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Here's why the Gators getting smoked at Doak was a good thing

Train_wreck Much like the South Carolina game offered Florida a chance to right its wrongs by reaching the SEC Championship, the Gators were handed another golden opportunity Saturday in Tallahassee: Beat Florida State and take some of the sting out of this massive disappointment of a season.

With a win over the Noles, UF would have extended its win streak in the series to a whopping seven games, gained some traction with recruits, put itself in a better bowl game and maybe (MAYBE) even have saved offensive coordinator Steve Addazio his job.

Instead, the Gators' effort (pictured, left) was probably their worst of the season, putting a rotting cherry atop a pretty crappy sundae with a 31-7 loss.

But UF fans should be at least a little happy about this. Here's why:

1. The loss doesn't matter that much

Yea, Florida lost to its rival, but who cares? After six years of bragging rights, Gators fans needed a little humility, and at least they didn't have to watch this happen at The Swamp. FSU was bound to win one, and there were no national title hopes or a Heisman Trophy on the line, so this is the year to get that loss out of the way.

Like I said, a win makes the season more tolerable, but the loss doesn't make it all that much worse. UF played the same way against the Noles that it has against every ranked team: bad. That's what bad teams do.

2. Something will have to change

The beating was so thorough that Urban Meyer can't possibly go through this offseason without making some changes. That could mean Addazio, it could mean John Brantley, it could mean the offensive system, but I'd feel pretty confdient that Meyer will shake things up. That was the tone of his postgame press conference, where he mostly talked about the need to right the ship. Part of that, he said, is getting "tough-ass players and tough-ass coaches."

Take it from Alabama coach Nick Saban's wise and somewhat inappropriate words of wisdom after his team lost to Louisiana-Monroe in 2007:

"Changes in history usually occur after some kind of catastrophic event. It may be 9/11, which sort of changed the spirit of America relative to catastrophic events. Pearl Harbor kind of got us ready for World War II, and that was a catastrophic event."


3. This is one for the bulletin board

Florida has always drawn motivation from big losses, and this is one of those unforgettable failures that will rank up there with Georgia and LSU in 2007 and Ole Miss in 2008.

The Gators need something to push them through the offseason, and ending it with this kind of embarrassment is sure to leave a mark.

4. The rivalry is back

This one isn't for all of you, but if you can step back and look at it somewhat objectively, everyone wins because this is a rivalry again. No one beats their rival every year, and if they did, it would suck the life out of the game.

Now, FSU has something to hang its hat on, and while you're going to have to deal with some trash talk, it'll make next year's game more fun.


What do you hope Florida takes from this game? I know you're going to say "Fire Addazio!!!!!" and probably something about Miami, but I'm looking for something deeper than that if you have it. Comments have been top-notch lately. Keep it rolling.

And remember, there's a huge party and you're invited!


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I agree with you about the rivalry, it does bring it back to what it was in the 90's and that is good for college football. No team dominates a rivalry forever, it they did it would no longer be a rivalry. Meyer IMO is at a crossroads in his professional career. He is going to have to make some hard decisions. This is why we pay him 4 million $ a year. If he does not make the right decisions, then he has to be held accountable. I'm willing to give him that chance. If he doesn't do that then I think we all know what will be the right thing to do.

NA NA NA. i dont think so. Dont try to downplay a loss.

FIRE ADDAZIO!!! Something about Miami!

this year was the outcome of a perfect storm that started last year with the dunlap dui and the loss of mullen and strong. injuries (demps) and incidents (rainey) didnt help but the worst was/is the dreadful failure of the passing game, which has been a consistent strength for us. meyer will most certainly focus his attention there first. adazio has to be replaced. i wonder if he was the one that made the awful decision to move pouncey to center.

He doesn't need to fire Addazio, just put him back where he belongs, focusing on the offensive line, and hire someone who actually knows how to call plays. When Mullen was the OC and Addazio was the line coach, the line was a strength. Now that he has to focus on coming up with a gameplan every week, the line, which was supposed to be one of the strengths this year, was one of the biggest weaknesses. IMO, I think he needs to find a new D-coordinator as well. I can't remember the last time the defense was this bad!

Rebuilding year, no more and no less. Yay, the best FSU team of the last 10 years beat the worst Florida team of the last 25. No biggie.

