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#Gators fans don't really want Urban Meyer fired, do they?

UrbanMeyerTrophy No interview access to the Florida football team til Wednesday, and once again, my saying of, "Don't give media members anything to cover and they'll come up with something" rings true.

There has been plenty of fallout from the Gators' loss to Mississippi State, with most of the anger directed at offensive coordinator Steve Addazio, whose job is now being offered up on Craigslist. But as I said in my last post on here, head coach Urban Meyer deserves some blame for this season going the way it has.

Evidently, someone agrees, though perhaps too much. The website FireCoachMeyer.com picked up lots of attention Tuesday, being featured on ESPN's Around the Horn and Pardon The Interruption and sparking debate about whether Meyer is taking tons of heat from UF fans. In my opinion, this discussion is stupid for two reasons, the obvious one being that Meyer has won two national titles in five-plus seasons and isn't going to be fired.

But also, take a look at that site. It was created in 2005 under the belief that Meyer's spread offense wouldn't work in the SEC (by the kind of person who probably referred to it as a Mickey Mouse offense). That turned out to be very, very wrong, and the site mostly went quiet until this season. It also looks like it was designed by a 7th grader, which may be an insult to 7th graders.

This isn't some coordinated effort by Florida fans to oust the most successful coach they've ever had, it's just some dummy who made a website. You could start one right now and get on ESPN within 24 hours (www.fireMikeandbringbackJoe.com is available).

It would take at least three solid seasons of near-.500 play for me to start believing Meyer needs to go. In my mind, it's more likely he'd retire than be fired for mediocrity. Addazio, meanwhile, is probably a goner if this year keeps going terribly. In fact, I'd wager that a loss to Georgia where UF scores 10 points or less would spell the end of his tenure.

What would it take for you to want Meyer fired? Let's keep it to on-field results. Here's the most painful scenario I could see for Gators fans this year, outside of losing out: Florida loses to South Carolina but still manages to sneak into the SEC Championship, where it falls to Auburn before losing to Illinois in a bowl game. That way, the Gators will have lost to Billy Gonzales, Dan Mullen, Steve Spurrier, Cam Newton and Ron Zook in the same season. Can you top that?

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Mike McCall


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If anything, it's Addazio who needs to be replaced.... not Meyer

Gators get a good look at that picture because that is the last NC for a long long time.

I'm actually starting to love the new arrangement.

addazio does need to be demoted

If a loss to Georgia means the end of Steve Addazio as OC, then every Gator should be rooting for the Bulldogs!

And Mike, every Gator I know would agree with you about Meyer. For Meyer to get fired, it would take three super bad years, at least. No one wants that. But ultimately, the team's poor performance has tarnished his reputation, and justifiably so.

I used to think Meyer was an offensive genius, and I heard various sports commentators refer to him as such as well. Now, I'm not so sure. I was starting to think Mullen might have been the real genius, but his one dimensional Mississippi State offense seemed to contradict that. Unfortunately, a one dimensional Mississippi State offense is greater than our dink and dunk, no run game, no pass protection offense, courtesy of Addazio but approved by Coach Meyer.

With every disastrous loss, we get closer to greatness in the post-Addazio era.

Oh, and funk all the Cane trolls that will respond (all two or three of you). Butch will make Randy his B*@tch again this weekend. Enjoy!

Oh and Mike, if the Gators do lose to Billy Gonzales, Dan Mullen, Steve Spurrier, Cam Newton and Ron Zook in the same season, then that would provide irrefutable proof that "karma" does exist, and that Coach Meyer has done some people wrong in the recent past. What exactly, I can't imagine. I'll let the loser Cane trolls handle that one.


Oh and Mike, if the Gators do lose to Billy Gonzales, Dan Mullen, Steve Spurrier, Cam Newton and Ron Zook in the same season, then that would provide irrefutable proof that "karma" does exist, and that Coach Meyer has done some people wrong in the recent past. What exactly, I can't imagine. I'll let the loser Cane trolls handle that one.

