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#Gators lose a wild one to LSU 33-29

GAINESVILLE -- So, was Terrence Toliver bobbling the ball when he stepped out of bounds? Was holder Derek Helton's over-the-head and behind-the-back bounce pass to kicker Josh Jasper on the fake field goal actually a forward pass? Who knows? This much I do know, though. Les Miles is a friend of the devil.

One week after getting lucky against Tennessee on the game's final play, Miles and LSU did themselves one better with a wacky ending to a 33-29 victory against the Gators at Ben Hill Griffin. 

The crazy thing about this game was that as lucky as No.12 LSU seemed to be, No.14 Florida might have been luckier just to be in a position to win the game. Consider that Florida scored on drives of 16 and 17 yards in the first half and also scored a second half touchdown when Andre Debose returned an 88-yard kickoff for a score.

Two losses in a row for UF. What's wrong with the Gators?



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addazio and a crappy gimmicky offense thats a bust with brantley and moody running the option.

you rink Brantley was recruited because of his name an some bull gators wanting him to come? hes not a bad qb, but we all know Burton is probably our best chance to run the mickey mouse addisneyo offense.

why didnt demps play? maybe he texted his girlfriend before the game too. who knows, but "jo" you know exactly what te @$*# is wrong with the Gators. Booooooo.

heartbreaking loss... some questionable officiating also. not necessarily with the fake fg and end zone catch but with a couple others~ the defensive holding on lsu when chaz henry missed should have resulted in a first down, no? and the block in the back on jenkins punt return. anyway, the gators offense continued to not impress... and it continues to look as if it's the coaching staff

drap88 - i agree its the coaching staff! you can recruit top 5 talent 3 to 4 years in a row and have such horrid performance out of them. also to correct my spelling error: rink = think.

next week is miss st. and we almost lost that one with tebow and crew... you dont think Mullen gets a win as well? i truly hope so, maybe it will cause a major shift in the gators coaching staff. Mullen knows the offense better than anyone else. no way addazio out thinks mullen. i cant remember the last time florida lost 3 in a row! but i will october 16

From now on, no Gator will be interviewed... im tired of listening thugs who cant carry on a complete sentence and provide excuses or show zero class. Even Alabama showed class in their interviews after their humbling loss.

I expect there will be a shake-up in the coaching staff, but probably not until season end. Gators will lose 1-2 more games and it will be obvious that certain coaches will need to go/be demoted. Defensive coordinator is in over his head. Addazio? What can I say, except you will probably never heard a home crowd "BOO" its offense after almost every play during an 80-yard TD drive. Gators had no business even being in a position to win with very short drives, int return and kickoff return. How does UF fall for the same exact fake FG play that LSU ran against in a few years ago? Did they really think an average FG kicker was going to make a 53-yard kick? How many plays did our defensive backs carry their receiver 20 yards downfield after a 10 yard slant pass?

Well, looks like we may get UF vs UM in a bowl game after all - just not sure which insurance company or pet food supply store it will be named after....

Dive Play:

You are a troll, certainly not a Gator. Nice try though.

Rico, class of 2003 - i'm sure your GED helps your grass cutting resume.

talk about the game... there is nothing else you can say that will change everyone's opinion of you from here on out. you tried to start it, but it was over the second you registered your name.

The Gator staff looks really confussed on the sidelines
Guys running in, guys running off the field then back on it
Coaches looking around shrugging shoulders and Urb just staring straight ahead looking lost.
Hes not 100% into coaching this year Gator fans

89 yards rushin, 154 yards passin 4 a total of 243 yards. enough said.
Good choice in pickin vitamin A over ME..

i want to take les miles to vegas

I think most realistic Gator expected 9-3 or 8-4 this year. But 50 yards offense in the 1st half is as bad an offense as I can rememeber, all the way back to Kyle Morris and the 6-5 season of 1989. It just seems we are under performing most of the game on offense. I guess we all really did not understand the impact of losing all those coaches and of course the Greatest player of possibly all time. We start to think we are entitled to win. But the one thing I do know is that Meyer will fiqure it out.

It could be worse, we could be UM or USC

Two words Joe: Steve Addazio. The offense has been crap all year, and the only reason it was complete crap last year is because Tim Tebow was there. The defense looks decent. Young and ripe for improvement, but decent. The offense, however, is standing still because Addazio can't call plays and doesn't use all the players he has.

As disappointing as the UF offense is, the defense let a mediocre LSU offense move the ball right down the field at the end of the game. The UF secondary...their supposed strength...looked terrible.


Never mind me and the personal attacks tough guy, let's talk about the U?

