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Newton wasn't necessarily facing expulsion from UF over cheating allegations

Cam newton Cam Newton has blown by plenty of defenders this season at Auburn, but now he has to outrun a bunch of off-field allegations.

Less than a week after reports surfaced that a man solicited money from Mississippi State to ensure Newton would transfer there, FOXSports.com dropped a report that Newton was popped three times for academic cheating while at Florida.

UF had no comment on the situation, citing federal laws protecting student privacy, and Urban Meyer had this to say about rumors that he was the anonymous source in the FOX story:

“Our entire focus right now is on preparing for our biggest game of the year against South Carolina,” Meyer said in a statement. “For anyone to think that I or anyone on our staff may have leaked information about private student records to the media doesn't know us very well. It's a ridiculous claim and simply not true.”

But really, who cares if it was Meyer? I only care whether these allegations are true. Even if Meyer was the source and did it because he's angry Newton left, that's fine as long as it's true.

Assuming it is, that means Newton got caught cheating as a freshman and then, after his run-in (and throw-out) with police in November 2008 over a stolen laptop, he got in trouble two more times because of a paper. First, he allegedly put his name on another student's paper and turned it in, and after he was given a second chance, he turned in a paper he bought on the Internet.

I'm impressed by the idea of just putting your name on someone else's paper. I've turned in hundreds of papers in my academic career and never fallen prey to that, and I can't even fathom how that's done. Maybe one day Cam will explain.

Anyway, after these two incidents, Newton was supposedly due to appear before a student conduct committee but left rather than face consequences. Still, it's no sure thing he would have been expelled. UF spokeswoman Janine Sikes said UF expels between one and two students a year and suspends about 10, but both numbers are skewed by students leaving before the hammer drops.

“There are no automatic consequences at the University of Florida,” Sikes said. “It depends on the totality of the issues. Each one is a case-by-case basis, and they really mean that. There is no single ‘If you do this, this is what happens.’”

I don't really care whether Newton cheated at Florida, but it does put a big dent in the redemption tour he's currently on, especially in conjunction with the money allegations. It also vindicates Meyer a bit in my mind. I felt he was to blame for Newton leaving because he failed to recognize the talent he had in front of him, but these allegations make it look more like Newton did it to himself.

And it'll be very interesting to see what impact this has on the Heisman Trophy race. Newton now faces the issue of voters passing him over out of fear that his Heisman could be vacated in the future, which is not how the award should be determined.

Oh, and the FBI is in on the act now.

Finally, here's a look at Mark Schlabach's welcome at Auburn last weekend. Schlabach has done a lot of reporting on the story for ESPN.com.

What do you think of all this? Do you believe Meyer? Do you think he'd drop a distraction like this in the biggest week of the season? And how much does this tarnish Newton in your mind?


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Will someone pleassssse fire Randy Shannon?

what the hell... let me show up to your work place and call fire your boss to fire

UFelony has no consequences for Felony behavior, what a shocker! What a complete joke your team, coach and diploma mill UFelony is. Dont worry about taking responsibility for your players just keep winning 6 - 8 games yearly that is good enough for UF.

ufelony, your comments are getting old, you have no imagination with your regurgitated lines and irrelevant stinch. go back to cocaineville and figure out your own remedies to solve miami's woes. during those years miami was on top, lets count how many arrests and felonies your thug filled team amassed. you have no life and are a worthless piece of trash that sucks up tax payers dollars. its truly unfortunate that stupidity isnt illegal, if it were, you'd have more than 30 felonies by your lonesome self. get a life and get off our blog.

Who cares ...lets beat South Carolina!
But if we don't...great for Spurrier!
Plus, we could care less about cane fans.....

This Urban/Cam stuff is bull. If he didn't want him in the SEC he would "leaked" the academic info when Cam was at Blinn OR he could've stipulated he go to a non-SEC school when he let him out of his scholly. The latter happens all the time. Urban put no restrictions on his release.

I agree with Doobie. Ignore the canes dummies. They've got nothing to cheer for...so they want to drop a poop in our punch bowl.

