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Alabama 31, Florida 6: Four turnovers costly for the Gators

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- Thoughts, anyone?

Alabama has now dominated Florida two games in a row. Four turnovers killed Florida's chance on the road on Saturday. You can't give it away twice inside the 10-yard line against the No.1-ranked team in the nation in front of more than 100,000 fans and expect to win a game.

Positives to take away:

1. Florida outgained Alabama by eight yards. The Gators had 281 yards of total offense.

2. Chas Henry is a pretty good field-goal kicker and a great punter. Henry had two field goals in his first game as a kicker this high school. UF starting kicker Caleb Sturgis is likely out for the season with a back injury.

I'll let you guys take care of the negatives ...



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Florida looked beat before the game even started. Playing featherweights before stepping up in class is never a wise thing to do and you see how it turned out Florida fans, 31-6


First real team the cowardly Gators play this year and they get destroyed. This can be partly blamed on the fact Foley insists on having the Gator paper tigers play a highschool football scheduel--now only playing 4 away games per season--truly pathetic!

Saban out-coached Meyer last year and exposed him to be the fraud he is again tonight. I was roaring with laughter when the Mighty (tee-hee) Gators went for it on 4th and 1 on the goal line and tried that hokey high school jump pass play and when you looked over at the Bama sideline the entire Tide coaching staff was motioning that play as they knew it was coming--again, you were out-coached and out-played.

Oh! And in typical big mouth Gator fashion fat boy Pouncey was blubbering before the game that the Gators will play Bama any time at any place--apparently tubby didn't get the memo they were playing in Tuscaloosa tonight. What a big mouth clown--typical Gator!

Boys and Girls in the orange and blue costumes, your 15 minutes of fame ended the second Timmy graduated--now get back in the cellar where you belong!

PS: Brantley will not last the season running nut case Urban's high school offense...no way--no how!

Not sure if they keep stats on this or not, but how many teams have lost to the same school two different times in the same season?

I know the University of Miami beat UF twice in the same season, but has any other team in the country accomplished this pathetic feat more than once?

Remember that if UF had not beaten FSU in their historic 1st time ever NC in '96, we could be staring at a "Hat Trick" for suck this season!

Mr2Bits says:
October 2, 2010 at 9:22 pm

The way things are going I hope we can see Bama’s 2nd and 3rd stringers to get some game tape on if we make it to Atlanta!


By virtue of the fact that there is not a team in UF's division of the SEC that can beat them, coupled with the worst non-conference schedule for a BCS eligible school in the country, I would have to agree, UF will endure this all over again in Atlanta!

I had to repost this!

Mr2Bits says:
October 2, 2010 at 6:56 am

Ohhhh, its 6:30AM and I can’t sleep just thinking about this game. The underdog side is still playing out nicely which has me salivating. Everyone on ESPN is making this game sound like we shouldn’t even make the trip and should just take our loss now. Michael Smith is the only one who can see through all this in that a team that gets so built up, falls the hardest, just look at us last year at the SEC game.

My prediction….who the hell has ever even seen a red Elephant? Annoying pom-poms, southern swoosh’s and frat tards dressed in ties in September at a football game go down today……UF 27- Bama 20



1st off - our gimmicky style offense will never work against bama. NEVER. ok, onto some noted instances in the game that kept flroda deflated. Trey Burton did score! video evidence showed that the ball crossed the plane as his left forearm was hitting the turf. there should have been pass interference called when moore was trying to catch a td - their safety pulled his arm before the ball go there. they finally called it at the end, but who cares. aside from that, scoreboard proves it all. the better team with better coaches and better players won on the field tonight. dont get me wrong, Meyer is a great coach and florida is a great team... Bama and Saban are just better

When does Mr2Bits come pick up his best blogger of the day award? Is he here anywhere to defend that post or did he go into the Florida cave like the rest of the Florida Rat Fans

Trey Burton didnt score and there was no pass interference on the play you were asking for it on. Please dont make that beating worse then it was. Somehow I just knew the refs were going to be used in the excuse book

In watching UF hand off to tiny Demps I was trying to remember which team always ran the dive play for one yard with an undersized back, then it hit me - the Dolphins with Tony Nathan, ah, I digress. While the game was actually closer than the score reflects, the Gators have a long way to go. I figured this would be a rebuilding season (as many did with everything we lost and starting more true freshman than any Div-I team). Meyer needs to scrap the spread offense and use Brantley under center as a pro-set offense. We have a good line and receivers. Florida will continue to get better and I expect a better score in Atlanta in SEC championship game, albeit still a loss.

Another thought - curious which coach at Florida told Denard Robinson he couldn't play QB at UF, which caused him to go to Michigan? Oops - we might have had a chance today with this years runaway Heisman winner... Maybe same guy who told Cam Newton he'd never be a QB either.

the years we won the national championships under meyer - we had the toughest schedule in the nation - 2006 and a top 5 toughest schedule 2008.

enough with the weak schedule and poor out of conference schedule. ACC = every team is weak compared to SEC teams. And we DID manage to statistically hold the nations best tandem backs in check. chock it up to poor redzone performance and 4 turnovers on potential scoring drives and theres your loss. they didnt score a single point on offense in the second half.

