinion is that the team relied on Tebow's running threat, to the point that a standard offensive scheme no longer works with that threat gone.

Burton in the wildcat? That would be like Tebow-light. That won't work against Alabama, but it would give a team like Kentucky fits.

I will disagree with you on one point though. 15 snaps under center versus 15 in the shotgun is a good mix. It makes the defense have to plan for both scenarios, and the team I am sure practices for both types pretty evenly. They will get it under control soon enough...

Liberal use of the word "failure" in this blog post.

I'm just saying, Gatard trash.

"Yeah name me the other conference that has 4 consecutive titles. You are a moron just like the majority of cane fans."

So, a conference that has one contender and 11 patsies would be your definition of a great conference? Wow.

"You want to talk about loses. How about in 83' when UF ripped you a new one 27-3. Yeah you were the legit national champion that year."
Yep, we were. We beat the self-proclaimed "Team of the Century", and were voted in. Are you saying that a team should not win the title with a loss? You got three titles that way, INCLUDING one where you were given a gift rematch with FSU. Either we were legit in 1983-1984, or you WEREN'T legit for yours. Make up your mind, hypocrite.

"Run along cane loser, you guys are all pathetic losers. Just like Jacory."

He just won 31-3, against a top team on the road on prime time TV, so that proves you wrong yet again.

Posted by: Fake Donna Shalala, the homphobic troll that will soon be getting VERY upset with JoeGoody for speaking the truth. | September 24, 2010 at 01:22 PM

BTW SS Trailertrash, Curse Piggy thinks that that I am you, that I am Sarasota Cane, that I am Shultz, and that I am canesrule21 ships and just about everyone else on here that dares to retaliate against his attacks.

Funny how their racist troll goes on a Canes blog, steals Canes IDs to start fights with any new fans that show up on a Canes blog (like he did yesterday with DOUG113 on the Herald site) and posts with 20 different IDs per day, yet they think that all the Canes fans retaliating for his terrorist actions are the same guy. That's right the schizophrenic Curse Piggy thinks all his opponents are all one guy. He is LOSING BADLY to one guy. LOL!

"ACC is a basketball conference just like the Big East."

No, they are multi-sport conferences, that includes basketball. You have Kentucky in the SEC, does that make you a basketball conference only? No.

"If Miami is so tough why not step up and ask to join the SEC."
Because we are a 15,000 student private expensive university, not a 50,000 student public diploma factory. The ACC matches our school's size and academics much more than the SEC. Do I really got to prove you wrong about that again?

"Why not say I want to play in the most competitive football conference." Because there is more to life than just football. They are COLLEGES, not minor league football teams for the NFL. And the ACC is competitive, since no team has gone undefeated in conference play in 10 years. The SEC is NOT competitive, it has two good teams and then a bunch of victims. Saban and Florida is it. Is Georgia scaring anyone? Nope. South Carolina? Nope. Kentucky, Villanova, Ole Miss, Miss St, or Auburn? Nope. Maybe LSU if they are not a phantom 3-0, but that's all.

"Why move from a basketball conference to another basketball conference????"
Because they gave us a better deal, and our natural rivalry with FSU fit better if we were in the same conference. They were a better basketball and baseball conference, and we were dominating the Big East to the point that we were subsidizing the other schools there.

Posted by: Fake Donna Shalala, still posting on the previous blog but thinks that Canes fans are morons for cheering a different team than his. | September 24, 2010 at 01:24 PM

Boy, these thugs must really have the dirt on urbin 4 urbin not kick these thugs off the team. With GAtors football players threatin 2 kill some1, asleep at the wheel in the middle of an intersection, drivin drunk with 2 bottles of crown, drug tests gone bad, machine guns, gougin eyes, ETC. ETC. ETC..

The ACC matches our school's size and academics much more than the SEC

You just barely broke into the top 50 in academics based on the fact that public universities have had their funding slashed. Stop talking nonsense fool.

When things get back to normal as far as the economy is concerned, UM will drop like a rock in the rankings.

Come and try to dominate the SEC and stop with the stupid excuses fool.

Very interesting piece Jo. Too bad the Gators that post here would rather argue with a Cane troll than discuss such an important topic.

You've identified the chief reason why our offense is such a non-threatening bore, and why Gator Nation is frustrated. It has to be reason # 3.

These coaches need to pull their heads out of their backsides and throw the ball deep, plenty of times. We're capable of a passing attack, but these cowardly coaches are calling crappy conservative plays. Brantley would light up defenses, if they let him. If a receiver drops a ball, or an INT gets thrown - SO WHAT?? Throw again. Why the hell get Dubose and Dunbar if we're not going to use them?

