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An Ugly Night in The Swamp

Spurrier I guess the nicknames for Florida's three quarterbacks should be Bad, Not a Quarterback and Not Given a Chance.

There was lots of hype for this game, and rightly so. You don't get a one-game playoff for the SEC East that often. But, as it turned out, the Gators are who we thought they were: a bad football team.

Saturday night's 36-14 beating at the hands of Steve Spurrier and South Carolina was thorough and complete. Florida was outgained 347-67 through three quarters and allowed the Gamecocks to control possession for 40 of 60 minutes. Andre Debose's touchdown on the opening kickoff return sent a solid crowd in The Swamp into complete bedlam, but that was about it (Ted Ginn anyone?) as far as positives go.

And, as has been the case all season, there weren't many answers after the game. Either Urban Meyer truly doesn't know what's wrong with his team or he doesn't want to share it with reporters. Some of the same excuses popped up: South Carolina blitzed a lot and also dropped eight into coverage, meaning there was apparently no possible way for the Gators to accomplish anything productive. Blitzes and prevent defense aren't automatic game-winning strategies, Florida just isn't good enough to take advantage of opposing defenses.

John Brantley looked bad, and Trey Burton and Jordan Reed weren't really used. I expected the Gators to turn things over to Reed when the game got ugly, but they didn't. Meyer said after the game that Reed doesn't know the offense well enough yet to run it, but it sure looks like Brantley isn't good enough to run it either. South Carolina entered Saturday with the worst pass defense in the SEC, and Brantley had 46 yards and an interception through three quarters.

So, where do the Gators go from here? They said after the game their motivation for the final two games will be sending the seniors out with a win, and they should probably go ahead and start looking for a new offensive coordinator too.

I stand by the fact that firing Steve Addazio wouldn't make much of a difference this season, but something has to be done before next year. I'm a strong believer that new coaches deserve a grace period of around three years, but Addazio has been at Florida, helped recruit these players and has been in this system. He just can't run it well, and someone else has to be brought in. 

His play-calling (as well as Brantley's play) was booed tonight, and rightly so. Florida never looked like a threat, and dubious calls like that screen pass on 3rd and 6 to Chris Rainey that lost three yards don't have a place in a program that aspires to win championships.

UF is by no means in shambles because of this loss, but it should at least serve as a wake-up call that changes need to be made. I know you want Addazio fired, but what else would you like to see changed?




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Hey Cane fan, your place or ours to watch the ACC n SEC Championship games ?

Contest: Come up with a nickname for the Gators' 3-QB offense ...


How's about "S.U.C." to the third power ?

See in in January Driskel.

Maybe Jacory and Brantley will play on the same Canadian Football team together...

Their nickname ?

How 'bout "Merde n Merdeier" ?

Good news turds, called the local hospitals and your coach ain't in any of em. Let this be a lesson to u, don't believe everything you read on rivals & scout as far as stars are concerned. Those sites cater to the schools with the biggest fan support, ask 4-6 Texas lol.

Their is a God justice has come to the Gators & liar Meyer. Lovin it!

WE sold ur soul with urbin & his 30 arrests & got lucky with 1 exceptional player in teabag. Mediocre city here we come.
& shut-up with all the 4-5 star recruits & we reload we dont rebuild junk..

Ahhh, I love the smell of a Gator loss in the morning.

Whew! Hilarious! That performance by the trifagta was pathetic. I guess that is what you deserve playing a drop back passer in a Mickey mouse offense. Hooray for Addazio. I guess those "fans" that left early were heading out to paint more walls.

Go Gators!

Hello Lizards, just so you know....The Gatars
have more loses than the Canes...he he he.

now on to the game observations...Urbie the clown looked constipated.

that offense looks like what teams are running in pop-warner league.

your offensive coordinator is a genius, he's a keeper.

thanks-giving is almost here, shouldn't you guys have another player arrested soon?

when is Urbie the clown going on another "vacation" ?

all in all a great saturday !...

Wow. This team sucks. I take that back, we have talent but this coaching staff is clueless. I think we could have run off tackle 60 plays in a row and had a better offensive outing. Meyer needs to get off the Paxil and get control of things again. We have the wrong people in the wrong positions, with the wrong plays and not executing them....and JB, a nice kid, but not a quarterback for this team. I dont get it. What the hell does the staff see at practice? This kid goes into fetal position when the pocket collapses. How about making a play once in a while. The he CATCHES HIS OWN BATTED PASS FOR A TEN YARD LOSS! This guys is dumb on top of it. I dont get it? This seems too elementary. Its like the staff is just stuborn. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Two words: BRANTLEY SUCKS!!! Amost forgot: STEVE ADDAZIO SUCKS TOO!!! Sad day for Gator Nation when we can see what's wrong and the coaches can't.

id like to see reed start and brantley sit. i dont believe urban or brantley when they say that they will do anything for a win

Soooo, hold in. Addazio was a great coordinator when he had Teblow, but now he isn't. For four years, Brantley was claimed to be better than most QBs in Div I, but now he isn't. Seems like Gatard trash has been full of it all along.

