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Can the Gators silence their critics this weekend?

I'll get to all the exciting UF-Vanderbilt talk you've been waiting for in a second, but first off, we've got a fun photo from UF student Erik Knudsen, who spotted University Athletic Association workers painting over this sign on the 34th Street wall in Gainesville during the bye week:


Here's the story: After talking to the UAA maintenance department, a UF spokesman said they took it upon themselves to clean up this anti-Steve Addazio message and that no order came from the athletic department or football team to do so.

Yes, the wall on 34th is traditionally an outlet for student expression, and seeing this is kind of lame, but UF does have the right to protect its employees. Plus, the point of that wall is that you can paint what you want when you want to, so this isn't out of line. Just funny.

Anyway, the Gators threw a little blue paint on the "Fire Addazio" movement with their play against Georgia last week, and they'll be looking to do the same this weekend (smooth transition, huh?).

Good ol' Vanderbilt: the cure for a struggling football team. Even though Florida can still reach the SEC title game, the Gators have a lot of improving to do before they're ready for Alabama, Auburn or even South Carolina next week (that is, if Cam Newton's still playing for the Tigers).

The win over Georgia helped confidence-wise, but a three-point victory over a mediocre team does not right the ship. Saturday's meeting with Vanderbilt is the kind of game the Gators have struggled with in the past, with an 11:20 a.m. kickoff (central time), temperatures expected below 50 degrees and a small crowd.

Essentially, this is a warm-up game before the Gamecocks, but anything short of pummeling the Commodores, who've lost their last three SEC games by a combined score of 113-21, will be viewed as a failure. Vandy's offense shouldn't have much bite, especially now that running back/kick returner Warren Norman is out for the season with a wrist injury.

This will fall on Florida's offense, and I'd expect the attack to be fun to watch this week for a few reasons:

1. It's Vanderbilt. Vanderbilt is terrible.

2. The Gators (allegedly) have lots of options in the run game. Urban Meyer said Emmanuel Moody (ankle) and Mike Gillislee (hamstring) are 100 percent, while Jeff Demps (sprained foot) should play as well. Add in Chris Rainey's dual role at RB and slot receiver, Trey Burton's wildcatting and the increased role Jordan Reed is supposed to have, and Florida should be able to throw a whole lot of looks at the Commodores. Reed (a former quarterback) is also supposed to throw the ball some. We'll see.

3. The no-huddle offense. It looked better against Georgia than I'd ever seen the Gators run it, and if they can clean up some of the penalties, that will be a very effective tool moving forward. Another plus is that most of the key offensive pieces (Demps, Rainey, Burton, Reed, Andre Debose if he's healthy) are versatile enough to play at several positions, meaning Florida doesn't have to interrupt the hurry-up with a bunch of subsititutions.

What do you want to see from the Gators this weekend? Will you be satisfied with anything less than total destruction? Wanna ramble about Randy Shannon or something instead? Holler in the comments.

And join the movement.


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This will be a close game which Vandy could win.

#1. Florida is 5-3 and could be 2-6 if a fake punt against TN (in which Omarius Hines had to break tackles to get first down) and a couple of int's against So FLA (which were passes that the S FLA qb could easily have avoided) and one recovered fumble against GA (Trey B fumble inside FLA 20 yd line which GA had in their grasp and would certainly have scored - probably a TD - which would have been a 14 point swing as FLA went on to score on that 90 yd drive).

#2. Vandy almost always plays FLA tough in Nashville.

#3. A team that is the beneficiary of easy int's like FLA has been (with the exception of Janoris Jenkins int on 1st play of game against GA - that was a great athletic int), is typically not as good as their record might indicate. Without easy int's these teams struggle.

#4. Coaching: If you don't know that Les Miles is going to fake the FG which would only "tie the game" and you leave you team vulnerable to the "flip the ball over the head" fake which would lead to a "win the game scenario" instead of "tie the game scenario", (keep in mind Les Miles did this exact fake 2 yrs prior vs South Carolina, then how can you be expected to "outcoach" your SEC brethren on most weeks. You will on occasion, be successful, but not "most of the time".

You are corrrect in saying the Gators could be 2-6, but that is a lot of "what if" talk to justify a point. They could be 7-1 if you look at the other side of the coin. As you said, IF they play "safe" on the FG attempt against LSU, they win. IF they make a FG agaisnt MSU, or IF Demps doesn't fumble inside the Bulldog 25 it's a different game. They didn't have any business winning either of those ball games, but I'm just saying IF. I'm not going to get into the So. Florida game, or the Tennessee game, they didn't play well, but they weren't going to lose either of those games. It's fun to say IF! The east is still in reach.

Mike: I have joined the movement

Davey, you are an idiot.

If my aunt had nutz, she would be my uncle.

Are the cane blogs that dismal that you have to come over here and run your mouth?

As long as Addazio is around, don't look for any consistent offense. Only consistent inept play-calling and ill-prepared players.

The new painted message on the Wall this morning reads "Please KEEP Randy Shannon"..

"If Jacory had a 'fro he'd be Dolmite!"

