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Is Cam Newton better than Tim Tebow? Seriously.

Cam and Tim All season, I've looked at it this way: Florida will forever be searching for the next Tim Tebow, and the Gators had that on campus with Cam Newton and let him get away.

But what if Tebow was the first Newton?

Obviously, Newton is having an unbelieveable year at Auburn, but I hadn't really considered that he might be even better than Tebow until Gator Clause founder Joe Goodman made that claim in his Newton column last week. As we all know, Joe's a huge Auburn Homer/Gator Hater, so I'll stop short of saying that just yet.

But it's definitely worth discussing, which is a pretty big deal considering Tebow was being hailed as the greatest college football player of all time less than a year ago.

Let's break it down. Newton could very well be one-and-done, so comparing the scope of their careers is impossible. I'm using Tebow's numbers from 2007 against Newton's this year, since both are from their first years as D-1 starters and (probably) Heisman-winning caliber.

Keep in mind that Newton's stats are from 11 games (he has three left) while Tebow's are from 13.


Tebow: 234 of 350 (66.9 percent), 3,286 yds (9.4 yds per attempt), 32 TDs, 6 INT, 172.47 rating

Newton: 135 of 198 (68.2 percent), 2,038 yds (10.3 yds per attempt), 21 TDs, 6 INT, 183.58 rating

Edge: Tim. Newton is very efficient, but Tebow was much more effective through the air. Both of them benefitted from their running ability making it easier to throw, but Tebow could beat defenses with his arm alone, and that's something Newton hasn't shown yet. Percy Harvin, the best player I've ever seen, certainly made life easier for Tebow, but he was still good without Harvin and in the face of [insert your own adjective] play-calling last season.


Tebow: 210 carries, 895 yds (4.3 yds per), 23 TDs

Newton: 206 carries, 1,297 yds (6.3 yds per), 17 TDs

Edge: Cam. Newton runs more than Tebow did, and Tebow was used so much in short-yardage situations that it does hurt his average. But even with that caveat, Newton is a better runner. He's faster and more elusive. If the goal is to get two yards, I'd take Tebow. If it's to gash a defense, it's Newton all day, which is clear by this stat comparison because their number of carries are so close. With four fewer carries, Newton has 402 more yards.


Tebow: 9-4, loss to Michigan in Capital One Bowl

Newton: 11-0 and counting

Edge: Cam. Tebow lost four games and Newton is undefeated. All they can control is the offense, and that record in 2007 was the defense's fault. Tebow's Gators averaged 43.9 pts but gave up 24 and really faltered in the losses. But Newton's defense is allowing 24.9 and he hasn't lost, scoring an average of 42.8 pts. Bottom line is that Newton can't lose the winning category until he at least loses a game (then again, this Auburn team could very well wind up 0-14 by the time this Newton scandal stuff shakes out).


Based on this one-season comparison, Newton wins. But the career discussion is a different one. This is Newton's fourth year in college and second as a starter (junior college national title) whereas Tebow won the Heisman as a true sophomore in his first year at the helm. And he won a championship the next year and went undefeated through the regular season in 2009.

There isn't really a way to settle this debate, but the most important part to me is that it is a legitimate debate. Splitting hairs between the greatest athletes/bands/movies/whatever is a moot point. What matters is that you could make a case for either one.

And that should make watching Florida's offense this season hurt that much more.


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Does it really matter? The bottom line is we suck. Urban has his work cut out for him if we are going to get this thig straightened out. 60 yards of offense through 3 quarters against South Carolina?

sad. sad. sad. if you want to compare tebow to newton, lets do ethics and morals. im certain timmy's jesus like qualities have to have an edge somewhere. urban definitely has his work cut out. i cant believe he almost quit because of health reasons, reasons he said that were the result of too much football and too little family. well if too little football is crappy offensive pwrformances such as the last 4 losses, then go ahead ad leave urban. i would hate for the pressure of being a gator coach cause you to have another health scare. we can offer mullen the job or go after another person.

what happened to the homeboy joe.

