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Contest: Come up with a nickname for the Gators' 3-QB offense

Brantley and Burton A few seasons ago, Urban Meyer was pressed for a nickname for Florida's wildcat offense. Everyone expected "Wild Gator," but instead, he jokingly went with "Wild Duck." In that spirit, I'd like for the faithful Gator Clause readers to name the Gators' unique new offensive system, which features John Brantley, Trey Burton and Jordan Reed all at quarterback.

How rare is it for a team to run three QBs? Keep in mind, this isn't because of injuries, this was the plan from Day 1. UF hoped to use all three since the preseason, but offensive coordinator Steve Addazio said that was delayed when Reed got hurt and missed 24 of 26 fall practices.

I asked a few coaches if they could recall a team using three quarterbacks, and here's what they said:

Addazio: “No. I have not. I’m trying to think. Three quarterbacks…no, I have not.”

Vanderbilt coach Robbie Caldwell: “No, I hadn’t seen three, that’s for certain."

South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier: “I think Red Hickey and the San Francisco 49ers did that back in the early 60s. Billy Kilmer, John Brodie and, I don’t know who the other quarterback was. Was Y.A. Tittle with them back then? I don’t know, but they had three quarterbacks that played, and they actually played a little shotgun back in those days. Other than that, I’ve not seen three of them go at it."

Spurrier was right on the mark. In 1961, Hickey's 49ers used Brodie, Kilmer and Bob Waters. Tittle was there the season before.

Anyway, this is a pretty interesting thing the Gators have going, and thank God, because the offense early in the year was dreadfully boring. Keep in mind, last week was Vandy, so this could completely fall flat against South Carolina on Saturday. But it does keep defenses on their toes.

Caldwell said it's a real cat-and-mouse game trying to defend that scheme, largely because all three can stay on the field for an entire game in different roles (though Brantley is just a decoy at receiver). There are a lot of challenges for Florida as well, as Meyer has to find ways to keep defenses from saying: "Brantley's in, it's a pass" or "Burton=run."

The obvious way to counter that is the pre-snap rotation the Gators have done at times, and Meyer said developing other methods is the focus of this week's practices. He mentioned tempo as one way, which I assume means hurrying up to the line after each play and changing QBs so the defense can't substitute.

And to me, the most impressive thing about this situation is the way Brantley has handled it. Check out my column for the UF school paper on this subject. Brantley is in a tough situation, and he deserves major props for not ruining the offense by having an ego about it.

Jordan Reed With that said, this weekend could be his biggest test yet. Reed (left) looked mighty Cam Newton-ish against Vandy (again, it was Vandy), and his dual-threat skill set is the most natural fit for the offense. If things go south against the Gamecocks, I wouldn't be surprised to see the offense turned over to him simply because he makes play-calling easier.

“I don’t think they feel like one guy is definitely the best way to go," Spurrier said. "When I played two quarterbacks, I always said they both have their talents and similar ability, so the best way to win the game is play both of them. I’m sure that’s the way the Florida coaches look at it. To win the game, they have to play all three of them.”

Anyway, it's nickname time. Let's hear what you got. I'm not crazy about my idea, but I'll throw it out anyway: The 75 Cent Offense.

Leave your suggestions in the comments, where they'll inevitably be buried in a mountain of nonsensical Miami-related talk, or TWEET AT ME.


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How about, "3 Trailers in a Park?"

3 headed monster

"The Short Bus"

"The Three Stooges"

3 on a match

Chain gang?

Three trailers in a park is funny though.

three times less likely to throw a pick than Jacory

Three Gators who almost add up to one Cam Newton?

Cell block three

Me, myself and Irene

How about the Justin Beiber fan club?

Chris Rainey's Harem?

Pouncey's Jellybeans?

The Trifagta

Panic mode?

Page 2 of Addazio's playbook.

Although pounceys jelly beans made me laugh.

Duck , Duck, Goose ?

Wing and a prayer?

Three bits or Threebow

Viginia, damn Virginia, dog gumit Viginia..

or how about Ohio State, FSU, Virginia?

Butchy, Coker, Shannon....

Meeyers last stand?


J7 - 2008, J17 - 2009, J11 and counting - 2010

run and gun and run

3 step program ?

3 felons for the price of 1

If you have 3 QB's you dont have any good one's, UFelony is a joke and trying to bring down the future Heisman Winner and possible National Champion Auburn Tigers is diplorable, that means wrong for you UF grads. It just shows what a filthy disgusting diploma mill UF is and that scrap of paper from there means nothing, I sure wont hire you.