You seem awfully sure that your team will be heading to Atl. After a game like that I wouldnt be so sure about that. Florida has plenty of problems to solve before they can even think about the Atl.

Youre a desperate man, thats a pitiful attempt at trying to reason out why you got crushed. There is nothing you can take from being thumped 31-6 when the team lets up on you. Just take it like a man and worry about what LSU is going to do to you

They didnt need to put up an offensive TD. The D was outscoring your O. Just another reason to show you how bad things were for Florida

over rated - im not throwing in the refs as blame for our loss. i pointed out some errors that could have been scores, but not errors that cost us the game. I also made mention that we were out played and out coached. i am definitely not one to blame refs for a loss. and to think deeper into it, there defense didnt beat us, they really didnt have to do anything but play football. our spread option gimmicky offense sucks and i manned up by admitting it at the beginning.

this is a blog mainly intended for florida fans

Florida has the athletes and talent to beat Alabama. This game we were out-coached, period. The momentum changer was clearly the 4th and goal jump pass attempt which failed. Taking the 3-points there would obviously not have won the game, but the lack of scoring undeniably set a negative tone for the Gators. Alabama's D was considerably more motivated after that, and when our offense failed to produce their following drive, we were suddenly down two possensions instead of one, making it much harder to pick up momentum on the road. Having tied it 3-3 I think the tone of the game would have been completely different. Hats off to Alabama for the deserved win--they were the better team today. If we play them in the SEC championship, I believe we will see much improved Gators team and different game. Go Gators!

Good to know we will probably end up playing Alabama again come December. Hard to beat a team twice in one season; means we can regroup, learn from our mistakes and pull off an upset against the number 1 team in the country (again.) We got wooped today. Hopefully, we can leave all the misdirection plays and gimmick garbage at home. We won't last a full season with all that muerto play-calling.

hey jbwright59 i guess ur sayin the jump pass couldnt jumpstart the woeful UFelony offense huh?

Nick Saban completely out-coached urbin & his gimmicky offense. Urbins gimmicky offense works against JV teams, not a well coached team like Alabama.
So u all will keep paddin urbins resume with wins against Miami of Ohio, Appalachian St, Charleston Southern & the VERY over-rated SEC (sleazy & easy).
I MEAN REALLY A JUMP PASS (so high schoolish)..

it went as i feared:

Defense did what it needed to to win the game.

The offense imploded, starting with the o line, especially Pouncey and Halapio. 5 games in and 5 bad snaps still. The pressure made Brantley make bad decisions. The lack of developed big play makers stalled us a few times. However, it was the lack of identity that killed us. We moved the ball, but when we got to the tough spots, we couldnt get a yard. Trey Burton running from tailback doesn't make sense to me. I don't see us using our talent.

I still don't what our offense is? The first drive was great and seemed schemed great. The rest looked like we were just trying to see what would work.

With that said, it was the best team in the land, and definetly the best line on both sides of the ball we will see. It could have been worse. I don't see anyone beating this Bama team.

2:50? 4:08? 4:35? 6:05? On a Gator blog?

Dude, your a loser. Embarassing even to the Canes.

Delusional Gatard trash. You make it seem as if the turnovers were fumbles. These were mostly picks caused by your horrendously over-rated QB.

There will be more where this came from. Bank on it.

Showing up to play against a better team costly for the Gators

I just wanna know, where are the mighty Gatar
fans ?....

They got their ass handed to them by a way more superior physical team and now they are no where to be found...man up you clowns .

Urbie looked like he wanted to take another leave of absence to recuperated for his " mental anguish" ...he he he

Jesus Jr is not there anymore , you all are a bunch of loser's

The 'turds lose at least 2 more games this season

Bouncey is amongst the issues to address.

The game is currently too fast for Brantley



Improve the above, and the Gators can at least be in the game

The Gators lost in part due to poor QB play.

UM won in spite of poor QB play...good for them


Where is the sick racist blog Pig? So much for the "top" recruiting classes. When those players are arrested, kicked-off, transfer, or, most common, woefully poorly coached (Emmanuel Moody and Pouncey 'tard #2), you get that result.

LSU will pound you. As will S. Carolina. It may not be too late to drop Miss St. and schedule Austin Peay.

You suck Gatard trash.

Actually if Miami had Brantley they would be in so much better shape because their offensive coaches would know how to use his talents.

This OC at Florida is so stubborn with his system...wonder if he would he continually run Tom Brady on the option?

Florida didn't play that badly except for Pouncey, Hallapio, and Pridemore glaringly stood out. On the reverse to Hines, all Pouncey needs to do is touch the SS and Hines walks into the endzone. He is in position yet doesn't make the effort. Maybe we can move him to FB? Putting Pridemore or Burton there just wastes a player. They keep saying we have no playmakers but Moore, Thompson, Hines, Hammond and YES Debose can make plays. There are no excuses its not back in the day when Spurrier left Zook with a bunch of WRs that ran 4.9 40s. Demps is a playmaker. Gillislee and Mack Brown are high caliber every down backs. Moody trips over his own feet twice last night. The PA guy should have said "tackle by self". Brantley's pick 6 happened because Moody didn't slide where he was supposed to be. Brantley has an NFL arm and is making some mistakes. He is as good as Chris Leak right now and has upside. But I don't see him realizing it unless the coaching staff changes up their philosophy. The offense doesn't match the skillset of the players. Before some of you get any Trey Burton delusions,the scairy truth is that Chaz Henry has the second best arm on the team.

