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Highlights from Muschamp's debut

Muschamp I'm about to hop on a plane for a week snowboarding in Utah, so sorry if this isn't my usual, well-thought-out, impeccably written post that provokes all the thoughtful discourse in the comments section that we know and love.

Anyway, Will Muschamp had his first press conference as Florida's coach Tuesday. Here are the highlights:

1. Offensive Coordinator

Muschamp said he doesn't plan to hire assistants until after the bowl game, and most likely in response to all those Kirby Smart rumors from Monday, he offered this:

"I have zero timetable on hiring a staff," Muschamp said. "It's not about doing the easiest thing, it's not about doing the quickest thing, it's about making the best decision, and that's what we need to do for the University of Florida right now.

"There has been no one offered a job in the country right now by the University of Florida to work on our football staff, regardless of what you read. There's one source in this football program, and that's me, and there's one guy hiring coaches and that's me. So nobody has been offered a job, and let me make sure everybody understands that before we walk out of here tonight."

Now, as to your biggest fear, it probably won't be Steve Addazio who gets the OC gig. When you're back from your naked victory lap around the block (and done thawing yourself), meet me at the next paragraph.

Muschamp said he plans to run a "pro-style attack" on offense and defense, and he prefers an OC with experience both in college and the NFL. It's too early to speculate on what will happen, but no matter whom he hires, the new coach will have to alter his scheme to fit the players who are there.

2. Brantley's future uncertain

The biggest question remains: Who will be Muschamp's first quarterback? Rumors have been flying that John Brantley wants to transfer after the season, and he did little to dispel that Tuesday. He said he'll talk to his family and make a decision, and it sounded like he was waiting to see who gets hired as the coordinator.

Now, losing Brantley isn't a huge deal based on his play this season, but who knows if he'd be better in a different system? And a lot will also depend on Jeff Driskel, who's due to enroll at UF in the spring.

3. Muschamp is waaaaay different from Urban Meyer in terms of personality

I can't express how bizarre it was to see someone other than Meyer at the lectern today, and Muschamp really owned it. He's a very polished public speaker, and he went for 40 minutes including a 20-minute opening statement.

That long-winded debut was a big departure from Meyer's style, and he has the southern accent and demeanor to match an SEC coach. He cracked me up when he told a story about his mom wanting "to get her picture made" with Cris Collinsworth back in the day. Good ol' southern boy.

With that said, Jeremy Foley talked about the similarities he sees between Muschamp, Meyer, Billy Donovan and Kevin O'Sullivan. Foley saw each of those guys as "perfict fits" at Florida, and that's why he was so quick to hire Muschamp.

“Everybody was expecting him to be the next head coach at Texas, so I don’t think it’s a gamble,” Foley said. “I think he’ll fit here. He reminds me a lot of Billy, he reminds me a lot of Sully, and he reminds me a lot of Urban. Time will tell, and at the end of the day, he has to win some football games.”

4. Muschamp wants Meyer around the program

Before he accepted the job, Muschamp said he felt like he needed to talk to Meyer. He did, and since meeting him, he wants Urban to stick around once the bowl game is done.

"The more I’ve talked to him, the more I like him," Muschamp said. "I can tell you this right now, as long as Will Muschamp is the head coach at the University of Florida, Urban Meyer is going to be involved in this program.

“He’ll be a great sounding board for me, and he needs to be involved in this program for our players because he’s the one who recruited them all.”

Oh yea, Muschamp uses third-person too.

5. This transition won't be easy for the Gators

A few players were brought in after the press conference, and it's clear they still aren't quite over the shock of losing Meyer. He's still their coach til the Outback Bowl (Muschamp will be observing), but the thought of life after hasn't really sunk in yet.

“I had to look at the screen a couple of times, like, ‘Am I seeing things?’” defensive tackle Jaye Howard said of observing the press conference.

“I kind of had a gut feeling this whole year that it was possible (for Meyer to retire)” Howard added. “He wasn’t the same coach. He used to be yelling at everybody and all that. I took it hard because I love coach Meyer to death, but I know he had to make the best decision for his family.”

Muschamp had his first meeting with the team today, and Frankie Hammond made it sound like it was a little awkward at first, as you'd expect.

“A lot of us were pretty standoffish, but he got us going and let us know that he was the head coach nothing was pretty much going to change,” Hammond said.

6. Two quick stories

You probably heard about this by now, but Muschamp and FSU coach Jimbo Fisher co-own a beach house together from their days coaching at LSU: “We haven’t negotiated what will happen with that yet.”

And when Muschamp was trying to find a place to play college ball (he was a promising HS safety before a leg injury), he arranged a meeting with Steve Spurrier to discuss a walk-on spot at Florida. Spurrier was a no-show: “He was 2-under at the turn,” Muschamp joked.


So what'd you think of Muschamp's debut? Did you catch a glimpse of me in my fly purple shirt on TV? Feel like testing my vigilance as a comment-deleter? I'M WATCHING YOU.