Beatdown in your own house? "We'll play anyone, anywhere?" How about beating a one loss conference opponent in your own house? How about even competing with them to make it a watchable game? I had to turn it off it was so bad. They gave up. And Jacory, nice kid, but he just heaves it like a sand lot game.

Randy's fourth year: Mediocrity, again.

Urban's fourth year: 1 SEC, 1NC, on way to a second.

what do you have to say about the U?

.....the sound of crickets.....

...the continued sound of crickets.....

....now he will come back with some personal " i did your mother" pubescet attack.....

we need some offense!

Tell urbin 2 stop CALLING me....

Get rid of Addazio... and somebody please tell me Moody is a senior.

And Jo, you're right, we're the lucky ones to have even been in the position of winning the game.

SoCalGator is on the money.

Our offense is beyond INEPT. Thank you Steve Addazio.

How did Miami get into the conversation. The fact that Florida could not get out of their own way in a game they should have won in their own stadium. I see everyone blaming the staff but you should start at the top, stop blaming the OC and DC when UC approves the game plans and this is HIS gimmicky offense.
The truth is Florida is on the way down the other teams have figured it out and no Tebow to bail you guys out.

We like Addazio and the Urbane Myth! Keep 'em both.

R U seriously pumping your loss over UM's loss John?

I do envy UF though, at least your coach will quit by December!

How far the Gatard trash have fallen. Reduced to comparing their loss to the Canes loss. Everything reverts back to the Canes for DOUCHE IN PINECREST - RUBBIN' IT. That is what jealousy gets you.

The difference being, Canes harbored no illusions of greatness this year. gatatd trash did. And was dead wrong. So DOUCHE IN PINECREST -RUBBIN' IT, GATARD TRASH HURTS worse because of your over-inflated expectations that most GATARD trash like yourself has.

Canes will still Benin the top 20. Gatard trash not so much.

Oh, yeah, your wife is a tramp, RUBBIN 'IT.

When does Urban lose the lobotomized look on his face? And I can't believe how quickly the Gatard trash fans have turned on him.

It is why Spurrier left. Gatard fans suck. Gatard Nation is a 1 player myth. It was Tebow Nation. There is no Gatard Nation.


"There was never no doubt that I wasn't going to play," Brantley said.

Wow, that UFelony sure be edumucaytin' it's students.

Im NOT coming back, so stop calling me urbin..

We'll see if the turds can stop FSU later this year.

Hey house,
obviously you weren't here in the beginning when all you UM fans were saying "oh we're going to win a NC this year, this is our year, we are stacked at every position." Oh, and you say your Hurricanes will be in top 20?? They can't even make the top 25, but i guess you're always right. Before you talk s**t, make sure you know the facts. And the fact that
Gator fans had high expectations is because they have been good for the past 4 years. The Canes have been sluggish the past 5 years so UM fans should'nt be talking until they actually do something.

You've got to give it to Florida fans--they lose two games in a row and as you look at the weakest schedule in college football 2 or 3 more losses are a distinct possibility, yet they are taking pot shots at the Miami Hurricanes...pure hillbilly gold!

If LSU had a real coach last nights loss would have been an epic beat down in the septic tank. And South Carolina waxed Bama proving they were highly overrated making the total thrashing they put on the lowly Gators all the more worse.

Further, you nimrods have had over 30 players arrested, the latest being a Gator threatening to murder a girl, your head coach and his grade school offensive schemes should be in a rubber room he's such a whack job and Foley tries to cowardly schedule SEC and National Championships each year (only 4 away games this year and the 30th year that you will not play a tough out of conference,out of state opponent, in a home and away series--pathetic!) ...yet, you wake up bright and early taking shots at the Hurricanes who, oh by the way, have a football history that dwarfs you midgets from trailersville. And you wonder why EVERYONE despies you...

I met an FSU fan last night that was almost as obnoxious as a U-Felon fan.

Correction: that the Gatards were "good" the last four years was due to one player and one player only. Everyone BUT Gatard trash knew that. Gatard trash fan told us over and over how great Brantley would be and that having top recruiting classes necessarily ensured success.

Well, wrong on both counts, Gatard trash. So, if those aren't facts, I don't know what is.

Why do u meth heads have 2 compare everything u do 2 the CANES.
REALLY IT'S EMBARRASSIN, sorta like Emmitt Smith not mentionin his alma mater in his 24 minute HOF speech...

"However, there is a rule that states that a holder is allowed to have his knee on the ground only if the kicker is in position to kick or he fakes a kick. Once he leaves the position, as Josh Jasper did when he sprinted to his right, the holder's knee has to come off the ground. You can see on the front page of the Gainesville Sun it did not. The caveat is that this is at least the third time LSU has run this play illegally (if my interpretation of the rules is correct) and has yet to be called for it." Hmmm, now I really wonder how much LSU is paying the referee's...