Meyer is a winner and will get Florida back to national prominence quickly. He will see that Brantley is not the guy at QB (disappointing) and hopefully that Addazio is no the guy at OC. Still, Florida has some top shelf talent and Urban will put it together.

Noles can rejoice this year, but all will be back to normal next year with Florida scalping the Noles again. Go Gators!

God, I hope you're right about the changes, but Meyer has been so stubbornly inflexible in NOT changing the disastrous course this team has been on, INFLEXIBILITY has become the de facto "identity" of this team, reflected in turn by Addazio's ineptly unchanging predictability on offense, and Brantley's steady REgression. Our only hope is that he changes all three, but he could have and SHOULD have started making changes before now. As you yourself have noted, the patterns and signs were all there before today. Don't say he "can't go through the offseason without making some changes"; he can, he has, and he MIGHT even now.

glad to see this season ending... man. I liked your post though, Mike. Surprisingly, there were a few good things to take out of this like you mentioned. I love Brantley but I'm afraid he's just not cut out out for Urban's offense.. I'd like to see Jordan Reed take his place next season and use Trey Burton as an ATH/All purpose player.

Meyer has lost his ruthless pursuit of perfection. He has bred a loyalty with coaches and players that has compromised winning...exhibit A being Steve Addazio. Trattou and Lemmons are exhibit B and C. Your D-lineman have to be BEASTS, are these the best he has or two guys that simply survived 4 years of practices and say all the right things.

Got a kick out of FSU's orgiastic reaction to winning (parading the Gator head around?). C'mon guys, this UF team sucked! Don't think that film loop will be bulletin board material next year? Geez, act like you've been there...even if you haven't for a while.

The thing no one wants to talk about is Urban and his health conditions. Its the elephant in the room. I'm not bashing the guy by any means, but how can you do the job one way for 4 years and have success, then turn it down a notch and for a lack of a better term, not work as much at it and put the hours you used to in, and expect no drop off? He's got to give it 100% all the time, 24-7. Not just when he's there. I know it sounds harsh, but that's the way college football is today, especially in the sec. If he can't, it won't matter who the other coaches are.

Folks, this year's bad results on the field can be tied directly to the head coach -- Urban Meyer. He's never really come back after quitting, then changing his mind and staying on as coach. It's obvious that his heart isn't in it any more. He looks, speaks, acts and most importantly coaches like a man who's heart's not it anymore. Personally, I think he's done and should do the right thing, go with his prior instincts, and retire. Here is the most damning evidence: the players he's put on field. If Demps, Rainey, and Jenkins are the cream of the Gator crop, and nothing against them personally, they give 100% and are the team's best players on offense and defense, but they are not enough to carry a quality SEC team. I do not see true SEC-ready players anywhere on the rest of team either. The current team consists of players Meyer has recruited and failed to develop into quality SEC players. Recruiting is definitely important, but player development is a behind-the-scenes activity that is crucial to the long-term success of any major college football program, especially in the SEC. Player development includes both physical conditioning in the weight room and skill building on the practice field. Because of Meyer's failure in these basic coaching tasks, rebuilding will indeed be a long process for UF. Meyer needs to either regroup quickly by identifying and hiring some quality assistants that can help him recognize, recruit, and develop talented players, or he needs to step aside quickly, allowing UF to hire a coach willing to do the hard recruiting and coaching work and deal with the high stress of being a major college football coach. I'm not sure Meyer's heart can take coaching at such a high level anymore, either literally, or figuratively. As the man fully responsible for the Gator football program, I hope Urban Meyer takes a long, hard look in the mirror and makes the right decisions for himself, his players, and the fans. He gets paid far too much for anything less -- he should be in it to win it, or out.

that could very well be the ugly reality we have to face. meyer quitting then changing his mind and coming back reminds me too much of billy donovan's reversal. after back-to-back mens bb champions gator bb has never come close to being competitive. in both cases the quit-and-come-back decision seems to have serious damage to program continuity. just have to hope that the football program will not have to endure the drawn out failure of the bb program. on the other hand it could be that were so spoiled we dont know what to make of a rebuilding year. i mean, look at texas.

RE:Got a kick out of FSU's orgiastic reaction to winning (parading the Gator head around?). C'mon guys, this UF team sucked! Don't think that film loop will be bulletin board material next year? Geez, act like you've been there...even if you haven't for a while.