A group of gators is called a congregation or a pod....so how about tri-pod or The Pod Squad

Full Disclosure

I sure wont hire you.

Posted by: UFelony - 30 and counting | November 10, 2010 at 09:50 PM

....and I sure won't ask you to write my third grader's english papers.

Do any of UF's arrest rival the largest Pell Grant Scam in collegiate history?


Pouncy proof? No matter where the ball goes , there's a qb to get it.

Sean Wilson's next 3 dates?

Sean, we're on to you, lil' Piggy. It's only a matter of time.

You're right sidcane. Addazio should find a way to put the whole trifagta behind pouncy. That may help.

I like Cell Block Three also. In the spirit of our arrest history! Brantley is like a big strong Justin Beiber. Go gators!

the 3 monkee shuffle;
hear no evil (urbin myers rehab (oops vacation),
see no evil (30 arrests & countin),
say no evil (urbin or crony possibly breakin federal law by leakin newtons records)..

'3 men who stare at goats' or life in trailerville.

Man, look at all these cane fans!! How does it feel to be playing in your conference championship game?? Oh wait, that's right, you guys don't know how it feels to play in a conference championship game. I guess since you have nothing else going on, other than your 9th straight mediocre year, you might as well go light up the Gator blogs!!

Don't worry Gatoralum, about the only thing UFelony might be in charge of for hiring would be a 7-11. He needs to change his name (again) to UF envy...

UFelony/SS Trailertrash/or whatever other idiot 1% cane fan=Obsessed with Gator Nation

Just ignore them.

To the guy who said "I sure wont(sic) hire you": I don't know many University of Florida grads who apply for lawn service work.
But thanks for another funny and illiterate statement from a insanely jealous UM fan.

Ummmm, Gordo? That under-funded diploma mill that issues 20k worhless diploma mills per year fills the ranks of lawn service companies all over this state.

This is especially true when the UFelony grad is not hired by a carwash or any business out of state. The diploma is useless. 50 out of 50 states in education. Only a delusional 'neck thinks uFelony is on par with UCLA or Texas.

Sean? Lil' Pig? I know you're out there.

AAhhhhhh, Saturday -- another light day at the office.

Sean- What is '20K worthless diploma mills'??
I don't get it. Word of the day - PROOFREAD.

You seem to be well-schooled on the value of specific college degrees. I'm impressed, mentioning UCLA, Texas and all. What's your educational background, beyond Homestead High School?

Posted by: Dolphin Stadium clean up crew

Speaking of Dolphins - I am a UF grad.

Holla at me on the orange carpet.

I like Cerebus, but saw on an email something like QB3. I am going with that.


Ahhhhhh.....Another day, another dumpster full of crime scene tape.

When we run out of toilet paper, let's just use these worthless diplomas.

Hey guys, just checking-in to remind everyone how awesome the SEC is and how much the ACC sucks. Take a look:


6 Bits

Dr. Shalala, the Harvard chess team keeps crank calling us to tell us how much our football team sucks.

Ummmmm, is it even a crank call if it's true?


Linny, Tuck and Ming-Ming. The wonder pets

Kukla, Fran and Ollie

The good, the bad and the ugly

Huey, Dewey and Louie

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Pavarotti, Domingo and Carreras

Charlie's Angels


Just like the Pizza Hut commercial always said,
"Regular price, 4 bucks, 4bucks"

Ok, how abouth this one...

Urbie and the three clowns

I second "ThreeBow". Go Gators!!!

More like "ThreeBlow".

I like the Three-Bit Offense or the Tripod Offense. Good suggestions.

does anybody know what college i go 2? b/c i dont remember, i remember what high school i go 2 & my high school head coach but i just cant remember my alma mater...

The real question "fake emmitt" is how much did you participate in the abuse of federal money while you attended Keiser College? You know, the kind of Pell Grant abuse that Da U indulged in so freely back when I played at UF. Ripping off the tax payers never made it into that 30/30 flick.....did it?

Don't know, real Emmitt. Why did you crap all over your Alma Mater?

You thanked the bus driver but not UFelony? Were you upset at what a joke of an institution it has become?

Just sayin'.........

Three Men and a baby RB?

Bermuda Triangle

“Crapping” by omission in the glare of a moment vs actively crapping on the U.S. taxpayers throughout the ‘80’s and early ‘90’s? Let’s let history judge that one. Those UM administrators must have made you proud….oh that’s right you’re like 90% of the UM “fans” out there who have no affiliation with Da Was other than wearing your oversized “swagger” shirt and flashing your Utah Utes sign at the car wash!