Posted by: Rico Nice | October 19, 2010 at 11:13 PM

Even thought this post was written by one of the most delusional morons to ever cheer for the Gator's, I have to say you last post was spot on, AND very funny!

Fire Meyer and replace him with who? That should end the discussion. Do we go through the song and dance with Stoops again? Please, don't waste our time. Unless there's a big time coach out there, Meyer isn't going anywhere. I do believe that he doesn't seem as motivated anymore and can't make simple adjustments during the game. He's afraid to pull the trigger on Addazio, but he's running out of time for a scapegoat.

The best one-liner I heard all season about Florida - "they are a laptop away from being the #1 team in the country".....

KARMA; when u 'LIE' with dogs (thugs) u end up with fleas (investigations & sanctions comin).

Just marvelous this gator fall never will they return to the top, just a Bama whipping boy.

Has it ever occurred to you Lizards that maybe the reason your team is having a bad year is because of talent ?

Maybe your coach is NOT as good a recruiter as you all thought he was, Urban Myer took over a very,very talented team, unlike when Shannon took over in Miami, the Zooker left a lot of talent behind, now that that talent is leaving
he has not been able to replace it.

Fans get too excited about recruiting rankins and four stars prospects but you have to recruit to what fits your team, you guys have a classic drop back QB running a spread offense, to my untrained eye, that falls on coaching....Gator fans, your coach is a fraud and you all are too blind to see it, what's happening to your team now I saw it happened to the Canes when Larry Coker was in charge.

It took a while for us to realize that Coker had to go, let's see how long it takes you guys .

Where is Douche in PINECREST - CLEANIN' IT?

Meyer will leave at the end of the year. Is it me or does it seem he is just going through the motions? He has made some bad choices when it comes to the coaching staff. Promoting Addazio over Gonzalez being the biggest. Can you imagine if Urban had stayed retired and Addazio was coaching this team? They put him in control of the program while Urban was away. What were they thinking? We have major problems and it starts at the top. Urbans heart is not in it and he can not take the stress. He walks away at the end of the year.

FZB, you are completely wrong and here's why: Urban Meyer did win his first national championship mainly with Ron Zook's recruits (Tebow and a few other underclassmen being the exceptions), but his second national championship was won entirely with his own recruits and during his fourth season at UF. Meyer's senior graduates last year were the "winningest class in SEC history". So Meyer is an excellent recruiter. Stop comparing him to Coker or any other bum in UM's history. You Cane trolls come here and offer your bs comments and try to make yourselves feel better by bringing the Gators down to your level. Yes, we suck bad this year, but we will get rid of the source of our suckiness (Steve Addazio) by year's end at latest, while UM will continue with its source of suckiness (Shalala and Shannon) for another decade.

Carl, you're on to something. Meyer definitely seems to be going through the motions. Maybe his heart just isn't into it anymore (no pun intended)? I think most people would be shocked to see him walk at the end of the year, but if he's not into it, that would be the best move for himself, his family, and Gator Nation. Your prediction is not as crazy as some might think.

And to "Constipated in Pinecrest - and lovin it". I'm not a moron. The moron is the guy coaching the University of Miami. If you didn't realize that after the FSU whoopin, you'll realize it after Butch makes Randy his b**tch once again. I graduated from UF in 97, and I have a Master's degree from FIU (2001). Where did you study it? By the looks of your grammar, probably nowhere, or MDCC at best. You're a typical Miami loser, living vicariously through the football team of a school he never attended, and then trolling Gator blogs endlessly (with different nicknames) out of pure envy. You are the definition of a loser.

I like Meyer, but I was excited when I heard Stoops was going to come here and Meyer not reversed his position on leaving. Meyer will right the ship. Look, 11 guys from last year's team are playing in the pros right now. That's a big hit on top of losing your best coordinators: Strong, Mullen, & Gonzales (who I also thought should have gotten the O-coordinator position ahead of Addazio). Addazio is supposed to be the o-line guru on a senior group? That's a joke of job he's doing, so either he's overwhelmed or he just plain sucks.

Randy on with Lebatard yesterday ... Just plain embarrasing.