When FSU pounds Gatars trash, will Urban THEN fake a heart attack?

Emmitt or Spurrier?

90K screaming blue-shirted trailerpark trash.

Guess ben hill cess pool stadium is only a tough place to play if Teblow is the QB. 3 straight losses? And your school is an academic joke? Located in a barren trailerpark?

Sucks to be you, Gatard trash.

1. Oswald acted alone.

2. Loch Ness Monster.

3. Area 51.

4. The existence of Gatard Nation.

I go with #4 for $100.00, Bob.

UFools are maybe...maybe the 4th best team in the state. I think USF would likely beat you if the game were to be played now in Tampa. It's great to see your clowns running around like chickens with their heads cut off, Urbie stroking his hair (about 80x), but the best were the TV cutaways to those cardboard cutouts in the stands you call Turd fans. I thought I was watching a Truman Show remake with all those stupid smiling faces and Turd Chomp cheers as if you weren't getting your a**es handed to you. Most of those clowns don't even know what a football is...they're just their to show off their orange & blue flair, eat jerky on a stick, and do that stupid Turd Chomp.

Well at least you can hope for a bowl against UM . Better yet Jacksonville st. , Um's D will dominate that O. Bwahahahahahahahaha! You still have to beat App. st. and FSU.

UM sucks and gators suck. Life is good in Florida.

Well at least the canes still have randy shannon. They arent doing anything within the weak acc with that clown as coach. He will keep the canes down.

Cant even show up to the acc title game!!!!!!!! BAHWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHA

We were just in the SEC championship game (best conference not weakest like your acc) last year, and the year before that. What have you done in that ACC besides be another sorry ACC school keeping that conference down.

Blah, blah, blah, blah. Great position you take, Gatard trash. Anytime a post begins with, "at least...", you know it is a loser's argument.

You suck Gatard trash. Canes own you. Another 100 years of mediocrity coming up.

Emmitt knows it. Spurrier knows it. They dropped huge steamers in you, trailer punks. Your school is a joke and a fraud.

"Hey, AT LEAST we were in SEC Championship game, representing the weakest division in football, and we got pounded, and our QB cried and our coach faked a heart attack and QUIT on us."

So, yeah, Gatard trash, AT LEAST, you have that going for you. Meanwhile, innthe realm of reality, you suck, your school is a academic fraud, and your campus a trailer park.


Saw an ad for Gatard trash Nation on the side of a milk carton. Last seen dressed as thousands of empty seats in the vicinity of ben hill cess pool stadium.

To "we both suck" speak for yourself ... UM still has a shot . GOOOOOOOOOOOO VIRGINIA!

As I predicted days ago, UFelony trash has nothing to say and when they due it is Cane Envy. UFelony, its ok to be unranked and a coach that will quit on the team again and the most arrest in the NCAA and a diploma mill. Just another typical season at UFelony.

Where are all the turd fans? Probably painting all the walls in Trailerville. Bush league SEC East, bush league team. Relevance is a word that no longer exist in trailerville. It probably best that SC won as at least they will only get beat by 40 in the SEC CG, your team might get 100 put on them and then what would happen, the entire Turd Nation might light their trailers on fire.

Canes?? they alwYs come our from under their rocks when the win a game in the Almost College Conference. the Canes are only relevant as the most hated and least respected program in the NATION... read the polls if you can read English.
Sc-UM.. all trash talk and nothing to baxk it up... How abput that UVA game? haha Reminds us of the last game in the old Orange Bowl.....UVA remembers that one!! and to think that UVA actually has academic standards and an Honor Code...
Gators will be back... unlike the Canes.

Jfe3 you lost to Miss st during your homecoming. Miss St was your UVA. Running out of stones to throw?

jfe3 - your UFelony diploma mill education is showing by your lack of grammar and ability to string sentences together. Your Cane Envy is really showing through, no problem though, we understand that your gator trash and your mom is telling you to move out of the trailer today.

Gatar fans, as the doors once very appropriate
said it .... this is the end for Urbie the clown


Bitterness is not an attractive attribute, Gatard trash. Accept that you suck, that your school is an academic fraud and located in a trailerpark.

Paint that on the 34th street wall, ignorant 'necks.

Gators will be back? You dumb hill snakes were convinced they never left. Now it's,"we'll be back."

Sure you will, trailerpark trash. When Urban quits on you at season's end, you will be well on your way to another 100 years of failure and mediocrity.

Miss. State Bulldogs showed So. Carolina exactly where to drop a turd in that cess pool field.

FU quit again on Urbie.
They have to hand out tickets to fill that hole of a stadium, which of course they deny
Then they bolt as soon as the team rolls over like the little beyatch they are
Once again the spotlight is on and FU quits
No control off the field and now no control on the field
Gang members, DUI offenders, Underage drinkers and woman killers cant even bail the fake an illness coach out of this mess

And the Appy State beatdown looms.