By the way, our offense was conservative last year as well. It wasn't the explosive, unstoppable beast of an offense that we had during Tebow's sophomore and junior / nat champ years. It has to because of Steve Addazio. That dude is still very suspect to me.

The passing game would open up the running game, which would then open up the passing game even more.

Let me do something rare hear and say something I like about the Canes: even with Jacory throwing so many INTs against Ohio St, they called dozens of passing plays - deep, short, midfield, etc. And Jacory looked excellent last night. I don't care who the opponent was or whether they were ranked. The truth is the truth.

You have a quarterback who can throw, you let him throw. Addazio and the other coach you mentioned: they need to grow a pair, or our offense will continue to suck. Having sucky players is one thing, but we have excellent players who are being restrained by sucky coaching right now.

And Gators, stop addressing the Cane trolls. Goody writes a great piece and there's no relevant commentary.

Peace to all. Good bless. Long Live Tebow, and GO GATORS!


against a top team

You are truly a moron. Pitt is a top team??they are 0-2 unranked and will finish the year with at least 6 losses. Top team in your cane clown imagination.

Run along cane loser, you guys are all pathetic losers. Just like Jacory.

Posted by: Donna Shalala | September 24, 2010 at 01:22 PM

Talk about living in the past!! UF didn't sniff their first crappy title till '96!!! That's 13 years after the fact for those keeping score at home! By your own Math FSU should have won the title in '96, or at least split it with you!

UF lost to Ole Miss. at home during the greatest run in school history! How do I know this? Because for some reason you jackasses wanted to hang a plaque on your stadium commemorating the event! Complete with Tebow's tears! It's pathetic!

Look up UM's '87 title team on Wiki. 4 SEC teams, #1 ranked FSU, # 10 ranked ND, AND #1 ranked Oklahoma! UNDEFEATED!! There is nothing in UF's trophy case that looks anything like that, and there never will be! There will never be a more diverse, dominant schedule like that ever again!

Had you not lost to Ole Miss. at home (Dream, the impossible dream!), you still couldn't hold a candle to that schedule and team!! Your whole GD conference was on some form of probation the entire time UM was embarrassing U! UF's first title of any kind wasn't until '92!!

UM had 4 Fing NC's by then you Fing booger eater, one of which is considered "ONE OF THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME"! They put that "trophy" in their case again in 2001. FSU banked one in '98! They don't hand that title out to teams that lose at home to Ole Miss. during the greatest run in their schools history! UM should of had 2 more! At least 'bama steps up to the challenge. Didn't they just sign a huge neutral site game against a huge non-conference opponent?? What's your excuse? The last time UF left the state for a non-conference game was in like '92 against Syracuse, and they got waxed by Donovan McNabb!

Go re-write someone else's history you tool, starting with your own! You had a GOOD run with a GREAT QB, who unfortunately lost to Ole Miss at home during his best chance at going undefeated. Tebow is a standup guy, why don't you try to emulate him for once!

THAT'S YOUR LEGACY! A GOOD RUN WITH A GREAT QB! Enjoy it, other teams would kill for it, but don't try to turn it into something that it is not!

And one more thing, get off the SEC "tit"! You're starting to sound like Georgia fan for God's sake! You're suppose to hate your rivals, not lick the dirt out of their championship cleats!

By the way, is 'bama's title last year a higher quality title than any of UF's titles? Why or why not?

Is the '87 'canes team the greatest title in state history? Why or why not?

Goody writes a great piece and there's no relevant commentary.

Peace to all. Good bless. Long Live Tebow, and GO GATORS!

Posted by: Rico Nice | September 24, 2010 at 02:47 PM

Rico, I did make relevant commentary. See the first post, discussing Brantley, Burton, and why the offense is stuttering along so far. Or are you saying that Canes fans cannot provide relevant commentary? After all, you gave relevant commentary about Jacory, IMO.

Gatard Trash, you have two titles in 14 years. That is a huge accomplishment? With all the recruiting classes, money and facilities? You reek of underachievement Gatard Trash.

Even one of your football alums, Jesse Palmer, loved Jacory and the Canes. I bet he craps all over his alma mater like Emmitt did.

Can you use a bible to dig out of a crap pile? There are more bibles in Trailerville than text books. And the crap pile is courtesy of Emmitt.

You will never live that down, Gatard Trash. Of all of the embarrassing things you have done/have had done to you, that is worst.