Posted by: Dive Play | November 15, 2010 at 02:11 PM

Everyone knows Urbans health scare was due to esophageal spasms. Just kidding! The bottom line is without Mullen and Strong Urban looks lost. This team has MAJOR problems and it starts at the top.

wake me when Cam wins a title...

Posted by: richie | November 15, 2010 at 02:45 PM

Time to wake up.....

Yep, Shame Cam could not behave and from the looks of it never will be able to. Urban had not choice. The school was getting ready to do it. Waiting for NCAA tick tock tick tock tick tock Auburn is on the clock.

I like tebow he was beast

Dumb ignorant 'necks can't catch a break. Exposed for the dirtbags you really are.

From the Wall Street Journal:

"According to a study in the Drug and Alcohol Dependence journal this year, there are about six times as many alcohol-related arrests in Gainesville on game days when Florida's football team is at home as there are on Saturdays when there's not a game ... on 10 Saturdays when there were home football games, there was an average of 70.3 alcohol-related arrests a day—that number plummeted to 11.8 on Saturdays when there weren't games."

does anybody know what college i went 2??? b/c i dont remember..

This whole Cam Newton scandal is not really a scandal at all. This is business as usual for the SEC.

I don't know ask your roommate who seems to have all the answers and please quote him here.

Sean? Curse Piggy? Where are you hiding you miserable pissant?

As great as TT was, CN is clearly the better and more skilled football player. Not in one respect, but in pretty much all facets of the game; CN is the better rusher, and he is a better passer as well. Look at CN throw the ball- his mechanics are superior; he has a very quick release, is accurate, and just has a cannon for an arm. Thus far in his career, Newton has got to be the most exciting football player I have ever born witness to.

I say it's not even a debate: Tebow is supreme over Newton and everybody else. Cam Newton is awesome and he's a superstar, and he might very well be a better runner than Tebow, but he's definitely not a better passer. Also, what makes Tebow legendary is his persona, his leadership abilities, his intangibles. Records are going to be shattered. Friggin Trey Burton broke Tebow's TD record before many people even knew his name. Tebow's personality can not be measured with statistics. Look at all the mediocre college football teams today (starting with our own Florida Gators): what is the main thing they lack? Leaders. Guys who inspire and rally and make good teams great. We have runners and throwers, and playmakers... but we don't have a real field general to make it happen. Tebow is incomparable to me, and I admit, I'm biased as hell. I loved Newton until a few weeks ago. His dad is a preacher and he made over $50,000 worth of repairs on his church in Georgia about a year ago. Sounds like he & his son are pretty corrupt. Too bad. Wish him the best though. Meyer needs to fire Addazio quick, cuz we suck badly right now!

Rico Deuschbag, Teblow cant compare to Newton, Cam is better in all facets especially passing the ball. Teblow is a lifetime 3rd stringer and Newton will be a very high if not the overall #1 pick when he comes out. Addazio is staying, read the interview with Urbie. UFelony is back to irrelevent right where they should be.

I'll be damned, back-to-back relevant comments with analysis and well-thought-out points! Thanks Erik and Rico, keep that coming.

And Raw, my roommate (who also covers the Gators but for another paper) says "Tebow."

they cant fire addazio now, its senior week and we wouldnt want to upset them with even more changes. we will ride this ship to the bottom of davey jones locker... we may get a bowl game, and we may not. we still have to beat fsu and/or app state. how funny would it be to not even get a bowl game? actuallu it would be sad. if we do get a bowl game, maybe we can play against the acc or big east

Ur worst nightmare might becomin true GAtor fan & u'll have 2 play the CANES in a bowl game.
But im sure fooley's doin everything in his power 2 avoid that happenin (AS IS HIS MO like; layin down against AP St. & FSU, keepin aDAZZZZZEio, urbin has a relapse & QUITS again).
Plus like he's doin with the 2013 game..

our worst nightmare??? jacory interception harris against the nation's league leading 18 interception defense? no one will throw on us, which is why we lose to teams who run the ball down our guts. our defensive backs will eat up any miami qb. i guarantee you that if they offer us miami, we will gladly take it. And this time i hope urban runs up the score. i cant believe your coach cried last time when we kicked a field goal with a few minutes left. would your rather we go for a TD to make the score worse? It is a rivalry game and there is no such thing as running up te score. i truly hope we do play the canes so that we can send the lame canes off this board once and for good.

