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What's your favorite Urban Meyer moment?

Urban Meyer began what's looking like his next career on Wednesday, when he showed up in studio to do SportsCenter and the halftime show of Boise State-Utah. In case you missed it, here's part of it.

He also broke down some film at halftime, and he seemed like a good fit in the analyst chair despite not being a natural on TV (I'm sure that will change the more he does it). Some of the highlights:

  • He admitted that his stance on the BCS depends on where he's coaching.
  • He said the one thing he wished he'd understood before coming to UF was the intensity of the SEC, something he expects Will Muschamp to be well-prepared for.
  • In a moment of unintentional humor, he said he plans to be "knee deep into my kids and my wife" after the Outback Bowl.
  • As you'd expect, he said Tim Tebow is "frustrated" with the way the Broncos' season has gone.

For me, the most interesting part was when Meyer was asked about his favorite moment as the Gators' coach. His pick came from the BCS Championship against Oklahoma, when he gathered the offense together after Ahmad Black's incredible interception. With 10 minutes left and a 3-point lead, Meyer told his players that if they could drive 76 yards, they'd be national champs.

Looking around that huddle, he said, was his favorite moment as coach. Almost seven minutes later, David Nelson capped the drive with a touchdown catch, sending Florida to a 24-14 win.

I like his choice. As a coach, what more could you ask for than being in that situation with Tebow, Percy Harvin, the Pounceys, Louis Murphy, Aaron Hernandez, Riley Cooper, etc?

And as Florida fans, I'd imagine there aren't many people you'd rather have coaching your team. So what's your favorite memory of Meyer? I'd take his reaction to the 2006 title, when he hoisted the crystal ball while wearing a leather jacket and smiling for what seemed like the first time in weeks.

UPDATE: Just came across this. Awesome:

Try to find video for your favorite moments.


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Taking timeouts against UGA. The best.

I'll never forget the clip of him trying to pump up the players before the game in the pouring rain in Tallahassee in 2008. Florida went on to win 45-15.

I don't necessarily have a favorite moment, but I agree with your assessment of Urban's TV role last night. I wasn't expecting it and my first thought was, this is his new career. Yes, he was a little stiff, but he's attractive, articulate and knows his stuff. I think he could have a very successful and less stressful career as a football analyst.

Good picks guys. I liked this too, just for different reasons:

It was cool to see some good-natured fun between LSU players and Meyer.

Fake punt in 06 sec championship when we were down and in trouble

Probably my favorite Urban moment...was the look on his face after the Ole Miss defense stuffed Tim Tebow and the Gators were stunned at home by an unranked team......

Too many..only 2 losses vs rivals in 6 seasons to go with all the championships. Great coach and anyone that hates on him is simply jealous. Thanks for the all the wins, coach!

I agree with nsbgator, the fake punt in the `06 SEC Championship.

You call those plays when it`s not expected and you`re team needs a boost. It changed momentum and it showed guts.

The look on his Urbies face when Spurrier was hoisted up on his players shoulders and carried across the field as Division Champs and the SC players dancing on the F in the middle of the field. Priceless

My favorite Urban moment was when he quit. The first time, no wait the second time. Yes the second time for sure was the best.

Maybe not as many kids will end up in my custody now.

My favorite Meyer moment was when he ran up the score on the Canes, that was classic!

Favorite moment of Urban was his first season during the Vols game at home. He started pumping his arms up and going crazy trying to get the crowd fired up. It was great and started it all. Gotta love Meyer! What a success and it's a shame his health became an issue. Coaches come and go nowadays! Looking forward to the Muschamp era and please hire an OC!

Every one hates you when you win. If they don't, you ain't won enough.

Remember when Spurrier was 'Satan' with all the haters?

Good luck Urban! Thanks for the wins!

Mike, ignoring the desperate troll above, do you know where the Pouncey/100k issue stands? I never heard anything about an investigation outcome. It's been five months. Surely the NCAA has made a determination by now.

Nothing has come out from the NCAA about it, so I think it's safe to say he's clear. If there was more smoke around the issue, something would have leaked, but then again, the NCAA is so backward that I guess anything is still possible.