A quote by mikey-mike 'i dont care if urban ratted him out or not', (Do u know its a federal offense)?
Typical of a GAtor, we dont care if u cheat on tests, have stolen lap-tops, shoot off machine guns, fail drug tests, tasered, resist arrest, drunk drivin, restrainin orders, threaten women, underage drinkin.

UF is leading the "Cam Newton" rumor mill charge! How Fing pathetic!!

UF is so afraid to meet Cam on the field that they are trying to have him suspended before they could meet in the SECCG!

The SEC is hands down the dirtiest, win at all costs bunch of scumbags in the country!


Posted by: Teddy Bridgewater, LSU Bound | November 08, 2010 at 07:34 PM

The money is great there! We wish him the best!

Just another story in the long line of garbage that is the SEC. Do you gatard trash wonder why your diploma has no value.

Huge publix diploma mills failing their students only the parents and students are too stupid to care.

"Johnny can't read or write, has no informed view of the world, but man our football team be good."

Posted by: Dive Play | November 09, 2010 at 11:35 PM


Howard NEVER had 30 arrests.

Jimmy NEVER had 30 arrests.

Dennis NEVER had 30 arrests.

Butch NEVER had 30 arrests.

Cocker NEVER had 30 arrests.

Shannon NEVER had 30 arrests.

Add up the arrests under all 6 coaches and you would have a hard time reaching 30. I actually hope the gators can beat Carolina and win the east (doubtful). That way another gator QB that transfered from uf can come back with his new team and drill them.

OK, he gets caught cheating as a freshman and there is no sanction. He gets caught with a stolen laptop that he throws out the window when the cops are at the door and there is no real sanction (deferred prosecution and the felony gets dropped - oh yeah, he also made a false statement to the cops - that he "bought" the computer, which is another crime.) He gets caught stealing another student's paper and putting his name on it and there is no sanction. Then he is given another chance and buys a paper off the internet and puts his name on it and there is no sanction. AND YOU - MIKE "DO NOT CARE" Obviously the academic integrity of UF is of no concern to you. The reputation and respect for the academic degrees granted by UF is diminished by this sort of thing, yet you do not care. It might be better if the athletic department were to become independent of UF and represent themselves as the semi-pro team that they are.

Gatard trash, don't think this doesn't impact your crappy worthless diplomas. The public university system in this state is horrible. 50 of 50 states in funding.

Your school is a joke and your graduates leave just as illiterate as when they first enrolled.

"Close to 600 students in a senior-level business course at University of Central Florida must retake a mid-term exam after a professor was tipped off to cheating.

Students who admit to cheating will be given the chance to complete the course if they attend an ethics seminar, Professor Richard Quinn told students.

Those who don't step forward will be found out anyway, Quinn promised during an emotional lecture."

Thank you Cane losers, for taking a brief moment from your busy, successful lives, to trash talk Gator Nation. Now you can get back to your own blogs, where you can call for Shannon's firing, wipe your behinds with Jacory Harris, and fawn over Stephen Morris after his Heisman inspiring performance in the 4th quarter against mighty Virginia, and his impressive victory over the Fighting Terrapins of Maryland.
If UF is so crappy, why spend day and night on our blogs? Do you spend day and night on FIU blogs? Exactly.
How many fans did you guys have at that Maryland game? 30,000 or 55,000? Even the people that attended were saying it couldn't have been more than 30,000. Cane Nation = it doesn't even exist! Just a few Gator haters stuck in their mommy's basement watching "The U" documentary over and over again, right in front of their framed diploma from MDCC.

Uh, cane dummies, where have you been for the last couple weeks? Been pretty quiet here. Funny how it is the same 2 maybe 3 idiots that swarm to our blog. What's the matter, your joke of a school doesn't want to fire Shannon so you think your voice will be heard here?

BTW, I think it is hilarious that you bash UF as a diploma mill. Your jealous not only of our football program but also in the fact that you didn’t get accepted here. Then to add insult to injury, you can’t afford the University of New Jersey in Coral Gables and now your pissed that you had to enroll in Keiser College.

