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Gators hire Will Muschamp. Cool, now about that offense...

Will-muschamp-mugjpg-ff17c8652806d721 "Florida coach Will Muschamp." It sounds weird because it's not Urban Meyer, but this is a good hire for the Gators.

Rumors started swirling tonight that Muschamp would be the next coach at UF, especially after Trey Burton tweeted "Welcome to the Gator nation coach!!" and then promptly deleted it. UF confirmed the news on its website, with athletics director Jeremy Foley saying Muschamp was the only candidate he interviewed.

Muschamp comes to Gainesville from Texas, where he's been defensive coordinator since 2008 (he held the same position at Auburn in 2006 and 2007). The Longhorns like him enough that they named him Mack Brown's successor, but the 39-year-old won't be sticking around long enough in Austin for that to happen.

It's a homecoming of sorts for Muschamp, who spent part of his childhood living in Gainesville before returning to Georgia, his birthplace. He's an SEC guy, a good recruiter and a solid defensive coach, which is all great, but that still leaves that giant elephant in the room: the offense.

Muschamp will be introduced at UF on Tuesday, and all the talk will likely be centered around whom he'll choose as his offensive coordinator if he hasn't announced one by then. For all the Steve Addazio haters (read: everyone reading this), this is good news. Muschamp's hire probably means a shake-up on the staff.

Muschamp isn't an offensive mind and most Gators fans are offensive-minded, so all eyes will be on what happens next. If you're Muschamp, which current assistants do you keep? I'd hang on to Chuck Heater for sure and maybe Teryl Austin, but beyond that, I'd probably clean house.

How do you feel about this hire?



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Good- SEC experience, good recruiter,
Bad- head coaching experience, Def coach.
I wanted Mullen back.. A little disappointed. I have a feeling Addazio stays

WOW what a terrible hire . The Gator nation could have done much much much better than this guy . This is a joke right!!!!!

Ok I get it he wan't be going to a bowl game so he can start right away . Nice job Jeremy.

Mike, Jeremy Foley and Urban Meyer hired this guy. They know what they're doing. I like this hire for several reasons: 1) if he's the "head-coach-in-waiting" at Texas, he must know his stuff. Texas is as elite as Florida, so that's two elite programs that want him as head coach 2) he has Gainesville connections so it's his "homecoming" 3) he will probably bring in Texas recruits, and Texas is as loaded with talent as the state of Florida 4) he's young and never been a head coach before, which means he's hungry to prove himself and earn titles and will probably be a Gator for a long time, providing he has success. Defense wins games and our defense was pretty bad. Now all he has to do is get a good offensive coordinator and we're good to go! Go Gators!

Your dreaming Rico , Texas defense was rotten thats why he is leaving there he knows he will never get that Texas job . Im here in Gainesville and have coached kids on both sides of the ball for the last nine years I might be more qaulified than him !!!!!

The guy won a national title at LSU, was 4-1 as D-coordinator against the Gators. He's one of the top recruiters in the country who brings his Texas connections to Florida. As long as he hires a great offensive coordinator, this will be a great hire!!

Hey dirtycane, it's kind've funny that the 1st person they offered the job to accepted! Who's the Canes head coach again??? Oh yeah, that's right, no one wants the job!! Don't worry, you'll get your Canadian football league coach lol, he seems to be the only one willing to accept the job! Rebuilding an empire??? That's hilarious!! It's a little hard to build an empire, when no one wants to lead!!

Great hire. Guy will dominate and bring intensity, passion, and toughness back.

He knows the south, Florida and Texas for recruiting as well.

Our d will be ridiculous especially with our touted freshman class. Now on to find the right oc.

Gators are right back to dominating.

So much for great facilities, filled stadiums, etc. etc. Sounds like a mediocre hire at best.

Wow, if Muschamp doesnt settle the score w ignorant non-alumni Canes fans, I dunno what will? Maybe a repeat of the Gator Flop


I don't understand this???

Didn't TX suc this year??? Not only did they suc this year they suced last year! Didn't bama score like 40 points on them in the bowl game?

We needed a O minded coach with HC ex! Not a D cord that hasn't done crap in 4 years!

Did I just read this?

Who the heck is this guy, he has never been a HC before in his life. Who cares if he came from TX, they haven't dont crap since hes been there.

I just don't understand this hire!

WTF! We hire a good d-coordinator & then let him learn on the job. Sounds suspiciously like what the canes just did & went through.
WTF!! We couldnt find a coach with head coachin experience.
WTF!!! We couldnt find a coach with at least some gator ties (dan mullen, charlie strong, gene chizik, kerwin bell, etc. etc.)

Who wants to coach the canes? Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?

Foley must be on drugs .. horrible choice and bringing in a Bulldog grad is an insult to all Florida alums...gator football just took a giant leap backwards.

I like this. He's young and could potentially be here a long time. Muschamp's defenses have been ranked in the top almost every year he's been a D-coordinator. Like us, this year was a rebuild for Texas, but look at the last 2 years and how dominant they were and how many top 4 round draft picks they had. Very similar situation to Florida in that they lost a ton of players. Muschamp's defenses were completely dominant when he was at Auburn and LSU (under Saban). The guy has the pedigree and has learned under some of the best coaches in the country. He's also a stud recruiter and likely won't lose any of our top defensive prospect, those wanting to stay before Meyer resigned anyways.

