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Gators take aim at Weis for OC job

Charlie-weis-gun-450sm Gainesville-area restaurateurs are popping open some wine bottles in celebration tonight. No, not for New Year's, but because Charlie Weis is rumored to be Florida's next offensive coordinator.

OK, cheap shot. But I'm just preparing you. Get ready for a lot of fat jokes from your friends.

First off, let's wait and see if this actually happens. Remember how Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart was a "done deal" to take the same job with the Gators? Yea, well he said this week he never even talked to Will Muschamp about it. Then there was that whole Major Applewhite thing.

The bottom line is that we'll all know for sure in a few days. Muschamp and athletics director Jeremy Foley both said they'd wait until after the bowl game to announce new hires. After all, Muschamp technically isn't even coach yet. Until then, it's all "sources" and "hearing," and I'm not a big fan of all that.

But this does make sense, and Weis would be a great, high-profile hire, which goes a long way in a game where recruiting is everything. Muschamp said at his introductory press conference that he wanted a pro-style OC with experience in college and the NFL. Check. Weis coached Notre Dame (because Urban Meyer snubbed them) and is now with the Kansas City Chiefs, who are 10-5, playoff-bound and rank ninth in total offense and 11th in scoring.

If Weis does accept (if he's even been offered), he'll be pretty far behind in the recruiting game this year. He'd have to wait until after the Chiefs' season ends to get going.

No matter who Muschamp brings in, it's going to take a lot of work to revive this outfit. What do you think of Weis as offensive coordinator? It's a huge name, and I'd think that would sway John Brantley to stick around (which you may or may not want to hear).

Are you pumped about this or holding out for someone better?



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Mike, buddy. You really need to stop with the negative cast on everything. I'm not saying you have to be an unapologetic homer with every blog post but, seriously. Maybe you heard someplace that if you're not controversial, nobody will read your stuff. Or perhaps you feel as if you have to be negative because you're righting for the Miami Hurricanes' in house newsletter, The Herald. But whatever the reason, maybe a little more information and a little less snide?

Bring Jo goodman back - not paying for this App next year - much better last year.

Weiss would be a home run hire!

Mike, awesome post man. You opened with a bang and kept your foot on the gas. I laughed so hard that almost spit out my fried possum. (that's for U trolls)

I have a tough time wrapping my brain aroun Weis mostly because I spent so many years belittling him by default because of his Notre Dame employment. Because let's be honest, the only more delusional fan base in the country than ND resides south of here. That NBC contract makes it sooo easy to hate them too.

But I digress. Weis does have serious football pedigree. There is no reason to believe that he can't have a big recruiting impact, especially with the kids that want to play on Sunday. And aside from happy restaurateurs (you typo'd Mikey), fat guy costumes sales will explode in Gainesville as well. It's all good.

All kidding aside, Weis has a handful of Superbowl rings. I'll take him.

Interestingly, his Wiki page already says he is expected to be the Gator OC.

Good catch on the typo! I fixed it so no one else will know unless they read this.


I agree with Crumudgeon...ease up.

Yea he did great at ND recruiting and his offense was awesome - NOT. Big names dont equal great coaches. This is a plus for Bama and Auburn. Bottom of the SEC again gators.

"Miami Hurricanes' in house newsletter, The Herald"

No, no no. Miami Hurricanes' in house newsletter, the MIAMI Herald.

This is MIAMI's newspaper and it follows primarily MIAMI sports, with some coverage of other Florida teams that might be of interest to people in MIAMI.

If you don't like the Miami Herald following Miami sports, then start reading the Gainesville Herald instead.

Silly Cane fans, comparing head coaching ability to coordinator abilities! 3 Super Bowl rings speak for themselves. To think any high school player won't want to be coached by this guy, is delusional.

He is a great OC and he will do great things for the gator offense

Yea this blogger is a wise ass. It's ok for some things, but it's already old


What do you think JB will do if CW does come to UF? How can you justify transferring out to a more pro style offense if CW is coming in? And will JB preform better is it better for UF that he does stay around another year? Or is it time for JB and UF to move on?

3 Super Bowl rings speak for themselves. To think any high school player won't want to be coached by this guy, is delusional.

Yea those 3 SB rings helped at ND right? He is a terrible recruiter and worse college OC, he called his plays at ND, no winning seasons. He is also one Gaynesville slop burger away from the big one!

If Brantley is really just waiting to base his decision on the new OC, I'd think it doesn't get much better for him than Weis. But at the same time, I don't think it matters too much. Yesterday sealed my opinion that Brantley just isn't very good, and I don't think the Gators are going to go very far with him at quarterback, no matter who's calling the plays.

Being a head coach and making ALL the decisions, is a A LOT different than strictly focusing on the offense and calling the plays. If you knew anything about football, you'd know that! By the way, he's just another part of the recruiting equation not the sole recruiter. The guy took over the offense of a sorry Kansas City team, and won the division and is going to the playoffs! Wake up from your Al Golden is God comma!!

Weis was OC for a KC team in one of the weakest divisions in football, enough said.

The same division they played in last year and sucked! 3 Super Bowl rings coordinating one of the best teams ever! nuff said!!

Losing records at ND and horrendous play calling for ND, enough said.

You should change your name to UFunny, because all your comments are quite hilarious, and show how little you actually know. Yeah, Weis is an awful hire, who cane fans would hate to have, and Al Golden is the best coach in college football, right?? LOL!

Ufelony is an idiot anyhow. Weiss had a WINNING record when he left ND and his offense was always ranked near the top of the NCAA. But go Tenple!! I mean UM

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