In addition, even if you did afford the overpriced cost of admission, your diploma is worthless anywhere other than the Banana Republic.

Anyone ever thought that the student that Cam ripped the paper off leaked the info? Some how, I think tricky Nick has his hand in this...

If Cam left because Tebow was coming back in 2009 it would make sense that his departure would come on the heels of TT's announcement. Tim's announcement however, happened in January of 2009 and Cam was fully checked out of the University when the fall 2008 semester ended.

It's obvious that Cam saw the writing on the wall and got the heck out of dodge before he had to answer for his actions.

Cam Newton -- GOOD RIDDANCE. He's Auburn's problem now!

Waandy graduates players. He aint not worries about the football record or attendance. It can't not concern him because Donna ain't not worried too much about it.

"It Aint Not about you, It;s about duh U"

4 christ's sakes all u need 2 get in2 florida is a florida drivers license & a GED..

30 & countin, ANYTHING 2 win GAtors

You are an idiot. Try it.


Rico Douche, you spend time on Cane blogs? You are more of a loser than even your name implies.

50 of 50 states in spending on education. Public education in Florida is a joke. Ever wonder why any of the Gatard trash can't get a job out of state?

Your diploma is worthless. You don't really mind, because, even though you can't read, write and don't have an informed opinion of the world you live in, 'dem Gatards sure are a good football team. We fill our stadium.

That will serve you well the next 50 years of your lives, dumb 'necks.


re: Fast Forward

You dumb cane cluck, stick to washing cars.

UF Diplomas worthless, huh - #9. Same list as MIT, Cornell, and UNC.


4 DEANo, what a meth head, u send me evidence supportin my case. It says a freshmen must have a GED & carry a 'C' average. Not real hard 2 carry a 'C' average in high school except 4 future GAtors..
& sorry probably wrong on u must have a drivers license b/c torrey davis didnt need 1 2 get in..

Posted by: 30 & countin, ANYTHING 2 win GAtors.

Step away from the deep fryer and think about this. Do you think someone with a "GED & carry a 'C' average" can really just send in an application and get accepted? Are you that dumb?

Of course, the article does not distinguish who is doing the recruiting. While NASA and Sun Microsystems recruit, for instance, Ga Tech, UFelony gets recruited by Pizza Hut, Yellow Cab and McDonalds.

The world needs its burger-servers too, and for that, you recruit at UFelony.

The diploma is garbage. 50 out of 50 states.

That's not me talking, Gatard trash, those are the facts.

I hate playing the Devil's advocate here, but a degree from UF is as good as any other degree you can get in the state. The education angle always cracks me up because half the kids on any of these D-1 teams could never qualify for college unless they were playing sports.

Now back to our regularly scheduled camp fire.

Cam Newton -- GOOD RIDDANCE. He's Auburn's problem now!

Posted by: Doogie Houser | November 10, 2010 at 11:23 AM

Not if UF "fudged" his record to allow him to play/ride the pine.

Wouldn't that be hilarious if "Deepthroat" released info that will eventually get UF in serious legal and ncaa trouble?? Classic!! You would have been better off just taking the beatdown in December!!!!!!

But don't worry, the FBI has the file now!

We aren't talking about kids in the team. It is the value of a diploma from a state school where that state is dead last, 50 of 50, in education spending, where professors are fired and courses cut all sacrificed atthe altar if athletics.

Saying that the value of a diploma from UFelonybis as good as from any oter school in the state is the "tallest midget" argument.

You are piss poor, and can't read, Gatard trash.

"as good as from any oter school"....

Really, stupid?

Trying to ruin the future Heisman Winner and possible National Champion Auburn Tigers is diplorable, that means wrong for your UF grads.
To bad UFelony will get stomped this weekend and by FSU so they wont have to worry about the SEC CG. Its a good thing because the Tigers would put up 100 on their stupid arssses

damn so many haters dont they have better things to do.

Don't cry 4 me Randy

See you Canes @ 2013

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