Saw some good and bad things out of the defense. Will Hill continues to be a MAJOR disappointment. Its time to bring Elam in.
Besides that I think this ship is on the right path as far as coaching, leadership, and rising talent.

Another problem is that it appears Meyer has half of his heart in this and the true leader on the team is Pouncey. He can't even lead himself. His mouth is bigger than his game. He is more focussed on enhancing his draft status by being a center than making winning plays. I understand why opposing fans pick on him.

This team has two options on offense. Go into a more conventional pro style offense OR bench Brantley and run the wishbone. Which is it?

Or fire The Liar.

When does he take another temporary permanent hiatus leave of absence retirement working vacation sabbatical?

Give some real commentary or zip it. Guess you have NONE. Only interest is to pollute this board. Great show!

FYI while I am a Gator first I have family ties to UM. You guys aren't even Canes- you just want to talk noise like you are on some preteen chat board.

As much as I like his articles, this drivel is starting to become a reflection of Jo since his name is attatched to the board.


Come on gatorade dont sit there and say Florida played well except for just a few players. There is no heros or bright spots in a 31-6 beatdown. I dont care what school you went to or who you might be a fan of. Facts are facts. Florida has major flaws

Hey, delusional Gatatd fans. There is no "correct the mistakes.". You don't correct "suck," as in, Brantley sucks, Pouncey 'tard #2 sucks, and Steve "INTERIORALLY" Addazio sucks.

Combine that with a Mickey Mouse offense and you saw the result.

We told you for years you were a 1 man team. That one man, Teblow, is now a "bust-in-waiting" in Denver. Hebwint save you or make some banal juvenile speech to be memorialized like he was Churchill.

Don't say we didn't tell you so, Gatard trash.

I love all of the delusional excuses. UFelony got their arsss handed to them. I heard gator fans talking of an upset this week and also that come December we will be better. That sure is taking for granted that you win that weak side of the SEC conference. LSU is up next and though they are wildly inconsistant, they will put a whoopin on UFelony if they dont change their game plans. Spurrier is salivating to play this weak arsss team.

Gatorade i agree with 90% of your post. i have to disagree with the coaching part being on the right path. our coaching is on the wrong path - two national championships are because of tebow and harvin on offense and a charlie strong defense. dan mullen made smart calls from the booth which saved our doomed schemes from time to time. meyer knew that was the case and wanted to get out before it tarnished his record and stats at florida, but he manned up and decided he would lay in the bed he had made andncame back. adazzio needs to be benched. meyer needs to shut our team up and institute a zero media clause limiting only brantley, demps, and chas henry to interviews. why chas henry??? because he's the best punter in the country and out of our entire team, he has the best chance to succeed from urban's gimmicky schemes. Nfl teams will get great production from chas... i re watched the game, alabama beat us in the first quarter... our team, unexperienced, out coached and ill prepared couldnt have come back to win if the score was 7 to 3. The only thing that will rescue florida is a fresh start in 11'. our season was exposed and i truly hope we dont make it to atlanta... 3 times and urban may have to find another set of coaches to buy into his system.

UF is still fine in 2010. They played Bama, the number 1 team in the nation.

No need panic. You are not UM fans.

Burton did not score. The replay clearly showed burtons knee down then him stretching. Being a gator doesnt mean u get to rewrite the game. As for intereference get over yourself. The gators get by with more interferance then any team in college football. U guys were given 2 wins by refs last year. 2 tennesee game and anothe game i forget off the top of my head which one. The truth here is your offense sucks. Urban gets outcoached every game he plays saban and the one game he coached against lane kiffen he got outcoached. U lost face it u turned it over 4 times and couldnt run the ball when needed to or pass it. Wow and someone teach pouncey to snap the ball. I mean high school kids can do this after 3-4 weeks of practice why cant he. Ps ill leave this blog when curse of kehoe leaves my canes blog alone.

The palyers did not execute - however , it seems to me we got out coached more than the poor execution. The offemse is pathetic and Addazio just plain sucks. They don't seem to be calling plays which highlight brantley's strengths and style of play. If I see one more dive play I might lose my mind. The Gators might be better with Burton only because the coaches seem to be lost with a traditional QB. Brantley is a good QB - but not suited for this style of play. As for defense - I can't believe the same Bama gameplan worked as though we have never seen a screen before or witnessed that McElroy is good enough to beat us on his own. The bottom line is we were out coached and the players did not execute.

The Gators might be better with Burton only because the coaches seem to be lost with a traditional QB. Brantley is a good QB - but not suited for this style of play.

Posted by: kaffeen | October 03, 2010 at 04:17 PM

Finally one of U delusional moron's has a lucid moment! Meyer's only chance to win is with Burton because Burton is the only QB qualified to run the dive play.

