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Emails I get: Steve Addazio is to Gators as Larry Coker was to Canes

Gator Clause occasionally publishes the many emails that fill the inboxes of our editorial board of trustees, regents and governors. This latest email comes to us from Matt Jordan (city/town/hamlet unknown). There is no rhyme or reason for which emails we publish and which emails we delete. As a general rule, they have to be either really, really good or really, really bad.

(Programming note: Everyone, please welcome Mike-Mike McCall to Gator Clause when you get a chance. He'll be managing the blog from here on out. After more than three years in Gainesville, I'm moving back to Miami on Friday to cover the Heat. I'll still be chiming in from time to time, but Mike-Mike is the Big Kahuna Burger now. Mike-Mike is a solid journalist, who is trained in five kinds of martial arts. So make your move, rebarbs.)



Much like the Miami Hurricanes’ slow demise under Larry Coker, the Gators have started to follow suit. 

The reason is simple.  Steve Addazio is awful.  Larry Coker was awful as a HC, but people looked the other way b/c “you are being too strict and have taken winning for granted”.

Do I expect FL to win every game?  No.  Do I think that FL should be undefeated this year?  No.  But the fashion in which UF is losing must be a red flag.  The offense has three general plays.  (1) HB dive or draw up the middle.  (2) lateral or short pass for 2 yds – maximum (3) Outside HB run that will only work with Jeff Demps outrunning a poor team such as USF.

The few times that UF throws down field, progress is made.  I understand that Brantley has felt pressure, but there are measures that can be taken to mitigate that.  For example, leave a RB or two in the backfield to block.  (Not 180 lb Jeff Demps)  Or, spread the field and line up 5-wide.  UF seems to enjoy lining up in tight formations and playing in a 5 yard box.  Roll Brantley out.  Heck, if you are foolish enough to run the option with him, then what makes you think that he can’t move out of the pocket?

Recruits see this.  Fans see this.  Yet Urban Meyer is playing blind.  Or dumb. 

My question to you is:  Why is Urban accepting this elementary excuse for an offense?  Is it because he is friends with Addazio or is it because he is too caught up in himself?

Lastly, watch any video of Steve Addazio.  The guy is a moron.

I have no affiliation to www.firesteveaddazio.com, but please check out the site. 

Don’t take it easy on Urban or Addazio.  Stand up!



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Joe, you will be missed. Anyone that feeds stray cats is alright with me. The Heat got Lebron, Bosh, and now Goody. Enjoy the season, and the city, and make sure you do live reports from South Beach!

Mike, good luck. I sure hope that you don't catch too much grief for asking questions or publishing the answers. I see that you have been doing the Gator beat for a while, so you know the lay of the land.

Gator Fans, give Mike a chance. The Canes have two Gators out of their three blogs, and they are judged by their ACTIONS, not their school.
Giving credit where due, the Gators do put out good journalists.

Now, maybe we'll get a real reporter who's not afraid of doin alittle reportin & not afraid of the urbinator, like;
>who's payin for GAtor football players legal fees aka huntley johnson? (addtional benefit, does he help other students?)
>why hernandez, thomas, moss, etc. were all allowed 2 keep playin despite repeated failed drugs tests.
>why these's thugs r given chance after chance even after they've broken urbin's own core values? (must have the goods on the program & urbin, 2 probably SMU it).

One more thing Joe, do you have time for nightcap anytime soon? I heard SoBe on Sundays can be VERY interesting.

Already missing you like the deserts miss the rain!

Posted by: karate kid..

Please stop, anyone names Mike-Mike is worth a double take.

Karate Kid why do you go and ruin the Gator blog. Just let them do their job. They are Sports reporters not investigative journalists. Jo was a great reporter for the Gators, as a Canes fan I can say Gator coverage by Jo I feel has always been fair. I do not think he ever sugar coated things. He reported which is what he is paid to do.

I am not a big fan of Addazio either. I've said before the Gators biggest losses aren't the Tebows, Harvins, etc., but instead losing Charlie Strong, Dan Mullen and Billy Gonzales. Those guys were responsible for grooming the top recruiting classes Meyer has been churning out, and it's not a coincidence that the offense was horrible once Mullen/Gonzales left even though Florida had Tebow last year (who was the entire offense). The defense slipped too, which should have been the strong point last and this year, against Alabama in the SEC title game and again against Alabama as well as at home to a bad LSU offense.

Meyer may need to take stock after this year. Brantley's got 1 more year, so I hope they recognize his talents and stop making him run options where the defense knows he's not going to run. You've got a pro-style QB, run a more pro-style offense already.

Big Joe-

And just when we were forging a long-term friendship/manship. ..say it ain't so Jo!

A couple of things...

South Beach: Models, overpriced clubs, Models, people acting as though they have a lot of money--but really don't, Models, plastic surgery (most of it real bad--can you say butt lift?), people acting as though they are someone they are not and Models, which no one cares how they are acting, just how they’re looking.

The City of Miami: Crooked politicians, Spanglish, a new baseball stadium that will host a per game average attendance of 3,000 fans, which the crooked politicians screwed taxpayers out of millions to help fund based on the lie that the Marlins owner passed around that they were not making money, fat men mowing their lawns without shirts who are oblivious to the fact that they are…F-A-T!, the Marlins owner and his ‘Mini-Me’ chief executive have assured the Braves a World Series Trophy when firing Fredi Gonzalez, much like they did for the Yankees when firing Joe Girardi and the two nitwits are oblivious to this irony—high comedy and no Models, but a gaggle of …CROOKED POLITICANS!

Miami Heat: Tall, shaved heads (might want to get yours done before hitting town), Pat Riley has an ego that would make Urban Meyer appear to be humble, the greatest fans on earth if they are winning and you can stop in and inspect those talents LeBron James brought to South Beach--of course the basketball arena is NOT in South Beach, the American Airlines arena is the second basketball facility built for the Heat in their short history—the first facility was built in a part of town that you wouldn’t build a prison that was constructed with taxpayers money supplied by...CROOKED POLITICIANS!

The Miami Hurricanes: 5 time football National Champions, which everyone knows should be 6 time champs if it were not for the botched Terry Porter rectal exam pass interference call, Heisman Trophy winners, legendary players, NFL hall of famers, ‘It’s a Canes thing, you wouldn’t understand’ and the soon to be home of many more National Championships.

Wishing you continued success!


Congrats. Thanks for putting up with our sh#$.

As far as the politicians, go to 1637 SW 227 Avenue and sign the petition to recall the mayor. Go to www.yourmiamivoice.org to follow the commissioners recall that will be approved for a petition drive any day now. If you live too south to get there, let me know and I will get you a petition at my office in Pinecrest.

correction....typo. SW 27 avenue, not 227

correction....typo. SW 27 avenue, not 227

Posted by: JOHN IN PINECREST-LOVIN IT | October 13, 2010 at 10:02 PM

Did you take advantage of any minorities today John? That's why you moved to Pinecrest, remember?

What a pig!

Joe -- enjoyed your blog here on the Gator side of the Herald! Now you'll get to experience the cane clowns that post on this blog first hand.

Douche in Pinecrest - STILL RUBBIN' IT!

You did a great job Joe. you will be missed.

And you won't have to put up with anymore 'Canes whining about a good interference call that was just a little late or about how the Gators won't play them when UM avoided joining the SEC in favor of the Big East!

the title is wrong in that story. it really should read - steve addazio is to Florida what and Iceberg is to the Titanic

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