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U all saw what hirin a good D-coordinator with no head coachin experience did 2 the CANES & how that worked out.
& u all saw what happened when Michigan hired a coach who runs the spread & Michigan had pro-style personnel (a mediocre 3 years, so far) & U have the personnel 2 run a spread offense & u hire a pro-style coach (so probably a 2-3 year adjustment period, at least).
So good luck with keepin driskel (if mustcamp even wants him anymore) & the others (smurf RB's & WR's & quick pullin linemen) who were lookin 4 a spread offense 2 play in..

....I smell Gator envy...

Hey Gatars, well now ....The odds just got even
the canes finally have a head coach and you guys replaced Urbie the clown with an un-proven DC

we should see, time will tell, but Al Golden will prove to be a home run hire, you guys will struggle ....

I don't know about Muschamp being a "polished" public speaker, but he certainly is not afraid to talk in front of a crowd (too many "OKs" at the end of sentences).

I think he said all the right things -- especially in keeping the assistant coaching situation under wraps until after the bowl and about offering Meyer the option to stay involved in the program. No bridges burned.

Muscrap a polished speaker? Compared to whom, George Bush? How many public speakers have you watched in your life, Mike? His speaking was choppy and he made too much use of notes

Be a little more analytical and less of a cheerleader.

How many mullets were at the press conference? Was he issued Jorts?

We hired Texas' head coach in waiting, a guy that has dominated in the SEC and coached under Nick Saban.

Canes hire some random dude that celebrates 4 loss seasons. Freakin TEMPLE's head coach. Did you read that? TEMPLE! Ohhh but he has turned them around into a 4 loss team. WHOOOOPIE!!!!! You just hired Temple's head coach and a coach that celebrates 4 loss seasons.

WOW! How the mighty have fallen, HARD!!!

Gator fan here, and Dolphin Fan... I wish hell on Nick Saban, and my new coach, is a minnie me of Saban. Talking in 3rd person, referring to himself as himself, ending sentences with "OK"... It's like watching Nick the Turd Sadan talking. If he wants to bring the pro stlye defense to Florida, I say great. He will learn quickly you need a spread offense to win in the SEC. Alabama was ridiculous on paper with pro-style talent this year. How did that turn out. Notice the SEC Championship, spread offense South Carolina against spread offense Auburn.

Mike, Coach Muschamp was VERY IMPRESSIVE in his speech. I saw it on Sun Sports. This guy is a PERFECT FIT for UF, and he came off as very confident, EXPERIENCED, sincere, passionate, and very down-to-earth. I love the Southern accent and the passion. This guy oozes enthusiasm and aggression and will have the Gators dominating college football.
That being said, I'm sick of this blog because of all the moronic Canes that troll here. It's beyond reason that they're talking trash about us. We hire an impressive coach, and they hire # 20 on their list of candidates, a huge gamble and long-shot, a guy that's seems in over his head, and yet they have the gall to come here and trash talk. These guys are undeserving of a response. Al Golden seems like a nice guy and a hard worker. He might a great speech the other night. I'm not going to hate on him, but if I were a Cane, I'd be dissapointed. Why fire Shannon to hire a complete unknown from an MAC school? I'd also be cautiously optimistic (emphasis on cautiously), not talking trash, when we steal Texas's head coach in waiting. You Canes never learn. Watch your recruits dwindle even further.
By the way Mike, if Brantley transfers, much respect to him. I feel bad for the guy. Urban totally failed him in not adjusting the offense to the guy's strengths. Brantley deserves to be upset. Nevertheless, I hope Muschamp convinces him to stay and tweaks the offense to tailor Brantley's passing attack. Brantley is still an excellent QB, who looked like crap this year mainly because of bad coaching, which ultimately led to a lack of confidence and poor play.

Temple couldn't even win the MAC, yet Golden is UM's savior? Enough said on that joke. I feel sorry for them.

I would love to see Muschamp bring in Shannon as D coordinator. Smart is fine too, but could you imagine the recruiting Shannon would bring from the Miami-Dade area??? I'm not so sure about Major Applewhite as OC - don't know if he's ready yet for that big a position. But I am excited that we'll be more of a pro-style attack than the gimmicky spread-option. I personally hate the option, so this is refreshing.

Brantley never should have gone to Florida, and I don't know why he thought he'd be successful in Meyer's system. I also wasn't impressed this year as he missed a lot of passes, or maybe the receivers just sucked at getting open. Either way, I think it falls on both sides and Brantley's confidence and playing time were both shot by the year's end. He could go the Newton route and play Juco for 1 year then come back for his senior year. I wish him luck whatever he chooses. I don't know if Meyer promised to tailor the system to him or not, but I didn't see any of that this year.


So Urban coached at Georgia? This guy is in over his head.