It was funny watching the reptiles running 2 Tebow plays on their 1st drive at the Bama one yd line. Hey Fl., Tebow ain't there no more get over it try something else, that cost you dearly in the 1st quarter. Oh, thats another point, you still haven't scored in the 1st quarter.

Until Burton is able to master the jump pass, Oscar will never start him at QB

Tim Tebow was the whole story--with Tebow gone the fairytale ends sadly.

The results of last nights game can't be passed off as things are going to be fine due to correctable mistakes, when the results were really due to coaching, high school offensive schemes and players that have bigger mouths than talent.

The running backs look like a bunch Wizard of Oz midgets (sorry for the politically incorrect comment). Bama's defensive line crushed Poncey and the rest of the offensive line. And making that even worse is the Tides best defensive linemen, Marcell Dareus, was going at half speed due to a serious injury.

Foley has tried to schedule National Championships the last 5 to 6 years which, never allows us to be battle hardened. This year's schedule is the most embarrassing yet, with only 4 away games and another year of cowering from playing a good out of conference opponent in a home and away series. Bama Played Virginia Tech and is now trying to schedule Michigan while the Gators play MIAMI OF OHIO...AT HOME!?!?

It stuns me when I read that some think Atlanta is a lock even considering the purtrid scehdule and also believe the outcome of that game, should it be Alabama, will be in favor of the Gators...this is truly wishful if not delusional thinking.

Timmy's gone and what remains is a Junior high school offensive scheme and a coach that has been terribly overrated who has one foot out of the door and sadly, the other in therapy.

Watching Urban trying to take the place of Tebow by running up and down the sidelines attempting to put some fire in the players was painful. Tim was the guy who pushed and motivated the players not Urban. There's a reason why there's a plaque displaying one of Tebow's fiery speech's and not Urban's. To that end...name who you think is the team leader of this year's Gator squad...I'm waiting...take your time...no leadership...end of story!

So how long before urban has another health crisis and quits? Saban is like 10 times teh coach meyer is. The gators have more talent but keep gettin beat down. Addazio isnt the poblem this offense is urbans baby. The problem is yoru oline sucks. Pouncey cant snap a ball to save his life. come on high schoolers can snap a ball in shotgun back to a qb why cant he? U have fast rbs but not one of them can run between the tackles. Your wrs suck. Lets just aface facts no percy harvin, or louis murphy or tebow are walking through those doors. enjoy your 8-4 9-3 seasons. U Arelucky the sec is horrid this year. The 3rd best sec team may be ole miss who lost an fcs school.

A very young Gator team was taught a leason Saturday night in Tuscaloosa. the quesyion is

Whats the over/under on the amount of days before Oscar lets Rainey back on the team? Oscar needs a W more then he cares about a guy telling a woman its time to die. Place your bets

Please, Gatards. There was no Gatard Nation during the Zook years. If Gatatd Nation means graduates of a big public diploma mill failing in it's academic mission then, ok. Otherwise, your as bad a bunch of bandwagoners as anybody else.

The beatdown part 2 continues next week against LSU. Don't miss it.

Saban>>>>>>>Meyer>>>>>>>>>>>>Richt>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Paris Hilton>>>>>>>>>>>>12 month old infant>>>>>>>>>>Randy Shannon

Marve > Brantley > book shelf

You heard it here first, Urbie will quit because of so called health concerns, whats left of the coaching staff will bale after this year along with 1/2 of the recruits. Gaytor Nation, what a joke. 30 arrest, diploma mill and no institutional control=== UFelony.


Geaux Tigers. Pound that Gatard trash back to the trailerpark.

Burton is one of the most overrated players on the team. The staffs concentration on him is hindering the development of Debose, M.Brown, J.Reed, G.Christian,among others.

What this team needs is a felony arrest. It has been a few weeks so they are out of synch without one.

Hey, Hurricane loser nut job fan, The gator fans are here, but can't get a post in edgewise because you won't get off and stop posting, YOU LOSER, GET A LIFE. YOUR HEART IS FULL OF HATE AND YOUR A MISERABLE WRETCH. WE HAVE THIS THING, CALLED LIFE! WE SLEEP AT NIGHT, WE SPEND TIME WITH OUR FAMILIES, WE ARE HAPPY! DO US ALL A FAVOR AND HEAD OVER TO RICKEN BACKER CAUSEWAY AND TAKE A LEAP. If you like, give me your address, in west Kendall or Hialeah, wherever it is, and i'll come over and beat the livin' sh$% out of you.

As for the game, the game was lost, beginning to end by the o-line being dominated. We avereged two yards a carry. End of story. If you cant get a yard when you really need it, you can't beat the best team in the nation. There is nothing wrong with our backs. There not Ingram or Richardson, but with adequate blocking there are good. Demps is very good. 1st Drive was some of the best play calling and execution I have ever seen. Twice after that we drove the lenght of the feild

I will come to yout trailerpark, Douche in Pinecrest, but you might not like what you see. Suffice to say it would be similar to what Bama did to your trash team.