It truly sucks to be a Florida Gatard.

Loss #1 on Saturday. Kats Krush Gatard Trash.

Book it.

Feral Cat, my apologies. I didn't see your comment. Sorry.

Whoever the poster "Donna Shalala" is: dude, chill out. This is just football, nothing important. The Canes were the sh*t back in the 80s and early 90s. Nobody can deny that. Much respect to UM's great history and program. But why do you feel the need to come here and attack the Mighty Gators? We have a great history as well. Sure, 5 is greater than 3, but one day, that number might change and you might have to take as much as you've given. Either way, 3 is great, and 1 would be great as well. How about all the great teams who have 0? To all the alumni and fans, their team is still the best. Calm down homie. It's all good. And to Feral Cat, my bad again.

"You are truly a moron. Pitt is a top team??"
They were a ten win team the year before and were expected to do even better this year. They were the top ranked Big East team when the season started in the Coaches Poll. They WERE a top team before the lost in OT in one game and we dismantled them in another.

Last year, they were a last second play away from being Big East champions and facing the Gators instead of a head-coachless Cincinnati. They beat UNC in their bowl game, when we lost to UNC. They finished with a better record than us, were at home, and facing a team that had just lost to OSU. Yet they lost to us by 28.

Last time they lost that badly?

9/29/2007, when a 5-7 Pitt team lost to Virginia 44-14.

Yet they were held without a touchdown on offense.

Last time they were kept out of the end zone?

12/31/2008 in a disgusting 3-0 snorefest.

Face Facts. A team averaging 31 points per game was shut down by the Miami Hurricanes. It's true.

"they are 0-2 unranked and will finish the year with at least 6 losses. Top team in your cane clown imagination."

Strange, their ESPN page says they are 1-2, liar homophobe. I think I will believe ESPN over some anonymous hater.

Posted by: The Very Fake Donna Shalala, eagerly attempting to pretend that the President of the Univeristy of Miami hangs out on a Gator Blog all day. | September 24, 2010 at 02:50 PM

But why do you feel the need to come here and attack the Mighty Gators?

Posted by: Rico Nice | September 24, 2010 at 03:52 PM

Rico, you are too good for this blog.

Thanks for the open response. No apology needed, but it is accepted.

I actually am not attacking the Gators so much as attacking a troll on here, Curse of Art Kehoe, that posts racist garbage and steals my ID on Canes blogs.

I love the fact that I can say that the State of Florida has won 10 ov the past 27 national titles. I cheered for the Gators against OSU and against Oklahoma.

But after three years of trying to do as you are suggesting here and turning the other cheek, I found that retaliating against the guy that was destroying Canes blogs worked much better. Once he is done on our blogs, I will have no reason to come here. Except during BCS title games to cheer on the Gators if they are in it.


thank you for that post. The issue with the "Donna Shalala" idiot and all of the aliases he uses, is that he is a racist and jokes about the sad case of the murdered UM players.

He has done this for years. He is a piece of garbage and is mentally ill. So rather than simply allow him unfettered access, certain persons have elected to give as much back to him.

He is a piece of human garbage, is no doubt reading this and will respond in kind, most likely with a racist post or one that refers to a murdered player.

It is simply the type of human garbage he is or, as most of us know him, the sick Blog Pig.

Hey, gutted Pig, tell us again that teams play OOC away games because they need the money.

I am sure Texas, who has just signed home and home series with 3 Pac-10 teams, as well as Alabama, which has signed to play Michigan at the new Cowboys Stadium, might be interested in what a fat virgin loser like yourself has to say.


What are you doing later? I happen to have a nice bottle of wine and some great appetizers. Maybe listen to a little Ace of Base?

PS I also have a bathtub, put some candles around it and I call it a HOT TUB.

BTW, does anybody know what college Emmitt Smith went 2 b/c he didnt mention it in his 24 minute HOF speech.
PS, never in the history of the HOF has a player not mentioned his alma mater..


I was going to inquire as well. I just rented Spartacus on Netflix. I make a mean cosmo and just downloaded the new Taylor Swift album on my mother's Ipod.

BTW, does anybody know who my mom is b/c she didnt mention it in her 24 minute parole hearing speech.


Back to crushing the Blog Pig.

You suck, Pig. Sitting in your underwear working on that mail-order business all day is no way to go through life.

Posted by: Curse

Propositioning others bloggers certainly is not the way to go through life

I saw Rico first!!

just heard J-30 has a busted shoulder !