The fact that Pouncey was very up front about the whole thing--combined with the lack of new info--makes me pretty confident he's OK.

What did wandy shannigans say after the um game?

What did wandy shannigans say after the um game?

Posted by: Feral Cat | December 27, 2010 at 12:26 PM


"Urban, Urban, talk to me"

Easily my favorite moment.



Posted by: Going to take this down too Fuhrer Mike? | December 27, 2010 at 06:44 PM

LOL -- thanks Mike for keeping some semplance of order on this blog.

Maybe the haters will go drown some puppies or something..anything other than dropping doo-doo bombs on a Gator blog!


Mike, dont lie to your gator nation? You know the NCAA Sanctions are coming which will make this blog more dreary than normal. Just be up front about the violations - Money from agents, 30 arrest in 4 years & academic scandal from Newton will backfire on the turd nation. Cam wins NC and gators are back to irrelevance.

Pouncey is clear, misdemeanor arrests have NOTHING to do with institutional control, one cheating guy that got the boot ISNT a scandal , and U, my fine feathered friend are a CLOWN.

Lining up student athletes to fleece Pell Grants is a scandal.

Deny, deny, deny gator nation? No one knew about the Ohio State sanctions that were just handed down, people even thought USC might just get a smack on the hand, well we see how that turned out. UF is due some serious sanctions, probably loss of 5 -10 schols per year for 2 years, no bowl games (not that they would get to any anyhow) and monitary fines. Thats the reason Fooley could only attract Mushump as all of the other coaches that you gator fans said would die for this job snubbed you including your OCC from 2 years ago.

Pouncey is clear, misdemeanor arrests have NOTHING to do with institutional control, one cheating guy that got the boot ISNT a scandal ,

Really, the Poundcy investigation is still ongoing per the NCAA, 30 arrest in 4 years will sure hurt your view of your diploma mill by the NCAA and Cam left UFelony, you did not dismiss him as UFelony was covering up the academic issues. Come back to reality gator fans, your 4 years of relevance are over!

Posted by: UFelony - 30 and counting

The NCAA made a decision/punishment rather quickly in the Ohio State case - what is the hold up with Pouncey? Hard to prove something when there is nothing. Nevin's book has more concrete evidence and the sanctions are coming to U. (See how easy it is to make bold baseless allegations?)

8 Miami Hurricanes (Devin Hester, Andre Johnson, Ray Lewis, Brandon Merriweather, Ed Reed, Antrel Rolle, Reggie Wayne, Vince Wilfork) in THIS years pro bowl (11 last year, an all time record) 2 '1' 4 the GAtors (pouncey).
What happens 2 all those 5 star athletes u' all get or have?
& isnt college supposed 2 prepare u 4 something after school & not just pad urbin's resume??

@monster - with all that NFL talent why not more championships? You should have at least 5 more.

Sounds like all those players that went to Miami of Florida wasted 3 to 4 years of their lives mired in mediocrity.

All the Gators did was win championships!

Ghost Buster

Might I remind you 5 National Championships to your lowly 3!

Posted by: UFelony - 30 and counting

Great - you got 5, Minnesota Gophers got 6.

Lately, UM does a good job of getting players ready for to sign as free agents after the draft. Al Golden has plenty of experience putting players in the NFL(sarcasm) so I am sure the prospects of not winning NCs anymore, playing in front of 100s of fans, and not getting drafted high will factor in a recruits decision. Good luck.

We are doing better! And although we are playing in front of hundreds of fans every Saturday, we lost our savior QB in Bridgewater(I said he would lead the canes to a W in 2013), we got teased by Gruden, and finally we scored the coup de grace by hiring temple's coach - we are going to be back on 2014

Ghost Buster

Might I remind you 5 National Championships to your lowly 3!

Posted by: UFelony - 30 and counting | December 30, 2010 at 09:29 AM

And none in 10 years after having more NFL talent than anyone else! How come? Was it:

A. No stadium
B. Laughable facilities
C. No fans
D. No money
E. All the above

might i remind you that meyer used to slurp up tebows baby batter before every game while the whole team watched and pleasured themselves.

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