Gatards suck, John, and so do you. Internet blog tough guy. What a douche.


BTW, I probably live in a house on the water twice as big as yours....and I bang your tramp wife too.

Cuckold in Pinecrest....lovin' it.


DOUBLE BTW, Douche in Pinecrest, Rickenbacker is one word.



I guess Miami is aheah of the gators in the ap poll....allright lemme call my good friend Michael Irvin

Here are the 1st two paragraphs from Stewart Mandel's UF/Alabama game article in SI.com. Mandel really nails the topic. Whether you love UF or not, the university and the fans have turned that head coaching job into a pressure cooker that no coach can feel comfortable in.

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- At this point, we have to wonder: Does Urban Meyer wake up in a cold sweat every few nights, having seen one of Nick Saban's blitz schemes in his dreams? Does he reflexively gag at the sight of crimson? Does he have an unusual disdain for elephants?

In the moments after the final gun sounded on his team's 31-6 loss to top-ranked Alabama on Saturday night, Florida's coach stood nearly motionless at midfield for about a minute, staring blankly at the jumble of players shaking hands in front of him, before finally turning and running to the Gators' locker room. He still seemed strangely dazed, and short on words, in a brief press conference afterward.

SEC Least < MEAC


Come on now gator john in pinecrest, the defense played good enough to win it??
Except for that 17-3 hole they put you in.

Saban called off the dogs late, you know its bad when Saban has more class than the scumbag working at UF.

Dvae in gainesville Lovin it!!

And to all the Harris bashers he was at 140.1
before the weekend to Brantleys 131.01
wonder where they are now

lovin it!!

Saban went conservative, but never called off the dogs. He ran the same plays, if you watched the game. The UF defense stiffened.Mentally the team might of eased off a little, but the game was ost along the o line. Classic Saban football. Well done. No body is beating this Alabama team.

Cane loser, you a vile, nasty miserable person. You live to hate. But anywhere, anytime. I'll gladly flush this toilet. I never met a cane I couldn't beat in the business world, or other. Thats why i'm in Miami; bar is so low, like shooting fish in a barrel...You may live on the water, but it's along some drainage canal in Hialeah or West Kendall.

The Gators will have a hard time beating a quality team with Addazio as OC -- Tebow covered up his inadequacies. He's naked now.

When you put your second string in during the 4th quarter, it's considered "calling off the dogs" "D" Bag!

Watching your inner I-T-G (Internet Tough Guy) come out of the closet is the icing on the cake! The rascist jab at the end of your rant I assume is to show us that you did in fact attend an SEC school. No need, we already gathered that from the way you "pumped" your conference after the loss! That's straight out of the UGA handbook titled "Winning By Losing: 100 Years in the SEC"!

What do you think of Addazio now John, you "Lovin' it!"?????? What do you think of that Dazed look on Meyer's face after the game, you "Lovin' it!"????? Brantley???? The police blotter???? The Pouncey twins????? Rainey?????? You still "Lovin' it!" John??????

Ohhhhhhh, internet tough guy. How stupid can you possibly be. There are many Gatard trash living in Miami so you include those dopes in the "bar is low" comment. You just insulted the UFelony education. What an idiot clown.

Douche in Pinecrest, the water is Biscayne Bay. You may have heard of it but certainly cannot spell it.

According to Douche in Pinecrest, the Poles defenses "stiffened" when the Wermacht came barreling over the hills. They fought good enough to win it.

What a moron. This is exactly the Gatard trash mentality that ran off Spurrier and will now run off Urban Liar.

You are a real champ, Douche in Pinecrest. Now, come pick-up your wife. She really wasn't at the salon.

I was meaning to ask you why the gardner goes to your house every day while most gardners only go out once every two weeks???

Posted by: Fake Donna Shalala, apparently a man that is a loser that WISHES he was a woman that is a winner. | September 30, 2010 at 01:36 PM

Seriously, it's like you WANT the abuse. I guess I will see you Monday, fakey.

Posted by: Canes Over Gators | September 30, 2010 at 01:43 PM

Of course, since the Gators lost, maybe we WON'T see you on Monday. Karma is paying you back today....

You are a moron.

Posted by: Donna Shalala | September 30, 2010 at 01:34 PM

This coming from someone who can't spell gardener or genius.

Posted by: PS..... It's spelled FOOTBALL not footbal. | September 30, 2010 at 01:58 PM

This coming from someone who can't spell gardener or genius.

Point out all the spelling errors you want but when it comes to facts you have nothing but hot air moron.

What abuse can you possibly give me loser?

Posted by: Fake Donna Shalala, who has been abused so long that he now likes it and begs for more. | September 30, 2010 at 02:20 PM

You fool, since you are an expert on self-abuse, attack people even when they say they are looking for peace, and then whine that Canes shouldn't post here while at the same time cheer on Curse Piggy for posting his racist garbage on Canes blogs. We don't need to abuse you, 31-6 is doing that for us. Facing a ranked team, finally, exposed your team.

But, if he continues without remorse, then I will feel no remorse in retaliating. Fair enough? I hope I don't have to be back on Monday, but the ball is in his court.