Make up your mind dive douche. Is it a rivalry game or not? And that is an excuse for the slimy okay Si common in the SEC.

As for league-leading interceptions, sure, when you get 3 against Miami if Ohio and 4 against USF and Vandy, that will pad the stats and obscure the fact that the Gatards suck.

But keep telling yourself how good the pass defense is, Gatard trash. Ponder will put an end to that delusion.

really you're going to say tebow has the better passing game? The GUYS a fullback who would throw swing passes to the mini rb's/wr's! Cam way better actual QB! Its a shame Auburn wasnt on the schedule this year. Im sure he would have taken a crap all over his former team. Also to the comment of Urban had no choice to let him go is BS! Urban doesnt let anyone go not even the real criminals on that team! He sits you out for a quarter at most. He straight up told Cam "you'll never start over brantly!" So the whole cheating at uf then letting him go is crap. Cam left to go play and now urban is mad he let him go and started all this nonsense cause he is a sore loser! Im surprised he hasnt had a heart attack after so many loses or popped a hemroid on the field. GATORS SUCK!

Posted by: Dive Play | November 16, 2010 at 07:37 AM

Actually Miami has 4 NFL running backs carrying the ball for them right now. They would beat us without even throwing a pass. MSU anyone? And they have one of the top if not the top pass defenses in the NCAA. We would lose to Miami just like we are going to lose to FSU.

IMHO I can see the GAYTORS losing to APP, State and FSU. How long would it take for Urban Crier to start having more health problems then? However as bad as I hate the GAYTORS, I really hope they win their last 2 games so maybe Miami can pull them in a bowl game. UM 45 Gaytors 7

All that's missing from this UF team is some crying on the sidelines. Who will be first, Urbie?

reply to "he won the SEC west"

they give trophies out for that? again, wake me when he wins the SEC twice and national title twice...thanks

so I guess Richie goes by the pure "titles" argument. In that case, John Salley should be in the NBA Hall of Fame while Charles Barkely was clearly overrated.

again...wake me when Cam wins anything of significance...or when the allegations on him clear up

i truly hope we do play the canes so that we can send the lame canes off this board once and for good. Posted by: Dive Play

Arsss diver: The Canes would roll your sorry team with the many NFL caliber RB's we have, we may not have to throw a pass but Morris would torch your sorry Defense as he chose once the Canes ran all over your sorry team. SC ran over your defense and their running game cannot compare the the U.

funny how now morris is their man...they have completely jumped off the jacory bandwagon...LOL

make up my mind? is it a rivalry game or not? i never sad it wasnt. i said it was. padding the stats??? seriously? if the other teams would have passed on us then we would have had even more. the second garcia almost ha that pass intercepted, they didnt go deep on us the rest of the game. they didnt have to, but thats my point. teams controlthe clock by running the ball constantly all game and since our offense is a joke, it doesnt take long before our defense is back out there javing to stop the run. they handed the ball to their rb's 51 times. 41 went to lattimore. miami does not have nfl running backs on their team. until they play one snap in the nfl, tey are still college backs. backs that are not at the top of the ncaa. nfl my arsss

According to NCAA.com the gators are tied for first in interceptions along with OSU, Bama, BC, and Tulsa with 17 ints not 18.

Meanwhile Miami is tied for 6th place along with Hawaii, Nebraska, Toledo, Ball st and VT with 16 ints. One more int and Miami will be in that list of 1st place teams.

Tebow wins! 4 straight years without a blemish to his name. 1 year in the spotlight, and Newton has the FBI on his ass. Nuff said! He is eventually going to set that program back several years a la Reggie Bush. If anyone thinks he's innocent, just look at he and his fathers answers to every question asked. No innocent person answers "I will not confirm or deny that." What a joke!!

Yeah, Richie, kind of like Brantley was he Man for the 3 years he was on the bench. And now Gatard trash boos him and thinks he should transfer.

Is that jumping off the bandwagon?

