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5 things that might make the Gators better

GAINESVILLE -- After rewatching Alabama 31, Florida 6 ...

1. Omarius Hines needs to touch the ball a few more times during a game. He had one reception for four yards against Alabama. He needs to be more involved. Send Hines over the middle. He's got the body for it. The option/end-around play Hines carried for 19 yards was a great call. How do I know this? Because if it fools Bama's defense, then it was a great call.

2. My good buddy Israel Gutierrez called for less gadget plays from Florida's offense in his column in Sunday's paper. I say more gadget plays. This isn't the NFL. One of the greatest things about college football is the creativity of offensive coaches. Meyer has made a good living using his spread-option offense. So the jump pass was a huge disaster against Alabama. So the option didn't work as well as it usually does. I say, so what!? One bad loss to No.1 Alabama at Bryant-Denny, at night, with a quarterback starting just his fifth game since high school is no reason to scrap an entire offense! I'm no football expert but I've interviewed and talked football with enough people who are football experts to know the threat of an option play does more than just give Jeff Demps a chance to take one to the house once or twice every game. The threat of an option on any play keeps defenses honest and discourages them from blitzing the quarterback so often. I've read some of the comments on the blog following UF's loss to Alabama. What, is Florida supposed to ditch option football in the middle of the season, the week before LSU, implement a new offense and expect it to work? Step back from the ledge, people.

3. Keep John Brantley on the field all the time. I realize Trey Burton scored six touchdowns the week before the Alabama game. In hindsight, Kentucky is Kentucky. Leaving Brantley on the field all the time might help him develop some confidence. The guy is a good quarterback and good enough to lead the Gators to a major bowl game. Leave him in the game. Seriously, he waited around three seasons behind Tebow so he could get pulled after he drives his team to the goal line. That strategy might need to be reexamined.

4. Can Ahmad Black play free safety all the time? Can Matt Elam play strong safety? Hey, Major Wright played safety as a freshman. Why not Matt Elam? I'm just throwing out ideas here ... because Will Hill is playing like a five-star bust. Or is it a Rutgers all-star? No matter, those descriptions are pretty much synonymous with each other.

5. Bring back Chris Rainey and put him at running back.

6. Feel free to add your suggestions ...



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