What makes you a moron is the fact that you think that you are actually retaliating. Your arguments on h ere make you look like a moron. How is that retaliation? The fact is you are on here 24/7. Check out your post times. You get up at 2 in teh morning to post nonsense. Don't you feel like a loser that a stupid blog and some guy that you supposedly have an internet feud with runs your life. You life revolves around little stupid comments posted on a blog. Did you ever stop to think about that? What makes you any different from him. You are the same. You have no life. You are pathetic.

Posted by: Donna Shalala | September 30, 2010 at 02:25 PM

Yeah, check my post times, I am NOT here at two in the morning, Joe can back me up on that. You and your racist buddy are on here all night and all day though, one pretending to be a UM president and the other pretending to be a former UM coach. As for what makes us different, i don't post racist garbage, but he does. Funny thing though, you say we are the same, and that I am a moron and pathetic. I guess that means you calling your buddy Curse Piggy a pathetic moron. For once I agree with you, you homophobic sicko.

PS dem recieva gots to fights for dem balls the aint gots no reason too not get dem no how.

Posted by: randy loves him sum double negatives | September 30, 2010 at 02:32 PM

Curse Piggy loves to write lies, since Randy never said that. But keep going with your fake ebonics, it's great for the Karma that is coming back to haunt you.

What will come first, the Cubs winning a World Series, or the Gatos finally getting an undefeated season? LMAO at Curse Piggy, the disappearing troll.

Point out all the spelling errors you want but when it comes to facts you have nothing but hot air moron.

I am up early because like the war of pigeons in 1579 the early bird does get the worm. We shall bring in an army and retaliate like the Klingons when Starfleet attacked without provocation. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

Posted by: Canes Over Gators | September 30, 2010 at 02:37 PM

Fakey with the ID theft again. You actually are up early because it is tough sleeping in that raccoon infested cot. Air conditioning miht help you get some rest, too.

The "S" does not need capitalizing in this sentence unless you are using it as a noun. If this were the case, then your sentence is completely wrong, you MORON

Posted by: Canes Over Gators | September 30, 2010 at 02:40 PM

Wow, you forgot to change IDs again before attempting to correct someone's spelling. When you steal an ID, you just allow those of us on here to DENY that we said anything written on here.

Didn't you find it strange that you go to bed and find one of the gardners gloves in your bed?

Maybe he was trimming all the bushes inside the house. Do you pay extra for that?

Posted by: Donna Shalala | September 30, 2010 at 02:47 PM

Wow, you really are obsessed with bushes, I am guessing you have never seen one in real life. You might want to consider losing 250 pounds, taking a shower, and getting away from the keyboard. Then you might have a chance at the county fair, fakey.

Do you find it strange, Randy has never coached a meaningful game?

Posted by: I ain't even not gonnas try | September 30, 2010 at 03:27 PM

Yeah, he has that National Championship ring, but he wasn't coaching in a meaningful game. You are a pathetic fool.

Posted by: And the plumber and the pool guy and the.....

Really? You mama jokes?

Posted by: Your mama got a glass eye with a fish in it | September 30, 2010 at 03:54 PM

You attack our school president, then attack some guy's wife, and then WHINE like a timmy when someone retaliates by getting at your pathetic flabby mother? God you are a hypocrite.

You don't know how to act when you have a little success.

Yeah UM fans are the model on how to act. You ever been to a UM game Cane Clown?? Run along with your fade haircuts and gold teeth. Your most famous supporter is Luther Campbell. Who are UM fans to tell anyone how to act. What a joke.

Posted by: Fake Donna Shalala, the Gator troll that is so obsessed with the Canes that he attacks Canes sites, with his gold teeth comments and his obsessesion with a successful woman that has done far more with her life than he will EVER do with his. | October 01, 2010 at 09:26 AM

Nice, Fake Donna showing his true colors, homophobic and racist. And I have already proven you wrong about Luthor Campbell. Alex Rodriguez is far more famous than Luthor Campbell.

Posted by: Feral Pig

I didn't see Farmer Brown.


Posted by: The Real Canes over Gators | October 01, 2010 at 10:26 AM

Another fake posting, when I had already said I wouldn't be here. You truly are desperate when you are posting wikipedia information using another person's ID.

I'm in Tuscaloosa visiting the local hospitals scoping out the credit card situation. If you guy's hear of any dying girls please be sure to hit me up.

My prediction:

The Prison in Ganiesville... 7 felony arrests

Posted by: Jamar Hornsby Credit Cards Inc. | October 02, 2010 at 09:05 AM

LMAO! That is just good comedy right there. Since Fake Donna says it is okay for Curse Piggy to write stuff like that on the Canes blogs, I am SURE he has no problem with a little retaliation on the Gators blogs.

Is the kicker being out going to be used as excuse #1

Posted by: Bama Fan | October 02, 2010 at 11:14 AM

Oh yeah. They lost by 25 because the kicker caught the blue flu like Chris Rainey. They have blamed the weather, the refs, the noise, the sweat dripping off fat pouncey's hand, the fact that Burton tried to channel his inner jump pass jesus and failed, and of course the fact that Rainey wasn't there due to a mean cop that dared to press charged after hearing about a death threat.