If the weak teams would have thrown more? Why would they do that? Gatatd runs D is puke despite what Gatardntrash fans said all along. And last U checked, Alshon Jeffrey was catching passes all over Jenkins so Gatards were, in a word, EXPOSED.

White wash the Gatatd train wreck some more. Please. It is good comedy.

No, good comedy is 9 straight years of mediocrity, and talking trash to a team that is in the middle of 1 bad year. That's some good comedy!! One question Cane fans. WHEN IS THE LAST TIME YOU GUYS WERE ACTUALLY PLAYING FOR SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT???

It reeks of losers here. Everywhere you turn the gaturds have an excuse.

Is Cam "sticky fingers" Newton better than Timmy? Yes
Although Timmy is much better at making promises to the press not to mention the many photos of him crying like a Mangina!

9 years of mediocrity, GAYtoralum. Very puzzlin considerin we finished 9th amongst all NCAA teams 4 the 2000's.
#1 is texas at 110-19, GAYtors were 5th at 100-30 & MIAMI was 9th at 92-33 (FSU was 16th at 85-44).
Real mediocre where we ONLY had 3 more losses then u meth heads.
U all had a good 3 year run with teabag but thats just a blimp on history's radar (4 losses already after TT & plenty of losses b4 TT).
We'll c what the next decade holds & its startin off with a 4 loses so far...
'u r who we thought U were'

Dennis Green, answer my question! Yes, 9 years of mediocrity. You do realize that unless you are actually playing for something, you are having a mediocre season, right?? I do believe the last time you guys were relevant was 2001-2002, right?? Ever since then you guys have been sorry. We've won 3 titles in 14 years to your guys 1. I'd say we've been a HELL OF A LOT more successful than the lowly Canes RECENTLY!!! Throw out all the stats you want, FACT IS, you guys have been irrelevant for A LONG time, and 1 year does not even come close to level of sorriness the canes have perfected. So keep trying to make yourselves feel better by putting the Gators down, because one thing is for sure, the YOUNG Gators are in a hell of a lot better position to succeed than the VETERAN canes!!

Gatoralum, typical insecure Gatard. You always manipulate numbers to try and prove how great you think the Gatars are.

How about, you have 2 titles in the last 13 years to the Canes' 1? So, the indication of Gatard supposed greatness is that they have 1 more measley title in that period than the Canes? Really. Wow.

So I guess, as an ignorant member of the useless diploma club otherwise known as a Gatard grad, you would argue that the 3 year Teblow run is truly what is indicative of Gatard greatness while the 100 years before and the certain future mediocrity were just aberrations?

Good comedy, Gatard trash.

Gayturdalum, tell that to all those Canes in the NFL.

Can only imagine if tebow had a good OC last year?

For 1 thing, I said 14 years, and That's 3 titles..96, 06, 08! Manipulate what I say however you'd like, but one thing is for certain. The Canes have been sorry for a long time now, and there's no end in sight!

Gatorslum, are you STILL coming on here with your garbage about the Canes like you have been doing for the past 4 years?

You still claiming that you are the son of a big shot builder in Broward County?

You still claiming that you played for the football and basketball team at UF?

You still claiming that 5 < 3?

How sad that you have learned so little in so many years.

Here is an example of Gatoralum being a racist.


"I am sorry, who has won a championshio more recently? Who has had more first rounders lately? Typical ignorant, clueless, highschool educated huricoon fan" I am not sure what a "championshio" is, but he claims he won one.

Here is an even more disgusting example from this guy:


He says in response to an article about 75 deaths in Haiti "To bad the whole island didn't slip int0 the ocean" Notice the poor English skills and typos.

This is the guy representing your school on here. How disgusting he is.

Or how about this one. Baby dies in a car crash in Miami. His is the fourth comment. It gets deleted because of how disgusting it is, but fortunately, someone quoted him in comment nine.


Gatoralum wrote:
"One less cuban"

THAT is who we are dealing with here, folks.

Not surprising that Gatoralum is an ignorant inbred racist 'neck.

I mean, isn't that redundant anyway?

And, yeah, ignorant 'next, I know you said 14. It is the sample size you have to use to make your whitereash argument. Bump it down one year and your argument dies. Add 6 years and likewise it dies. A very weak argument by any standard.