He mentioned everyone in Florida's Ring of Honor except running back Emmitt Smith.

The feeling is mutual. But gator fan knew that already.

No pressure on Golden, lots on Muschamp.

Losing in front of 17K on Thursday (or Sat at noon on "The Ocho") is a whole lot different than losing in front of 100K on CBS at 4 PM.

Mike, I'm directing this one at you...

As a UF contemporary of yours and fellow Weimer alum during the "4 in 4 years" era, I have to ask:

Why on earth does anyone (especially within our program?!) have faith in John Brantley's ability to be successful in a pro-style offense? We're talking about a guy who completely overthrew the majority of his mid-range passes (the ol' high ball) and badly underthrew the deep ball. He also performed miserably against the SEC, a.k.a. the games that count.

I think this "system" thing is overstated. If you can't complete passes, you should not be a QB. That's your job.

I know where not going to run the spread-option anymore, but even in limited minutes Jordan Reed routinely outplayed Johnny B every time he set foot on the gridiron. Most importantly, he can complete passes.

I know Reed was behind on the playbook, but you gotta look at what's happening during the games. Reed actually gave us a shot to win games, until his ill-advised dive that shut him down for the regular season.

Call me crazy, but I'm not seeing the Brantley thing at all. I did at this point last year, but we all saw what happened these past 12 games. He's bad. It happens, not every recruit pans out.

I love this team as much as any Gator on the planet and I know his pedigree, but Johnny B just isn't good.

Please shed some light on this Mike. Brantley had his shot and failed. Next in line, please.

Please shed some light on this Mike. Brantley had his shot and failed. Next in line, please

Herein lyes the problem. He's the only one in line......

We'll see about Muschamp and Golden. Cleary Muschamp is a better risk given his pedigree. If he is not UF has the prestige, money and conference to get whoever is the hottest coach out there in a couple of seasons.

That is the difference between UF and UM the past 10 years; UF is one of the top 3 jobs in all of college football on par with Texas and Ohio State. UM is a second or third tier program on par with Wake Forest or shall we say....Temple?

Cant wait till next year!! Till then we still got Urban for one more game!! Hope the boys give him a good one to go out on. Go Gators!!

Muschamp conveyed more about the game of football in 40 minutes than Shannon did in 4 years...

And 'Champ did it in English too.

Will Muschamp defenses among national statistical leaders

Newly hired Florida coach Will Muschamp has been one of the top defensive coordinators in the country for years. (AP photo)
Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley targeted just one coach in his search for Urban Meyer’s replacement. In hiring Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp on Saturday, he got one of the best defensive coaches in the country the past few seasons.

Muschamp’s defenses have been dominant since he was first named a defensive coordinator at LSU in 2002. He helped lead the Tigers to a national title in 2003 with the top-ranked defense in the country.

In eight seasons as a defensive coordinator, his teams have been ranked in the top 10 nationally in total defense six times. The two years they weren’t? His first seasons at Auburn and Texas.

Even this year, a disappointing 5-7 campaign with the Longhorns didn’t slow Muschamp’s unit. Texas ranks seventh nationally in total defense in a year the Longhorns are not bowl eligible.

So what does it all add up to? A pretty convincing case for Foley that Muschamp is the right guy.

Comprende ?

Over/Under on whether he quits twice in 12 months?


Jeremy "I can eat corn on the cob through a picket fence" Foley really screwed the pooch on this one. Please tell me how one of the top university's in the country can hire a head coach that has never been a head coach. Is this really the best we could do? Really?

Herein lyes the problem. He's the only one in line......


Jordan Reed looked extremely capable to me as a starter, and I think deserves to be the starter going into 2011 unless he is beaten out. It can happen, but right now as of December 16, Reed is our guy. I expect a big game from him against Penn St.

And another thing...Forget this back and forth BS. We all know football players aren't recruited to get straight A's in the classroom, so quit arguing. This isn't Harvard-Yale-Princeton we're talking about here

Brad - I agree with you on Brantley, I'm just not sold on the idea of Reed running the offense on his own either.

He definitely deserves a shot (can't be any less effective than Brantley), I'm just saying there's a chance he isn't the savior.

As far as Brantley transferring, I'd think you would want him to stick around for the sole reason that it gives them some depth. And with a new coaching staff coming in, you don't have to worry about any loyalty keeping him on the field if he gets beaten out.

Ryan Shazier decommitted. Looks like it's OSU or LSU that gets him now.

Teeeeebow baby

Teeeeebow baby

Posted by: NFL | December 19, 2010 at 08:10 PM

Yea, real good NOT! Teblow will be out of the league after this season.

Leading the Broncos to defeat. Great.

Thanks for deleting the repetitive idiocy posted by the delusional troll Mike.

Jo did excellent work with this blog. You have picked up right where he left off Mike. Can't wait to see your work when there are actual topics to write about.

I gather you are traveling and most likely at home. Happy holidays to you sir.

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