Hey, Gatard trash. All we heard for 3 years was how Brantley could start for almost any team in the country. Remember that?

Did you mean Pop Warner or D-3?

Brantley suuucks. Another over-rated SEC team exposed.

LSU was down to the wire against a team that needed overtime against UAB.

Calling Timmy Teblow. Fetal position, stage left please.

Posted by: Feral Pig | October 02, 2010 at 09:16 PM

Yep, they said Brantley was better than Harris, even though ALL the QB ratings have Harris ranked higher. But you know these sickos can't deal with reality, facts, and truth. One of them dresses like a UM president and dances in front of a mirror in a weak attempt at getting attention, the other is still trying to get a noose around Randy Shannon. They are pathetic. I geve them a chance at a truce, they actually used that time off to increase their attacks. No quarter, Curse Piggy, just as you wanted it.

How long before loser Gatard trash starts chanting the "SEC is best" mantra because they know the Gatatds suck and it is all they have left.
Posted by: Feral Pig | October 02, 2010 at 09:19 PM

Oh, that would be right away. Florida Undefeated Season? Gone like Curse Piggy's size 56 pants. They were too small, apparently.

Not so easy to go on the road against a top team, is it Gatatd trash.

At least the Canes were in it till the end. Your trash team and quitter coach have puked all over themselves from the start.

You are a joke, Gatard trash.

Posted by: Canes. Remember us? | October 02, 2010 at 09:22 PM

Oh, they know it isn't easy, that's why they avoid it as much as possible.

I had to repost this!

Mr2Bits says:
October 2, 2010 at 6:56 am

Ohhhh, its 6:30AM and I can’t sleep just thinking about this game. The underdog side is still playing out nicely which has me salivating. Everyone on ESPN is making this game sound like we shouldn’t even make the trip and should just take our loss now. Michael Smith is the only one who can see through all this in that a team that gets so built up, falls the hardest, just look at us last year at the SEC game.

My prediction….who the hell has ever even seen a red Elephant? Annoying pom-poms, southern swoosh’s and frat tards dressed in ties in September at a football game go down today……UF 27- Bama 20



Posted by: Gatoralum | October 02, 2010 at 09:35 PM

Hey Gatoralum, is Mr2Bits the Gator ID of Curse Piggy? After all, he is salivating at 6:30 in the morning, just like that fat slob. He predicted 27-20 Florida? He mush have thought the Gators were playing Alabama Birmingham or something. After all,they didn't play the real Miami, the real ohio state, so he is used to them dodging competition.

John S says:
October 2, 2010 at 10:34 am

Tough one, but I think if we put up 30 points we’ll win. The Tide defense is not what it was, I think we’re a better team defensively. Hopefully McElroy doesn’t have the game of his life again. Funny that Trey Burton has as many touchdowns as Ingram and Richardson combined. Please Addazio, be less predictable and keep your foot on the gas, and I will take back every negative thing I’ve said.

Come on Gators, Bow-up!



Posted by: Gatoralum | October 02, 2010 at 09:37 PM

Addazio put his foot on the gas, and it smelled like someone passed gas. Nice jump pass by Burton. It kept Brantley from throwing a third INT of his own.

Not all is bad Florida fans. After this game you only have to leave the state 1 more time and thats to play Vandy. You have to love that dont you Florida fans. Now the real question is, does anyone really think you are a top 20 team?

Posted by: Pac-10 Fan | October 02, 2010 at 09:38 PM

They will be trying to get out of the Vandy game like they have been trying to get out of the 2013 Miami game. Cowardice, it is what's for dinner.

Mr2Bits says:
October 2, 2010 at 8:58 pm

So my guess is that we are saving our good play book for next week against LSU as we look like dog crap! AD4 will have his coming out party next weekend, this weekend were conceding to win the LSU game and hopefully Atlanta.


"Good eye" Mr. Two Bit's! UF is going to "flop" this game to prepare for a less important game next week! Riiiiiiiiiiiiight!!

Posted by: Gatoralum | October 02, 2010 at 09:43 PM

LOL! That has got to be the most convoluted excuse of all. "We decided to through away an opportunity at an undefeated season so that we could beat a weak and mediocre LSU the next week. UFelony not only excusing criminal behavior, now they are excusing losses.

Mr2Bits says:
October 2, 2010 at 9:22 pm

The way things are going I hope we can see Bama’s 2nd and 3rd stringers to get some game tape on if we make it to Atlanta!


By virtue of the fact that there is not a team in UF's division of the SEC that can beat them, coupled with the worst non-conference schedule for a BCS eligible school in the country, I would have to agree, UF will endure this all over again in Atlanta!

Posted by: Kehoe no-likey Gator no more! | October 02, 2010 at 09:47 PM

Ahh, the next excuse is that they were trying to get film on the third stringers for Alabama? This Mr2bits guy is hilarious. The lamest excuses in the history of football.

Where is the idiot blog Pig who said teams only schedule OOC road ges because they need the money? This was the Pig's excuse for the cowardly Gatatds failure to do so.