Meyer's heary isn't in it anymore, you can see on the sidelines. ever since he delegated eveything o his assistants, his involvement has been far less. i think meyer will retire, but stay in the UF system - maybe become AD. i say we go after Peterson at Boise.

Randy on with Lebatard yesterday ... Just plain embarrasing.


Posted by: Say What ? | October 20, 2010 at 12:05 PM

Whats embarrassing is not knowing how to spell embarrassing.

Rico Suave Douchebag: Source of problem is Addazio? Errrr.....he isn't the one failing to block, throwing interceptions, dropping passes, gaining 10 yards rushing p/gm.

Love the delusion. It will sink you further and further back to your mediocre past from which you won't emerge until another 100 years have gone by.

And BTW, thanks for you resume. You are eminently qualified to fill my tank the next time I pull into a Mobil Please, re-fill all fluids as well.

Cry me a river, Gators.

Jacksonville always seems to cure what ails you anyway.

/hanging head in shame

Typical GAtor flip-floppin & excuses (and of course EVERYTHING comes back 2 the CANES (u all REALLY need 2 check ur CANE envy)).

Hey "FELON flip-floppers", what are you talking about CANE envy? You're the one who spends his life trolling UF blogs / articles. Last I checked this was the "Gator Clause".

And "Fast Forward", I'll take your failure to address my claim that you never went to UM as an admission that I was right in my assumption.

As for your request that I fill your tank, I'm pretty sure your boyfriend already took care of that.

Rico having to go to the boyfriend card
Keeping it classy I see
A typical day at the trailer blog
Can you please list those values Urbie has told the world he makes his team obey?

just another adolescent lunkhead from trailerville.
rice-O-roni, go read every response on here & every other GAtor &/or CANE blog & the CANE envy is obvious from u meth heads (dont hear anything from FSU fans comparin themselves 2 us 2 boost thier EGO).
u had THUGS 2 (ya in the 80s), r dump is better then ur super bowl caliber stadium, u dont support ur team like we do b/c we dont have a life, r conference is tougher then urs, r 5 stars r better then urs
PS. please post a pix of ur diploma..

BTW, looked up the FELONS graduatin from FELON U in '97 & no rico...

Did FU put those list of values up on a plaque next to TeMelons speech born from a loss?
Or is it next to the "you have the right to remain silent" plaque?

This latest excuse for Rainey threatening to murder a young girl is due to him having a concussion is by any standard the most transparent, absurd, ridiculous, insane, idiotic, slimy, contrived, moronic, stupid, misleading, whacko, inexcusable lie ever offered in an attempt to absolve a felon of any responsibility for his crime.

If anyone is wondering why the Gators arrest problem is only getting worse you have to look no further than this steaming dump truck load of horse manure they’ve floated as a defense for a football player.

This latest insanity encased in a lie courtesy of the powers to be of the Florida Gators proves they are simply not going to take steps to correct a very serious and ever growing crime wave sweeping the athletic department.

The NCAA should awaken from their slumber and come down sledgehammer hard on Foley, Meyer and company for allowing this to have happened in the first place and then making a mockery of the rules that govern society and college football by continuing to stage this off Broadway play, “The Bloods and Cripps” starring the Florida Gator football program.

Rico Douche: didn't know that this blog was so formal from a procedural standpoint. And since you are so impressed with your education, you should know that silence is not an admission of anything. That diploma mill UFelony didn't teach you that? Shocker.

Aside from a post-bac in engineering, I grew up less than a mile from campus and had several family members who were faculty. I have a far closer connection to UM, even without the undergrad, than you do to UFelony where you no doubt spent four largely wasted years earning a worthless diploma.

You probably moved back to Miami, drive a leased BMW 300 series with your cheesy UF license plate, have no money in the bank yet think you are some big shot.

And my friends know to kill me if I were ever to have the name "Rico Nice.".

But it works for you.

Seems a little dull in here. I know what you guys need.....