I do, however, want you to keep posting idiotic unsupported arguments and racist posts. You are the best proof for my argument that a UFelony diploma is useless.

Four years, graduation, and still as dumb and racist as the day you went in.

Your misspelled rants are quite hilarious! The only racist on here is you loser! Not one racist comment has ever come out of my mouth! Whoever posted racist remarks under the name Gatoralum was not me, I guess you think I'm the only one who ever graduated from there, huh? You are the epitome of scUM loser. You sit there and criticize my education, yet you can't even spell!!! Let me guess, you're another Cane fan that never stepped foot on the campus, right?? Bash me all you want scUM, your team is still SORRY, and that will NEVER change no matter how much you criticize me. NOW GO BACK TO YOUR OWN BLOG LOSER!!!

Typical angry insecure Gatard trashbwith a worthless diploma.

"Gatoralum can't read, write, has no informed view of the world but damn, our football team be good."

You are a joke, Gatard trash. When your football team sucks, you have nothing. That worthless diploma only leaves room for football and ignorance.

.......and in other news, the gtators still suck!

I have to say the Canes on here are right. Our team sucks. I guess its back to listening to my Justin Beiber album and crying in my pillow (butt up of course).

Gatoralum you need to make a better argument. You keep telling the Canes they have been irrelevant over the last 14 years but they are 4-1 against our gators during that same period. We suck.

Pathetic little gators alum. He is trying to make points without proper facts. Must be that UFelony diploma mill education. The U dominates UFelony with your only recent win against two freshman QB's. The thing is if you turds dont try to duck us in a bowl game, a true freshman will destroy your sorry excuse of a team and then all the trailers in Gainsville may go up in flames.

Poor little cane fans actually thinking they are relevant. Quite sad actually. Like I asked before, which no Cane fan can seem to answer. WHEN IS THE LAST TIME THE CANES PLAYED FOR SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT???? Please Cane fans answer this question, and quit beating around the bush!!! By the way Mr Sean Wilson, there is nothing sadder than a cane fan pretending to be a fan of another team. All day, you have been arguing for the canes, now all the sudden you're a gator fan. You are a loser, and a disgrace to the cane fan base!! UFelony, you have no idea how much I hope they meet in a bowl game. Kind've funny how much trash you guys talk when you've already been dismantled by another average Florida school. Enjoy your little magic carpet fantasy ride with morris at QB, because it all ends this weekend!

Pathetic little gatoralum, the other so called average Florida School is going to punish the felony laden team you have in trailerville. The difference is that the U has been a top college football team since 1983 and the gators have only been relevent for 4 years. Matter of fact I dont think you guys won an SEC conf championship until the 90's. What happen the previous 100 years?

Wow, Gatardalum. Nice multi-punctuation and exclamation points. Are you a fifth-grade girl? Did they teach you that in English 101 at the home of useless diplomas?

Of course you would ask the question of the last time the Canes played a relevant game. As a fan of the most under-achieving program in college football, you HAVE to narrow the argument to only those few years, i.e. the past 4, to when the Gatards played any significant games.

So, with that in mind, I would have to say it was the 2005 Chik-fil-A Bowl when the Canes pounded the Gatard trash....again.

Not too sure if the Canes have been too relevant this decade, but I do know they own the Gatard trash 4-1.

So, you see, Gatard trash alum, owner of the most useless diploma in the country, when you win, you still lose.

Gatardalum, Our team began its downfall last year when we lost to the red elephants in the Seazy Championship. Even our "unbiased" SEC Refs had a hard time deciding who to screw over in this game. Don't be hard on the Canes, they are right. We would get demolished by their running backs. They have backs who stand taller than 5'02. Our last great running back was Timmy. Anyway, I'm dissapointed with our team. I'll go back to biting my pillow.
Go Gators!
Go Urban!
Go Justin Beiber!

UFelony, still living in the past, sorry, I forgot that's all you cane fans have these days. Yes, you were relevant back then, I've never denied that, but it has been a long time since you were relevant. What's even funnier, is Sean Wilson thinking the Peach Bowl is significant. I guess when you've been sorry for as long as the canes have, the Peach Bowl is significant. Look at him getting all worked up, I love it. Then resorting to pretending to be a gator fan again. And I'm the 5th grade girl. Hilarious!!