Oh, and to the whiners who post and call Gator fans "trash"

etc., grow up. You sound like a bunch of 12 year-olds.

Posted by: g8rfan1 | October 10, 2010 at 09:40 PM

Sorry g8rfan1 we shouldn't stereotype, but 99% of your fan base give the rest of U a bad name!

Constipated - guess your fan base has the same 99% issue as well. Look as though we've got more in common than previously thought... there's a bit of irony for you.

You're probably right g8trfan!

Again I envy UF. I wish our coach would quit in December like Meyer is likely to do!

Here's an easy formula to Urban's offense.
Running QB who can also throw

JO your forum is on par with our offense, its terrible. it constantly posts fragmented comments, cutting off the full post, then it posts someone's 1500 word essay? there's no rhyme or reason to it. now, on to finishing a post that will be blotched again: i wish a reporter would have enough b@lls to ask Meyer what the difference is between Addazio and Mullen, or any FBS OC

blotched again!!! great job charging us money for this $#!t¥ app!

Don't know if you could see on ESPN what I saw live. Our O-line and D-line got trucked all night.

I know Urban Meyer recruits speed, but football at its essence is a violent, physical game. If you're not winning on the line, it doesn't matter how fast you are at skill positions, you're going to lose.

Teryl Austin and Steve Addazio got lots of 'splainin' to do!

Jo - your closing question, "what's wrong with the Gators?" reeks of smugness. Since when is any football team, much less the Gators who are relative newcomers to any measure of success, guaranteed unlimited success? As if two losses are unheard of? As if this team has not lost more than one game in a decade?


Arty, you think Randy just fell on his sword during his Joe Rose interview this morning ?

How disappointing that he might not be around to coach up the Canes for years to come...

I really dislike Addazio and think losing Mullen, Gonzales, and Strong too, hurt this team more than several top recruiting classes could cover up. Our D is supposed to be our strength this year and LSU, who looked terrible the week before on O, moved the ball at will. Yes, this is a rebuilding year after 4 GREAT years under the Tebow/Leak era. That's going to happen. Remember, most schools would love to have the kind of talent and "off" year that we're having. I am still concerned about the coaching, Addazio in particular.

Oh, and Mark Richt has to be on the hot seat at Georgia. 11 arrests this year now. I guess since he can't beat Meyer on the field he's going to try to beat him in arrests. Here's a guy who's had a lot of success at Georgia and after a couple off seasons his head is being called for...just goes to show you how impatient fans are.

Jo - your closing question, "what's wrong with the Gators?" reeks of smugness. Since when is any football team, much less the Gators who are relative newcomers to any measure of success, guaranteed unlimited success? As if two losses are unheard of? As if this team has not lost more than one game in a decade?


Posted by: Soldy | October 11, 2010 at 09:44 AM


No disrespect intended. The Gators have had a great run and I'm sure this is just a bump in the road. Perhaps I should have phrased the question: What are some ways the Gators can improve?


That was was an imposter ... I haven't any problem with how you phrased it Jo. Things tend to go wrong when you have a 12-15 player turnover from one year to the next while giving 12-15 true and redshirt freshman playing time.

Had Florida pulled out the LSU game (which they never would have deserved) and then gone on to lose to Georgia, they'd be right where they are now going into S. Carolina... It's Steve's year anyway to get back to Atlanta. Too much youth and lack of playmaking big game experience. 8-4 (FSU owes us big) with a New Years Outback or Citrus Bowl perhaps against Duh U ?

Growing pains, kind of like Miami of 2008, except next year and after, with continued Top-5 recruiting classes for 6 years running, the talent will be developed with Driskill taking over in 2012, unlike The Canes who are completely floundering after 4 years with Captain Clueless. More Deja vU same ol same ol...


Arty, Randy has completely lost Joe Rose and Gino Toretta. Cane loudmouth Irvin doesn't know what to say, not that he could put it into words anyways. The bottom is near, but the freefall will continue. The U Clucks are starting to see that program for what it is. A 5 year mess that will be average for years to come in an average Conference.

KeepRandyShannon.com !!!

U fans, please don't forget...NEVIN is coming in December.

Nah, you are just the stupid blog Pig. Your stench precedes you sober know exactly when you are around. It's simple: post about the Canes on a Gator blog. That is your MO, Pig.

So, whether Randy Shannon stays or goes, or however the Gator season turns out, you will remain a bitter stupid Pig that, well into his 40s, is still a virgin.

Die, you Pig.

And weren't you the bloated Pig saying the transition to Brantleybwould be seamless and that he could start for 90 % of the teams out there. Now, after puking himself all season, he is inexperienced?