You are a national laughingstock, Gatard trash. Everyone laughs at you.

I think FIU might beat them on neutral ground.

How to fix the Gator's offense?
Just play in the ACC!

Duke would win the SEC Least.

Peeeeee-eeeeeeeewww. Those teams suck. Miami of Ohio pounded Gatard trash. We knew all along they sucked.

How about the miami fans post when the U wins the garbge ACC, or how about make it to the ACC title game. Uf has down years we come back stronger, Uf has down years.....and they just come back

UFelony has had 4 years of relevance, you say you have down years, yea about 30 to 40 at a time. Urbie will quit and Addazio will take over the mighty gaturds. SEC East bottom feeders back where you belong.

Sure, Swift. UFelony had 100 down years and a small handful of "comeback" years. Urban will quit on you, again, then UFelony can come back in 100 years.

Till then, life in the trailer park will suck. Just like the team.

"UFelony has had 4 years of relevance, you say you have down years, yea about 30 to 40 at a time. Urbie will quit and Addazio will take over the mighty gaturds. SEC East bottom feeders back where you belong.

Posted by: UFelony - 30 and counting | November 14, 2010 at 09:46 PM

Sure, Swift. UFelony had 100 down years and a small handful of "comeback" years. Urban will quit on you, again, then UFelony can come back in 100 years.

Till then, life in the trailer park will suck. Just like the team.

Posted by: Sean Wilson: Trailer trash walking | November 14, 2010 at 09:47 PM"

right, I guess UF being one of the most dominate programs since 1980 is a "small handful of comeback years..." get your head out of your ass UF hasn't had a losing season since 1979. This year is clearly a rebuilding year; UF will be back in top in less than 2 seasons

Drapeau LeDeuche, how is it a rebuilding year if you "reload" every year? Your gaturd excuses are about as wishy-washy as Addazios playcalling and that (LMAO) "Bermuda triangle" QB monkey f**k! It genius!

Sitting back and taking this entire season up to date for what it is there's something else that needs to stop besides the putrid and uninspired play calling, and that's smoke and mirrors around this program. I can't remember the last time that we have been lied to and deceived so many times by this coaching staff and its head players. Week after week we're inundated with empty coach speak and the players themselves spew the same foolishness when real, credible questions are asked. Our offense has been devoid of option and opportunities for the last two years. If our younger players aren't exhibiting the right attitude or effort in practice, fix it; you're the coaches. But when your seniors aren't exhibiting proper technique, execution, and tenacity there's an illness in the program that needs to be eliminated.

Earlier in the season it was questioned whether the team had an identity or knew who they were as a football team. I disagree with that assessment, as it appears that the coaching staff doesn't know who this team is. In a year where our no.3 rcvr is our no.1 (Thompson) and Carl Moore is not thrown to until he's blanketed on 3rd down, something's not right. For whatever reason, the only package that has been effective all year was eliminated from the game plan and our players were never given a chance. This game has personified the Urban Meyer period of UF football (championships and all), in begrudging stubbornness.

for losing a heisman quarterback, all your assistant coaches, and 10 starters to the NFL over the past two seasons 4 losses all to ranked teams isnt so bad. i say they finish the season out strong beat app st. and fsu and go to a not so impressive bowl but represent the sec. oh ya 4 national championships in a row sec IS the best conference period.

when your team blows, hide behind the conference.

Vandy, Kentucky, Tennessee have been doing it for years. It is the ultimate loser argument.

Welcome to the club, Gatard trash.

Reed, Reed, Reed....that's it.
He's big, fast and has a cannon arm.
Brantley is a nice guy and a Florida legacy, but we need to win. Brantley throws like a girl compared to Reed.
Burton can be the new Percy Harvin and play QB in limited situations.
That Urban and Addazzio are too bone headed to admit that they made a mistake (when they overlooked Reed) speaks volumes of their insecurity.
Pope Boy has to be reminded that he's a temp contractor. He does the job right, or we find someone else.

Hopefully Brantly can actually do something next year, and Driskel can play a bit near end of season

All these Cane fans and Seminole fans are ridiculous! Their teams suck too, yet they have been shooting themslves the last 4 years when the Gators were dominating college football, now they can finally lash out from all these years of repressed anger! Your all right on one thing, the Gators are bad, Brantley sucks and Addazzio sucks. Cane fans enjoy your week of having a better record because VT is going to curb stomp you guys. FSU your not that good, wait two weeks, you will see how good you guys are because remember UF rejects you guys play in the ACC the joke of all conferences this year!!!! Our offense might blow, but your sucky QB won't be able to do anything against are secondary!!! And I hope we face UM in a bowl game, Jacory is going to set the record for most picks in a game, Janoris is going to show him how real corners from a real conference play!!!


Silly gayturds. The U is not afraid of the lizards. Quite the contrary. It is you that avoid putting us on the schedule. It would be great playing you away from your comfort zone (You know, in that dump at the truck stop) and away from those "unbiased" SEC refs.
Careful what you wish for d-bags.

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