Is Cam Newton better than Tim Tebow? Seriously.


Wow, a largely insignificant Canes team has pounded the Gatards 4 - 1 during that irrelevant period.

What does that say about Gatard trash? Gatardalum, it is not surprising that a useless-diploma-club member like yourself is laughably stupid, but wow. You are a joke.

Your fellow Gatard trash must cringe when you post.

Gators curled up and quit on Urbie against S.C. then the basketball team curled up and quit on Eddie Munster against O. St. Which one was more pathetic?

Gaytoralum, if the U was so irrelevant then the UFelony is obviously not even on the map as the canes crushed your sorry team 4 out of 5 games. So your argument makes you look more pathetic than you diploma mill, coach quitting, felony laden team, now irrelevant in all sports institution.
By the way the NCAA will be handing down some harsh punishment from the Pouncies taken money and distributing amongst the team. Cant wait for Urbie to quit and UFelony going on probation.

The Gators were in the middle of a bad season that year, hence the trip to the peach bowl. Common sense, something the canes lack. Great, you guys beat us in the Peach Bowl, and a few insignificant regular season games. What has happened since then?? 2 national titles 2 conference titles for the Gators, continued sorriness for the Canes. Great argument guys, you really put me in my place!! Once again, Cane fans not understanding what the term relevant means. That's okay, keep bashing my education, because everyone knows 90% of the cane fan base, never stepped foot on the campus.

gaytoralum, a few insignificant wins by the U over UFelony but if you guys had one it would prove your dominance and blah blah blah. U cant have it both ways. Miami is a better football team and academic instituion and for those of us who can afford to pay for a world class education we have, as we chose not to get a diploma mill state school in the middle of a trailerpark.

Right. Gatardalum putting that useless education to use. The games are insignificant when they lose.

News flash Gatardalum, the Gatards weren't in the middle if a bad season. They were enjoying the fruits of their mediocre history. It wasn't one season. It was many. Remember the Zooker?

Another newsf flash, your titles are ancient history. Just as you tell Cane fans to stop living in the past. Same goes for Gatard trash.

Biggest difference is that the Canes recent poor run is on the heels of poor recruiting. Gatatds have a string of top classes yet still manage to puke themselves. The reason? You cannot escape your destiny which is a return to your mediocre roots. 100 years if cowardice and failure.

You really think 3 home losses is an aberration? It is a taste of what's to come only ignorant trailertrash like most Gatard trash doesn't know it yet.

Gatoralum=Rico...Always telling lies about himself.
Refuses to face the fact that FU quits on their coaches.
Tell us more stories about your All-American football days at FU and your 1st round selection in the NFL draft again
Hearing that lie from you never gets old

9 years straight guys, nuff said! 3 years of zook, is still a lot less than 9 straight. Again, great argument!

If we hired mush mouf from Fat Albert we may get the same results.

Posted by: Canes over Gators, AP Agrees | November 19, 2010 at 02:12 PM

I see that the racist troll is attacking the Canes blogs again, stealing IDs, making racist comments, and otherwise making it impossible to discuss football on our blog.

Shocking, really, that he would beg for retaliation when his team is unranked, unfeared, and unlikely to improve anytime soon.

So, Gatoralum/CursePiggy, time for a little payback.

You know, the real shame of it is that real Gator fans like Rico Nice might have wanted to discuss the decline of their team in peace, but by supporting this racist loser, they catch some of the flak thrown at SeanWilson523@yahoo.com.

I am betting that by now, this sicko obsessed little freak has moved on to another email address, like the coward that he is. But his efforts are wasted, just like the hours he spends at Shands mopping floors.

We tried to get a truce, but it looks like he once again rejected it.

9 years straight guys, nuff said! 3 years of zook, is still a lot less than 9 straight. Again, great argument!

Posted by: Gatoralum | November 19, 2010 at 11:45 AM

Great argument? Two TOTALLY DIFFERENT arguments.