That's IT? Your team sucked and FSU shouldn't enjoy it? Yeah...make it palatable any way you can!

GO >>-//-SEMINOLES-//->> STATE CHAMPS 76 ~ 24!


I love rivalry games! lets see if Jimbo fisher can go 18-2 against FSU's rivals. He has a great start being 2-0 against in state rivals. face gators, the cream of the crop is choosing other schools too or not florida because of our offense. We landed Tebow because he was a gator fan

Just admit it GAtor fan, you all got lucky with teabag (a once in a lifetime athlete needed to run that gimmicky offense). Now its back to 8-4 (givin your soft OC schedule), 7-5 or even 6-6 every year.
& enjoy the blood letting thats coming (fire adazzzzio, urbin shouldve stayed retired, brantlys no good, smurfs for RB's, 5 star burn-outs (1 out of 5 work out), put reed in, put burton in, start driskel)..

Hiring Randy Shannon as D-Cord..great recruiter great as D cord..Charlie Strong part DUEX!!

The future is bleak for trailertrash University.

Hey, at least you can relax in Gainesville.....oh, wait..,,,


Very interesting. A great suggestion, but would he accept if offered?

Perhaps hire Whipple too? This thing started bad last year. Most games were unwatchable. I deleted all games I Tivo'd. Adazzio has got to go.

Randy Shannon is a loser and nowhere near Charlie Strong's level. I don't want him anywhere near Gainesville.

Do you actually think UF and Meyer are just going to "go away." I am a Nole fan and I am not stupid enough to believe that. Does everybody remember 2007 when the Gaytors lost 4 games and the bells of rejoice rang across the state of Florida only to have them come back and win an NC the next year? Second that, they sucked in 2005 also and then won an NC in 2006.

This Meyer guy (low life scum bag) has been rebuilding programs for years now. I saw a lot of Freshman playing for those Gaytors yesterday and this will be their 2007 Georgia Bulldogs loss.

Here is what I do know. Miami is out of the picture for the mean time. Florida..not so much.

The big difference with this Gator team is that they have all quit on Liar. The players that have kept their noses out of trouble are tired of seeing guys like Rainey being let back on the team and put right back on the field. They have lost respect for Liar, so no the Gators will not be coming back anytime soon

Only difference between now and 2007, and this is really splitting hairs, is that the '07 team was bringing back Tebow and Harvin. I know that the current team is loaded with talent like that so an '11 title should be a lock.

Open mouth, remove foot.

I still wouldn't trade the last 5 years for a better year than this one - the fact is Meyer can still recruit, has 2 titles under his belt, and will learn some hard lessons from this. He's been pretty loyal to Addazio, but this season puts things into perspective. The o-line was supposed to be the strength of this team and was a failure - that's on Addazio. Either way, he can't be OC and line coach - I agree with demoting him from OC. The defense had massive turnover, so I'll give Austin another year or two with these really talented young guys that just got a lot of experience.

The biggest Q after that is what to do with QB. Brantley had never looked so bad in mop up duty, then again it was against inferior talent. I didn't see the offensive tweaked to suit his style at all this year which makes me wonder why he came out and said he wouldn't transfer. I would - Reed, and maybe Driskel next year, are more suited to run Meyer's spread. I feel for Brantley - he waited behind Tebow, then kind of got thrown to the wolves this year with not much support. The WRs weren't that good either - Thompson was another bust as the go-to guy. Hopefully guys like Hammond, Hines, & Dunkley step it next year.

Just a thot....Check out Kerwin Bell for OC

That's about the dumbest headline I've ever read.
Thanks for saving me from reading the story. Jeez.

Dude, stop invitin me 2 the University club..

I see a new staff and a hands off Meyer has led to a loss of culture. Meyer will have to go back to hands on. If he was a bit more hands on, he may have had the gumption to play Reed at QB and we are looking at 9-3, with wins over Miss St and LSU. Brantly is 50% of the problem, and all the crazy gyrations we did to keep Brantly in is another 25%. The last 25% is the loss of culture. Some of that comes when you win. Winning breeds winning. Losing disheartens. Look at the Hurricanes. They had no business losing that game to USF.