Guess Georgia needs the money, aside from an ass-whooping from a horrible Big 12 team.

Another sign of the over-rated SEC.

Posted by: Where is the blog Pig? | October 02, 2010 at 09:51 PM

Umm, he is busy hanging a little Randy Shannon doll in effigy in one hand, chomping on pizza held in the other hand, and abusing a poodle with his third hand. Yep, those three hands are why he doesn't go out in public anymore.

Not sure if they keep stats on this or not, but how many teams have lost to the same school two different times in the same season?

I know the University of Miami beat UF twice in the same season, but has any other team in the country accomplished this pathetic feat more than once?

Remember that if UF had not beaten FSU in their historic 1st time ever NC in '96, we could be staring at a "Hat Trick" for suck this season!

Posted by: Kehoe no-likey Gator no more! | October 02, 2010 at 09:55 PM

Miami also beat FSU twice in one season. Unlike the Gators though, the Noles don't try to duck their games with the Canes.


WHERE B YOUR DEPTH, GATARD TRASH? All those top recruiting classes and you PUKED ON YOURSELF.


Posted by: Where is the blog Pig? | October 02, 2010 at 10:19 PM

Sure, he is the reason they sent Cam Newton packing. Looks like they guessed wrong there. LMAO!

You would think a real coaching staff would teach QBs how to take a snap from under center then hand the ball to a RB.

Posted by: Over-rated SEC | October 02, 2010 at 10:40 PM

Remember, they didn't have to do that with timmy tearbow back there. Of course, he also didn't go undefeated, so maybe Brantley IS as good as Tebow.

I thought this place would be packed with Florida fans. I wanted to hear their opinions as to what happened in that nail biter of a game

Posted by: Over-rated SEC | October 02, 2010 at 11:53 PM

Nah, they disappear after a loss, just like how 31-4 made them disappear from the series against the Canes.

lol what a joke. The gators scored a total of 6 pts lol there qbs threw 3 picks. Whats that about j 12 now Oh really gator qbs throw picks too. No not gator qbs. lol At least miami kept the osu game close u guys just got whooped Go canes lol You offense finally played a top 100 defense and couldnt score lol good luck replacing tebow u need it

Posted by: mainecane | October 03, 2010 at 12:33 AM

Yep, they scored more points for ALABAMA than they did for the Gators. John Brantley has a smooth stroke though, LOL!

As a Gator Fan, I am terribly disappointed by our team's cowardly and shameful performance.

We obviously need to recruit more talented felons. Whoever is in charged of penitentiary recruiting should resign immediately. Heads must roll after the Gators' embarrasing effort.

Perhaps our players are just not focused. They are too busy concentrating on their next robbery or selecting which girlfriend to stalk.

No excuses. We got totally hammered. If Urban Meyer doesn't have a heart attack after this game, then I think that he is a total faker when it comes to his health problems. I bet his health problems re-emerge after we get throttled again.

Wow John in Pinecrest, internet tough guy! LOL
Dude I grew up in Miami, Saga Bay. Us Southridge boys loved crashing parties up in Pincrest, (palmetto) area. All those kids wouldnt say a word when we just walk in and start drinking from the keg.
Now after attending UM and moving up north to be close to family, YES I do live on the water on Lake Santa FE, just like Urbie. Its a long way from Hialeah.
Honestly tell me before halftime you didnt think Brantley was gonna get killed, I was worried for him.

Brantley? Killed? Behind that stud line full of 5 stars and All-Americans? You mean, the Brantley that we heard for the last 3 years could start for 95% of the teams?

That John Brantley? The one who puked all over himself over and over? Who has no confidence in Pouncey 'tard #2?

Gatard trash, you truly talk as if you were Oklahoma of the 70's or Nebraska of the mid-90's but in reality, you are no different than any other program.

A favorite refrain from Gatard trash fan: "Urban has the pipeline running and it won't ever stop. ND and OU and tOSU and Michigan had their down years? Won't happen to us."

Ignorance and stupidity (and trailer trash like John in Pinecrest) is not appealing.

I think you just orgasmed. You obviously get off on this. Your Creeping me out Loser.

This is awesome! And you Tool's thought you reinvented college football. UF "spots themselves 10 wins a year, and then when they lose, they start pumping the SEC!

Mad props to Alabama! Aside from the fact that they claim about 8 NC's too many, their recent history has been nothing short of stellar. For UF to come here and claim any victory by Meyer against bama is legit is laughable.

UF's greatest victories ALWAYS come against teams when they are down. As soon as the teams regroup, UF curls up in a ball and starts to cry!

You don't run FROM greatness, you run INTO greatness! Kudo's to Alabama for creating the blueprint for "greatness" that UF sorely lacks.

P.S. Watching Donovan McNabb yesterday sure brought back some great memories for UF fan, right???

I think you just orgasmed. You obviously get off on this. Your Creeping me out Loser.

Posted by: John In Pinecrest- Lovin' it! | October 04, 2010 at 12:52 PM

It's "you're", not "your", you idiot! What are you even doing here today? We run this shyt dump until further notice!

Now run along "D" Bag!

P.S. What's the over/under on when this idiot changes his fake name?


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