That's hilarious!

I don't appreciate the cane tards coming on here and making it sound like we'll struggle with the mighty commodores. Miss st. got lucky. I was sitting close to their student section and must say that you couldn't hear anything but cowbell. We will dominate Vandy and come out with a solid 10 point win. I do wish we had Cam "Laptop" Newton still. He is solid. Urban learned his lesson with getting rid of our productive criminals. Glad we have Chris "where's my dinner b**ch" Rainey back. Go gators - beat Vandy!

dude. why even mention randy shannon in your update? Firing Addazio may not be the best thing, but demoting him back to o line may be best. Addazio probably isnt behind this new banzai offense, heck, Meyer didnt even mention his name behind the credit. Everyone is tired of hearing steve say the same lame answers about stats and champions. 9th total in SEC is horrible, regardless of record. Weve struggled against vandy even with top caliber offenses and defenses. what makes you think this will be any different? the always play us tough in the first half, which is our struggling half anyways. i dont think meyer will unveil everything in this game knowing spurriers roosters are right around the corner. i predict we will win, but probably by 2 tpichdowns or less. 34-20

More 5 star flame-outs 4 the GAtors, in johnaton dowling. & 1 (a.c. leonard) in high school who's polishin up his rap sheet with gettin suspended 4 the whole season after numerous trangressions.
He should fit right in with chris 'im gonna kill u b!tch' rainey, carl 'restrainin order' johnson, frankie 'i need 2 bottles of crown 2 get my freak on' hammonds, janoris 'tasered' jenkins, mike 'i only drive escalades' pouncey, matt 'purple drnk' elam, etc, etc..
what a crowd..

BonnieB_ESPN Bonnie Bernstein
The Swamp in Gainesville's the loudest college stadium I've been in.

Bonnie Bernstein givin us props.

How many Gators will come off of death row to make an appearance in todays game
Coach em up Urb

how many canes fans are so jealous of Gator Nation? How sad, you have to come on a gatot blog to even have a voice, a voice that's so plagued with trash that it stinks up the board about as much as Jacory Interception Harris. has anyone listened to a single canes player interview?? Very illiterate and dressed like a criminal. the city of miami police turn a blind eye to campus ever since miami got tagged as the worst criminal college. miami A.d. had to step in and pay off the city to save his team's fate. Randy Shannon was one of the worst thugs back in the day at Miami and you think amy of that has changed? Hey lame canes... go visit a different board, one that features like minded trash and losers such as yourself, wait, none exist except for the Miami U blog which has nothing relavant to say anyways.

Cocks will pound Gatard trash.

Cocks just got pounded by the hogs...

And LSU pounded Bama which pounded Gatard trash. Your point being?

And Duke pounded Virgina

We can do this alll daaaay looong


I heard the fans were going to show their support and solidarity for their beloved canes agianst Maryland and wear all orange. From what I saw it was a success as it looked like the game was a sell out!

UCF > Gatard trash.

First Emmitt crapped on you. Saturday, your other beloved son will crap on you.

You can't win, Gatard trash.

I am not redneck Gatard trash.

More hokie fans will be at the game then cane fans...

Sad and pathetic but U will win NC next year.

Wow, gators are sure worred about UM. Well I guess that is ok since they are not noteworthy in the SEC. All SEC fans have forgot about uf and since the SEC East is such a joke no one is even looking there as anyone from the SEC West will demolish any Vanderbilt like team from the East. The sad thing is that the gators are back to being irrelevent in the SEC and life is back to normal for the gator fans.

Posted by: UFelony - 30 and counting

The Gators are irrelevant says the cane fan on the Gator Blog. Yeah,the gators are worried about your genius coach and his depths, your overflowing stadium of fans and excUses(depths, cold, youth, injuries, timeouts, etc)

Ask Gino, Bernie, Randall Hill, and Dan Morgan about your program - they are worried not the Gators or their fans.

I guess I am redneck Gatard trash.

Why does Emmitt hate his Alma mater?

can we get a new story and new blog? this one's about 2 days too long. critics not silenced yet, just quieter. A win over South Carolina and maybe were closer to shutting them up. i have a feeling meyer saved demps for this game. he would have used him against vandy if necessary, but he probably made sure to keep him healthy for one last week. florida on the upswing, miami and fsu falling. how sweet november truly is :)

@Hater -- Irrelevent? What's it like playing in the 7th best conference in the land?


....Better Luck Next Year....LOL!

I didn't write it...it's on ESPN.com!

UF is leading the "Cam Newton" rumor mill charge! How Fing pathetic!!

UF is so afraid to meet Cam on the field that they are trying to have him suspended before they could meet in the SECCG!

The SEC is hands down the dirtiest, win at all costs bunch of scumbags in the country!


Posted by: Teddy Bridgewater, LSU Bound | November 08, 2010 at 07:34 PM

The money is great there! We wish him the best!

Posted by: Cam Newton's Guidance Counselor

I really find it hard to believe that is you Jay Jacobs. I feel its a cane fan posing at AUB AD. Shouldn't you be focusing on the QB controversy you got going there?

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