Addazio has to go. If I'm a 5-star recruit on offense, why would I even consider Florida? So I can be a decoy on the dive play over and over again? Some teams are bad because they simply don't have the players. Florida has very talented players - it is the coaching that has not developed. Do you think Boise State and TCU have better athletes than UF? NO! It is because they are coached and the system put in on offense and defense takes advantage of their skill sets.

Just like the Miami Heat - they have the talent and the players, but the coach is in way over his head. Spo can't devise an offensive system to take advantage of the players (e.g., pick and roll with Lebron and Wade would be unstopable).

So if Addazio is still OC next year, get ready for more of the same...

FSU game was just a total bust all over, worst performance of a down year.

FSU should just enjoy this while they can, they have to play in the Swamp next year against a better team !

At least we beat south florida

At least we beat south florida

Posted by: HogtownGator | November 29, 2010 at 08:15 AM

You're going to hang your hat on that? Nice!


Hiring Randy Shannon as D-Cord..great recruiter great as D cord..Charlie Strong part DUEX!!

Posted by: UFGrad89 | November 28, 2010 at 08:04 AM

Randy is an excellent DC and knows how to recruit defensive players. It would be a good move for florida considering they are stacked on defense but not producing. I don't think Randy would work for Urban although stranger things have happened.

Gators fans - we may eventually be back on top, but it wont be under Meyer's offense. sure we will be decent if a good coord comes around, but defenses are getting smarter and without geniuses like Mullen tweaking the offense, we wil be staring down the barrel of a 8-4 season again, maybe 9-3. there only comes a percy harvin and tebow once every 50yrs. players who can turn the tide of a game in one play. remember how many busted plays tebow and harvin turned into gold?

Like rats out of a burning trailerpark:

According to a report, Florida defensive line coach Dan McCarney will be named as the new head coach at North Texas early this week. UF coach Urban Meyer said after Saturday night's 31-7 loss at Florida State he was unaware of McCarney's possible departure. A Texas paper, however, reported Sunday that a contract is being finalized. McCarney joined the Gators' staff in 2008 after spending a season at South Florida.

LOOOSSSER & the talk of losers.
Face it you all got lucky with teabag, the ten years B4 teabag you all had 36 losses which figures out 2 b almost 4 losses a year.
Charleston southern wants a rematch..

Wow, Meyer is losing it and will be gone again, this time for good. Sucks to be a member of trailertrash Nation.

It’s one thing to be a loser, but it’s another thing to be a poor loser. And Meyer showed a lack of leadership and a disregard for UF fans by blowing off the postgame radio interview. It seems like the message he is sending to his team is this: ”It’s OK to duck your duties when you lose.”

UF will be back and drastic changes will be neeeded to make it happen. Urban needs to let Jordan Reid, (next best thing to Tebow/Newton) run the offense next year and have someone other than aDUHzio call plays.

The biggest question going forward is with UM. Clearly, this is not the same man that we have seen prior to the life-altering emergency after last years SECCG. Whatever happened to him we probably will never know, but it is apparent that he has ceded control of the team to his assistants. The results of that experiment are well documented.
Of all the problems, here we have a team - in Game # 12 - that can't even line up correctly. They still have trouble with the snap, and the assignments are still being missed. Basics.
There's plenty of blame for the OC, DC, and field leadership (lack thereof), but the ultimate problem remains UM. Coach Meyer has earned enough slack to warrant another go at it if he's able. Let's hope he recovers.

All we can hope for is that Jeremy Foley grows a pair and overhauls the coaching staff starting with Meyer. I think most of us Bull Gators have grown tired of his theatrics and he only won because he had Zook's players and excellent assistant coaches. www.firecoachmeyer.com

The exception is UF beating FSU -- check the records when both are ranked and you'll see the Noles have the decided edge. The Gators won in recent years because of the recruiting edge created by Bowden's uncertainty. The Noles are back on track and become the top program in the state.

Let's see UF finds time to play Miami of Ohio, but is afraid of scheduling the Canes on an annual basis for fear of getting their tails handed to them. [Check it, UF dropped Miami after the 1987 game]. Meanwhile, FSU goes to Oklahoma the same weekend the Canes are in Columbus facing Ohio State. Who are the Gator's non-conference opponents from out of state? Appalachian State and Miami of Ohio. What a bunch of cowards.

You're back where you belong, Gator fans...you pathetic and miserable losers.

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