Crapping vs Crapping UM style...maybe I’m just getting bogged down in semantics….

That's one way to twist it. Cramping by omission In the glare of a moment? Really? Emmitt had 6 months to prepare, thanked everyone from elementary school through the NFL, including the guy who made him breakfast that morning. Any omission was deliberate, direct, imparted a message and befouled your disgusting UFelony with 800 lbs (your fat mother's weight) of crap.

Speaking of Pell, do you remember how crooked Charley Pell was? Or were you in diapers? Gatard trash has a Pell scandal of it's own, douche.

That's not me talking. Those are the facts.

It’s not like you could make a federal case out of our Pell (God rest his soul). Unlike your “Pell” which was a huge Federal case and a colossal embarrassment to the entire institution, not just the football program. But who wants to bandy about clichés?

I was actually there when Lomas Brown, Neal Anderson and Co were there. That’s right an alumni, unlike you, swagger boy.

So which year was UM penalized for the 63 recruiting violations? Was it ’81 or ’82? Oooopps those recruiting violations never made into 30/30 either. What do you expect when a homer is behind the camera.

We should use Paper, Rock, Scissors since that's the way Addazio selects plays.

NFL fraternity laughs at the shat storm Emmitt put on you.

Oversight? Yeah, so was Enron.

Ignorant 'necks with the useless diploma.

Federal case? Now you are shading violations? Way to go, Gatard trash. Was Pell the coach when the Canes embarrassed Gatard trash 34-4 the last game of the series before UFelony unveiled it's more national schedulento include LaTexh, New Mexico and Appy Stare?

Worthless diplomas from UTrailer give you a lot of time to rationalize gatard violations, speaking of which, more are coming shortly b

Nice way to side step the real facts about your University. Just like Gino, Irvin, and the rest of the homers on talk radio. So when did you go there? The Kelly era? Kosar era? Testeverde era?

I have to admit I do hire UF alums to mow my yard, take care of the garden and clean my home. I like to assist those who cant afford a quality education.

Can we add Justin Beiber to the rotation and make it an even four? That's my wish anyway.

It will be nice to converse with UFelony alums about the current allegations of agent money to the Pouncey Bros. and the 30 arrest and that lack of ed control with students like their form QB cheating / failing classes but allowed to play and stay on the team. You guys really blew that one. When the NCAA lays the hammer down we will have great convos on here.

If a crappy team craps all over its rented field on Saturday (or Thursday night), and no one is there to see it....did it really happen? Hmmmmmm....

Name the QB Trio

Three men and a felon

I have to admit I do hire UF alums to mow my yard, take care of the garden and clean my home. I like to assist those who cant afford a quality education.

Posted by: UFelony - 30 and counting | November 11, 2010 at 09:33 PM

The joke's on you bro-chacho. The landlord cuts the grass in Section 8 housing.

The rented field/stadium is of Super Bowl caliber. The septic tank in the middle of trailerville, it is of well, gator quality. I cant believe the U Envy on this site, if I were a canes fan I would continue on here as the jealousy is hysterical.

The joke's on you bro-chacho. The landlord cuts the grass in Section 8 housing.

Posted by: Rut-Roh | November 11, 2010 at 09:43 PM

Then get to it Rut-Roh and dont forget to wash the mercedes when your done.

The rented field/stadium is of Super Bowl caliber. The septic tank in the middle of trailerville, it is of well, gator quality. I cant believe the U Envy on this site, if I were a canes fan I would continue on here as the jealousy is hysterical.

Posted by: UFelony - 30 and counting | November 11, 2010 at 09:44 PM

The operative word being rented...

When you own a septic tank you call a stadium in a trailerpark in Central Florida its really not something you should be proud of. I would much rather play in a professional stadium with all the amenities and the smell of well, not urine overflowing in the bathrooms like in trailerville.

...what's it like to be just about the only school in Florida w/o its own stadium?

...what's it like to be just about the only school in Florida w/o its own stadium?

Posted by: FAU got one | November 11, 2010 at 09:57 PM

what's it like to be the only school in Florida with more arrest, coach who will quit on his team, and in the bottom tier of a very weak conference, and in the middle of a Trailer park, oh yea its great to be a UFelony gator.

Maybe you can rent FIU's stadium next September. You won't have to play on that unsightly baseball infield. You know....like the one we all used to play on when we played Pop-Warner.

What's it like playing in one of the worst conferences in the land?


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