Fast Forward and all the Cane clowns, do you guys ever stop and think how ridiculous you are for even bothering to post here? Constantly coming over to see what the Gators are commenting? Obviously, you are obsessed with Gator Nation. Wow, so you grew up less than a mile from the UM campus. Sounds like you're some privileged kid from Coral Gables. Too bad you never got to be part of a real college atmosphere. I've been all over UM's campus, and I pity anybody who spends thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars per year in tuition alone, when they could have gotten a much better education for a lot cheaper at FIU. I'm sure FIU is "beneath you" though. What is it about Gator Nation that obsesses you so much? Also, it's hard to figure out exactly how many Canes troll these Gator blogs (might be only one or two), because you guys like to post under a million aliases, I suppose to show a false sense of "strength in numbers". You might not like the name Rico Nice, but at least I always post under it, not hide under a myriad of aliases. Love how FSU packed your stands and partied while the U was humiliated on national television. That will be your last sell out in a long time! Don't worry, we'll pack the stands in 2013 and make Jeff Driskel and the Gators feel like it's a home game while the Canes suffer a lopsided loss under Jacory Harris the Sequel (Teddy Bridgewater). Later losers.

Ummm.... Where was Gatatd Nation during the Zooker years? Also don't hear too much about it today.

And Gainesville a nice college campus? Puhhlease. You gatatd doors think that dump is like Princeton. It isn't. Just because a town has a school in it does not make it a "nice college town."". That place is a trailerpark dump with more churches than textbooks.

Now, get back in your cheesy BMW 3 series and spend your last nickel on South Beach. That diploma is worthless.

FSU parties kind of like Miss. State fans, no? At your homecoming. And you still haven't dug out from the crap Emmitt laid on you. What an embarrassment.

FSU is the best football school in Florida
UM is the best academic school in Florida
UF is the most overrated school in Florida

FSU has 'Fahrenheit 911' showin in it's movie theaters
UM has 'Pirates of the Caribbean' in it's theaters
UFELONS has 'MEN WHO STARE AT GOATS' playin on the side of thier trailers...

Breaking News; Gator 2011 top recruit A.C. Leonard has been suspended for rest of the high school season for punching an opponent (2nd offense).
Gator credo is, you cant get a scholy without a rap sheet, so he should fit in just fine with Rainey, Hammonds, Jenkins, Burton and the rest of the thugs..

We think of Meyer as a 'temp' or a 'contractor'.

We expect the contractors that we hire, to perform their job well and have no tolerance for flaws in the work that they do. We are tolerant of their personality flaws, as long as they perform their job well. That is how Gator Nation feels about Urban Meyer.

We don't really like Urban Meyer, we like that when he wins for us. He's not one of ours, he's some guy from Ohio who had no previous relationship with the University of Florida. When he isn't winning for us, there's not much left to this relationship.

UFelony = Diploma Mill, 30 arrest in 4 years, on campus attorney's office, coach who will quit on his team this year, septic tank for a stadium and all yea RICO!
NCAA Sanctions cant be far behind.

UF cannot win every year. It is not like they lost to an ACC team. They still have a shot to beat amongst the best of the ACC.

They will be fine. Addazzio may need to go back to O-line only

"We could use a thug or two" - Michael Irvin, 2010.

"You go to the University of Miami today and it's like a country club." - Melvin Bratton, 2010

Even your greatest football alumni think your football program is SOFT.

Canes fans.

It appears that Curse and his buddy Fake Donna have backed off.

Rico is not attacking Canes blogs, he is just reacting to you guys on here.

So, let's back off, let them lick their wounds, and then if Curse and his Taliban buddies resurface, we can come here with a clear conscience.

Maybe it is already too late, but then maybe they finally learned their lesson. Let's back off until they attack again, no need for us to be the bad guys in this deal.

Rico, good luck keeping this blog clean, but remember, your guys started it.

Ok. Will do. In parting, thanks for keeping this a Canes blog Rico Douche in your cheesy BMW 300.

To any Gator recruits and their family’s reading this…do yourselves a favor and find another school to play for. Our football program had a few good years because of Tim Tebow and has now become a joke that is only getting worse with each passing day. 35 felony arrests and counting…mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be Gator Felons!