Three straight home losses? In the Swamp? Yet you continue trolling Canes boards?

I saw that you have been posting racist stuff on other Herald sites, too. You hate Haitians, Cubans, and blacks. A real shame, did you lose your job to one of each over the years? I mean, there has to be a PERSONAL reason you are so full of hatred and spewing that hatred on anonymous boards.

Leave the Canes boards alone, and get back to your klan meeting, you sicko.

sad. sad. sad. if you want to compare tebow to newton, lets do ethics and morals. im certain timmy's jesus like qualities have to have an edge somewhere. urban definitely has his work cut out. i cant believe he almost quit because of health reasons, reasons he said that were the result of too much football and too little family. well if too little football is crappy offensive pwrformances such as the last 4 losses, then go ahead ad leave urban. i would hate for the pressure of being a gator coach cause you to have another health scare. we can offer mullen the job or go after another person.

Posted by: Dive Play | November 15, 2010 at 02:11 PM

Ethics and morals? From Newton? Please, the guy cheats on tests, signs his name on other people's tests, steals from people (he was only CAUGHT with the laptop, I bet there was more, and STILL gets to play for the Gators. The only thing that made him leave was that he got a better higher paying offer from Auburn. But we know that the Gators are not wholly clean in this.

The question was not who has more jesus-like qualities, it was who is the better quarterback. The NFL will let us know if they like Newton more than Tebow.

As for Urban leaving, he will probably take off when the NCAA gets ready to punish the Gators, like Carroll did to the Trojans. Cut from the same cloth, they are.

Yep, Shame Cam could not behave and from the looks of it never will be able to. Urban had not choice. The school was getting ready to do it. Waiting for NCAA tick tock tick tock tick tock Auburn is on the clock.

Posted by: Cam is a sociopath | November 15, 2010 at 03:23 PM

Takes one to know one, you name-changing troll. Auburn on the clock? I bet they are in line behind the Gators. Of course, vacating wins this season won't be as costly as it was for FSU and USC. Looks like Cam had issues before he got to Florida, but they kept sweeping them under the rug. I feel bad for the guy that had his laptop stolen, and then was threatened for daring to report it. And even after all that, Cam DESTROYS it, wiping out the guy's data rather than returning it. Did he ever even pay that poor kid back with some of that 180K? I doubt it.

does anybody know what college i went 2??? b/c i dont remember..

Posted by: Emmitt Smith, Escambia high school alumni. | November 15, 2010 at 06:22 PM

Not sure which college it was, but when I checked how he did versus Miami he gained only 15 yards in his ENTIRE CAREER. He could have had more, but the Gators were so stunned by the 31-4 beatdown that they dropped Miami from the schedule. Cowardice to the core, to the point where they might purposely lose to FSU to avoid playing the Canes in a bowl this year. After all, they remember their last bowl beatdown to the Canes, and without Tebow OR Newton, they have no chance against the Canes this year.

Newton > Tebow
Morris > Brantley

It's True.

What happened Gatoralum? I see you appeared over at a UM blog again. Did your Justin Bieber facebook fanclub get shutdown again? Stay away from UM blogs and they wont have to shut down all your links involving UM

Feral Cat and Bite The Pillow, wrong person losers! I unlike all you idiot cane fans, stay on my own blog, so anyone posting on there as gatoralum, isn't me. Ask your buddy canesrule about posting under different names. Who knows if you 2 aren't one in the same? Take your own advice and stick to your own blog!

Sure thing Gatoralum/Sean. You go straight from posting on a UM blog to running right over here to respond to others. Give it up slob. Nobody and I mean nobody is buying that garbage you are trying to spew. Go back to telling the world about your football hero stories and 1st round selection in the NFL

Well, Gatoralum, it is three years of Zook, plus this year, so that is four. Next year looks increasingly likely to be a failure, so that would be five.

Once Urban leaves, it will be another hundred.

So, 100>9. Damn, that Gatard diploma really is useless. You may be the dumbest person ever to post including the Curse Pig. You get a pass if you are the same person.

Great game against VT there Sean/bite the pillow/whichever personality it is this time, LOL!! 9 straight years and counting!!

Good game!

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