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Does Urban Meyer still have it? We'll find out this weekend.

Urban-meyer Florida's tilt with Georgia in Jacksonville on Saturday will be one of the most important games under Urban Meyer at UF. Sure, the Gators and Bulldogs are both middle-of-the-road teams in a weak SEC East, but this contest could mean the difference between an SEC title (unlikely, I know) and the worst season of his career.

Meyer's brief retirement last year raised plenty of eyebrows, and the Gators' start this season hasn't exactly erased fears that he won't be the same as his dominant, pre-breakdown self. No one outside the program really knows what Meyer has done differently this year to manage his stress, so it's hard to pin this losing streak on anything health-related. But I think we'll get a pretty good idea of where he's at on Saturday.

Jeff Demps, Mike Gillislee, Emmanuel Moody and Chris Rainey will all be on the field in Jacksonville (according to Meyer), meaning he has his playmakers. He's also 31-3 in his career when having more than a week to prepare for a game, and he's had incredible success in rivalry games.

It would appear that everything is in Meyer's favor for this one, and if the Gators come out and look like the same team that just scored a total of 42 points in three losses (while Georgia averaged 42.7 in three wins), I think it's fair to question the job he's doing right now. He got a lot of credit for being an offensive genius during Florida's time atop college football, and he deserves some blame if he can't figure this out.

From what we've seen so far, Florida is just not a good team. They have some good players, but they haven't played well. To me, it's on Meyer to turn that around this weekend after getting guys healthy and having a week off. If this had come before Meyer's semi-retirement, I would have had no doubt he'd right the ship. Now, I'm not as certain.

Do you expect to see a different team this weekend? If you don't, how will you feel about Meyer? Or is it all Steve Addazio's fault? On that note, check out this YouTube video some Addazio-haters made:

"He must have some intelligence to get that job."

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the Gators' start this season hasn't exactly erased fears that he won't be the same as his dominant, pre-breakdown self.


Sure, the Gators and Bulldogs are both middle-of-the-road teams in a weak SEC East.

Urbie will be coaching in the stadium he may call home next year. The "breakdown" is coming again gator fans and it is probably best has his gimmicky offense has been exposed. The NCAA Sanctions cant be far behind, so he will bolt.

This new guy on Gator clause sure looks the part of a gator fan! However I cant quite see the trailer in the background why did they black that out.

Mike, this article and the previous one you wrote have been great. Enjoy reading your stuff, just as I did Jo's. Unfortunately, all you're going to get around here is a bunch of Cane morons repeating the same crap. That's why I'm not posting much anymore. I don't know why the Herald does not monitor the trolling, as it drives people away. I'm not even going to address those guys anymore.

Anyhow, you're absolutely right in everything you say. It's sink or swim time for Coach Meyer. Though I've been saying Addazio is horrible since last season, I do agree that in the end, Urban Meyer is the HEAD coach and so it's ultimately up to him. Regardless of whether we win or lose (I don't have much faith anymore), will we play strong or sputter as we have most of the year? If we see a repeat of the previous performances, than Urban's reputation will continue to suffer, and rightfully so. Maybe Mullen was the real genius? Addazio needs to go, but Meyer is ultimately responsible for the debacle that has been this year. And I don't care so much about the record, it's the poor performance that bothers me - even last year!

Keep up the good work Mike. And Rico Palazzio, wherever you are, love reading your commentary as well. Do something about the trolling Mike!

Rico, join real discussion about UF over on onlygators.com. Only idiot trolls post here so don't waste your time.

Thanks "Tired of reading garbage from idiots". I think I'll do that.

I'll meet you at onlygatortrash.com. Can't wait, Gatard trash.

Rico makes up a name and then invites himself to a website? Yeah hes normal

Right on, "Rico..." and "Tired of..."
Mike, I often like your columns but the site is dominated by morons--meanwhile, a lot of Gators see it as you do, have reached the same conclusion (we call it "Put up or shut up time for Urban Meyer" over on GatorEnvy) regarding where things are at now.
If it turns out all URBAN is still doing is "hitting the Ask Addazio Button", well, he already "deserves some of the blame", so it'll be PAST time to start re-examining that breakdown and perhaps revisit his original decision, know what I'm saying?

GAtor top recruit of 2011, a.c. leonard suspended 4 the rest of his high school season 4 numerous incidents.
Remember the top 1% of the top 1%. Now if they'd only go after some1 in the top %'s, they wouldnt have so many arrests..


Good job.

UPDATE: Marcus Fuller sent out two tweets on Randy Shannon late Wednesday: "I'm hearing that Miami's Randy Shannon is indeed being considered as a possible candidate. The Gophers can offer him more money" and "But will Shannon use the Minnesota opening as leverage to get a better salary than the $1.5 mil plus compensation that he's getting now?"

If Miami continues to look as uninspired as it has this season, we're not sure that Canes AD Kirby Hocutt would be willing to renegotiate with Shannon after having just given him an extension in May. If Hocutt called Shannon's bluff, would Shannon still jump to the Gophers?

Joe Schmit of KSTP-TV in Minneapolis had a very interesting tweet on Tuesday evening: "Remember where you heard this. A name that could emerge for the Gophers job: Randy Shannon of Miami. This could be a Tubby type deal."

Shannon was born, raised, attended college and has always coached (with the Canes and the Dolphins) in Miami, so it would take a lot to get him to the frigid Upper Midwest. But, like Tubby Smith at Kentucky, perhaps Shannon has tired of the constant criticism he gets from fans (and even former players) and the fact that, short of being a national title contender every season, nothing he does will ever be enough.

Joel Maturi pulled one out of his hat in 2007 when he hired Smith, so we guess anything is possible. Would the Gophers get Twin Cities native Seantrel Henderson as part of the deal?

Turd beat writer Mikey is a "redshirt senior"? What's that suppose to mean, that you had to withfraw for so many typing classes it will take you 5 years to graduate? You Turds with all your excuses and playing the sensitivity card..."Mommy, those mean Canes fans are hurting my feelings. I'm going to take my ball and run over to a delusional Turd site that won't allow those bullies to tell it like it is...that we suck Mommy...Waaahhhhh"


"Sink or swim time" or "Put up or shut up time" for Coach Meyer? Unfortunately, the internet boards and blogs are dominated by immature, bling and blog, ringtone, band-wagon "fans".(The anonymity of the internet and a keyboard are a recipe for disaster). Only the lunatic fringe, the Johnny come lately band-wagon fans, and the media will be ready to write Coach Meyer off if the Gators don't win this weekend. The rest of us, those of us who remember the "bad old days", are more inclined to cut some slack to the coach who has brought us two SEC titles and two National Championships in his five plus seasons.

I know that it's your job to stimulate interest (read: create controversy for this generation with a five second attention span), but gimme a break. Thank God, Jeremy Foley isn't influenced by the media and/or internet babies.

And, since I don't hide behind my user name, my real name is Ben Hendricks. I've been a South Florida resident and a Gator fan since birth, many, many mango seasons ago.

Although this was a loaded question, given that the Gators were underdogs in this game, the results spoke for themselves.

how did the u do today ?

Just as proud to be a Gator fan before the game as I am now. Keep the focus, Gators. There's more football to be played...

BTW, for the cane fans, sure hope Harris isn't hurt too bad...

Wow, no Cane trolls. That's what they get for talking smack. Go sulk for a week. The U articles are just dripping with bile and vitriol right now. Suckers. GO GATORS!

Oh, and our offense looked nice. I guess we have our answer: Urban Meyer DOES still have it!

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