Typical Pig inconsistency. Go back to your hole, you sow. Tale the stupid with you.

3 and a half years

21-19 verses D-1 Schools

8-16 verses Top-25 Schools

but they're being the best they can be huh Canefool ?

Dude give it up, the end is near.

Awwwwweeeee don't cry like Wandy Fake Arty Canesfool ... It'll be ok when U finally get a real Head Coach to lead Ur program...

be da best dat u can be now ya hear ?

Yes, perhaps, but you will still be a Pig. At least the Canes can get a new head coach. You? Pig is all you have. Can't change that.

Hey, Real Soldy or fake Soldy or whoever you are, go recite the Hurricanes record and the merits of it's coach on their blog. You are both idiots.

I want Shannon to stay, just like i wanted Bowden to stay. With those two in charge, all i have to do is sit back and watch their fans commit suicide on the blogs, spewing hate like the creepy dude who posts like 64 times a day under different names above, working himself up up to a climax ......the sweet sight of success.

John, How funny! You're one of the creepiest bloggers on the net! One post you're "rational fan", the next you're "psycho racist"!! Did you take advantage of any minorities today? That is why you moved to South Florida, remember? Or were you too busy "greeting" customers at your real job?


Funny, coming from a freak with an ID commensurate with the buffoon he is. Likewise, as a Cane fan, I would love Urban and Addazio to stay and keep trying to make the chickensh#t offense work wheeee only the 100-year storm of a player could make it work. I am sure Alabama and LSU fans feel the same way.

Alas, Urban is sure to quit on you again, run off by the same trashy fans that ran off Spurrier. That means you, Clown in Pinecrest - HUMPIN' IT.

Hello, is there any Canes out there ?

Joe Rose may spin Randy's comments this morning as a WQAM company man, but we all know how he really feels.

Now Gino Toretta @ 10am on the other hand will tell it like it is. Captain Clueless on Irvin's show saying he didn't understand a direct question by Rose? There's far more than that that Randy doesn't understand.

Let the Wandy Comedy and Tragedy continue .

Hey, you idiot. I come here to talk Gators, not Canes. Take it somewhere else no-job loser.

“despite facing a gauntlet of North Carolina, Va. Tech and Ga. Tech, and a resurgent Maryland team that may be better than some thought …”

... CanesRule21

And the hits just keep on coming !!! Unranked, Unranked, Unranked and Unranked that almost lost at the goaline, at the gun, at home to Navy is a Gauntlet huh ? Seriously, U Fool, U might wanna self induce Ur psycho self into a coma to save the Embarrassment until 2011.

Speaking of which, Joe Rose said live this morning that he felt really embarrassed for Captain Clueless when he heard that he called the Michael Irving Show to engage in a dueling, stumbling, stammering and mostly incoherent back n forth “conversation” that he didn’t understand the question that Rose Axed him yesterday … To which Rose, simply with class said, “Randy, just let it go and move on.”

U too could use that advice Canesfool, but surely U won’t be able to let it go will U ? U have a gauntlet of unranked teams to pump up in Ur little fantasy world U live in…

Don’t U forget to tune into 560 WQAM in 5-4-3-2-1 ... to hear Gino’s, a REAL CANE, take on this final Coaching Circus curtain call staring the formerlly know AzzClown U Coach known as Raaaaandy Shaaaaaaaannon !

Should be pure Radio Gold . U enjoy now U hear

Hey, you idiot. I come here to talk Gators, not Canes. Take it somewhere else no-job loser.

Posted by: G8trGr8 | October 12, 2010 at 08:04 AM


shut up Canesfool ... Shouldn't U be listening to WQAM and learning something ?

Hey give Gino a call and axe him about that Gauntlet U have coming up.

Of course, the PIG is back. Like he has anywhere else to go.

You suck, PIG. Typical loser. Nothing to do or say.

Die, Pig.

The Tool is clueless Soldy!

UM's head is in the sand??????

News flash "D" Bag, UF sucks! At least after the Alabama game you had the decency to stay off of our blog for the better part of a week.

Addazio is the worst OC in the state.

Your "Special" Teams could not pick up a muffed fake, when the fake was LSU's only option!

Is Meyer on drugs, the dude looks dazed! I guess now would be a good time to start the "Quit clock" for that nut job! Did UF fan give Spurrier a Gold Watch when they ran him out of town?

Can we even call the UGA game a "lock" anymore? Lord knows the Ol' Ball Coach is going to wipe the field with U. Look at the bright side though, at least you won't be subjected to another Alabama beatdown at the end of the year.

Posted by: Clueless in Gainesville

No meatloaf today, Sarasota?

What is canespace off line? Fade away like INT12's new doo.

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