Have fun Can Fan ... U now have Ur new excUse

Guys everyone debating SEC vs ACC is not the topic. And this from a Cane yes the SEC is tougher than ACC duh!!!
This doesnt change the fact that the Offense at UF sucks right now.

Joe, just an example of how this Gator Troll can ruin decent conversation.

Gator Fan Rico Nice attempts decent moderation. Two Canes fans respond politely. It should have ended there.

But then the sicko Curse Piggy posts under the IDs of the people discussing your article calmly, attempting to destroy any chance at civil discussion.

Rico Nice, thanks again for your kind words, but as you can see, it will be tough to have any kind of logical discussion with that guy around. He has done the same thing on Canes blogs for the past 3 years, day and night, 24/7, and now does it here. have a great weekend, I am sure you will win against Kentucky.


My offer still stands. I just stopped by M2M for a few things.

In all seriousness, who's the best quarterback in the state so far this season? I'm thinking about making this my column for next week depending on how games go this weekend. Jacory and his picks? Brantley and his low numbers? Ponder and his stinker in Oklahoma? Identifying the state's best QB is tough this season.


Ponder IMHO no matter records or #s
he has nobody around him is the problem

That Canes fan just said Pitt is a "top team". BAWHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAH

Pitt is flat out terrible.

I want Miami to win some games though. This way Randy Shannon may stick around. The longer he is there, the better it is for all the other college football teams. The Canes will lose at least 2 more. Their offense is in shambles. They have no QB, no backup to take over. Their OL is mediocre. Their WRs are the same. Their D is better than their O but gets exposed against better offenses. Although Miami's offense puts their D in bad situations with all their turnovers. My hope for Miami is that they win enough every year to keep their coach and lose enough to never win the ACC. It seems they are on that track again. Typical 3-6 loss year.

The SEC has 3 legit teams:
1) Alabama
2) Florida
3) South Carolina

Usually I would not believe in South Carolina but this year, I believe they are legit. Lattimore is a total stud and waaayyyyyyy better than any one of the 1,000 recruited Canes RBs.

Playing against a horrible D like Wake Forest, Ponder might end up with the edge after this weekend
Then again if its any QB in Fla. then Jeff Van Camp from FAU is playing 0-3 North Texas so his numbers might really go off the board

North Texas is garbage after they lost QB Nathan Tune, so Van Camp should have a good game at Lockhart. I'm interested to see how UCF freshman QB Jeff Godfrey of Miami Central does in the first road start of his career. Gator Clause friend Mike Biachi of the Orlando Sentinel wrote on Friday that Godfrey might be UCF's next Culpepper. A little premature to be throwing that name around, but we'll see. As for small schools, keep an eye on Josh McGregor at Jacksonville University this weekend against Davidson. McGregor has already passed for more than 300 yards in two starts this season. Sticking with the small-school them, Matt Johnson of Bethune-Cookman is one to keep an eye on as well this weekend. The B-CU Wildcats get Norfolk State in Daytona Beach.


I bet Davidson could beat Pitt

Just saying

Did anyone see Demarcus Van Dyke last night...

not much of a player but love that last name...


I bet Davidson could beat Pitt

Just saying

Posted by: Donna Shalala | September 24, 2010 at 09:42 PM

I bet Pitt would Roll Miami of Ohio, and USF.

Just sayin'


Easy answer: When Addazio starts letting him THROW deep passes.

What a great arm & great receivers going to waste........

I agree with Gordon and Jo. As I've said here before, the coaches are playing scared. You can't complete passes downfield unless you throw passes down field. Brantley is very accurate. If the receivers can't get open, put some other ones in there that can! Fire the receivers coach! Kick some ass! BUT DO SOMETHING! Reverse? Screen passes? Short over the middle to Demps? Come on coaches - LET 'EM PLAY!!!

Steve Adazzio is garbage. "Please come home Mullen" Id like to think this offense was a desinged ploy by Myer to say......AHHA Alabama surprise!!!! And then we put 500 yds of offense up!

Gatard fNs have no one to blame but themselves for all the criticism of their offense. For years, we heard the Brantley was good enough to start for most other schools. Now, when given the chance, he and his offense have puked the bed.

Brantley may turn out to be decent, but Gatard trash fans madenit seem like he was Danny Weurffel #2 when in fact he is closer to Terry Dean and Noah Brindise.

You still suck blog Pig.

Demps is the only threat to run the ball
The failure of Urbie to recruit a bigtime RB has shown its ugly head
While Demps does his thing when he gets the ball, the lack of a power back is hurting Brantley and the passing game


(throwin Goody a bone)

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