I didn't think Muschamp would leave Texas and he wouldn't for other HC positions in the past, so this tells you the pull of Florida. I'm curious to see what he does for his OC & the Florida offense. Personally, I'd like to see a more pro-style offense rather than the spread-option (I hate the option!)

What a joke! You hire a D Coord. who's defence was one of the worst last year? I thought you could have the pick of any coach, Stoops, Petersen, Gruden and you hire this guy?
The NCAA Sanctions are definitely coming and this hiring proves it, he will cut his teeth coaching the probation gaytors for 4 years and then jumpt back to Texas. BAWAHHHHH

I lilke the hire, it is quite fair to assume that Texas would have been better next year, the cost of extracting him a little higher, AND the UGa fanbase is done with Richt, there is a decent chance he would have been out at the end of next year.

It may seem, at the moment, like foley merely grabbed for the nicest looking and lowest hanging fruit on the tree, but i think its a very good pick.

Risky (Meyer had proven himself at 2 prior schools more than capable of being a HC) but not the desperate move that hiring (unfairly maligned) Zook was.

Applewhite as OC seems a bit reachy to me, he had one stint as OC at Bama and it did not work out well. But, maybe he's gotten better. there is also talk of Holgerson coming with WM as well.

Welcome coach, we look forward to your work at UF.

I find it funny that anyone actually could believe people would hate the Gators more over the timing of their HC announcement.

For Gator fans, the news, good or bad, was exciting, and that's who the announcement was for! Not the rest of the nation.

Personally, I'm happy a former Gator won the Heisman. He deserved it. But I don't think his moment was overlooked my the Gator announcement.

I missed the award ceremony. Tell me, after the announcement, did any of the reporters ask, "So tell me Cam, what do you think about the Gator's head coach decision and what do you think it will mean for the future of the Gators?

What a joke! You hire a D Coord. who's defence was one of the worst last year?


Texas D was ranked #7 in the country, ace. oh, and their recruiting class is currently #1...mostly due to Muschamp

Muschamp is an incredible hire. He was going to be a head coach at Texas and if not at another top program. The fact that we got him is incredible.

Muschamp is also 2 and 0 in the swamp against Meyer. He made mullein look like a fool.

Guys d was number 7 overall this year with a horrible offense.

In 5 years in the sec his d has always been in the top 10.

He will bring the fire and intensity back that we once had under Meyer. He will bring the swagger back. He will turn our freshman 5 star freaks into monsters.

He will be chest bumping gator players right on that hurricane ffield in a couple of years. It should be magical.

Young hungry motivated coach that can actually coach unlike zook who never proved anything before becoming a head coach.

Not to mention we I'll dominate recruiting.

Muschamp much greater than trestman some old man who is coaching in freaking Canada. What a joke.

...anyone? canes coach? anyone? buehler?

I hear there are some coaches left over from the XFL that might be interested!

I think gin torreta is available. I'll ask him when he comes to my house and collects my trash in the morning.

kerwin bell for offensive coordinator!!!!!!!'

Texas D was ranked #7 in the country, ace. oh, and their recruiting class is currently #1...mostly due to Muschamp

Ufelony ranked 9th in defense how did that work out for you this season. 7 - 5, Texas even worse. Statistics are misleading, in game adjustments are what matters and Texas D could not get it done. Big stretch hiring an offensive coord.

A Muschamp by any other name is Zook.

Yikes. We finish middle of the pack for the forseeable future. FSU will own us for years.

wasnt texas a hurt colt mccoy away from a title in 09, and one bad year and all of a sudden he sucks. to compare him to zook is pure ignorance, this guy has been on the up and up since 02 at LSU. I love jealous fans. gators will be back to dominance in no time

Dunno, Swift. If you think McCoy could have stopped that juggernaut Bama O then maybe.

Kirby Smart would be great if we really got him!

A Muschamp by any other name is Zook.

Yikes. We finish middle of the pack for the forseeable future. FSU will own us for years.

Posted by: Disgruntled | December 12, 2010 at 07:45 PM

Now that was funny!

This will end badly. 3 years and we will have to start over. I get the feeling that this is going to be Zooker or even Shannon part II.

Win or lose texas has been a model of consistencay since since mack brown arrived. I think that speaks volumes that they wanted him as their coach. a big 12 title and a bcs title game cahnce is a pretty good year i think. The only way this does not work is if he does not bring in a really good o coordinator, then we are in trouble. If u actually watched the game instead of just looking at the score board, you would agree texas was one bad shovel pass from competing with a back up.

Swift, I last year I moved from FL to TX for work. The Gayturd media can keep pumping up that this guy was the coach in waiting for Mack Brown, but word I hear from Austin is he was on the way out the door for the horrible defensive showing at UT this year. The kids gave up on him sorta like Meyer gave up on UF.
No wonder Foley likes him!!!!!!

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