I am off this blog for now like you say, but in response to "Rico,"

"(fart sounds and turds dropping in toilet)" - Emmitt Smith, 2010

Even your greatest player crapped all over your crap program and school. That is more embarrassing than anything else. Period.

Canes might have a country club atomsphere, but its a whole lot better then the prison & thug atomsphere at trailerville...

& im sure GAtor nation could use the same EXCUSE they're usin 4 rainey (concussion after effects) 2 explain;
why Emmitt Smith DIDNT mention his alma mater in his 24 minute HOF speech..
why frankie hammonds was drivin drunk with '2' bottles of crown
why dunlap was passed out in the middle of an intersection
why ur president did the demolition derby on campus
why spikes tried 2 gouge out some1 eye
why ronnie 'machine gun' wilson was shootin a ak-47 on campus
why urbie looks lost
why mike-mike is usin a college frat picture (really dude, alittle professionalism)..

To "Canes over Gators, AP Agrees": Dude, you are an enigma to me. You seem like a good guy, always trying to establish peace on these blogs and hunting down some phantom you refer to as "The Curse of Art Kehoe" or something like that. I don't even know who Art Kehoe is. Then you tell all the Canes to back off, and one by one, they heed your call, which is kind of wierd. Do you know these people personally? I don't know ANYBODY on this blog personally. I'm just a Gator alumni who lives in Miami. Never hated the Canes until I started reading all the crap these guys post. It's like a day job for them. When I read the Cane articles, I rarely see Gators commenting. Maybe one for every twenty or thirty comments. Here, there are five Cane comments for every one Gator comment. You tell me "remember you guys started it". I have no idea what you are referring to. I don't know anybody here, and I haven't commented on any Cane blog / article. I stick to the Gator stuff. These dudes that come on here to troll are sad. That's my only point. They can hate on UF all they want, but to consistently troll here is beyond creepy. SS Trailertrash, Emmitt Smith, Meth Heads, etc.... these guys repeat the same crap incessantly. You're right: I am just reacting to them. But "we" didn't start anything. All the "dialogue" seems to happen right here, not in the Canes section.

Just for once Rico could you make a comment about the Gators instead of talking about yourself
We could care less about you or the lies you tell


Rico, they are but a pale shadow of the stuff that was posted for three years straight on Canes blogs by Curse and his many IDs.

But Curse of Art Kehoe is no phantom. His email address is seanwilson523@hotmail.com. Write to him and ask him why he does what he does. In fact, Gator Clause readers, if you all let him know how disturbing you find his racist commets, MAYBE he will finally stop.

He made the mistake of posting one of his lynching threats on a Canes site called Canespace, and they chose to post his email in response, as well as two of his IP addresses that he posts his racist garbage from.

I have never met the other Canes fans personally, but since I asked them to retaliate, I figure I should also ask them to stop when the point is made.

The retaliation made him expose himself by jumping to other sites, and has reduced his racist comments significantly, so I consider it successful so far.

Good luck the rest of the season, and feel free to fight back if any Canes fans stick around after being asked to leave.

addazio really has to go. what is it with his blindness during interviews. whenever he is asked about weak spots in our offense (there are alot) he always stutters with some bedazzled look and throws out retarded stats that would suggest we are on par with the national average. the national average isnt 10th in the sec or 115th in FBS. what an idiot and what a jack@$$

fire Coach Meyer? LOL. are we spoiled Gator brats or what?

It has gotten to the point even when the Gators don't play they lose...how far the highly overrated have fallen...

University of Alabama at BIRMINGHAM beat Mississippi State...the same Mississippi State team that has not yet discovered the forward pass who just beat the Gators at home...ouch!

Time to update your weekly list of who to fire Gator fans.

Rice > UAB > Miss. State > Gatard trash.

actually, miss state beat uab. Fla UKUSCALA. we can play this all day kevin bacon

Anyone else notice we are not even in the others recieving votes part of the top 25 but UCF is?

yea we are trying to stop the bleeding. And UGA is looking better every week. The moon and the stars will need to allign fir us to win this year.... hope we do though

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